Bank Money With Facebook Ads

make money using facebook Before you think anything else let me tell you i am always against catchy lines like make $1000 a day and etc etc , The reason is that how much you make is total different story as it depends  on what abilities you have , How experienced you are and how you can take benefit of an opportunity , This happens and many people do fail in proven techniques which do work and are supposed to work but due to not having enough experience some people do fail and it is part of the game you are learning and you will have to fail in order to learn something .

Coming back to the topic , You know what`s major problem on facebook ?  CTR ? Creatives ? Demographics ? Offers ? People ? advertiser ?  nooo main problem is targeting !  Lets say i have an offer related to Forex trading ,What i will do in order to target Forex traders?  Yeah you guessed right i will go on facebook and target according to interests, Forex trading , currency trading and so on now problem is that this targeting option is not accurate , My ad may appear to those people who tried to get on with Forex trading for a while and once they didn’t succeed they   left it  and went some other way and are no more related to forex trading or interested in it ,  there are many other factors we can think of … now that of course wont work as our targeting isnt that accurate as it should be , No matter how many images you change and ad copies you apply .

What i am wanting to talk about today is something revolutionary ,Consider it same like re-targeting over facebook , Choose specific set of people and target them everywhere on the facebook, with your ads thats what Re Targeting on facebook provides you , now how to re target your demographics on facebook ? this is quiet amazing thing i am going to share here over my blog 😉

But before i go into how to i will answer who to target ? how to find people interested in your offer ,  Now  here in this technique we are going to target only a specific group on facebook  . Why groups ? They are more targeted then fan pages , people in groups are more interested in the subject the group is about as compared to fan pages , If targeting a group is not precise it is nearly precise , let me give you an example of CPA Affiliates group on facebook who will join it ? Only those people who are interested in CPA Marketing and who are running traffic /working with CPA Networks will join this group instead as compared to a fan page related to CPA Affiliates where anyone  who is friends with me on facebook wont hesitate to click like ,


Enough talk how to make this re targeting thing work ?

To target people have three options , Target people using their emails , facebook user ids and phone numbers (they have associated with their fb profiles)

But the question is how to gather this information ? the best way so far is to use user ids , to get user ids you will need a user id scraper , this is the best one so far   FB Target ID (my affiliate link ,i will get commission on every sale , i feel no shame for making some from this because what i am sharing with you is pure gold )  it will allow you to scrape Facebook user ids from any Facebook group you want  …

Ok i got that scraper whats next ? Next thing is to go in your facebook account click on facebook ads manager click on power editor and click on audiences , Create audience  Then click on create custom audience and import list of facebook user ids and save .

It will take almost one hour to show you how many facebook ids you have imported and the next step is to create your ad , leave all interest targeting etc and simple in targeting option choose your custom targets and your ad is live , The best part is that this method is much more cheaper and also highly targeted !!


I hope you guys will use it and make good money off it !!

Let me know what you think by posting in comments .


Simple Tweaks that Can Transform Any Bad Landing Page into Sales Machine

Do you have a landing page which converts at 0.1% or less? That’s what I call a lousy landing page. Or, it can be said that it is a useless landing page. A good landing page should be able to convert at 3% or more depending on the product that you promote. Fortunately, it is only a matter of simple tweaking if you want to change your lousy landing page into a high converting landing page. Here are 5 simple tweaks that can transform any bad landing page into sales machine:

Change your landing page design and graphics

First of all, take a look at your landing page design and graphics. Do you like it? If you don’t even like your own landing page design and graphics, then how can your audience like it? If you don’t like your landing page design and graphics, then change them. You can hire a web designer to make your landing page more appealing and look more professional. You can use nice graphics to represent your landing page copy. You need to be creative in implementing graphics to your landing page because it will affect your conversion rate. A lively landing page (and a highly converting one) has good design and graphics.

Insert a story to dramatize your offer

You need to make your landing page more dramatic. You need a story, a story that moves your audience to keep reading your landing page from start to finish. This story needs to be told in the most interesting way so that your audience feels excited to keep reading. If you haven’t done so, start writing an interesting story related to your product and put it in the introduction paragraph in your landing page. But, if you already write a story for your landing page, then you just need to examine it and make necessary changes to make it more appealing to read.

Know what your audience is thinking

For instance, you have to know what makes your audience to consider not purchasing the product. Think about it. Is it about the price? Is it about the doubtful quality of the product? Are the benefits not valuable enough? In your landing page, you have to address each possible resistance within your audience’s mind. This is important for you to crush their resistance before they reach the buy now button. It will make their resistance seems useless and insignificant.

Make it clean and easy to read

Examine your landing page carefully. Examine the font and the heading. Judge for yourself! Is your landing page clean and easy to read? Scroll it down and read paragraph by paragraph and pretend that you’re the potential customer. Do you think that your landing page is comfortable to read? Do you see any glitches or bad factors that might turn your attention off your landing page? You have to address this issue as soon as possible. If there is any problem, you need to fix your landing page immediately.

Eliminate the trash

Your landing page doesn’t need to be long in order to convert well. It doesn’t need to be full of fluff that makes it too difficult to understand. You don’t need to use complex language. In fact, you need to keep your landing page simple and straightforward. You can’t clutter it with ads that are irrelevant with your promotion. You need to eliminate the trash within your landing page. Read your landing page again and see whether you use excessive words to tell a simple fact. You need to simplify your landing page.

Those are 5 simple tweaks that can transform any bad landing page into sales machine. Don’t send any more traffic to your lousy landing page. You need to fix your landing page first before sending your traffic back to it. Do it now!

$897 a week on 7search

Its been a while since i posted any thing about 7Search the reason is that i almost stopped advertising on 7search as i needed more volume and i was busy with media buying and PPV campaigns. I always disagreed with people who dont consider 7search as a quality traffic source and i still will. I never believe on what other people say about a traffic source until i test it myself and that's the reason i still believe 7search traffic does have a potential to convert for CPA Offers and thats why i recommend it to newbies whi are just starting out with low budget , I do have a traffic course on 7search which is considered one of the best course about 7search traffic and many of you may say " kj is just vouching for 7search just because he wants to sell his own course." But the truth is that i never recommended 7search to anyone just to make a sale for my course or any other product,course or any service i review on my blog,recommend on any forum i always try to suggest best service possible .

If you know my background i started off paid traffic with 7search and what ever i am today i am because of 7search , This traffic source helped me to build my budget so i can buy traffic from top advertising networks. Many people ask about niches that work well on 7search i have mentioned many times including in my previous posts about my best converting offers and do 7search traffic convert that i have successfully ran offers ranging from email submits to credit card submits and they did worked. Mainly i promoted payday loan offers, Email submits, Downloads . In Credit card submit offers a few of them were Omaha Steaks and 1ink offer . Try promoting well known and reputable brands ( Neverblue has plenty of well known brands advertising with them) as they tend to work well on 7search.

Here area bit of stats what 7search can get you

7search for cpa offers

And here is what i paid for this campaign


This is a campaign i ran for almost two years started in May 2010 and stopped in november 2012 when offer was taken off and now i have decided to create my own product in similar niche and will resume sending same traffic that's the reason i am not giving away details about campaign and offer because i am once again going to monetize using 7search .  For some people 7search may not seem to work the reason in my opinion is that they never take 7search as a serious source of traffic and never work on demographics and who they are targeting to. Most of advertisers on  7search are newbies and they advertise without any research and at the end result is not what they are expecting and they start complaining ,. So my advise for you is if 7search is nt working for you do find out where do you lack ,where you are making mistakes and correct your mistakes in order to make it work .

Let me know your thoughts by making comments below .