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Hey guys, If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you would know I never vouch for CPA Networks without a reason, or unless I really believe in those networks. Today I would like to talk to you guys about another great network which I personally believe can make you great money and help you guys out with your successful affiliate marketing business.

It’s always hard to find legit and professional CPA Networks these days, unfortunately in our industry there are plenty of networks, however if you ask me about honest and professional networks, there are very few. The problem is, most of them will not pay you on time, Do not have direct offers and completely rely on brokered offers or have such issues, plus they won’t have a proper team to manage their affiliates.

Leadbit Affiliate Network

Leadbit Affiliate Network

Personally, I love networks who make payments on time, and don’t focus only on brokering offers from other networks, and the have responsive support/ affiliate managers, who actually care about their affiliates. Unlike usual affiliate managers who try to sell to their affiliates instead of helping.

London based Leadbit is just what I like, not offering their affiliates the same old beat up offers. Instead, they have plenty of exclusive offers for Asia and Europe GEOs specially for the countries including China,Vietnam,Taiwan,Thiland and Hong kong. Leadbit is a direct advertiser for their offers in Europe and Asia, which makes them one of the best options for affiliates.

before I start off further I must say I really love the design of the network website, Its done very well it looks clean and beautiful. I would also like to mention that they use In-house proprietary tracking platform.

Here are a few reasons why you should join Leadbit!

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Easy Payment Terms & On time payments

With a minimum payout threshold of only $25, and on Demand payment frequency, this is every affiliate’s Dream come true. There are not many affiliate networks offering this sort of payment terms to their affiliates, It’s definitely a great way to keep the cash flow going for your affiliate campaigns.

Unique offers

Being the advertisers themselves, Leadbit has offers which you won’t find on other networks, That gives affiliates working with Leadbit a leverage, as they can request customer creatives and landing pages from their affiliate managers, which always helps affiliates to make big money.

Following are a few offers types which I personally liked.

COD ( Cash On delivery)  :
Cash on delivery is an awesome idea and can work great specially it can boost the conversion rate, It’s a great way to earn your customers trust. By promoting cash on delivery offers your conversion rate will definitely skyrocket. For example, lets say you are buying a weight loss supplement, and there are two sites in front of you, one offering cash on delivery option and another asking for your credit card which one will you go for? I know most of you will opt for cash on delivery!

1 click flow offers:

1 click flow offers are pin submit offers which are highly lucrative offers and when matched with the right traffic, they make people huge money(1k-10k a day easily). The best thing about 1 click conversion is that there is no need to wait for a billable SMS message to be sent for the conversion pixel to fire or forcing the user to do a PIN submit.

International Offers

While mainstream affiliate networks focus only on usual first world GEOs, there is a huge opportunity to cash in on international market. For example offers from countries like Russia, China, and other Asian and European countries mean you can get access to offers from those GEOs, which are still unsaturated and many affiliates are not aware of these or don’t have access, this simply means less competition.

Leadbit Affiliatenetwork offers

Leadbit Affiliatenetwork offers

Reputable company

Whenever choosing a company I always suggest my readers to choose someone who has been in industry for a while and has reputation. Leadbit has been in the market since 2013, and so far there are no complaints against them. The network is being run by a very professional team of passionate people who love to help out their affiliates. Leadbit also hosts regular affiliate marketing conferences and meet ups. They have been hosting  Moscow Affiliate Conference along with STM Forum .

Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party

Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party

Supportive Team

One thing which matters most in affiliate marketing is to have a supportive affiliate manager. So far in my experience Leadbit has a great team of affiliate managers who are always willing to help you out.

Tools for affiliates

This is something really big for newbies in particular. Leadbit offers you an in-house tracking platform, so you don’t have to buy expensive trackers and you can start with using the tracker which is provided by the network. This way you can spend all your money on buying traffic, instead of spending your money on buying expensive trackers.

Still Reading this article? If I was you I would be signing up by now!!

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