Charity Thursday! The big leap!!

So we haven’t done this in a while but charity Thursday is coming back! This is where we reach out to YOU GUYS our readers to do your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.. good deed! Whether its $1, £1, 10, 5 or even 100, we would be grateful if you get involved with our charity Thursday event!

This week we are supporting a younger generation of fundraisers! A group of youngsters at a Bar in Edinburgh are setting out to do a “Sponsored Jump”. They will be doing a series of events to raise money for particular charities close to their heart! Their first even is a BUNGEE JUMP Killiecrankie in Perthshire.


Killiecrankie is a Highland Fling Bungee Jump, which is a free-fall experience of 40 meters towards water, from a bridge! They are all in it together and are being very brave! So here at KjRocker, we thought we need to JUMP on board and help them reach their target!! ALL the money they make will go to their chosen charities!

We’re kicking them off with a donation from us all here… We now need your help!

So which charities are they raising money for? 

The three charities the team have chosen are;

scleroderma-society-Logo      images           e2vrMEXT_400x400

In order for you to fully understand where your money is going and how it is used, we will go through each charity and highlight it’s key points of charity.

Firstly, Alzheimers Scotland, this is a Scottish charity that offers specialist support for those suffering from dementia. They offer community activities, diagnostics, campaign for sufferers and their family, undertake research into how they can support dementia more, and peer support. This charity is certainly a cause to follow. Dementia sufferers can go through a lot of hardships, with themselves and people around them, this charity not only helps people with dementia, but  they also offer support to their family and friends around them.

Secondly, Macmillan Cancer support,  This is famous cancer charity that has my personal heart. Cancer is a life changing illness and must be treated with the upmost respect. This charity is known for the excellent work they do around the country, helping people from all over with practical, medical and financial support. They also do a great job in raising awareness of cancer and offering screaming sessions and information about cancer that is important for everyone to know, not only those who suffer from it.

The final charity the team are raising money for is the Scleroderma Society , this may be something not many people have heard about. I certainly hadn’t before this, but it is another great charity to support. Scleroderma is a devastating disease as any, it is a rare autoimmune condition which involves the overproduction of collagen. This is deposited in the body’s tissues causing hardening and scarring of the skin and internal organs. ‘Normal’ life can become struggle and the simplest of tasks can become impossible as the condition reduces normal function of affected areas. Scleroderma has no cure and can lead to physical disability or even death. (Taken from the official site). This charity also specialises in research into the disease, support for sufferers, and supporting families. They offer support from diagnostics right to through to supporting individuals who have been diagnosed.

Again, we would appreciate any donation for our Revolutions team fundraiser! The charities they are raising money for are all doing fantastic  jobs and you can help them do more!

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Charity Thursday – Help Syrian refugees

It’s been a while since I did this but I went for an ice-cream today and seeing a donation box reminded me to get this running again!

This week I am donating to something closer to my heart, something the world ignores a lot… SYRIA. The campaign I am choosing to donate to and encouraging you all to support is surrey to Syria. A campaign that helps Syrians who are refuges in their neighboring countries, who had to leave everything behind to escape the conditions they were facing in their own homes. I am supporting this because I TRULY believe they need help and my money, your money, our money will be treated in the right way.

The campaign donates clothes, medical material as well as physical support to help these people get back on their feet and survive in the cold conditions they face… It is a verified cause on indegogo and for every $12 you can give somebody a top, jeans and a jacket…

The campaign works with different types of manufacturing companies and on may 1st their next donation goes out…

Think of the blessings and charitable rewards you can get from helping these innocent people…

I don’t want to end there, because I want you all to be aware and help me bring awareness about the Syrian people, Syria… They need our help…

Syrian refugees

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Note: If you would like to help further or know more details about other campaigns and how to help please contact me and I can put you in touch with personal friends on the Syria campaign.


Help Typhoon Haiyan victims

Hey guys today`s post is part of my Charity Thursday post however i am posting it on Monday instead of Thursdays considering the situation in Philippines where Typhoon Haiyan, That has killed at least 10,000 people and thousands of people are waiting for the  aid efforts to reach them, Lets get out of the comfort zone and help humanity.

Help your fellow human beings through International Committee of the Red Cross,

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I on behalf of Kj rocker F.Z.E have already donated on International Committee of the Red Cross and will request all my blog readers to help out their fellow human beings in any possible way. Also on Behalf of my Company i  extend my deepest sympathies for the loss of life and property to my readers and  people of Philippines.

Typhoon Haiyan

Charity Thursday-Help Father of 3 children fight colon and liver cancer

Hey everyone due to relocation and plenty of work i was n`t able to continue with weekly Charity Thursday series how ever i am back once again.

today i was reading about story Darrell  who has 3 children and is fighting colon and liver cancer . The campaign to collect donations is being run by his wife where she shares details about her husband who is diagnosed with stage 4 Colon and Liver Cancer.


Click here to donate and help another fellow human being going through toughest days of his life .


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charity thursday

Charity Thursday-Help Lara fight blindness

Hey guys, it’s that beautiful time of the week I like to call Charity Thursday. Today I have chosen a charity that morally grabbed my attention, a charity that is going to give a young lady the right of sight back, correctly.

Laura was diagnosed with cataracts which is a clouding in the lens of one’s eye, it is a serious eye disease that can lead to permanent blindness eventually. This is very rare for a lady of Laura’s age and she was told she would need surgery within about a year, or she may be considered legally blind. That was one year ago, so why didn’t she seek help from the government or organizations you may ask? she’s contacted insurance companies, but they wouldn’t cover her pre-existing condition; government health programs (Medical/Medicare/HWLA), but she didn’t meet the qualifications; non-profit organizations (Mission Cataract USA/Lions Eye), she’s still working on this but so far no luck and she does not have much time! This charity “Indiegogo” was set up so we can help Laura fund her surgery in the USA, the charity has committed to $14,000 so Laura can get surgery in the USA, your small donation could help, so please do not hesitate In donating and let’s be part of returning a young ladies sight

Act Now and Help Lara Fight Blindness

charity thursday

Cancer Does Not Rule Miranda- Guest post

After my donation to miranda featured in my last charity Thursday post .I was contacted by Elizabeth Daro from the “Cancer Doesn’t Rule Miranda” team. I thought it would be a great idea if she can share her thoughts with us on this blog. Thanks to her she kindly agreed, Lets Move on what she has to say !

First, I want to thank KJ for inviting me to share about my beloved young friend, 17-year-old Miranda, and her fight to survive a deadly disease.  His gesture is one of the many acts of kindness by a stranger that have been so inspiring and uplifting during my campaign to help Miranda.

I met Miranda a couple of years ago in a round-about way through the Make-A-Wish Foundation and ended up casting her in animated movie I was producing. It’s a dream of hers to be a voice-over actress and she’s a natural talent.  Her infectious laugh and indomitable spirit grabbed my heart right away.  We’ve been in touch ever since.

It is no exaggeration when I say that Miranda is one of the toughest people I’ve ever met.  She has been through brutal chemotherapy, radiation and numerous surgeries including the removal of part of her leg bone and most of her right lung.  What she has endured would break most people but Miranda has handled it with grace and humor.  Throughout her five years of battling osteosarcoma, Miranda has grown from an innocent, carefree 12-year-old who had to be pushed to speak up in class to a warrior who refuses to give up.  She’s truly one of my heroes.

Now, Miranda is fighting for her life.  The rare, aggressive bone cancer (osteosarcoma) that she was originally diagnosed with at 12 has returned and spread to her chest, kidney and spine.  When her local doctors in Delaware informed her that there was nothing more they could do except manage the pain and then scheduled surgery to decompress a tumor on her spine, Miranda refused, telling them.  You admit you can’t get it all, so what’s to make me think that you will be mindful of how you are operating.  You say I’m just going to die anyway. I want someone who will give me hope for a cure.”  Miranda’s motto is, “Cancer doesn’t rule me.”  Doctors don’t rule her either.

Miranda’s now at M.D. Anderson in Houston, Texas where they have created a treatment plan consisting of chemotherapy, radiation and HOPE. Miranda’s isn’t naive.  She knows what she’s up against. But, she chooses to be an active participant in her own destiny rather than handing it over to others.

A note regarding the video…. Miranda has a gorgeous voice and has loved to sing practically since she was born.  In the summer of 2011, she was scheduled to have most of her lung removed due to an earlier recurrence.  Two weeks before her surgery, I was able to arrange (through the generosity of many people) to have her record a song that one of my friends, singer/songwriter Billie Myers, wrote.  It’s a hauntingly beautiful song that captures the pain, but also the hope of Miranda’s journey.  I love to watch Miranda sing it, but what moves me the most is the light that never leaves her eyes, even knowing what’s ahead of her. It’s a light that’s still there.

There are many costs involved in Miranda’s fight to live.  To help her and her family with the extensive medical and travel expenses, please visit her fundraising site by clicking here .


With Gratitude
Elizabeth Daro

Charity Thursday – Help Miranda To Fight Cancer

In today`s post we are going to post about a 17-yr-old Miranda’s who is fighting with cancer,

Miranda has been battling Osteosarcoma, a rare and aggressive bone cancer (and the same cancer which recently took beautiful Zack Sobiech’s life), since she was 12 years old. At that time, she had part of her leg bone removed and replaced with a metal prosthesis.  A recurrence at 16 resulted in more chemotherapy and part of her lung being removed.

Recently, Miranda learned that her cancer has recurred once again — in her spine, chest and kidney. Her doctors at her local hospital in Wilmington, Delaware said there was nothing more they could do except relieve some of the pain. Miranda told them that if that’s the best they can do, she would go somewhere else that offered hope.

Miranda and her family decided to go to M.D. Anderson Cancer Clinic in Houston where the doctors have not only offered her a treatment plan, but also… HOPE. But, it will be expensive.  Cancer is not only devastating physically and emotionally, but also financially.

cancer donation

its time for you to share your wealth contribute as much as you can no matter if  its only single dollar .. every thing counts

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Charity Thursday – First Post

Hey guys this is a new blog post series on my blog . I have decided to pick up one charity organization every Thursday and post about it not only donate myself every week but also urge you guys too .  To help those in need , Amount does nt matter at all here you can donate from $1 to as much as you can. We affiliates and internet marketers spend thousands of dollars on many other things it would be a great idea to motivate you guys and contribute and help out those who are in need , I would prefer focusing on those having  health and education issues. Propose of this post is to help out people as much as possible regardless of country and color and creed. This is not a publicity stunt or a new way to increase traffic the fact why i decided to do this is because i kind of felt today that people do read what i write , They do buy what i suggest , Than why not use this in some more productive way and try to server humanity (at least show some effort).

So i am here doing what i can do , being a blogger i can motivate you to do something good.

As they say Charity begins from home so i will start my series first post by posting about a Pakistani Organization Helping those who are fighting with deadly Cancer.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital     Imran Khan Cancer Appeal, USA Registered, tax-exempt public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS

You can read more about it on their About page This hospital was found by a famous cricketer (Now politician ) Imran Khan and it provides free cancer treatment to those patients who cant afford to pay their treatment fees. A complete Detail of their Financial stats  can be seen here .

Charity Thursday


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