High five to success!!

Hey guys!! I am back.. Once again with a mountain of information for you to climb through and reach success!!

Lately I have been reading quite a lot of books about self improvment and how your very own brain can help you succeed in life. Ok, ok, you probably think “Yeah, well duh!” , but I don’t quite mean it in the way you think!

One of my recent books i read used two fictional characters as examples, they were both born with extraordinary mind power, but the book shows how ONE of them succeeds more than the other because of how he USED that brain power. Now, before I start, I am not a hypnotist or mind controller, but I want you to tell yourself one thing… YOU ARE A GENIOUS! Never forget that.

Our mind works in many different ways and sometimes it can be held responsible for how we turn out, therefore we need to take control and  use it for the better. Set yourself some life goals, where you want to be, where you want to go, and remind yourself of these, challenge yourself to BE your goals until you REACH your goals. Oh and remeber YOU ARE A GENIOUS.

A technique I used was to plaster my mirror (not literally, just the top end) with sticky note pads that had my goals or things I wanted to do that day, that year or even just that week or hour, and being a girl, I look at my mirror each morning when i wake up. You don’t have to use your mirror, what about a notice board you check every morning? stick a few on your fridge? I am not advising you to go crazy and plaster your house… But just ONE place that you look at everyday, a few sticky pads. Oh and remember YOU ARE A GENIOUS.

Okay, so thats the method but what if you are not sure WHAT your goals are? Some people like to take every day as it comes.. NO PROBLEM… set hourly or daily goals? Or just create a MENTAL picture of where you would like to be in the future, see what you have to do to get there…. Oh and remember.. YOU ARE A GENIOUS.

So here is a tip, go down to your local book shop or library and check out the books that write about achieving success, self improvement books and along with my tiny bit of input… SAY HIGH FIVE TO SUCCESS!


Thanks for reading guys! Do not hessitate to comment if you have any comments or want more information! I would be more than happy to help out if you want to know more!


Miss Rocker… High Five!

Warrior Forums Special Offer (WSO!)

Hey guys!

Miss rocker here… Ok, Ok, You are probably thinking whaaat? Where is the London olympics stuff?

I PROMISE THEY ARE COMING… But this caught my eye.. Hit my heart and i just HAD to share it with you guys! + Encourage you to take up this offer.. Take it as a good deed, a helping hand or an act of kindness… whatever floats your boat.. But PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS BLOG!!

I have never seen such an inspirational WSO.. Something that has a inspirational purpose, some AMAZING offers and WSO sellers COMING TOGETHER in for such a cause….. 

Libby A little girl… An angel.. who’s name is libby.. a 6 year old princess who has been hit with cancer, at such a young age..

On march. She was diagnosed with Wilm’s cancer, which manifests in the kidneys. Five days later, Libby had her kidney removed. But in the process, her doctors discovered the tumors had spread to her heart. So last Friday, Libby had open heart surgery to remove that tumor as well.

Reading THAT alone made me melt.. Cancer is a dangerous illness, it’s like a serpent, it may spread, or it could stay and be removed… But we shouldn’t even come to think and wait aroudn for things to happen.. Like Bill on warrior forum hasn’t.. As he did, I will ask you all… What if it was your daughter? niece? grandaughter? cousin?

Warrior Forum is full of talented and awsome people who have LOADS to offer in this buisness? But why can’t we use it for GOOD? A little aside to do some good? Come together  and promote the skills, aswell as helping little libby!

So this WSO is all of the below for just $27, and that $27 will all go to libby and children JUST LIKE HER in a hospital in dallas.

CPA Marketing
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Affiliate Marketing
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Product Creation
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Miscellaneous Awesomeness
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The link to the WSO is also below, don’t ignore this amazing opportunity guys! LETS PROVE WF HAS REAL SPIRIT AND IS A HELPING HAND COMMUNITY!!



Buy This WSO here


Well hi there again!

Hi guys!

I am back!

Firstly i would like to apologise for not blogging to you LOVELY people lately… I have been extremely busy in personal affairs, but I have lots of inspiration and tips to share!

I would like to start with a quote I heard in a meeting I attended not long ago, well a confrence.

“Patience is nto a virtue, it is a tool, a tool that is used by those who can bear it.”

My automatic thought to this was you guys in the Internet Marketting buisness, and a piece of advise KJ gave me (no doubt all of us), when i first started in the buisness.

“You can’t get rich in one day or night, it takes time and patience.” So to all of the “newbies” out there, hold on to this quote and have patience, use it, bare it and good luck in all your success!

Okay, Okay, now lets get down to it!

So as you all probably don’t know (but do now!), I am from London, and what is CURRENT and HAPPENING in London this year? THE OLYMPICS! I am very proud that not only my country, but the capital city, MY city is hosting the olympics!

So you are probablty thinking now, what and how will this help you? Well my dear freidns, the olympics will need a LOT of organisation, teamwork, spirit, training, an audience! Still confused?

Let me lay it all down, basically… ALL the above will apply to you guys too, you will need to be organised (*cough* KJ *cough*), may need to work with a team, you will definetly need a good and lively spirit! and need an audience. So I am going to research each of these area’s, linking it BACK to the olympics, but the main structure of my blogs will be on how you can improve on each of the above and many more!

So here is the deal… As I like to keep you guys informed on what’s happening, I will consult with KJ on my future blog plans, and hopefully in a few weeks, I will click on some of my tips and OLYMPIC STYLE blogs.

My main aim for involving the olympics is to inform you guys about what is going on where I AM, but also help you out a little, because I (amongst MANY others i am sure) am SO exited about London hosting the olympics 😀


Peace out guys!!


Miss Rocker Here!

Hi guys, Miss Rocker here!

I am the new blogger here in KjRockers CPA Marketing world!

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself! Altough i am not into CPA marketng in particular, I met KjRocker by accident! We grew to become friends, and when he told me about his job, I thought to myself.. “What a bore!” I never thought I’d be joining the IM world or even enjoying it! I am a writter, I have been writting stories, diaries, monologues and such since i was a child. When i started writting articles for KjRocker, I was at first adamant to just do it and that’s it!

At the time, I was also job huntng, and looking for a fun enviroment to work in, but i had certain standards and prefences, so it was quite hard! Now i don’t want to bore you with all the details, but let’s just say, I signed up to 4 Jobsites, Went for 6 interviews, did 2 jobs for 2-3 months and still wasn’t satisfied!

At first, I tried to get into CPA, sgned up as an affiliate, checked out some offers and campaigns, but it just wasn’t for me! So i said to kj, I can’t do it! But he didn’t give up, He pushed me and pushed me, until i told him to back off myself! Even still, he said IM is a big world, there must be something for you!

Kj always reffered to the Warrior Forum, all the people he met, the skills he gained and things he learnt, I didn’t really care to be honest! Then one night i couldn’t sleep, i thought what the heck, and decided to sign up and check it out… He had asked me and suggested i do i for AGES. So anyway, I signed up, and had a look around, I posted a few posts, and commented on a few posts. Then 2 days later, he said why not offer your skills? So here we go again… IM, Articles, Writting… Blaaahhh…………………… But this time was different, he explained how people earn by writting articles, reports, the little jobs i did for him!? So i went for it… Jumped in the deep end? I posted my skills, and within a week, I was getting clients e-mailing me! I am currently working on my first project, and have others e-mailing in, i find myself enjoying it, learning new things as i research topics.

Aside from IM! I am a bubbly, fun person! I love to talk, go out and be origional! I did plan on investing in my own blog, but then i was worried it would intefere with my studies, so i demanded to start blogging on Kj’s blog!

So I’ll bog you soon guys!!

Keep smiling!!

And hope you enjoy my blogs! 🙂