Amazon Affiliates Use These Tips For Explosive Growth

I honestly believe the Amazon affiliate program is the best possible choice for physical product affiliates. There is plenty to like about the program and very few downsides.

Yes – it would be nice if the commission was a little but higher, but 8.5 percent isn’t too bad when you’re selling expensive products.

I’ve been making the bulk of my online income from the Amazon affiliate program for several years, and I find it’s the easiest to implement and profit from.

Amazon affiliate program

Amazon affiliate program stats

Maybe you already know that Amazon is the top ecommerce marketplace on the planet. One of the main reasons for this is trust. Consumers trust Amazon – there is no other way to put it.

Since I’ve been an affiliate for the company for a few years, you could say I’ve learned a thing or two about how to make as much money as possible from the program using my Amazon niche sites. Below, I’ll share some of my top tips with you.

Get More Clicks

Amazon is a site that MOST people are familiar with. Heck, there is a good chance that you’ve bought something from them recently.

What’s not to like about the best prices, easy shipping and reliable customer service? Other people also realize these benefits, so as an affiliate, your job is to send people to Amazon’s website.

Yes – you do need to provide some amount of value, but once the value transaction is complete, all you need to focus on is sending people off to Amazon.

What a lot of affiliates don’t realize is that Amazon has spent millions of dollars perfecting their site, and they’re constantly spending more money to increase conversions. In other words, Amazon is a nearly-perfected selling machine.

Once you send visitors to their site, it’s hard for them to NOT buy something. If you want to make even more Amazon affiliate income, then you need to find ways to send more clicks (people) to Amazon. One way you can do this is by adding a few more in-content affiliate links to your product reviews.

You can also experiment with ways to increase the CTR on your affiliate links, such as experimenting with colors. Get creative and think of how you can send more clicks to Amazon.

Get More Social Proof

Have you ever browsed Amazon and noticed how much social proof they have? It’s not an accident that they display so much social proof. Plain and simple, it works.

By adding social proof to your affiliate site, you’re conveying trust to your visitors. One of the most effective ways to do this is with a bestseller list.

After you send visitors off to Amazon, they don’t want to feel alone during their purchase. Even if they trust your recommendation, they usually want a little bit more proof that they’re making the right decision.

The use of Amazon bestsellers lists is powerful because it provides social proof for your visitors, so they’re far more likely to make a quick purchase decision. There is a lot of psychology behind this tactic, but all you need to know is that it works.

When visitors can see that others are purchasing the same product they want to purchase, they’re much more likely to purchase that product. If your website gets enough traffic and sales already, you can actually create a bestseller list based on your own Amazon stats.

Create Genuine Reviews

One of the top ways to promote products is with product review articles. These types of articles give you plenty of places to drop your Amazon affiliate link. In an ideal world, you should actually try the products that you review.

The most important point here is that the reviews are genuine. It doesn’t matter if you own the product or not; what matters is that you’re giving your visitors some form of value. For individual product reviews, you should make sure to provide an unbiased analysis of the product.

The end goal is to make sure you’re saving your visitors time, even if it’s only a minute or two. Another way that you can help them is by providing some entertainment value.

You could write reviews in a way that is far more entertaining than what the merchant site has to offer. In other words, make the description of the product more in-depth or enticing. The main goal is to make sure your reviews are genuine. You don’t want to come across as being too sales-y.

Don’t Underestimate Information

You should never underestimate the power of informational articles for your affiliate site. I’ve found that many visitors who went on to purchase someone through my affiliate links actually read some informational content that influenced their decision.

Make sure you have a good mix of helpful, informational articles alongside your product reviews. While the informational content might not draw buyers in directly from the search engines, it can have an indirect effect on sales because many visitors who plan on buying something will be influenced by what they read.

You can also flip this technique and use it to talk about products that are about to be released. For example, let’s say a new digital camera is about to be released.

Since it hasn’t been released yet, you won’t be able to write a review for it, but you can use the informational content to announce the camera and add affiliate links that let visitors preorder the camera. By doing this, you’ll get commissions on the sales when the camera is finally released.

As mentioned earlier, contextual links are king when it comes to affiliate links. Ideally, you’ll want the majority of your affiliate links to be in-content links.

These links are highly trusted by visitors and result in more clicks and better conversions.  These are some of the best tips that I’ve learned over several years as an Amazon affiliate.

They have helped and continue to help me earn more income from the program. However, an additional bonus is that they help me to think outside the box when it comes to increasing the income I make online. I hope they will do the same for you.

Julian Thomas loves affiliate marketing with Amazon, and he mans the ship over at He loves running SEO tests on niche affiliate sites and helping others earn income online.

From going Homeless to building a Brand!

Its been over 2 months I haven’t posted anything on my blog. The last two months were quiet eventful. First of all, I was left homeless for a week or two due to a fire in my building and for the very first time, I realized how long it takes to recover from such unfortunate events. However, complaining aside, I am thankful I escaped the fire safe without any kind of physical harm to myself.

Due to this, I wasn’t able to give my business proper time for almost a month. Luckily, thanks to my awesome team, everything was taken care of whilst I handled my situation, except the fact that I couldn’t write anything for you guys for a while. After recovering from the fire accident I began working towards one of my old projects, which I started 3 years ago in partnership with miss rocker. The project is what we are going to discuss today.

I have a habit of continuously buying good domains that interest me or spark me with potential. Normally I buy at least 2,3 domains a month and the majority of them I never use and they are just left sitting with my domain registrar or expire after a year or so. During similar adventures I bought a domain

One of the reasons I bought this domain is myself and Miss Rocker are very passionate about Dubai and wanted to share our experience of relocating business here. The original idea was to help investors establish their companies in Dubai and assist them with the visa, and company registration procedure. To summarize, we bought the, generated a few leads, made a few sales and then eventually we lost interest and this seemed to be the reason it failed! During this time, we bought another domain where we could share our experience about Dubai and basically document things and create guides related to Dubai, etc. This was a very interesting topic for me and Miss Rocker as well as our passion for Dubai, we started to generate a passion to make this blog something big, we knew where it was headed.

In September 2014 we attended Adsimillis Meetup and learned about a travel blogger Clelia Mattana and looked through her blog Keep Calm And Travel. From there we picked up some awesome tips and decided to keep our blog’s topic mainly travel and to keep the purpose of the blog as a place where people can learn about Dubai. This included; What hotels to stay, what places to visit and what activities to participate. In fact, we wanted to create a blog where we can tell people what they can do in Dubai to make their holiday memorable and also to provide information to UAE residents about how they can spend their holidays locally.

We also stick by the rule that we will only provide first hand information to our readers, which means write and discuss places, services or hotels which we have personally visited and stayed in to give our readers a better prospective, rather than multiple random reviews.

We have been working on this project slowly, as for us this project is more of a hobby than a way to make money. I must admit we have been going with a really slowly pace. So far we have reviewed a couple of hotels in the UAE and the United Kingdom and also other services /activities, (Mostly free of cost and we were invited by hotels and the tourism services providers to review their services). We also participated in two travel industry exhibitions so far World Travel Market and Arabian Travel Market. Recently I visited Arabian Travel Market .

360° Image by IMG World's At Arabian Travel Market 2016

360° Image by IMG World’s At Arabian Travel Market 2016

World Travel Market was our first event we participated in so we couldn’t do much except learning more about the industry. However, Arabian Travel Market was a huge success.

After getting such an awesome response from these conferences, and learning so much, I have decided to work on Dubai Blog and build its brand. So now me and my partner miss rocker are going to make it a successful brand, I thought it would be a great idea to also document and build a case study for you guys.

Firstly, the gains from the latest travel exhibition, we were not only able to get some good business from different travel companies, but also we talked with different tourism boards from different countries about collaborations. I hope we will be able to secure something with at least 2 of the countries. Also we have secured some lead generation deals with some luxury tourism related companies and my company would be their only authorized lead generation partners. With not much competition in the region, and niches, I hope this will prove to be a great success for us and we would be able to make some good revenue from lead generation campaigns and we will get an opportunity to learn more about the travel niche!

This was just a little intro about the project Dubai Blog, I will try to keep updating you with its progress at least once a month and also post about other topics as well! Do not fear! KJ is back!

Guest Post By AffEngineer – Six Figure Marketer

Hello all, Mateen from here.

Firstly, I’d like to thank KJ for having me on his blog.

I still remember reading his blog when I hadn’t earned a single dollar and being motivated by his case studies and blog posts. They were what I needed to keep going and make this work!

I’m here to tell you my short story how I transitioned from a full-time graduate engineer stuck in the corporate office to a full-time internet marketer.

Before I continue, I wanted to set the tone.

Internet Marketing is hard. Very hard. If you want to make this your full-time career, you have to make it your number one obsession. Your reason to live and breathe. Especially at the start, when your learning curve is enormous.

Sure, you can get lucky and stumble upon a profitable campaign right off the bat but that’s rare and you don’t want to depend on dumb luck. You want to build a skill-set so you’re able to maintain an income for the rest of your life. That’s what I realised.

I remember my last year of work like it was yesterday. Over the two years I was employed, I went from being ridiculously passionate about building a career in construction to hating being in a 50m radius of my office.

You build fake relationships, have to go through with stress levels no one should be dealing with and work long hours hardly having a life of your own.

I remember going from endless conversations of fun to boring conversations of work. Nothing was new in my life anymore. I’d get up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep and repeat.

What was the point of this? How can anyone be ok with this? Forty more years of this? No way!

In my second year of employment I had lost all interest. I was still there but my mind was out. It was at this moment I started to be interested in business as a full-time career.

I was a hustler at school, selling USB’s, Phones, Playstations, anything I could flip for some extra income. It was exciting and where people saw fun and excitement, I saw opportunity to make money.

Anyway, I finally quit my job and entered the world of entrepreneurship. For six months I tried everything. I started some random blogs, made iPhone apps, bought and sold things from eBay, Went yard sale hunting, started a YouTube channel and all sorts of things I thought would make me money.

They all ended the same. I’d lose interest and give up. Mostly it was my fault for giving up too early but there was an element to all this that was making me fail time and time again.


I was creating all these awesome websites, but had no clue how to get it in front of people! How do I go about doing this?

That’s when I decided to stop all projects immediately. What’s the point on working on a mobile phone app for 3 months only to launch it and see hardly any downloads. I realised a business with no marketing plan is not a business. It’s a dream.

That was the one thing I was missing.

That’s when I researched on marketing, stumbled upon Affiliate Marketing and immediately fell in love.

I could learn good marketing and make money at the same time? That’s perfect!

For the next month, I worked 12 hour days learning simple design, coding, WordPress and setting up tracking. I read everything Affiliate Marketing related like a mad man. There were days I forgot to eat. My hair and beard were grown out and I looked like the biggest hobo. I had also lost some weight.

I was obsessed. It was unhealthy but it was necessary for me to evolve. Everytime I came across a great post I saved it. I’ve got a massive database of random threads and success stories that helped me greatly.

I eventually found the right people to guide me and started to see results. After a month in, my 12 hour days paid off and I saw conversions. Three months after that, I had my first $200/profit campaign!

I even wrote a success story on AffPlayBook about it!


It was crazy. It was a massive puzzle at the start but when it all clicked and came together, it just made so much sense.

Everyday I had a new challenge and as I asked questions, read around and learned, I got better and better. Every month, I’d look back and if I had learned a lot, I knew I was on the right track.

About a year after this campaign, I had my first 10k Revenue day and six figure month.

It was after this day that all the limitations I had in my mind were unlocked. No more did I think about making just $500 a month or $100/day I wanted to make $1,000s a day.

Anything is possible in this industry and I learned that eventually. You just need the right skill sets to capitalise on opportunities when the time is right and the ability to never give up.

You may think I know a lot more than the newbie marketer. Maybe I do but the biggest difference was I work a lot harder than most people and I spend my time doing the right things.

While people are reading and watching YouTube tutorials, I’m spending real money and learning from my mistakes.

I might lose $200 in one day, but a month later it will help me make $1,000s.

I’ll launch 10-20 campaigns a day sometimes just to see what happens. My success rate is low. Very low.

Probably one in every 100 campaigns I launch is profitable. In fact, I’d call that lucky. So what do I do about it? Launch as many campaigns as quickly as I can. If I launch 100-200 campaigns a month and get 1-2 profitable campaigns out it with the occasional unicorn, I’d be on easy six figures. That’s how this industry works.

You spend, You Learn, You earn.

Right now, I’m doing a ‘100 Campaign Launch Challenge’ which I’m blogging about almost every day. I launch campaigns and tell the world what happened with them. Did I lose money or did I make money? There’s some very valuable gold nuggets in there for newbie marketers.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop by and say hello. Hopefully, I’ve opened your eyes to the realities of this industry. It’s not a fairy tale but it’s not easy either. If you’re ready to put in hard work, you’ll get there I guarantee it.

Cheers and thanks to KJ for having me here.

Mateen @

FTC Releases Report on Proper Use of Big Data

“Big Data” is a buzz word that is tossed around a lot today and is typically used to talk about the collection of large amounts of data, typically from multiple sources.  That data is then used to make predictions, connections and assumptions that can be used to benefit your business.  The data that is collected is typically analyzed using complex algorithms that will produce usable information for marketing and other business efforts.

While big data can certainly be useful, the FTC has some concerns.  They have recently released a report that discusses how big data can and should be used.  Their main concern seems to be that some companies end up using this data in discriminatory ways that may not be legal.

Their report, titled, “Big Data: A Tool for Inclusion or Exclusion?” was made as a recap and review of a public meeting they held back in 2014 to discuss and learn about potential issues related to big data.

In the report they discuss legal compliance issues including how big data can impact the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Equal Opportunity Laws and the Federal Trade Commission Act.  It also looks at a variety of policy considerations that companies should look into when analyzing how they use big data.  This could include things like determining whether or not there are missing sets of information that could cause them to misuse the data, reviewing the data, including humans in the process of analyzing the data and much more.

This report was released for people in all types of businesses, but those who engage in digital marketing of any type are some of the biggest consumers of big data.  With that in mind, it makes sense to take a look at the report and see what types of things the FTC is going to be watching out for in the future.

You can view the entire report from the FTC HERE.

Does PPV Traffic Still Work in 2016?

One of the most common questions I have been asked for years and still people ask me; Is PPV traffic still worth investment and does it still work, especially for CPA offers?

I have been promoting CPA offers for 4 years now. I started off with 7Search in the times when people were talking about how bad quality 7Search traffic is and how it never works for them. However I choose 7search because it was affordable for me ( I had low budget) and also the fact that there was little competition as most of times people were scared of loosing money on 7Search and they considered it as a bad quality traffic source. From there after, building a handsome budget, I moved onto PPV traffic as 7search was working well for me. However, there was also not much traffic volume on that traffic source.

Since then I have been promoting PPV and I still am promoting my campaigns on PPV traffic. I have seen many PPV networks come and go and what I want to say here is that we are in an industry where things keep evolving. Things keep changing and what you need in order to become successful is to keep adopting new trends.

Now to the answer weather PPV is dead or not, Of course for the people who used to simply direct link campaigns all the time, PPV is really dead. Those days are almost gone, specially if you are thinking you can make profits by direct linking same 3 years old offer, that is never going to be possible.

So here are a few things you should consider if you want to become successful with PPV in 2016 …

How to make PPV traffic work for you in 2016

Learn about your traffic network.

How many times have you contacted your account manager with your traffic source? Have you ever asked them about their traffic inventory or what kind of tracking tokens are available etc? For example, I would like to mention most people complain about bad quality traffic from leadimpact. You can easily put a stop to bad quality by asking your account manager to only give you leadimpact’s own inventory traffic, without third parties and also by using %brand% token to filter bad quality publishers and ask your manager to block the bad quality publishers.

Adopt new offers /niches.

When ever you have a new type of offer, you get better conversions; as those offers are not saturated or those products/services which are popular but not yet available on CPA Networks. For example, one of the well-known offers is, we have been promoting that offer directly with for a long time before they were available on CPA Networks. Many popular brands have their own affiliate programs so if you can not find an offer on a CPA Network make sure you contact that brand directly and ask them if they have their affiliate program.

Use Landing Pages.

Last month we created over 100 landing pages and the total size of that folder was above 3GB. One thing I always advise to people is to keep improving your landing pages, once you have created landing pages do not stop and keep improving those landing pages and keep editing them. As I said before, the days of direct linking are gone, If you are looking for examples etc. we have are offering 40+ landing pages as an upsell to PPV Rocker V4 Buyers ( The new Updated PPV course I recently launched)

Focus list building as money is in the list.

This is no secret, money is always in your list, If you have a proper funnel and you can get started with building your lists you can make 5X of what you make by sending your traffic directly to the advertisers. List building offers you two advantages; 1. You can reach your prospects whenever you want without any additional costs. For example, if you are sending traffic to an offer without list if you want to advertise again to the customer you will have to pay again to the traffic source. 2. By building list you have full control over your subscribers and you can send them emails anywhere anytime you want.

The second advantage is that you can promote multiple products to your list, from CPA offers to click bank products or any other traditional network products as well and earn commissions.

Try new traffic networks.

One of the biggest problem of using traditional top networks is that the are full of competition. As when people start learning about PPV they only come to know a few big names, which increases the competition and makes it hard for some people to make profits specially for starters. So if that is what your problem is, start looking out of these networks and you will find many other networks out there which you can use. In fact, there are many networks which share their inventory with the bigger networks as well so you will find many small networks with same traffic quality like the big networks.

Never Give Up.

This one is specially for those who are just starting out and are about to give up, this is normal and happens with all of us. Be it Facebook, PPC, Media buying or any other traffic source you will have to learn the ropes, no one can become a millionaire in just one day and it takes countless sleepless nights to become successful so if you are just thinking to give up because things are not work for you, It would be worth it to find your mistakes and find an expert who can help you with your campaigns.

Native Advertising Guidelines Released from the FTC

Using native advertising practices has been one of the most effective options for marketers for quite some time now.  The reason they are so effective, of course, is because they look and feel very similar to the rest of the content on the page.  Even if consumers can see that it is a sponsored post, the content has the same feel as the rest so they naturally seem to trust it more.

Unfortunately, many marketers don’t go far enough in ensuring that the visitors to their page can easily see whether they are reading a normal post or it is an advertisement.  This is where violations to laws and regulations can come into play.  Unless you have an attorney to review every native ad you post, however, it can be hard to determine whether you are in compliance with laws or not.

To help address this concern, the FTC has just released a new guide called, “Native Advertising: A Guide for Business” that will go through this potentially complex form of advertising to help marketers learn what they can and can not do.  According to the FTC this report was designed to, “help companies understand, and comply with, the policy statement in the context of native advertising.”

Any marketers who are using native advertising will want to go through this report to learn whether or not they may be in violation of any laws.  It is written in an easy to follow format that will allow you to quickly gain the information you need without having to waste hours of time (or hire an attorney) trying to figure it out.

Director of the Bureau Consumer Protection, Jessica Rich, said of this report, “The FTC’s policy applies time-tested truth-in-advertising principles to modern media.  People browsing the web, using social media, or watching videos have a right to know if they’re seeing editorial content or an ad.”  This set of guidelines will help make marketing using native ads much easier and less risky.

If you are a marketer who uses, or is thinking about using, native advertising make sure you take some time to read through this new set of guidelines.  It can be found on the FTC’s site HERE.

One more thing to keep in mind is that if the FTC has taken the time to put together this set of guidelines to help marketers, you can be confident that they will be taking a closer look at digital marketing practices in this area in the coming months.  Marketers who continue to violate their set of standards will likely face fines of some sort.  The publishing of this from the FTC may be a signal that they will be taking greater enforcement efforts against violations related to native advertising in the near future.

Pinterest Shoppers Buy More than Other Users

Marketers are always looking for the best ways to attract new customers, and that is especially true on Black Friday.  In addition to being one of the biggest shopping days of the year, however, it is also going to be one of the bigger advertising days of the year.  With millions of marketers trying to get their products in front of perspective customers, it is important to know where to go to get the best return on investment.

Businessman drawing ROI (return on investment)

According to Pinterest, their users are going to be shopping more on Black Friday than the average users.  This means if you can get your ads shown on that page, you’ll have an increased chance of it converting into a sale.

Pinterest has released new stats that support this claim as well.  Of course, most marketers know that when done properly, Pinterest can really do a great job at generating sales.  The trick is to make sure you’re marketing to the right groups of users (of course, that is the trick with any marketing).

According to the information released, Pinterest users are spending four times more than the average user on things in the ‘toys and games’ category. This is a massive number when you really think about it, a 400% increase over the average internet user.  That’s not all though.

Their users are three times more likely to spend money on housewares, clothing and accessories.  2.2 times more for electronics and media.  Another interesting point is that those using Pinterest are 50% more likely to spend the most on their Black Friday shopping at specialty stores and local businesses.

This is all very interesting information that can help marketers learn where they should be investing their ad dollars.  For an affiliate marketer who is promoting a wide range of different products, for example, putting ads up on Pinterest may be a great idea.  These ads can be for those categories mentioned above and can help to generate a much higher ROI than would otherwise be possible.

Of course, many different platforms will have great results, but finding those areas where you can get even a small bump over the competition can help in many ways.

If you’re not already an advertiser on Pinterest, it may not be too late to get your account set up and ads running for Black Friday.  You’ll have to hurry though as this major shopping event is just around the corner.

Innovative Data ‘Co-Op” Now Offered from Skimlinks Affiliate Network

The UK based affiliate marketing network Skimlinks has just announced the launch of a new ‘data provider’ service to affiliates promoting products through them.  The interesting thing about this new service is that they are using their own publishers to help collect the data, which is then aggregated and distributed back out for use in advertising and other efforts.

big data word cloud

The service is being called, “Audiences by Skimlinks” and is an advanced programmatic ad targeting service that can be used to improve the results from a variety of types of ad campaigns.

The system collects data from all the publishers who are participating.  The data is pooled and made anonymous, then aggregated into useful formats so that it can be used for targeting ads.  The revenue generated from this service is then shared with all the publishers who contributed to the system.  The revenue share is based on the amount of data each publisher provides.

The Skimlinks network collects information about clicks and conversions from publishers in their network.  They say that this includes 1.3 billion unique users from around the world.  The data is pulled from about 55,000 publishers and 20,000 merchants.

Last year Skimlinks had about $625 million in e-commerce revenue generated.

The idea to involve publishers in this system was developed based on an effort to break into the big ad data system that is currently dominated by major players like Facebook and Google.  Those systems are naturally able to collect massive amounts of data because of the huge number of users they get.  This had effectively eliminated the ability for other companies to compete at a similar level.

With this concept from Skimlinks, however, thousands of publishers can contribute their unique data to the co-op, which will then compile it so that the total amount of data can rival the big players.  While they are certainly not there yet, this is far more than just a proof of concept.  As the total number of publishers and merchants sign on, the amount of data will continue to grow.

This is not just a co-op of small publishers either.  Skimlinks reports that they have large, high quality publishers on board including Time Inc, Huffington Post, Gawker Media and many others.  Interestingly, however, it will likely be the fact that they are able to draw data from publishers and merchants of all sizes that will make this system the most powerful.  While big name publishers get the largest volume of data, the smaller sites can contribute unique data as well.  Most people visit a variety of types of sites both big and small, so this collection format will produce a more accurate picture of what users are actually doing.

While this system is still very early in its efforts, the results are looking very positive.  If it continues to grow like this in the coming weeks and months it is very possible that the Audiances by Skimlinks platform will be a major player in the industry.

You’re Screwing Up Your Black Friday Marketing!

Black Friday 2015 is quickly approaching and marketers are really starting to look closely at what types of things they can do to attract as much business as possible.  Unfortunately, if prior years are any indication, the chances are that most marketers will mess it up quite significantly and lose out on a lot of potential profit.

YesMail has looked at data from the last couple years regarding email marketing, Facebook ads and Twitter ads to see what people are doing and which ones are getting the best conversion rates.  The results might just surprise you.  Don’t worry though, there is still time to adjust your marketing strategy for this year if you act quickly.

Email Marketing Efforts

Over the past couple years most people have been sending out emails to their lists mostly on Thanksgiving day and Black Friday itself.  While this may seem to make sense, it actually isn’t going to get you the results you’re looking for.  According to the study, the best days in terms of open rates are going to be the Monday and Tuesday prior to thanksgiving.  The Wednesday is by far the worst performance day.

Look at the numbers for deviation from the daily average open rate during the week of Thanksgiving and you will be able to easily see just how important sending out your messages on the right day can be.  This is data from 2014:

  • Sunday Before Thanksgiving – 2% Greater than a Typical Sunday
  • Monday Before Thanksgiving – 10% Greater than a Typical Monday
  • Tuesday Before Thanksgiving – 9% Greater than a Typical Tuesday
  • Wednesday Before Thanksgiving – 23% LOWER than a typical Wednesday
  • Thanksgiving Day – 6% LOWER than a typical Thursday
  • Black Friday – 8% Greater than a typical Friday

Facebook Posts & Ads

Similarly, you can see a significant difference in engagement with Facebook posts during the week of Thanksgiving.  The report found that unlike email marketing, Facebook peaked on the Sunday before and went down significantly from there:

  • Sunday Prior – 157% Increase
  • Monday Prior – 24% Decrease
  • Tuesday Prior – 4% Increase
  • Wednesday Prior – 15% Decrease
  • Thanksgiving Day – 53% Decrease
  • Black Friday – 69% Decrease

It is quite clear that when discussing Black Friday sales during Thanksgiving week, you want to focus on Sunday to get the best results.

Small Changes – Big Impacts

The bottom line here is that marketers need to be taking this type of data into account when planning their Black Friday marketing campaigns.  Depending on the size of your email lists or Facebook followers you can get dramatically improved results by simply making sure you are sending out your messages on the right days.  Take some time to go over your marketing plans now to make sure you are maximizing your results.

Poker Affiliate World Officially Changes Name to Online Affiliate World

Poker Affiliate World has been in business since 2005 and has been considered one of the best and most trusted gabling based online affiliate marketing services.  They have over 12,000 affiliates in their network.  These members have earned over $23,000,000 since the company was founded.    The company, which is owned by iBus Media, felt that their name has been holding them back and have now taken steps to remedy that issue.

Effective on October 20th, 2015 Poker Affiliate World is now rebranded as Online Affiliate World.  The move will allow them much more flexibility in the types of affiliate programs they have.  Along with the announcement of the rebranding they have confirmed that they are already working on adding a number of new partners that their affiliates will be able to promote in the near future.

Viktorija Antanaviciute, who is the Online Affiliate World head for iBus Media said in the announcement that this rebranding will allow them to work with the larger variety of different publishers.  She went on to say, “Our growth will continue with poker and casino programs but we are moving forward with a strong focus on sports, daily fantasy sports, finance and trading.”

Whether they will expand further into other types of industries is not clear at this point.  This is obviously a very big change for the company so they are likely trying to just take it one big step at a time.  The new name, however, will allow them to add any type of affiliate programs that they feel would be profitable down the road.

The most important thing for the company, they said, is making sure that the affiliates who promote their products will continue to have an excellent experience.  The affiliates will soon have access to a variety of other programs that they can promote and increase their profits.

There is no word on what the actual affiliates think of this move, but it is very likely that they will be very happy about having the additional opportunities.  Affiliates almost always need to be promoting offers from multiple different affiliate networks in order to maximize their earnings.  Being able to earn more through one network will be a good opportunity for many affiliates.

Whether you’re already an affiliate for Online Affiliate World or not, it is good to be aware of this move from the company.  The rebranding seems to be a big move after a series of other improvements over the course of the year.  This includes a major redesign of their website earlier this year that helped make it easier and cleaner for all the affiliates involved in their program.

Why Super Affiliates Use Cloud Web Hosting

By: Jennifer Nicole
Business Development Manager, Name

Finally, your campaigns are ramping up nicely!

You’re watching your daily profit stack up by the hour with your finger mashed on F5…

All of a sudden, BAM. Your server falls over.

Thousands of clicks you’re paying for are quickly sent to a Service Unavailable page.

You reach out to your web host and they act like you are a needle in a haystack. They may get to you in a couple of hours.  It doesn’t matter, they have thousands of other customers coming in daily; so what if you leave!

You are forced to pause your winning campaigns and your competitors are quick to jump on your placements.

Ever have something like this happen?

Trust me, there is nothing worse than having a bunch of campaigns working, only to be stopped by a crappy server!

So you decide to be smart with your hosting and move everything to the Cloud.  Unlike traditional dedicated servers, the Cloud pools together resources from multiple servers allowing for a very reliable, secure, and scalable network. But where do you start?

There is a lot of buzz around the Amazon cloud.  But unless you know your way around the command line in SSH, you’re not going to be live within the hour.

That is where we come in.  


Name Hero specializes in high performance cloud based managed servers for Internet Marketers.

For the last decade plus we’ve catered to high volume clients across the globe who purchase millions of dollars in online media.  Our network is built with solid state drives that include Raid 10.  We have data centers in both the United States and in Europe to ensure the closest location to your media buys.

We also offer Web Host Manager and cPanel with every server.  Most of you are familiar with using cPanel, therefore we threw it in the cloud to make you even more comfortable.  Time is money so we make it possible for you to have your server online within the next 15 minutes!

How To Setup Your Managed Cloud Server In 15 Minutes:

The Name Hero Managed Cloud is the perfect hosting solution for:

  • Revive Ad Server (one click installation)
  • iMobiTrax
  • CPV Lab
  • Prosper 202 (one click installation)
  • WordPress
  • Xenforo Message Boards
  • And Much More!

We also offer CloudFlare (w/Railgun), Cheap Domain Registration, Privacy Protection, and more so you can manage everything on one simple platform.

If you’re looking to upgrade your infrastructure into the cloud, come check us out, we’d be more than happy to help you out!

PS: I’m also on LinkedIn 😉