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A very good friend of mine Oliver  kenyon has started a new series at his forum Affiliate Fix Affiliate Marketing Expert Week where and invited me to answer your questions for a week starting from Monday 28st october till Friday 1stNovember. Affiliate is a well known forum in affiliate industry i already wrote about it many times formerly known named as CPAFix.   Recently Oliver interviews me on his blog where i revealed a few things which i never did before you can check it out here

So, what’s a KJ Rocker and how can he ROCK you next week? .


I`d love to answer all your questions and i hope this Q/A session would be a great experience as it will be my first time i am participating in any Q/A session and i am very excited about it . I would be open to any kind of questions and welcome all the questions you guys ask no matter they are related to any traffic source , affiliate marketing , making money online, about living in dubai or about me 🙂  you can post your questions on the affiliate fix forum  here.

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About Kj Rocker

Hi there my name is KJ and I am the owner of KJ Rocker Blog And C.E.O KJ Rocker F.Z.E . I am an affiliate marketer, and online marketing consultant living Dubai Life. My biggest achievement is not only turning my affiliate life dream into reality, but also i have helped many others through my coaching program to achieve success.
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  1. Sure, I will keep to date and prepare my questions on Affiliatefix. I have lots of them 🙂

  2. Great feat, Kj! Seems like an exciting event, and I’m pretty sure you’re preparing yourself for the spontaneous/planned questions your readers would love to ask you. I might have a couple when that time comes. That’s next week, right? 🙂