Affiliate ReBirth Review and how you can use it to build a budget for CPA Campaigns

Hey guys, today I wanted to talk about Amazon Associates. Amazon is an e-commerce site that sprung from originally selling books to selling a wide variety of consumer goods and digital offerings. Amazon Associates is the Affiliate programme. The great thing about Amazon is that the products and demand is already there, people are actively searching for their offerings, you just need to link the search with the consumer. In this article I will be talking about why it is a good place to start and also Affiliate Re-Birtha course that will help you get started with amazon. Everything from choosing the right products, to how to promote them using free traffic, it’s a newbies guide to earning. This course is for those who have a low budget, or maybe want to build a budget while they learn some skills, to then further progress into CPA Marketing. At Kj Rocker we have had a lot of interest in Kjs Private Coaching, but one issue a lot of people have, is budget. They don’t have the money to invest in necessary resources, so this course is a shout out to help all you guys not only build a budget, but also learn some valuable skills that will help you when you start to build your own online career.

The vendor of Affiliate re-birth is Greg Kononenko, Who is working in conjunction with Shahnawaz Sadique and Stefan Ciancio. These 3 have teamed up to create something that is newbie friendly, accessible, and proven. The method described and taught in the course stems from Shanawaz, his experience is reflected in the course in that he is sharing his own methods and ways to use free traffic to succeed with Amazon Associates. Shahnawaz has an MBA from Disha Institute Of Management And Technology Raipur. He has a long stretch of experiences in sales and digital marketing, he loves to share his passion for Digital marketing on his blog; . He is one of the few people from industry who are hyper active on twitter.  Aside from his experience he also works with Travelwithsmile.Com  in Sales and Digital Marketing.

Why Amazon Associates?


One major reason I recommend Amazon associates is something I mentioned earlier, the demand and search is there, you are just the link. This is the case for many products and affiliate programmes, but the difference here is that people are ACTIVELY searching for the products you will be promoting. You won’t need to convince or push anybody into buying anything. The best thing is that the products will be easy to sell and there’s an unlimited number of products TO sell, as amazon adds new products every, single, day.


One huge advantage that Amazon associates offer is that when you sell one item, if a consumer buys something else in the same purchase, in the same basket, you gain commissions on the other product/s too. So you don’t just earn on one product a day, you are open to whatever that particular consumer buys along with the product you promote, and lets face it, who buys just ONE thing? The key is to find the right product . 


In terms of competition, something I always stress to students and associates is the importance of spy tools and keeping an eye on your competition. If you can get ahead of the game or ahead of your competition, you can earn more. With Amazon associates yo are able to search what your competition is doing as thousands of affiliate are promoting amazon offers everyday. In Regards to this, Affiliate Re-Birth

helps you choose products that are in demand, that will sell like hot cakes using free traffic. These people know their stuff and will guide you to choosing a profitable niche, build the right website and how to monetise the FREE TRAFFIC yo are driving to your site.


Another major advantage of amazon associates is that one can integrate their hobby. Using a personal example before getting into the CPA game, we dipped our feet in the Amazon technology niche and made over $13k in sales per month. What drove that income? A passion for technology, a passion for the latest trends in technology, the latest gadgets and features. If you have passion, you have drive, if you have drive, you are destined to succeed. Many will support me in the notion that if you love what you do, you do it better.


By starting a career with Amazon Associates you can connect with like minded individuals and brands. By promoting certain brands you are putting yourself out there to get noticed and opening more doors. When we first started with Amazon electronics, within a  few months, leading brands in the technology niche were contacting us for partnerships and commending our promotion techniques and reviews of their products. So it is also a great networking start.

Who Is Amazon Associates for?

Winner CPA Offers

Amazon Associates is for people who have a low budget

Amazon Associates is for people who have a low budget, or those who want to build up their skills and learn more about free traffic and how to monetise it. It is a learning curve you can use in your future IM career, but also a step in the door to network.

What can you learn from Affiliate Re-Birth? 

  • How to choose a low competition niche
  • How to use free traffic
  • How to build a website in accordance to your niche
  • How to monetise free traffic
  • How to use Amazon Associates

Feel free to leave a comment and share! 🙂

12 Hour Arbitrage Review

Hey guys! So as some of you may know, I use my blog more for information purposes than promotion. If I find a good product related to the topic I will surely throw it your way, but in general I love to give my readers tips and short guides, not only to improve my own knowledge and extend my experience out, but also to help others stay informed of the latest happenings in our world of online marketing!

Today I wanted to talk to you about something called “Arbitrage”; A term that basically means buying/selling on.
So firstly if you don’t know, Arbitrage is the act of buying and selling, many people use sites like amazon and eBay to do so,  a lot of “Made in china” products are used in arbitrage. Most of the time people buy cheap low end products and sell them at a profit. Which is the aim of the game, but why should you be selling cheap low end stuff? Why not get some mid range brand stuff and do the same? Again, if you know me well you will know I would rather spend that extra buck to make sure my clients and customers get the best out of my work and products.



So I wanted to keep this one short and sweet and share 3 magic things I learnt from my brief but profiting time with 12 hour Arbitrage by James Renouf.

1. Start slow, don’t try and sell everything!

As with any other income stream, it is better to stay focused on one thing than do a hundred things and fail. If you can master selling one product successfully, then maybe you can learn to juggle a few, but don’t jump between products!

2.  Research is the key

Before you even set out to promote a product, make sure you have done the correct research, if you don’t know what the product is and what it does, how do you expect your consumers to understand you? It is always important to be aware of what you are selling and why it appeals to the target audience you are targeting.

3. Don’t settle for a cheap buck

Most arbitrage courses and guides will tell you to go for the cheap stuff, or “Made in China” and sell it at a profit, but this is not always the best bet. It is important to deliver quality to ensure loyalty and return customers. If you are looking for some good Mid-range products to sell, check out this  12 Hour Arbitrage

Have you had any experience with this income stream? Want to share your tips or opinion? Drop a comment below!

5 Smart content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing is something of the past for many but something that I consider the past, present AND future. It is a topic that never goes out of season. I know I haven’t posted in a while, so I wanted to give my readers something valuable for my “return”.

I have recently been working on a number of things from other blogs, to consultancy, various campaigns and my offline-online career, but something that I always push people to perfect is content. Now I don’t just mean what, how and why you write things, content isn’t just what is written, but it is also important to take care how you present it, support it, share it, your investment and frequency of publishing. So here are a few FRESH tips to Refresh the old saying of content is king!

Content Marketing


This is something that people have been doing for a while now, but it has been a hot strategy this year and is set to continue. Consumers love to read about the how a product was created, the who behind the product and the what makes this product better than the rest. It has always created a sense of trust within buyers and that is set to continue my friend! However, a little change I have noticed is that words can be replaced my pictures, captions, symbols and weird of all…emojis! A picture tells a thousand words has never been so relevant! So don’t feel you have to write out a long ass story in just words, use your creativity and imagination!

Know your audience

This is NOT stressed enough in todays content marketing; it is one thing to know WHO your audience are but to KNOW your audience is a completely different cattle of fish. Just having a target audience isn’t going to cut it, you need to stalk these people, find out what they want, what are they currently searching, browsing and buying? What influences them? What else do they like? These are the types of tests and preliminary research questions you should be asking and answering. Sometimes it helps to put yourself in their shoes and search like them, be your audience to know your audience.

Be needed, not needy

My next tip is something that should be common sense but need and needed can cross over SO EASILY… You want people to take action because THEY need to, you don’t need them… I once attended a seminar that used Maslows hierarchy of needs as a basis for this, you can heck out the theory HERE, but it basically suggests a pyramid hierarchy of a persons needs, it’s a famous theory in psychology, focus on the psychological needs of the theory.

Be bold

Something that will never get old fashioned is how brave you are about your content, don’t play it safe with your old tricks, mix things up a little and explore the wider world beyond your usual subject matter. For example, if your blog or site is a photography blog, showcasing your work and the work of others, move beyond photography. Maybe you could write about the news in a city you photographed, talk about the locals and the great places, without going crazy out, bend the rules a bit. If you are already mixing it up, be bold and STICK to one subject matter for a few months. It is a two-way road my friend

Budget, Budget, Budget

As more and more bloggers turn to blogging and the online world for an income or a passionate hobby, more and more bloggers are investing in their content, because ROI right? There has been an up-rise in SEO, although it has always been an up down market, this generation is definitely keeping it up. More and more bloggers are also using social media to promote their content, a few made the mistake of using social media as their sole content, but that phase soon died and the bloggers were back on the road baby. Social media and SEO are great ways to shoot your content out to people, even if you are not selling, traffic is good in the online world right? (Another post for another day)

Charity Thursday! The big leap!!

So we haven’t done this in a while but charity Thursday is coming back! This is where we reach out to YOU GUYS our readers to do your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.. good deed! Whether its $1, £1, 10, 5 or even 100, we would be grateful if you get involved with our charity Thursday event!

This week we are supporting a younger generation of fundraisers! A group of youngsters at a Bar in Edinburgh are setting out to do a “Sponsored Jump”. They will be doing a series of events to raise money for particular charities close to their heart! Their first even is a BUNGEE JUMP Killiecrankie in Perthshire.


Killiecrankie is a Highland Fling Bungee Jump, which is a free-fall experience of 40 meters towards water, from a bridge! They are all in it together and are being very brave! So here at KjRocker, we thought we need to JUMP on board and help them reach their target!! ALL the money they make will go to their chosen charities!

We’re kicking them off with a donation from us all here… We now need your help!

So which charities are they raising money for? 

The three charities the team have chosen are;

scleroderma-society-Logo      images           e2vrMEXT_400x400

In order for you to fully understand where your money is going and how it is used, we will go through each charity and highlight it’s key points of charity.

Firstly, Alzheimers Scotland, this is a Scottish charity that offers specialist support for those suffering from dementia. They offer community activities, diagnostics, campaign for sufferers and their family, undertake research into how they can support dementia more, and peer support. This charity is certainly a cause to follow. Dementia sufferers can go through a lot of hardships, with themselves and people around them, this charity not only helps people with dementia, but  they also offer support to their family and friends around them.

Secondly, Macmillan Cancer support,  This is famous cancer charity that has my personal heart. Cancer is a life changing illness and must be treated with the upmost respect. This charity is known for the excellent work they do around the country, helping people from all over with practical, medical and financial support. They also do a great job in raising awareness of cancer and offering screaming sessions and information about cancer that is important for everyone to know, not only those who suffer from it.

The final charity the team are raising money for is the Scleroderma Society , this may be something not many people have heard about. I certainly hadn’t before this, but it is another great charity to support. Scleroderma is a devastating disease as any, it is a rare autoimmune condition which involves the overproduction of collagen. This is deposited in the body’s tissues causing hardening and scarring of the skin and internal organs. ‘Normal’ life can become struggle and the simplest of tasks can become impossible as the condition reduces normal function of affected areas. Scleroderma has no cure and can lead to physical disability or even death. (Taken from the official site). This charity also specialises in research into the disease, support for sufferers, and supporting families. They offer support from diagnostics right to through to supporting individuals who have been diagnosed.

Again, we would appreciate any donation for our Revolutions team fundraiser! The charities they are raising money for are all doing fantastic  jobs and you can help them do more!

  Click Here To Donate Today! 


Exclusive interview with the Creator of Social Kickstart !!

As some of you may recall we did a review article for Mark Thompsons SOCIAL KICKSTART , and now we bring to you an exclusive interview for that extra personal detail from the creator himself! Enjoy!!

Tell us a bit about who you are and why you created Social Kickstart. 

I’ve been an Internet Marketing for 10 years now.  My primary company, creates marketing software that helps marketers to grow their presence, drive traffic and make sales.

What is the USP of Social Kickstart?

Social Kickstart is an all-in-one Facebook marketing application.  Its unique to the fact that SK allows you to quickly find content that is already proven on other social media sources (ie: Facebook Groups/Pages,

Pineterst, YouTube, Instagram, etc…) and help to curate that content for your own Pages and Groups.  It also includes a suite of tools like a drag and drop Ad Builder

Is Social Kickstart newbie friendly and if so why?

Extremely. Everything is 100% web-based with nothing to install or configure.  It is simply point and click.

What experience do you personally have in digital/online marketing?

I have 10+ years of experience with everything from managing client marketing campaigns, to managing technical software products, to full-blown product launch sequences.

Do you have any offline business experience?

Yes, I own a company called of which we manage offline businesses marketing campaigns.  We offer services such as SEO, PPC, Email marketing, Social Media Management and overall marketing consulting.

What are your predicted forecasts for Social Kickstart? 

We will continue to develop Social Kickstart based on our customer feedback and suggestions.  Any software that we build, we like to create the core functionality, then let our customer tell us what new features are most needed.  SK has been around for 2 years now and we continue to improve on it.

What are your future plans?

We are working on a new payment and affiliate system that will allow vendors to accept payments and affiliates to promote those products.  We are hoping to release PayKickstart in early 2016.

                  Click here to get your exclusive Social kickstart today !!! 

Social Kickstart- To iron out all your Facebook “Neck Pain”

Facebook is one of the biggest ways to connect to people these days and as professional digital marketers our job is to connect to people! Today I want to talk about how Facebook helps us, the processes we go through to get connected to people and how Social Kickstart can help you save so much time!

So first up, why Facebook? If not the millions and millions of users that use it every day, then the vast amount of tools and marketing activity one can get from Facebook! There’s the obvious Facebook Ads that EVERYBODY runs these days, then we have Facebook pages, groups, Events, Posts, Shared media from Other media sites… Facebook is a one in all package for all your marketing needs right? But wait… What is the most important thing to a marketer these days?


Our time is so precious these days that we are always looking for ways to save time but not cut the corners right? Before I go into any detail about how you can save time let me go through a few of the tools that Facebook offers and why they are beneficial to YOUR campaigns, how they can help you monetise.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook has become very commercial over the years and their privacy policy is shooting out the roof these days, but for us marketers, thats excellent news! Facebook will record users data and interests, track what they like and don’t like and follow up on what each user does in and out of Facebook using their mad crazy softwares and god knows what else… but the point I am trying to make is that Facebook is like any other traffic platform, you just need to input your data, tell Facebook who you want to see your ad and they will hunt those people down for you.

Facebook Fan Pages 

These little beauties will keep your sales floor open 24/7, re-targeting at its peak. If you can create successful fan pages n your niche and get people liking,sharing, posting and interacting…. you are well on your way to monetising your campaigns.. but is ONE really enough? (To be discussed later). Fan pages allow you to offer customer service and not just spam mail or spam post or spam in general, you can offer insightful information and updates about the product/service you are trig to sell, you can create a group of people who are genuinely interested in your product/service and what it has to offer. It is also great for brand awareness, but be sure to keep the page updated to get your brand to the skies!

Viral content marketing

Facebook Events 

Now the thing about events is that it excites people, we ran a survey amongst Facebook users about these “Event pages” and we learnt that Events excite people! You could be hosting an event, co-hosting, it could be a product launch, an event you will be speaking at? Let’s say it’s a product launch, You have ran some ads, got some traffic “Attending” Your virtual product launch, whats next? You need to throw some content their way sister!! (or mister). You want to keep them engaged, get them pumped and ready! Let’s say you are launching a service launch for a new dating offer? Why not create a “I’m getting lucky” Event, get people talking, throw some love potions about, talk about how this amazing dating site has a “special offer” , make them feel as if it is a REAL event, not just virtual?


So you have all these pages, groups, Ads, But how do you manage them all? Isn’t a “Pain in the neck” to post on each one, share on each one, make ads for each one… everything gets ab it too much and before you know it you’re getting confused which pages is which… Learn to my friends, Social Kick start has come to the rescue to create that “Kickstart” Your pages need!

Social Kickstart is a software that allows you to scale out and manage your Facebook pages AND groups all in one place. You can schedule your posts for your pages and groups all in one place, all under one column. You can favourite content, drag and drop your Facebook ads, Link up your Tee Spring research… and much more…  This will allow you to focus on multiple campaigns or go ALL OUT for one campaign… and the best part is? YOU SAVE TIME, because we all know… TIME=MONEY!

Stay tuned and grab your Social Kickstart now, because We have secured a exclusive interview with Mark Thompson to discuss Social Kickstart, JUST FOR YOU GUYS!!



What Runs Where Exclusive Review and Discount !

As this year is now in full swing I thought it’s time to shoot out some big guns and throw a review and a new discount out for you to keep you rolling this year! What runs where!

WhatRunsWhere is a competitive intelligence service for online and mobile media buyers. A fancy way of saying, Hey! Let me show you what your competition is doing, where and how. It is one of the most  mind blowing tools in media buying and advertising… Because if you know what’s ahead, you already hold an advantage.

What Runs Where Review

Data junkie!
So when you get onto what runs where and really start playing around … You’ll see so many results, so much information and data and that’s what you need to thrive off! You need to take it all in, let it soak into your brain to saturate what you need and don’t need and then BOOM. What runs where has so much data and stats, you will need to take out a few hours to really benefit from it… And trust me, you will never regret it… They will be some of the most well used hours you have ever used!

Going back to the point, WRW tracks over 150,000 unique publishers for each country, and they also seek out the various advertisers occupying their space! They give you data for 15 different countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Austrailia, Brazil, Germany, France, Russia,Spain and many more! So from their initial 4,5 common ones like the UK and USA a few years ago, they have expanded their reach to give you more! Their data, no matter which country, is freshly updated daily… So you’re get the real cream of the milk and not curd in your custard!
However you can also whisk back up to 4years, incase you like to compare trends and patterns!

WhatRunsWhere allows you to scrape through advertisers and publishers, tracking exact domains and traffic sources, or maybe you’ll discover a traffic source that’s working in YOUR niche or certain campaign, but you just didn’t know it was?! That’s the beauty of spying on your competition, you can see what’s being done, works well and do the same, but maybe better!!

So get your analysis hat on, get your eagle eyes and cup of coffee and get on this beast! I promise you won’t regret it ….

And oh discounts you ask? Well when have we ever disappointed on that?

We have an Exclusive WhatRunsWhere deals set up EXCLUSIVELY for you!

3 months for the price of 2… REEDEM HERE


6months for the price of 4..          REEDEEM HERE

These are  only available for 30days so grab them quick and get the head start YOUR campaigns need!


P.S. I will be delivering a bonus top 10 tips for the best landing pages session with every purchase, email us for more details!

Squeeze Matic To The Rescueee!

Hey everyone!

Today I am very excited about offering you an insight into Squeeze Matic because it is about something I always recommend to all the affiliates, something we at Kj Rocker use focus most and I regret I didn’t started doing it at very beginning!

Now, let me run you through how this product is an essential part of your campaigns and marketing…

list building,squeeze page and mailing list

But as an introduction I would like to share with you my personal experiences with list building and its effectiveness. Before I started list building I was driving direct traffic to the offers and doing pretty well but then I realized I was missing something. Once you send direct traffic to the advertiser without capturing the details of your prospects you cannot reach them again, and if you want to you will have to advertise again. That simply means you are leaving lots of money on the table. In case you want to reach those prospects again you will have to advertise again, also if you own a list related to a niche you already know that they are interested in your niche and are much easier to convert and lead quality is also amazing. Your advertisers will love the lead quality as well.

Moving on…..

Firstly, we all know creating squeeze pages can be expensive (when hiring). tedious (when trying to perfect them ourselves) and sometimes confusing (if you don’t have the correct programming knowledge).

So ladies and gentleman, put down your war guns and break those brain racking rods, because “SqueezeMatic” is here to save you! With over 200 graphics and a wide variety of templates and it’s drag and drop interface, one can create professional, and quality squeeze pages in no time! These squeeze pages can then be automatically uploaded onto Facebook using the fast and effective programming Bret has built up for you guys!

Don’t settle for less when you can have more!

Now as a little extra let’s go over to a few questions I asked kj about squeeze pages;

1. Why do you think squeeze pages are effective?

They push people to subscribe and they are much more about lead generation, they attract people to give you their information.

2. How do you use squeeze pages?

To generate leads for my clients and for the purposes of affiliate marketing

3. Why do you think they are better than other ways?

You can retain information of clients and possible leads, it is cost effective, rather than paying for ads over and over again.

So there you have it, why not go check it out for yourself?



Drop Shipping is a Learning Curve.

Hi everyone!

As you may have read over at my MissRocker blog I am starting a series about drop shipping to help you guys get in that extra bit of income and a side business by offering you a Drop Shipping Course.

So Today I want to tell you why you need a course and I have had a few people contact me saying “But isn’t this how amazon works? won’t people prefer that?”

Ok, so why do you need a course? Why can’t you just use your own intuition and find all the connections?
This course is something that will give you all the information and teach you the ways, you have the marketing skills and knowledge about how to get customers, but do you really know the ins and outs of drop shipping? What to look for in a shipper? How your communication will work? This course cuts out all the BS and allows you to save money on the mistakes and errors and jump in the deep end. Because we all know that it is better be taught than try and teach yourself and fail, we all started from somewhere, a school, a parent or a course. Everyone has foundations and they are educations, LEARNING. Learning is important to progress and even if you are doing well, don’t you want to do BETTER? This course is newbie friendly, as well as current drop shippers or sellers.

Now onto amazon, I have had a few people message me about how Amazon or Amazon Affiliates is a competitor and how they don’t want to lose against amazon, but why not be YOUR OWN AMAZON? Who need amazon? In the IM world we have the skill and techniques, the methods and knowledge of how to get these customers, so why do what they’re doing and not work for them, but for yourself? This course can help you skip all that nonsense and see you can do BETTER than Amazon. An overall, we are not trying to compete but merely take profits right?

So why not give it a shot?
After signing up you can get access to lots of videos, tutorials, member areas and much more on all different platforms, from mobile to desktop to iPads and tablets!




Make More Money with DropShipping

Hey everyone! Miss rocker here 🙂

I just wanted to introduce you to something this site has never discussed, To share an exciting opportunity for you all… DROP SHIPPING.

drop shipping

Affiliate Marketers have so many skills that they even don’t realize, and the baskets they place their eggs seem to lessen as the market increases, as more people get into it. People go down the route of networks, fiver and consultancy. CPA, PPV, Social media marketing, etc. are skills that can be used to widen your horizon. Your experience and knowledge in different niches allows you to have the advantage of knowing the different markets and their future, because the future is the internet. Everyone is online these days and the future holds more. The internet is a source of networking, socializing, and a source of income for all affiliates. So what am I going on about? Let me tell you…

Drop shipping can be a side business that you have been searching for, or it could be a way to practice the skills you have learnt. A separate stream of income that uses your skills in your main stream work.

All these stores and shops you visit daily to buy shoes, clothes, beauty products, electronics and such things, they all have a supplier. Putting it into practice, let’s say Rocker Interactive sells guitars, they go through the processes of manufacturing, testing and packaging, but they don’t have the time to go around making music shops or hiring sales staff to sell these guitars, so what do they do? They provide to Music Shop Café on Bridge Street (theoretical). So Music Shop Café buys these guitars in dozens (batches of 12) for $500, and price them for $55-60 per guitar (I am sure they can go for more these days but for theoretically let’s roll with these numbers). So that gives Rocker interactive a $160-220 profit per guitar right?

Now, as I mentioned above, everything is online these days, Affiliates have skills they don’t even know they possess, how about if I told you that you can do all the above, without renting a shop, or having to pay rent for a shop, bills, you could do it at the comfort of our house.


Drop shipping is the link between a wholesaler and a customer. It is the direct delivery of a product from the manufacturer to the customer. YOU my friend have the skills to be able to advertise these products to customers, by acting as a link you can use your marketing skills to get the customers. You get one price from the manufacturer and set a price you see viable for your customers. You will then send the order customer puts, his/her name and information (address and such) to the same manufacturer by e-mail and they will do the rest.
Treat it like any offer you promote with a network, you take your cut and decide what price you want to sell the item and decide if you think it can sell for that much.

Drop shipping is a great way to create another stable and long lasting income stream and i have seen many of my friends making god money with it, I would suggest you to check out Dropship Lifestyle By Anthon a good friend doing really well with drop shipping and known as a well respected and a leader in drop shipping .



PPV Rocker V3 Road to your success

Hey guys!

Firstly, if you have never heard of PPV ROCKER then click here , because this is where it all began. There is now a V2 and V3, but this post is aimed to let you know what its all about and how it can help you!

So where did it all start?

PPV Rocker began as a course about the basics of PPV traffic, giving you a guide on how it can help you achieve the goals you want, it won’t act as a “quick buck” or “overnight millionaire formula”, because that’s not what KJ ROCKER believes in. He is a man of morals, goals and long term business, so if you are just looking to make a few bucks or find a “guru” who will suck your money and leave you knowledge-less then please close this tab now…

Ok? So let’s get back to it.. PPV Rocker helps you to learn about what PPV is, how it is implemented and how it can make YOUR campaigns successful. It will guide you through the best offers, how to build a landing page, how to test and track your LPs, how to set up this tracking, how to optimize and much more… and that was just the first edition! Satisfied?

Let’s move onto WHY PPV?

PPV is not very costly, it is effective and it allows you to get the best results in terms of targeted traffic, PPV networks offer a wide range of targeted options to reach the people you want to reach, rather than any tom, dick and harry. It also allows you to have control and choose the direction you go, you can build a successful business in the Affiliate Marketing industry. But it requires dedication, hard work and commitment. Anybody who tells you that you can earn 10000s or millions overnight or in a jiffy is a liar who wants your money, because honesty is the best policy. You will earn more and establish yourself better through learning things step by step, with help and guidance and not losing it all to a WSO or course that costs hundreds or even thousands, because then you will have nothign to invest in your OWN business. So do you think you have what it takes? Do you think you have dedication, commitment?

The PPV Rocker courses are great for any newbie, expert or someone who is already in CPA Marketing but needs a little helping hand! So for the latest version you can click here … but it doesn’t stop there! Kj has always offered full support and back up for all his PPV ROCKERS, and this time he has brought something new… offering google hang-outs for any questions or help once a week…

PPV Rocker is a step by step guide full of videos, tutorials, guides made by the heart and sole of Mr Kj , from what he has learnt and practiced, to HELP you become successful, because the motto of V3 is: YOUR success is MY success and these are words of a true role model.

here is the statistical representations of our feedback since we launched our updated PPV ROCKER V3 and asked our members and buyers to tell us how they feel about the product and what they want !

PPV rockr

46% of our buyers and members  said they are satisfied and 54% opted for it is good but it needs more improvement , Now here we provided this option to our buyers so that they can also tell us what they want us to add and they did gave us great suggestions what they would like to see and know about , We would like to thank all of those buyers who took time to fill up this survey and we are working to provide you the things and tutorials you requested you should be seeing them in members area soon . Our focus is to create best possible lessons and tutorials for our users and that’s why have given our buyers to provide us their feed bak using Customer Feed Back Form.

Our next step is to know what YOU want to learn, because we could share all the knowledge we have but maybe it is not what YOU need or want? Over the next few days there will be lots of exciting ways to get involved and let us know what you expect from PPV ROCKER…


Miss Rocker.