How To Make People Want To Write Guest Post On Your Blog

wordpress blogA blog without regular content update is not going to attract big amount of traffic. That’s why it is important for you to keep your blog fresh with new content each and every day. It will help you to engage your readers, and climb your blog up and high in the search engine ranking. One of the best ways to generate new content for your blog without hassle is by encouraging others to submit their guest post to your blog. But, this is often not easy to do. That’s why you need to apply some tricks in order to make others interested to write for your blog. Here are 5 tips to make people want to write guest post on your blog:

1. State The Benefits Clearly

Sometimes, people are reluctant to write a guest post in your blog because they don’t know exactly what they’ll get when they do it. That’s why you should state the benefits to them clearly. By stating the benefits of writing a guest post to your blog, you will be able to attract interest of your potential guest posters. Create one special page in your blog which details the process of writing guest post for your blog. State the benefits clearly (with images, if necessary) so that your readers will become more interested to “invest” their piece of writing to your blog.

2. Give Them a Reward

There are many websites and blogs that are giving people money in exchange of quality content. In this way, they’re essentially hiring other people to write for their blog. This system works well in attracting lots of guest posters to your blog. However, you don’t need to give your guest posters money for the reward. You can give something else, such as free report, free course, free product, etc.

3. Make The Process Easy

Organize the content submission process so that it is easy to follow. Your readers don’t want to wait for a long time just to see whether their content is getting accepted or not. So, make the process easy and don’t give too much burden to your guest posters. Create an automatic submission process that is as easy as filling online form. Don’t ask them to manually email you. That will turn many people off. Also, give people clear rules of submitting guest post to your blog in order to weed out low quality content from their submission.

4. Show a Banner In Your Blog

Of course, you have to let people know that you’re opening guest post in your blog. Most blogs don’t accept guest post. So, if you want people to figure out that your blog is accepting guest post, then you have to put an interesting banner in your blog that will encourage people to submit your content. Put your banner in the most visible place within your blog so that people who are reading your blog will take notice immediately.

5. Respond Quickly

Lastly, you have to respond quickly to your guest posters. Whether you want to accept their content or not, you have to give prompt answer to them, otherwise they will regard your blog as unprofessional. If you can’t respond as quickly as possible, at least you should let people know that you will guarantee a response, but tell them that you can’t always respond quickly.

Those are some tips that you can follow in order to make people want to write guest post on your blog. If you follow the tips above, you’ll get abundant amount of fresh content, waiting to be published on your blog without much hassle. As a result, your blog will attract more and more traffic over time.

Reasons Your Online Marketing Promotion Fail and How to Fix It

kjrocker fail saturdayDo you think that you’ve failed at online marketing? Online business is not for everyone. But, even though you know this is the truth, everyone can still benefit from it. Everyone can still learn the right way to do their online business. Whether  you’re affiliate marketer,  selling online or whatever business that you want to promote online, failure can still be your biggest risk. But, if you can handle it, it will give you a better result. In other words, your failure is not fixed upon you. You can always fix it and change your result. Here are 5 reasons why your online marketing promotion fail and how to fix it:

1. Lack of marketing power

You’ve got your product ready to promote and you’ve got the plan of promotion ready. Now, what should you do? Most people will simply tell you to execute your plan and start the promotion process. But, most people don’t do that. They stuck at planning and they have the lack of action to execute their plan. Lack of action will lead you into failure in whatever you’re doing. Planning alone is not enough. Action is important to execute your plan. When you have lack of marketing power, you should examine the way you do things. Most importantly, you should put more emphasize on action instead of theory or planning.

2. Inefficient marketing method

The method of promotion that you’re using will also affect the result that you will get. For instance, a good promotion method for weight loss products might not be a good promotion method for video game products. This is what you should see. Inefficient marketing method that you use will lead you into failure. If your product is more suitable to be promoted via visual presentation, then you should focus more of your promotion on video marketing. If it’s more suitable to be promoted in social media, then do it.

3. Bad understanding about the product

The way you present your product to your audience will determine their action toward it. A well-promoted product will likely get more attention than a product that is promoted badly. This boils down to your understanding about the product. What’s the strengths and weaknesses of your product? You have to know about your product inside out. That’s because your knowledge and understanding about your product will lead you into bringing a good presentation about your product to your audience. More importantly, passion is important when you promote your product. You can’t ignite passion in your promotion until you understand fully about your product.

4. Not understanding your target audience

Your target audience represents your potential customers. Remember that it is very important for you to understand about what they need and what they want from you. This understanding is important because it will help you to to communicate your message better. When you know what your audience wants, you can offer your product in a way that will appeal their deepest desire. Most unsuccessful promotion is caused by lack of understanding about your audience’s needs and wants. So, learn about what you can do to appeal to your audience’s needs and wants in your promotion.

5. No goal to attain

Without a goal to attain, you will not seriously do your online promotion. Since you have no vision about what are you going to accomplish in this project, you’ll not taking it seriously. However, you should understand that this is serious business. If you can succeed in your online promotion, it can change your life for the better. Therefore, you should set a goal for your promotion so that it can motivate you to achieve it. In this way, you will have more passion in place and you will put more effort in your online promotion that will inevitably lead you to success.

Those are 5 reasons why your online marketing promotion fail and how to fix it. Remember that your failure can be changed. There’s always the way for you to improve the result in your online promotion. The key is to know what it is and do it.

Content Marketing Strategies that Will Boost Your Blog Traffic

If you want to boost your blog traffic, you have to focus on the quality of your blog post. Writing quality content for your blog is important to attract more readers to your blog. But, this is not the only way to do it. Writing content for your blog is only the one side of the traffic building coin for your blog. The other side is to write content to other blogs and websites in order to promote your blog. If you can do this right, you will have a perfect channel to drive massive traffic to your blog. Here are 5 effective content marketing strategies that will boost your blog traffic:

1. Keyword-optimized blog post

This is your main strategy to win more traffic to your blog. By writing keyword-optimized blog post, you will be able to enhance your search engine ranking and gain passive traffic from the search engines. Setting your blog for this kind of strategy requires you to do two steps. The first step is to write high quality blog post with keyword-optimized content and publish it in your blog. The second step is to write similar article optimized for related keywords and submit this article to article directory or other blog. This article should be linked to your blog post specifically, not to your blog home page.

2. Selective guest posting

There are hundreds of blogs that will accept your guest post. But, do you want to write a guest post for all of them? I guess not. You have to be selective in choosing your host blog. By choosing a really high quality host blog, you will be able to boost the power of your guest post manifold. Why should you write a high quality blog post in low traffic blog? It won’t give you any power up in the search engine. You should select only blogs that are popular as well as relevant with your niche. In this way, the link that you put in your guest post will be considered as authority link, and search engines will value this link highly.

3. Active video marketing

Be active on your favorite video-sharing websites. Yes, it can be YouTube, Daily Motion, Metacafe, or other video websites that you like. However, most bloggers will choose YouTube for their video marketing plan because it is easier to use and it will apparently give them good result for their promotion. By being active in YouTube, for example, you can build a separate audience there. Not all of your viewers will visit your blog, but you have a new opportunity to promote your blog there. And of course, you will get more additional traffic coming to your blog via your videos.

4. Sharing infographics

This is what many bloggers have done recently. Sharing infographics is apparently becoming a trend in many popular blogs to attract more traffic to their blog. If you don’t know about infographics yet, it is an image which tells you a lot of information inside, all packed within one image. For instance, you can share information about a basic online marketing process in just one image. Not only it will be more interesting to learn about it, but also it will have a good potential to become viral on the internet. That’s why sharing infographics is considered a new way to share your content online, which has a big potential to become viral. Thus, it is also becoming an effective viral marketing strategy for your blog.

5. Blog content syndication

Blog content syndication is not the same as regular guest posting for your blog. When you write a guest post, you are writing for one blog only. But, when you write content for syndication, your content will be spread to many websites all at once. This is usually a good way to put many external links for your blog. However, you have to be sure not to write spam content for this purpose. Search engines will give you a great penalty if you do this.

Those are 5 effective content marketing strategies that will boost your blog traffic. Apply those strategies if you want to get more readers to your blog.

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Preparations you should do before launching your new blog

For some people, launching a new blog seems a kind of easy task to do. You just buy your domain, prepare your web host, install WordPress, and publish your first content. That’s it. Now, your blog is up and running. But, is it really that easy? Yes, if you want to launch a blog for your hobby, then it will be as easy as that. But, if you’re about to launch a blog for your business or for the purpose of making money online, do you think it’s that easy? No, there are some preparations you need to do to ensure successful launch of your new blog. Here are 7 preparations you should do before launching your new blog:

Press release

When you launch a new blog and spread your press release about it, it will help you to gain good interest from your audience. The purpose of your press release is to make sure that people know that there is a new blog that they should take a look. Also, it will help you to establish your SEO power at the start of your blog’s lifespan.

Bunch of content

Do not launch your blog before you have at least 5 pieces of high quality content to post on your blog. Why? When you publish your blog and there is nothing in there, search engines will have difficulty to index your content. Thus, they might become reluctant to check your blog often. Also, a bunch of content ready in your blog will make you able to attract traffic to it even if it’s brand new.

Professional theme

Don’t disappoint your first time readers by giving your blog a free or non-professional theme. If you are using free theme, be sure to choose the best theme for your blog. However, this is rare and you might not be able to find it so easily. The best bet for you is to use premium theme for your blog because this is the most certain way to make your blog look professional and credible.

Appealing layout

The way you organize your blog’s elements should amaze your visitors. There are blogs out there with boring layout. You just don’t want to be one of them. You have to make your blog interesting by making your layout as appealing as possible. Make it look professional, yet make it easy to access. Do not confuse people with your jumble blog layout.

Social media accounts

If you want to gain quick audience for your blog, you definitely need to gather them in various social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and others should be your partners in traffic building from the start. That’s why it is good for you to create social media accounts for your blog even before its launch date because it will help you to spread the word about your blog quickly.

About us and contact page

Be sure to put necessary about us and contact page in your blog. Why? That’s because those pages are necessary to let people know more about your blog. Some people don’t know what your blog is all about. That’s why you need to create an about us page for your blog. Also, you might want your audience to contact you easily by creating a contact page. This is particularly important if you’re creating a blog to promote your service such as web design, copywriting, link building, and so on.

Promotion plan

A blog without a solid promotion plan will wither away very quickly. How will you promote your blog later? Building a blog is one thing, but attracting traffic to it is another thing. You have to have a solid promotion plan in place so that you will know exactly what to do on a day-to-day basis regarding how you can attract traffic to your blog.

Those are 7 preparations you should do before launching your new blog. Remember that good preparation is always more important than having to fix all of your mistakes later. So, follow the tips above to make your new blog a success.

Rules to Write High Quality Blog Content that Will Amaze Your Readers

Today i want to share a bit of my blogging experience except talking about affiliate marketing  . For a blogger most important asset is his readers and in order for you to retain your blog readers, you have to give your audience the best content that will amaze them. The reason is simple: if you can’t give your readers the best content, then they will flag your blog as boring and uninteresting and go content-hunting somewhere else. A blogger’s success depends on how good he is in writing high quality blog content that will mesmerize their readers to keep reading. Here are 5 rules to write high quality blog content that will amaze your readers:


Make it long and valuable

Short blog posts are usually viewed as a filler for your blog. Your readers might read it, but they clearly want to get more from you. If you’re giving too little information in a blog post, then your readers will eventually start thinking that your blog is really giving very little information to them. If they are hungry for information, then it means that your blog cannot provide what they want. In order to make your blog content high quality, you should consider making it long and valuable for your readers. At least, give it more thoughts when you write your content.


Write for your audience each and every time


When you write your blog post, visualize that you’re now talking with your audience in person. In this way, you can write your blog post to your audience, and this is what your readers want. They don’t want to hear your bragging and achievements. They want to know your thoughts about them and how you can help them to solve their problem. Make your writing personal so that it is not awkward to read. Unless you’re writing on behalf of a big company, it is a good way for you to stay personal with your readers. Make your writing as a tool of personal communication between you and your audience.


Give your thoughts about a topic in a unique way


Share about your unique ideas regarding a hot topic or a controversial topic. This will ensure that your blog get credit for being unique, which will affect your branding as well. Your audience will prefer to go to your blog to hear something different about a topic, since there are always the same perspective in many blogs that they read. If you can come up with different thoughts, opinions, and ideas about a topic, then you can slowly build authority in your niche. That’s because people will start coming to you instead of other blogs, since they know that they’ll get something unique and different which can really refresh their point of view.


Give them warm topics to discuss


Hot topics might only last for a day or a month, but warm topics should last longer. And there are many things that can be discussed about warm topics with your audience. Remember that warm topics are topics that are not too serious or too popular, yet they gain significant amount of interest. People like to discuss about such topics. They are not controversial, yet they are good to discuss. If you want to come up with a high quality blog post, you can write a high quality blog content about warm topics within your niche.


Be clear, simple, and appealing in your writing


Be sure to make your writing clear and simple to understand. Also, you should add graphical presentation for your writing as well to keep it appealing to read. Your readers won’t be willing to keep reading unless you can make your writing clear, simple, and appealing. If your blog content is not clear, simple, and appealing, then your readers will stop reading simply because of the confusion and boredom that it generates. So, keep your writing clear, simple, and appealing in order to keep them reading.


Those are 5 rules to write high quality blog content that will amaze your readers. When you follow the rules above, you can attract people’s interest toward your blog in a more powerful way.Let me know your thoughts about generating quality content for blogs by making comment below and feel free to share this article on your social media accounts.