5 Important qualities that must exist in viral content

I have seen many people on CPA Lead generating millions of clicks to their content locker offers by making their videos viral so i though i should share a little info about how to make your content viral. Lets take example of YouTube have a look at some YouTube videos for a while, and you’ll find many videos that have millions of views on them. How can those videos achieve those views? Let’s think about it.

You see a video that was published a year ago, and it has 3 million views. Well, it means that the video gets approximately 250,000 views per month, and it can be translated into 8000+ views per day. That’s an impressive number. Now, how can a video gets such an impressive number of views in a day?

The answer is that because it has certain qualities that make it appealing for the viewers and encourage them to share it. What are the most important qualities that make any content go viral? Here are 5 important qualities that must exist in viral content:

viral Marketing

Brand Personality

Almost all viral content have strong brand personality behind it. Take a look at BuzzFeed. This company releases short videos that become viral very quickly on YouTube and elsewhere. Their content always has their brand personality on it, with their own unique way of presentation that makes their audience recognize their content in an instant. You need to have this kind of brand personality in order to create identity for your content. Before sharing your content with others, your audience needs to know about your brand and like your brand personality.

Fun And Engagement

There are lots of funny videos that go viral on YouTube, and you can also see funny articles go viral on Cracked.com. This is another element of viral content that you need to be aware of. Fun and engagement are important because it creates good feeling for your audience, and when your audience feels good, they’ll tend to spread their feelings to others. So, inserting the fun element to your content can help you to increase the chance for your audience to share your content. And don’t forget to engage with them as well.

Success Replication

Another element of viral content is success replication. What does it mean? It means to replicate the success of other viral videos. When you see a successful video, you make a similar video and it will achieve similar success. That’s how the success replication works. It is not only for videos. It happens everywhere in business, either online or offline. You simply go for what the masses like, and replicate the success of the people who already achieved their success. In terms of viral content, you simply replicate the success of any viral content and create a similar thing out of it.

On-Demand Content

Your content will go viral only when your audience wants it. When there is huge demand for such type of content, it will become popular very quickly. Where can you look for on-demand content? You can simply take a look at the current trend in your niche. Of course, the trends will come and go. The key is to keep yourself busy in creating new viral content according to the newest trends.

Reaction Trigger

Content that demands the reaction from your audience will tend to go viral quickly as well. For instance, when you write a controversial blog post, and your content naturally attracts hot discussion in your blog, you will be able to make your content popular in a short amount of time. What you need to do is to put some reaction triggers within your content in order to encourage your readers to give their response toward your content. Thus, in this way, you will create healthy discussion around your content. Lots of successful viral Facebook posts have this kind of reaction trigger.


Those are the important qualities that you must add to your content in order to make it viral. Without those qualities, your content will just become a regular content that will not have any significant appeal for your audience. Even if you follow one of those qualities you can make your campaigns go viral easily.

Ways to use storytelling to help your content go viral

Storytelling is like a powerful fuel that will help to boost your viral content marketing. Without a worthy story to tell, your content is nothing. People will not pay much attention to your content because it is nothing special. Instead, people will pay attention to the content that contains powerful story, which often inspires them and changes their life. With a good storytelling element, your content can go viral more easily. Here are 5 ways to use storytelling to help your content go viral:

content Marketing

1. Focus On The Good Flow Of Presentation

No matter how great your story, nobody will want to listen to it if you don’t present it in an interesting way. This is how your presentation needs to be done. It has to be interesting from start to finish. Well, it will depend on your content, though. If you are presenting your story in the form of video presentation, you need to ensure that your video is interesting to watch, with beautiful and smooth animation. On the other hand, if you are writing content for your blog, you need to fill it with images that will make your post look more interesting to read.

2. Write Your Content Around Touchy Subjects

Why should you write your content around touchy subjects? That’s because that’s how you’ll build personal connection with your audience. You need to touch the feeling of your audience in order to move them into taking action right after listening to your story. Touchy subjects will help you to create the necessary emotional trigger that will inspire your audience to share your content immediately after reading or watching it.

3. Reinforce The Story With Relevant Graphics

Everywhere it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is true, especially if you want to create a viral content. You will always find that most popular articles out there always have relevant graphics attached to it (often in the form of info graphics) that makes them even more interesting to read. It’s actually not only a matter of making your content more interesting with graphics, but it is also a matter of reinforcing your story with relevant graphics. It means that you need to make your story more alive with the graphics or images that you bring on it.

4. Always Aim To Create Positive Emotion With Your Story

While negative headline works well to create a kind of controversy and hot discussion, in the end, if you want to make a good viral content that will bring positive impact to your business, you need to aim to create positive emotion with your story. Let your readers to experience joy and happiness after reading your story. You can also make them feel hopeful with their life. Be the catalyst of happiness for your audience, and you’ll ensure that your content will get spread far and wide.

5. Just Think Outside Of The Box

Don’t follow the crowd and find your unique voice. People love to hear about unique things, and they generally hate to hear about the same things over and over again. When you think outside of the box, you will discover ideas that will not be the same with any other already existing content. Your content will stand out from the crowd, and of course, more people will notice it in a flash. By thinking differently from the norm and creating your own point of view, you will be able to create ravings audience that will follow your every move.

Those ways will help you to turn your storytelling into some kind of viral marketing tool that will help to spread the word about your content more effectively.

Small Yet Forgotten Tactics Of The Successful Viral Content Marketing

Most bloggers in existence might be craving for viral content for one reason and one reason only. They want their content to hit the crowd because in that way, they can get more traffic, and as a result, more profit. However, viral content has been a mystery for most bloggers since it is not easy to make any content go viral, and it is certainly not a work to be done in a day, a week, or even a month. In order to make your content go viral, you will always need a strategy that works perfectly to create enough buzz around your content, make people notice it, and let them spread it around. Here are 5 small yet forgotten tactics of the successful viral content marketing:

Content Marketing

The Power Of Negative Headline

When we take a look at many news websites, there are a lot of news that become overnight sensation because of their negative headlines. Negative headlines also tend to create controversy, and in so doing, fueling hot discussion that will often go viral very quickly. This is something that you can use to your advantage. Negative headline works better at creating buzz for your content than the positive headline.

Short Content That Surprises Your Readers

There is an important element of viral content that needs to be exploited as well. If you want to create a successful viral content, be sure to give bits of information that is short and easy to read. However, the information needs to bring surprises for your readers. What kind of surprises? That is, the information needs to be shocking and helps your readers to expand their knowledge about many things, especially the things that they can relate personally.

Slowly Spread Your Content Over Time

The successful strategy to make your content go viral can’t be done overnight. You have to create a strategic marketing plan to spread around your content over time. You just don’t want to do massive marketing for your content today, and stop doing it a week later. If you really serious in making your content go viral, you need to do the marketing tactics slowly, but surely. Promote your content in different places online in the course of several months, and the traffic will come in consistently.

Evergreen Tips That Work

You don’t want to make old content go viral if the information is no longer relevant in the present time. That’s why it is better for you to present evergreen tips in your content, rather than offering information that is not going to last for long. Following the trends is good, and it may become viral for the short period of time. But, giving away evergreen tips that people can follow anytime will help your content to go viral in the long run, bringing evergreen traffic to your website.

Long, Information-Rich Content

Also, another good way to make your content go viral for a long time is to offer long and rich information content. This is the type of content that is used by many bloggers to attract viral traffic to their blog. Information-rich content will always win the bigger traffic because search engines are looking for this type of content as well. When you write long and information-rich content and it goes viral, it will get indexed by the search engines in the first page, making it even more powerful in delivering the traffic back to your site.


Those are the small and forgotten tactics that you should implement to start your viral marketing campaign. Many new bloggers are just trying to make their content go viral by buying ads on Facebook and hoping that people will spread their content further. But, instead of wasting your thousands of dollars in social media promotion, it is better for you to apply those strategies and make the process more natural and automatic without spending big advertising budget.

How to create content that will keep going viral for years

What’s the secret to create a viral content? Creating viral content is not easy. You need a mix of good preparation, good luck, good strategy, and good timing. Ideally, the best type of viral content is the content that will keep gaining momentum day after day, years ahead. You don’t want to get some huge traffic this month and nothing the next month. So, here you’ll need a long-term strategy to make your content go viral for years to come. Here are some tips you can follow to create content that will keep going viral for years:

Create viral content for Viral Marketing

1.Inject your passion into your content

Passion is contagious, and passionate content will turn your audience into passionate readers. Content that is without passion will not impress your readers at all. It has lack of excitement, and of course, it won’t attract traffic. If you cannot create your content passionately, then you will not be able to attract passionate readers toward your content. It is such a necessary ingredient to create a popular content.

2. Be powerfully charming and persuasive

Still about passion, you need to also show your charm and persuasion in your writing. When you write, be true to yourself and write what you want to write without fearing anything. Persuade your audience with the way you tell your story, and don’t forget to add some humor into it as well. This will make your content even more appealing and shareable.

3. Go for high emotion

Whether positive or negative, high emotional content will always go viral more quickly as compared to the content with no emotion at all. So, you should always aim to arouse the emotion of your audience and connect with them on a personal level. Always go to inspire your readers and make them feel better. Remember, it is always better for you to create positive emotion rather than negative emotion for the sake of building good reputation for your brand.

4. Make it practical, helpful, and valuable

Practical, helpful, and valuable content will always win the traffic of the internet. Why? That’s because there are bunch of content that offers some tips about many things, and these tips are impractical, bogus, not helpful, and not valuable at all. People don’t go for these types of content. Instead, they go to the content that offers real practical help for their life situation.

5. Create the gem of the internet

Can you make your content the gem of the internet? The internet is full of content because it is the life and blood of the internet itself. Without content, the internet is nothing. There are lots of useful websites and interesting content to be found on the internet, but they are only on the minority. Most internet content are misleading and you can call it junk. That’s why the search engines are fighting against these types of junk content all the time to refine their search result. But, if you can create the kind of gem of the internet, your content will have higher chance to get viral for a long period of time.


So, if you want to make your content to go viral for years, you can take those tips with you and implement them into your content creation phase. It will help your online business tremendously.

Content Marketing Strategy – How To Create Content That Your Customers Will Care About

The number one mistake that many content marketers make is that they are creating content that their customers don’t want to read. As the name implies, content marketing is about marketing your business with content. In order for you to be able to attract your audience toward your business, your audience needs to read your content. If they don’t care about your content at all, how can they give their attention toward your business? The answer is that they will not. Then, how can you create content that your customers will care about? Here are some tips to follow:

Marketing Strategy

Knowing The Problem That Your Customers Are Experiencing Today

As a business, you are serving your customers in a way that will benefit them. One of the main tasks that you need to do is solve your customer’s problems. Thus, you need to know the problems that your customers are experiencing today, as well as the potential problems that they may have tomorrow. To craft the best content that will bring the best result for your business, knowing the problems of your customers is the first step to do.

Give Relevant Insights That Will Help Them Live A Better Life

Another task that you have to do as a business or service provider is to deliver value to your customers, and in so doing, you are going to help them live a better life. Unless you do this, your audience will find that your business is useless for them, and thus they will not be willing to build any relationship with you. So, how can you do this? How can you help your customers to live a better life? You can do it by creating content that will give relevant insights to their current life situation that will benefit them for long-term period.

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Provide Inspiration That Connects To The Heart Of Your Customers

Creating valuable content is one thing, but there is another way to make your customers to pay attention toward your content. If you can create inspiration that can be related with them, as well as connect to the hearts of your customers, you will likely win their trust, and thus, you will be able to secure long-term business relationship more easily with them. Inspiring story and presentation have been used by many big businesses nowadays to attract more attention from their target audience and grow their business.

Comment On Current Events Related To Your Business

Content marketing is all about building good and long-term relationship between your business and your audience with your content. One of the best ways to do it is to bring the latest news related to your business in a way that will attract more interest from your audience. You can post this update to many of your marketing channels, such as your social media page, your website, blog, and forums. What you need to do is to create timely comment on current events related to your business.

Educate Your Customers With Relevant Information To Solve Their Common Problems

You can also share your knowledge with your customers in order to solve their common problems, and thus, making their life better. For instance, by creating video tutorials about how-to instructions related to your business or product. It will hook your audience toward your business more, because once you give valuable information that they can use over and over again, they will likely want to get back to you for more information.

Once you are able to create content that your customers will care about, you will see that more and more of your traffic will convert into sales. You will also see a significant increase in your customer base since there will be more people who are interested to become your long-term customers.

Magazine-Style content marketing strategies to implement on your new website

 Magazines are jam-packed with content. Essentially, what the magazine publishers are selling is information. In other words, they are selling content. It’s just similar with how blogs, forums, websites, and other types of online businesses are doing. But, there are some strategies that you can learn from how those magazines attract and retain their audience with their content. Here are 5 magazine-style content marketing strategies to implement on your new website:

content Marketing

First Impression Is Important

Do you think that magazines will sell well if they have a plain cover? Of course not. Magazine cover is one big important piece of content marketing that the magazine publishers have. Without a good magazine cover, the magazines will not sell well. This shows that first impression is always important in grabbing the attention of their audience. In your content marketing, first impression is also important. The way you design your content presentation will affect the success of your content marketing campaign.

Pick Up The Powerful Headlines And Put Them In The Front Cover

Another important thing that helps the magazine publishers to sell their magazine copies is their headlines. Their headlines play an important role in the decision-making process of their target audience. By putting the best headlines from the magazine content into the magazine cover, they are hoping to catch attention of their audience to buy the magazine. Yes, headline is an important part in your content marketing campaign as well, because without good headline, your content is nothing. And what’s more important is where you put your headline and how you show it to your target audience. It will affect the result that you’ll get from your campaign.

They Are Focusing On Giving The Latest And Freshest Information

A magazine with old information will not going to sell well. Why? That’s because people are seeking for the newest information regarding the things that they are interested about, and if the magazine can’t provide that information, then people will not buy it. You can’t sell people the information that they already know. That’s why an old magazine is not going to sell well. In your content marketing, it is the same. If you can’t manage to provide information that is relevant with current events and trends, you will lose the race and fail to get the best result from your campaign.

Turning Content Into Gold

Do you think that a magazine publisher will be successful merely by selling content without any substance? No. Writing content for the sake of writing it will not bring the magazine publisher any sales. The staff writers and editors at the magazine publisher needs to find a story or a presentation that is sellable. In other words, they need to pick the specific story that they can commercialize and turn into money. In content marketing, it’s the same. Not all content will be able to bring you profit. You need to pick specific content that will bring profitable result for your business.

The Application Of Persuasive Content Writing

The magazine publishers are known to have employed highly-paid copywriters to write the stories for their magazine publications. As a result, most of the articles featured on the magazine are written to compel and persuade their audience in order for them to keep reading and keep buying. You can feel that there is a massive application of persuave content writing in most commercial magazine publications that you can find in the newsstand. It can be understood because content is the life and blood of those magazines. So, it’s the same with content marketing. If you don’t apply persuasive content writing in your campaign, you will not be able to survive.

Those are the content marketing strategies that you can implement on your new website based on the strategies used by most commercial magazine publications available today. If you want to acheive a tremendous success with your content marketing campaign, you can follow the strategies above and implement them to your business.

Mistakes You Make In Your Content Marketing

The wrong content marketing strategy can really damage your business and bring sudden loss in your return of investment. Remember that the so-called content marketing is not as easy as putting your content in any place online, and you need to be really careful to manage your strategy if you want to suceed with it. Here are 5 mistakes that you can possibly make in your content marketing strategy that will crush your return of investment:

Mistakes in Content Marketing

Creating Content That Is Filled With Personal Opinion

Content marketing is about writing content that clicks with your audience, and then distributing it in places where they can read it. You need to connect with your audience in a way that will give more weight in them, instead of yourself. Unselfishness is essential in your marketing process, and it can help your business tremendously. When you are creating content that is full of personal opinion about your business, your market, or your audience, you will put your business at risk because your audience won’t be able to connect with your business through your content.

Creating Content That Is Not Centered Around Your Audience

A successful content marketing should carry the one necessary word throughout the campaign: “you”. “You” is the word that you need to use over and over again in your content, instead of “me” or “we”. If you want to connect with your audience and then build strong business relationship with them, it is necessary for you to build your content around your audience instead of your business. No matter how great your business and no matter how popular your brand, writing content for your audience will always be the number one rule to achieve success in content marketing.

Creating Content That Is Too Focused On Your Business Brand

You might already have well-known brand for your business, but is it so important for your audience? The answer is no. Your audience only cares about what they get from you, instead of how you flaunt about the greatness of your brand. Remember, creating content that is focused on your business brand needs to be done by anyone else other than yourself (for instance, review companies, audience feedbacks, and so on). When you are using content that is too focused on your business brand and using that content to spread the word about your business, it can significantly lower your ROI.

Creating Complicated Content That Delivers Nothing

Simple and minimalistic content is better than complicated content that delivers nothing of value. It is better for you to spread one simple message in your content marketing rather than to spread multiple messages that only confuse your audience. Content that is not delivering real value for your audience, as well as content that is giving too much information at the same time, will make your audience to click away from it. So, avoid complicating your content marketing strategy.

Creating Content That Is Not Compelling And Emotionally Persuasive

No matter what kind of media you are using and what kind of content you are creating, it is always important to make your content compelling and emotionally persuasive. Your real goal in spreading your content is to attract more audience to your business, and in so doing, convert your audience into customers. In order to do that, persuasion is important in your marketing strategy. Your return of investment will also depend on the degree of persuasion that you use in your content. So, if your content is not compelling and emotionally persuasive, it will tend to break your ROI and damage your success.

When you avoid the mistakes above, you will be able to avoid lowering your ROI in your content marketing campaign.

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Content Marketing Strategies To Implement To Your Business

The world of online marketing is different from ten years ago. Heck, even two years ago, content marketing was never as complicated as today. What have you done to your business in terms of executing the right content marketing strategy that can really boost your success in the more competitive world of online marketing? Here are 7 sensible content marketing strategies to implement to your business today:

content marketing

1.Branding Has Taken The Content Marketing Landscape By Storm.

Content marketing is no longer about promoting your website URL to your audience, or even your affiliate links. It’s all about creating a strong brand that will catch your audience’s attention and build your business on top of that brand. All your content marketing strategies need to be focused on creating and polishing the brand for your business.

2.It’s All About Portability And Targeting Those Involved

Nowadays, people are not accessing the web just from their PC or laptop. There are smartphones and tablets as well. People are actively accessing the web through these two mediums. There are even more traffic to come from portable gadgets rather than from the regular PC. So, your content marketing needs to take care about the portability of your target audience and how to reach them more effectively.

3.Refine All Your Steps All The Way Through

People are more critical nowadays, especially online. And if you don’t take advantage of this fact, you will never be able to grow your business successfully. So, you have to let the feedback of your audience to sink into your ears and make decision based on what those people want from your business. You need to keep refining your steps and polish your success with your content marketing strategy.

4.Don’t Just Circle Your Business On Local Audience

Remember that the web is the place for global community. If you think that content marketing is just a means to spread the word about your business to your local audience, you are wrong. Content marketing will give you more effective result if you launch it for global audience. You want to attract as many customers as you can, even those who don’t belong to your local community.

5.Write What Your Audience Wants To Hear, Not The Other Way Around.

Remember that content marketing is all about giving valuable presentation to your target audience. In order for you to create the best impression on them, you have to be able to write what your audience wants to hear, not the other way around. Businesses who don’t follow this rule will usually fail in their content marketing strategy.

5.Be The Savior For Your Customers With Your Brand

Your brand needs to be able to give the best value for your customers. In fact, you need to be able to give more value to people’s life with your brand. Be the savior for your customers by marketing your brand as such. In this way, your content marketing will be many times more effective to benefit your business.

7.Make Sure That You Can Back Up Every Word That You Speak On Your Marketing

Remember that credibility is important for any business as it is the basic foundation of trust. If you want to catch your customer’s attention and make them your loyal customers, you have to be able to build credibility in your content marketing strategy. Speak all the hypes that you want, but make sure that you can stand with your words.

Have you implemented any of those sensible content marketing strategies yet? Your business needs strong and powerful content marketing strategy to help it grow in the madness of today’s business competition. By following those sensible strategies, it will be guaranteed that your business will survive and flourish.


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Five Ways Content Marketing Can Improve Sales

Content marketing can change our small businesses for the better. Online marketing is an effective way to engage potential consumers and let loyal patrons know about our latest offerings. The general public will also know why we are good at the industry, what we do and who we are. Here are five ways content marketing could provide essential benefits to small businesses:

Content Marketing

1.Company websites can be more interesting:

Company webpages are a way to provide information about the company to online users. When people search out our business, they should be able to connect to our website and get information on services and products we sell. Contact information is essential for any marketing purposes. Effective implementation of content marketing can create solid website making the website positioned higher on search results, due to the presence of regularly updated keyword-rich content. Small businesses are able to tap into the general public with awesome website content. They can prioritize on local and global keywords to grab a slice of the pie in the lucrative market.

2.Improved brand reputation:

In any highly competitive industry, our brand reputation is always at stake. Current customers could regularly check our website for latest information. Many companies still use websites that are designed a decade ago, with unprofessional and outdated layout. It is hard to get people impressed with it. By adding new content almost each day, we can strengthen our brand image and make us more encouraged to make regular improvements to the website.

3.Better competitiveness:

Competition is an essential factor in the market and content marketing can help us to improve exposure. We can position ourselves above competitors and get online ASAP using content marketing. The goal is to create online assets that are informative, creative and original compared to what’s already out there. This should be achievable with the right content marketing strategy.

4.Better promotion:

With content marketing, we should be able to set our brand name in stone. After we have the search results and followers we deserve, it is time to look at ways to leverage our online assets. High-quality blogs are important tool to launch product campaigns that really reach the general public. The same goes for creating landing pages and improving social media.

5.Wider reach:

The reason we need good content marketing strategy is to better reach new audiences. It’s absolutely essential for online businesses. Internet knows no demographic restrictions or geographical bounds. With the right balance of content marketing and social media, we can reach as many as consumers we want. This helps us to actively pursue success and stay on top.