RockerCast Series is coming

Hey guys!

Miss rocker is back with you!
With the new year we have begun a new series…. Something fresh, something constant, something for YOU.

I  will be hosting a podcast series live on the blog with lots of exiting new things. From interviews to reviews and general Q&A discussions. We hope that you will tune in each week to support us and absorb up rocker cast!
It won’t just be about work, we will update you about how we work, what’s new, and give you opportunities beyond this world.

We also want to know what YOU want to hear, we will be using our twitter account to collect your questions, as well as emails and messages, we want YOU to get in touch and tell us what or who YOU WANT!!


Speak to you soon guys!

Evergreen Cash Machine Review

Hey guys!

So it has been a while since we have offered you something smashing, that’s because here at, we like to offer you “ONLY THE BEST” and this product just couldn’t go a miss because it is a fantastic collaboration! That’s right… James Renouf and Jeremy Kenedy have made something special for you guys! “An evergreen system eve for the FRESHEST newbie can earn from for years”, this method is something unique, not something that is there to show off or try to beat the rest! The definition of “evergreen” from these two superhits is “something that can peform a given action over and over again SUCCESSFULLY, for profit relies on basic principles that have been around for a while right?”

These to are giving you how it is and it is even good for you experts to have a gander at and maybe “tweek” the way you do thing…. there’s always room for improvement right? They go through things that are important; time and methodology and not expertise, because you don’t need to be an expert to know the methods and be able to perform them well. Maybe you fancy a bit of mobile app’ing? List building bonanza? “anxious to build high traffic?” The possibilities are really endless and limitless with this product… because it doesnt matter WHO you are… or WHAT you do… It’s EVERGREEN that matters!!

Ok so maybe you think it’s a bit old or some random theory? STOP, I have tried and tested this on a few people and woahhhh did they like it 🙂 You just need to try things!

This wasn’t designed for a luanch but they used it themselves then wanted to share! Because as we say here at…




How?What?When?Where?Why? Who? Profile

Hey there!

My aim and mission of this post is to create discussion! I want to get some feedback and create a case study to display how many different paths we have and how many different methods people used to get into IM, but I don’t want the usual two word answers; “the money”, “the freedom” , “Suggested by so and so”, “Google”

I want to hear some proper feedback about How you got into IM, What brought you here, When you got into IM, Where you want to go in the future, Why you chose IM and somebody who inspires you or you look upto in the industry. You don’t have to write me an essay or a 10 page booklet butmaybe a paragraph for each section. You can comment on the post or E-mail it to us via our “contact us” page, it’s upto you!


So here is my little profile:


I got into IM almost 2 years ago via freelancing. I was a writer for sites such as iWritter, I published a few kindle books, I did a few from Warrior Forum and Fiver. I got into the CPA and Affiliate marketing side when I met KJ. He told me he had been playing around in the industry for almost a year and I was intrigued to see what it was all about and how he does it. So we had a few coaching sessions and I shadowed hi ma few times, then I got hooked, I found peace in having the freedom to work when I wanted, to almost own my own work life. So I started affiliate marketing later that very year (2010). So I guess I got into the industry through Mr KjRocker himself.


I started serious IM in early 2011, I started signing up with networks and taking affiliate marketing seriously, I started shadowing KJ more and such stuff. My writing skills really helped in going from just freelancing to affiliate marketing, I have always had a passion for writing since I was a child and now earning and doing it on a daily basis is something I enjoy because it allows me to expand my knowledge.


In the future I hope to work in the psychology field, but keeping IM as a back up plan, I know many IMers who do it full time, I admire their patience and dedication, and although I posses those skills, I want to explore things more. However IM is something that I can see myself doing as a hobby in the future, the social side, skills development and the vast experience and opportunities it gives is something that one should never let go off.


So thats a VAGUE-SIH profile from me…


Now let’s get some proper feedback from you guys!! I will be running a feature on this topic soon….. SO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR YOUR PROFILES!



Food for thought.

Hey guys!

Miss Rocker here, So I am back in the usual routine of posting at you guys when I feel that I have something you will benefit from, some of you big shots may think oh what a bore, but give it a chance, learning isn’t just for newbies, it is an ongoing experience that one should never drop. Whether that’s revising over things that you haven’t in a VERY LONG TIME or something that you just picked up.

So today’s brainwave was management, what really is it and where do we get it and why do we do it?

Management can be defined as “The process of controlling things or people.” To be simple and clear, but there are many different definitions and viewpoints,  but if I go through them all…. We are going to be here a long time, and I want my self-improvement and help posts to be quick and short for your convenience.  I also  want to link you to something that will help you in your CPA field.

So Management is about controlling and organisation but a manager cannot be an owner, this reference was taken from a guy called Max Webster who had this whole theory on management and Bureaucracy. So an owner is someone who reaps and loses everything right? Self employed with your own Online company or blog or site promoting these offers. are you really the owner? Aren’t the people you take the offers from? The networks and relations the owners? In effect they are your bosses? Makes sense right? Now don’t jump to anything and go create your own network for the sake of being your own boss (No issues with people who own networks), because maybe Webster is wrong? He said that a manager is a career professional, not the top boss, but who is this the top boss in this industry? You “Manage” your business, therefore 60% of IMers label themselves managers, but aren’t you owners? You run your work right? You OWN a blog or site right? Confused?

OK, let’s just re-cap and look back to the purpose of this post. The above information was just a little food for thought the real purpose  s to give you a few tips on how to be a good “Manager”, not owner, because let’s face it, you technically don’t own anything. Your sites are using hosting, without hosting you can’t have that site? So that’s not even yours? Your offers and products are provided by networks? You don’t own them, but this does not mean that you are not the boss.

Sorry, I did again food for thought 😛

So here we go, the first topic I want to throw at you is time management. 

Again all you big shots and successors may think “Oh I know all this, this is an old trick in the book, move on.” But just hear me out?  Time management  is something that people always say they will do but never have the time to do it (Which is quite ironic). But they underestimate the power of free will and letting things flow, because lets face it calenders, diaries, notes and fridge magnets don’t work. For 90% of the population these methods tend to fail, but I don’t want to discriminate, because there is some people it works for. So If you are one of the people who just can’t grab the hang of this formal time management then try the “Miss Rocker Mind Method”. 

So what is this all about? The way that I manage my time is creating a mental plan, by mentally telling myself what I am going to do in the day or week I have a rough idea and vaguely map out how in my mind, because the human mind is the best tool one posses. So why don’t we use it (Please refer to my Miss Rocker blog for a series of posts that I am starting about how you can use psychology to succeed and improve), when you have something in your mind it is either on your mind all the time or transferred to “the back of your mind” for later reference. The best way to adapt this is to keep a constant mental reminder of what needs doing when. Sometime it’s good to annoy yourself so much you need to do something that for self satisfaction you will just do it, even if it is not due or needed for a few days or while. It never harms to be ahead of time right? Try it and I hope to hear how it goes.

Referring back to the management and not being an owner, time

Peace out guys.


Miss Rocker

Psychology in Internet Marketting

Hey everybody 🙂 Miss Rocker here!

I have recently started to look into Psychology a little deeper, it has always been an interest but I have taken it up as more of a passion these days. So now you are wondering how does this relate to CPA Marketing?

Well psychology can be used to analyze and capture your consumers brains so you can know them before they know your product.


So Here are 5 Tips on how to use a persons brain for the your benefit, because if you know what they are thinking or how their mind works before you even target that mind, chances are you will hit the right targets and get the better outcomes. Which ultimately can be translated to knowing your sellers minds and preferences before you sell.


1. Steer don’t sell

This is a mistake many marketers make and I myself have made many times, it takes time to master but once you have got it you are in control. Do not SELL to your consumers, STEER them in the right direction. This means don’t offer them your product or tell them “How it will change their life” but show them a direction as to what you are selling. For example do not use language such as “If you buy this your life will change” or telling them prices (Never give away price at first hand), have the attitude that your product has already been bought. Using phrases like “When you buy this product yourl ife will change” and “You can see…” This makes the consumer feel comfortable and like you are offering something they own but hey just need to claim. Don’t make them feel they are missing out, because most people like to be unique or buy products and services that they do or have but they just need claiming.

2. Curious George

Most products that sell well have a “secret” and that is a their “secret” doesn’t make sense? Let me make it simple, if a product has something mysterious or secretive about it, a consumer is more likely to buy it JUST TO FIND OUT WHAT THE SECRET IS. So add in a twist or “secret” because curiosity is a psychological weakness in people, it’s the breakdown between walking away and the checkout.

3. Special Attention

This may seem like rocket science but the purpose of this post is to explain how these things work and not just state they work. The human brain is prone to special attention and even the most independent people want to feel special and hear about themselves sometimes. So personalize your products where possible and give options and offer personalization to individuals. This is where a mailing list may come in handy, at least the offer is being offered on a personal basis.

4. T.E.E. to Obtain the Product

It is said that a consumer identifies his/her wants and then buys it depending on the time, effort and energy to obtain it. The ratio of risk and investment will be balanced out in their mind as they walk more towards the want, However the ultimatum will depend on what they have to get this. For example, Social Media is a common and fast growing tool in promotion and marketing, Using Facebook in specific; consumers are already on Facebook, they are likely to buy when they see things on something they use regularly. A constant reminder will ultimately leave them to give in, and Facebook ads can also be targeted to specific people depending on pages they like, gender ages and countries.

5. Cute Cues

The final tip is related to people who don’t think as much as the above, they don’t think carefully about T.E.E (Time Effort and Energy). This means you need to try more to grab their attention and influence them using cues. These include music, bright colors, emotional stories or attractive speakers. This type of mentality ignores the facts,logic and information and leads to instant sales due to “Cute Cues” as stated above. This is why testing and tracking is important, see the LIST OF AFFILIATE MARKETING RESOURCES for more advice on tracking and testing.


Blacklink Plugin for SEOs

Hey guys,

Miss rocker here.. Back with something to boost your sites to the top!

Get the power of Deep Contextual Linking with just a few clicks of your mouse! The days you spent slaving away trying to create deep context links are gone!

So what are deep context links?

It’s simple… It is a link that connects two relevant pages or posts. The keyword here is RELEVANT.. If it is not relevant you don’t get the link juice. If a blog has lots of traffic but only a few contextual links, it is probably not making much money. On the other hand, a blog with less traffic and more contextual links will start to get traffic more and monetize quicker, which means it will generate extra revenue.. Exponentially.

This works well if you have multiple blogs… Because usually you will spend SOO MUCH TIME just managing links and keywords.. And instead of making big money you will lose big money!

So let’s just go over it again;

Contextual Links are key SEO factors. A proven fact is that the more relevant back-links you point to a particular post on your blog or site, the better your Google rankings are.

This keyword plug in will help you get one over on your competition and generate the keyword results that YOU WANT..


This plugin also ;

– gets  the keywords from the highest ranking sites in your niche.

-Creates amazing SILO STRUCTURES (a way of creating interlinks that reduce bounces rates, higher click through and improved rankings) for your SEO content, with just a few clicks, the software does this automatically!

-Optimizes each and every link for maximum Affiliate earnings

-Has an easy to navigate central dashboard for complete link management which;

Gives you control over density and variation

Optimizes each and every part of the linking system with your site(s)

And much much more


And it doesn’t stop there!


As a thank you for grabbing this plugin you will also receive 9 bonus expansion packs!


These are ready to go keyword expanded that you can simply upload and instantly multiply your long tail keyword list.

Add in the ‘buying’ and ‘review’ expanders..

Or even all the cites of the USA, UK and Australia.

Your keyword list just exploded! BOOM!


There’s more in store for you yet! Go ahead… Check it out!!

Why you should build mailing list

So you must be thinking why is list building important? Whenever a marketer you hear saying money is in the list!

One reason why it is important and helpful is because it is a valuable asset in your tool box. The biggest asset of a marketer is his mailing list. This means that even if everything else fails… You still have that list to work with.

Another reason is that it builds relationships between you and your clients, a direct link and teaches you more about how to make a sale .

A final reason I will give you is that it keeps your subscribers updated an interested, your ranking and success goes up by the amount of people who use and read your blog/site/content, a list is what brings them there and more importantly keeps them active there. And if you are using paid traffic how about building list and promoting different products/services/affiliate offers when ever you want without paying advertising fee  ?

sounds good ? Keep reading!.

So how do youbuild this list?

Well you are in look! Here at kj we are currently promoting a instant list generator, 5 simple steps of cash-creating information to get you that $$$$$ list…
This is broken down into 5 modules;

  • Module 1: How to stop wasting your time on get rich quick nonsense … Be better than that and don’t believe in such a mess!
  • Module 2: An automated sales funnel… Just like clicking copy and paste!
  • Module 3:  Find out exactly how you can bank easy affiliate cashi using a step by step
  • Module 4: automated traffic; powerful, proven and free!
  • Module 5: convert email marketing;

Use the other modules with the final stage to earn the cash YOU desire.

A few things you get:

  • How to automate your list so you can earn in your sleep!
  • Generate hi opt-in rates
  • How to switch on an endless train packed with traffic.. Which is absolutely free!

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to your dream income NOW!!

AffLanders has Landed! A Great PPV landing page Creator

I am back again with a fantastic product for you guys…

It’s time to boost those PPV landing pages! Create something out of this world for your affiliate campaigns!

All it takes is 3 simple steps;

1. Select (your template),

2. Edit (as per your campaign)

3.  Export (Ping! It’s ready.)


AffLanders is a fantastic way to lure in conversions, create a beautiful PPV  landing page in minuets! The key features of this fantastic software are:

–          No programming is required (This means you don’t need to know all the logistics behind coding and building etc, because everything is there and reading for you)

–          Templates are ready (You just need to customize them to your campaign: New ones will also be added monthly.)

–          Easy Editor (No odd looking or complicated tools

–          Quick to customize and Deploy (Go back and edit and design as much as you want! Then when you’re done you can export it to your computer to use where you wish)

So let me put the product to practice and tell you about how affiliates have used this in the past. AffLanders was made to help those who struggle with landing pages and those who don’t know how to build or make them. They specialize in PPV landing pages because PPV landing pages are amongst those top lead generators in the landing page family. Affiliates use PPV landing pages because they connect the product with the targeted audience, so you are not making random encounters… You are grabbing the people that are likely to generate those leads for you, targeted traffic, in three simple steps.


Sound good? Why waste time on programming when you can get hands on into it and get the results you want to achieve?




Give yourself a break 🙂

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Review theme for Affiliates

Hey there guys 🙂

So this is not something you would see much of on the blog but i thought it was cool so I thought I would throw it at you guys (Watch your head!!).

The ElegantBiz WP theme caught my eye because of all its features and options here is its demo have a look at it… Not only will it make your affiliate websites  look good and convert your traffic, but it has the same fantastic mobile design with just one click! You can also customize things such as widgets and buttons, colors and page templates as it offers multiple designs selections. On top of all this it looks sophisticated and smooth, it will give your blog/site an appealing look. With its ready for retina view, your site can be viewed on all sorts of devices, without you having to worry or prepare!

It can be used as a review site (hint hint affs make $$$) ,Business website ,Personal and professional blog,Facebook Iframe or even as a sales page and mobile site.

From the social sharing bar to the hundreds of Google fonts and the special Strip Bar; this is an eye catching notification bar at the top follows you as ou scroll, so your visitors can see important messages and notifications as they scroll!  A great theme which can be used in almost any niche like travel,health,technology etc etc .With its  powerful SEO options you will say good bye to any SEO plugins that increase your site load time and make your sites vulnerable to hackers.

You can say goodbye to hard work, ElegantBiz has all the tools and guides to help you to get our website live in NO TIME.

Click and check its more features here

Having a look at it won`t hurt you at all i promise 😛



How you can get free traffic to your affiliate websites within 24 hours!

I just stumbled over this great link building software called Rank Builder and thought I would share and offer it to you guys. As I repeat in everything I promote, I don’t just promote anything for just commissions, But I offer my readers and list members QUALITY products, ideas and methods. This was created with careful trial and error, which makes it trustworthy


And dependent to work. It does not matter about your experience, previous methods, how busy you are or even how low down you are at the moment or how much you dislike SEO , Or how much content you have on your website. After buying this, your site will have the ranking it deserves as It can boost the flow of traffic towards any site by using various sources such as: Social bookmarking, RSS feed aggregators, web2.0 properties, and Video sharing and forum sites as well. Follow this genius, take his advice, and see the magic work. It is a foolproof way to get the traffic and rankings you want and need to earn those big bucks. I won’t just sell it as a magnificent discovery, but I will tell you the truth. This is straightforward, scientific and simple, with steps and explanations to ensure you get the explanation you need. There is evidence of success, due to the multiple pre-tested proven work. Adding to this, you get the results you want in 24 hours for highly competitive niches like Weight loss, Finance and what not!!. Yes I have used it myself for my Health niche websites and Finance niche websites which I use to promote CPA Offers J


I don’t want to go into to much more detail but it’s definitely something that boosted my new sites and I want you all to have the same success, have the same knowledge and miracle. So what are you waiting for?


Click here and check out Rank builder now.

Little Things…


Hey everybody!

Miss rocker here!!

So I’ve recently been greeting Total Quality Management(TQM)  and I thought I’d share my knowledge, because its something IMers forget at times!
Let me boggle your brain with Kaizens TQM related theory.
This theory was developed from the word Kaizen. Although TQM may not directly help you. But Kaizens concept may!
Kaizen is a way of thinking, working and behaving, embedded in the philosophy and values of an organisation, linking this to our marketing, let’s say business.
It was developed by Japanese industry in the 1950s and 60s, Kaizen means “improvement” in japanese. Improving everything that everyone does in every aspect of the business, in every department, every minute of every day.
It is an evolution rather than a revolution: continually making small, 1% improvements to 100 things is more effective, less disruptive and more sustainable than improving one thing by 100% when things get tough.
The theory concludes with stating that zero errors are allowed. The product should be right the first time, every time.
I hope you enjoyed that bite size theory! So next time you are working on something… Try and get it right the first time, motivate yourself and see the difference! Look at the little things rather than the bigger picture, and watch the bigger picture magically transform!
Hope to hear some good feedback!
I’m out!
Miss rocker ;]