How To Make People Want To Write Guest Post On Your Blog

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wordpress blogA blog without regular content update is not going to attract big amount of traffic. That’s why it is important for you to keep your blog fresh with new content each and every day. It will help you to engage your readers, and climb your blog up and high in the search engine ranking. One of the best ways to generate new content for your blog without hassle is by encouraging others to submit their guest post to your blog. But, this is often not easy to do. That’s why you need to apply some tricks in order to make others interested to write for your blog. Here are 5 tips to make people want to write guest post on your blog:

1. State The Benefits Clearly

Sometimes, people are reluctant to write a guest post in your blog because they don’t know exactly what they’ll get when they do it. That’s why you should state the benefits to them clearly. By stating the benefits of writing a guest post to your blog, you will be able to attract interest of your potential guest posters. Create one special page in your blog which details the process of writing guest post for your blog. State the benefits clearly (with images, if necessary) so that your readers will become more interested to “invest” their piece of writing to your blog.

2. Give Them a Reward

There are many websites and blogs that are giving people money in exchange of quality content. In this way, they’re essentially hiring other people to write for their blog. This system works well in attracting lots of guest posters to your blog. However, you don’t need to give your guest posters money for the reward. You can give something else, such as free report, free course, free product, etc.

3. Make The Process Easy

Organize the content submission process so that it is easy to follow. Your readers don’t want to wait for a long time just to see whether their content is getting accepted or not. So, make the process easy and don’t give too much burden to your guest posters. Create an automatic submission process that is as easy as filling online form. Don’t ask them to manually email you. That will turn many people off. Also, give people clear rules of submitting guest post to your blog in order to weed out low quality content from their submission.

4. Show a Banner In Your Blog

Of course, you have to let people know that you’re opening guest post in your blog. Most blogs don’t accept guest post. So, if you want people to figure out that your blog is accepting guest post, then you have to put an interesting banner in your blog that will encourage people to submit your content. Put your banner in the most visible place within your blog so that people who are reading your blog will take notice immediately.

5. Respond Quickly

Lastly, you have to respond quickly to your guest posters. Whether you want to accept their content or not, you have to give prompt answer to them, otherwise they will regard your blog as unprofessional. If you can’t respond as quickly as possible, at least you should let people know that you will guarantee a response, but tell them that you can’t always respond quickly.

Those are some tips that you can follow in order to make people want to write guest post on your blog. If you follow the tips above, you’ll get abundant amount of fresh content, waiting to be published on your blog without much hassle. As a result, your blog will attract more and more traffic over time.

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  1. Good thing you put this on the very first number “State The Benefits Clearly” and “Give Them a Reward”. Benefits and rewards, that sounds good as always! 🙂
    This will motivate them to do their job beyond good and fast. They will also appreciate if their questions will be answered, so you must connect to them.

  2. Pretty good reasons, Kj. Stating clearly the benefits, giving them the appropriate rewards, and responding quickly are some of the best tips I’ve read so far on how to make others want to guest post on your blog.

    I would also like to add, that sometimes the best way to do that is create amazing content yourself. I’m pretty sure others would want to have connections with someone who has the reputation of creating great content.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Riza and you are rite … good content always make others to make connections with you 🙂