Happy (belated) birthday to kjrocker.com!

Rite now at the time of writing this post its 5th of October 2012 , The First birthday of my blog and so todays article will be about my blog . My very first post on this blog was What is CPA Marketing which i wrote on October 5th, 2011 . The reason o started out my own blog was, I am very passionate about what i do , Seriously my favorite topic if you ask me i like to talk about is Online Marketing, I do love to talk about my business with others and in offline world very few people do understand this stuff.With that said another reason i am member of many public forums did loved to talk about marketing help out other people but there i felt kind of censorship . All discussion forums do have some kind of censorship in terms of moderation. So to write freely about anything i want  and to share it with my fellow marketers i created this blog .

When i look back when i started blogging i can remember i had very little traffic on my blog but to be honest i never cared about traffic . I just share my passion with people and share what i do know. Rite now i do receive very decent traffic and i am very pleased with my blogs overall performance . Also my monthly earnings from this blogs are also quiet decent and its a great help to fuel up my test campaigns as i always keep on testing campaigns and earnings from my blog are a great help for sure rite now my blog earnings come from referral commissions. tough i always make sure to provide best possible value to my readers and only recommend top notch products and services thats the reason you wont see any random bob or toms product being reviewed here. I also make sure that i always give link back to only top and always try to only recommend cream out of cream to my readers .

Finally when i think what i have gained so far i am amused i personally helped out hundreds of people to make money, And that is the best thing one can do and i am glad i did it . The  love i receive from my readers through emails,facebook and on skype is what keeps me always motivated and motivates me to write more  .  During one year my blogs growth was amazing . Kjrocker was Media partner for Clickbooth`s  Ad:Tech San Francisco’s party  held on April 3rd 2012 and the biggest achievement so far is that kjrocker.com is nominated for Affiliate Rewards’ King of the Bloggers contest . I would also thanks my friends and readers for all your support and help , and i expect  you will keep supporting kjrocker.com  also please keep your feedback coming .


Hey every one here is the quick review of AFF PLAYBOOK Private forum. It is a great source of information about all traffic types and if you are looking for fresh case studies and want to socialize with real CPAers who are actually making money by promoting their campaigns this is definitely the place you should go for .

if you are looking for discount on affplaybook.com.  do hit me up at contact@kjrocker.com



Split testing offers between networks- My experience

Some times during our campaign runs we do forget one most important factor which is to split test offers between networks before declaring a campaign successful . We do have different reasons for that and most common reason is that we do think that network we are using is trustworthy and we can trust on that network which is totally wrong !

We should not stick with a network for personal reasons, Simply business we are here for business not to enhance our relations with someone . I read am member of many online affiliate related forums and communities and one of the most commonly asked question is which network is the best ? . To be honest no one ! Here is the reason, Just like we all of here to make money , similarly networks are here to make money , So for me only that network is the best where i have higher EPC ,

Here is an example of my recent campaign i was running .

I was running a campaign on Lead Impact a few days ago and which was making me 200 + day but suddenly  all my conversions droped , i thought lets wait for some days and lets see , but when after few days i was still unable to make campaign profitable , i decided to test same offer from another network and here is the result.

CPA Network I was using before  EPC : $0.15

CPA Network I am using now        EPC : $ $1.00


A huge difference in EPC also the network i am using now pays more then the previous one .

Let me know what you think by posting comment below.

P.S Please don`t ask about networks lol

Tracking your Traffic

In affiliate marketing there is a major mistake almost every person makes and that is not tracking your traffic properly . Specially when you are driving Paid traffic to your CPA offers it is very important to track each and every click you have sent to your offer  . No matter you use PPV,PPC , Or drive social traffic or you are doing media buys , The most important competent of your online advertising campaigns to have a proper tracking solution . Tracking is what lets you find what keywords and what creatives are working and converting for you and what keywords and creatives are not working for you . It also helps you to monitor behaviors of your visitors and collect data about them using which you can optimize your campaigns and increase your ROI.


As they say you have to spend money to make money it is very important to have best possible solutions for your campaigns .

For affiliate marketers there are two type of tracking solutions

  • Free
  • Paid

and there are three major tracking platforms i have tried and used.

  • Prosper 202  (FREE YOU NEED OWN HOSTING)

Before going into details id like to discuss hosting part , Never  use shared hosting for your tracking platform and also try to get your own VPS for the best results. I  personally use beyond hosting and i also highly recommend you to use beyond hosting Because they are specially optimized for Tracking platforms and fast redirects , their  load time is very less as compared with other hosts , and most of Tracking solution creators (Prosper 202  ,CPV LAB    ) do recommend you to use beyond hosting so your tracking platform can work at its best.

Now coming back to topic here are my reviews about all three trackers i mentioned above .

Prosper 202

This is the first tracking platform i used when i started with CPA Marketing , at time i started using prosper202 , Prosper 202 was also offering free hosting so i availed opportunity , During this period i understood why you really need your own hosting , When a tracking platform offers free hosting many affiliates will jump in and start using availing this opportunity , But the disadvantage is that your load time will be slow which is not good at all specially when you are driving paid traffic that means you are losing traffic . Many users will simply close your tab as your link will take longer to open . This is a major disadvantage   in free hosting platforms .

This issue can be resolved by getting a VPS on beyond hosting .

Now coming back to prosper , It is a great platform and very easy to use , but there were some things which i really missed in it ,

  • landing page rotation

For affiliates testing their landing pages is very important and without proper testing you cant create a successful campaign  . Tough there are some custom scripts which you can use to rotate your landing pages but still it is a big headache at least for me , because i spent whole one day in setting up but it was all waste of time . so this is a major thing missing in prosper202.

  • Not able to track a complete funnel

This is something i missed when i was driving PPV traffic . I wanted to Create a PPV landing page and then from their when visitor clicks ppv landing page i  wanted to take him to a landing page where i can pre-sell offer and then finally send visitor to the offer page ( this is what i really needed for offer which have exit pop up on their landing pages ,Because Traffic Vance does nt allow you to have exit pop up on click through page .)

Other then these two problems 202 is a great tracking solution . And it works very well with beyond hosting  .

Click here for Prosper 202


Bevo Media

I have already written about Bevo Media and also have created a bevo media video tutorial  also . It is a very good tracking platform and at start when it was  launched i was amazed using it , And for a prosper user bevo media features were a blessing , Bevo media really made rotation a very easy task and within minutes you can create a campaign and it is a user friendly platform .  when it comes to negative side it doesn't have proper ROI Calculators at this time , It does offer you ROI Calculation with PPC but does not offers with PPV traffic .

Also as bevo offers free hosting and does nt support self hosted app this time ( i waited for 3 months and finally moved on to CPV LAB ).

Bevo also have got some great features which include Geo targeting, Day targeting,Landing Page Rotator and Offer Rotator . Also it does offers finger print tracking you can read more about features of Bevo Media  by clicking here .

There are a very few things missing in Bevo including  Self hosted version bevo can be a best tracking platform for sure ..

 Click here for Bevo Media


id like to say i use it and i love it , it is a combination of great features which help you to maximize your earnings .tough it does cost $297 but its totally worth it . It is much more advanced then trackers we discussed above , They are way far behind in technology and ease which CPVLAB provides , I must say you will notice a huge difference in your ROI when you start using CPVLAB reason is simple it does helps you to optimize your campaigns like no one else . With its advanced features you can create a complete funnel before sending a visitor to offer page or you direct link offer or first send your visitors to a review mini site and from there redirect visitors to offer page , Everything is possible with CPVLAB no matter you use squeeze pages to collect emails and then send traffic to offer landing page CPV LAB will track everything for you . Other then that CPV LAB makes campaign testing and optimization very easy , Its reporting sections are much more advanced then bevo or prosper 202 , All you need to do is to tell CPV LAB what ctr you want , what ROI you want and it will automatically highlight bad keywords which you should remove from your campaign and also it does help you sort out landing pages with bad ctr in same way , So in this way all you will have to do is to  log into your CPVLAB and se e what keywords and landing pages  have low ctr and conversion , simply remove them and replace them with new ones and that's it! CPV LAB make your life easier .

You may add as much traffic sources and Affiliate networks as you want and its a very easy. Another benefit i have noticed is that code for all landing pages in CPV LAB is same so in case if you outsource your landing page creating tasks  like me , When ever i used to outsource this task before buying CPV LAB i had a to go through a very boring task , which was adding tracking codes in all landing pages , As all landing pages had separate codes so that was a great pain to add tracking code in all the landing pages . CPV LAB saved my time in this way too as they do have same code for all your campaigns so you have no need to add separate code for all the campaigns i just send code to my freelancncers and ask them to append this code in all LPS , This works because CPV LAB uses a intelligent tracking system using which it does have all information about campaign in the destination url it does provides you which is unique for each campaign , Destination url contains the all information about campaigns and when visited it will simply call database and redirect user accordingly .  This feature is a huge time saver here is an example lets say you have two campaigns A & B , tracking code we will put in landing pages of these two campaigns will be same but they both will have different destination URLS .


There are many other features In CPVLAB which could be included but i guess this post is been way too long and i dont want to bore you guys …

Now something about Support , Here id also include Beyond hosting support with CPV LAB Support , Literately both these companies have got topnotch customer support and when ever i leave a ticket within 5 minutes it's answered. I am Highly satisfied with support being offered by both these companies .

About Hosting for CPVLAB Id again say beyond hosting if you want to truely take advantage of CPV LAB features  beyond hosting is  a must .

You can track anything with CPV LAB Including click bank,amazon or any other affiliate network.

Click here for beyond hosting

Click here for CPV LAB

Get $50 off on cpvlab use coupon code : KJROCKER

Ads4Dough CPA NEtwork Review

Its been a long time since i have reviewed any CPA Network ,So today i decided to add another CPA Network in my CPA Network Reviews section as i only include networks with  which i personally have communication and experience and they are the best out of all CPA Networks,

Ads4dough is run by experienced affiliates that does mean its Affiliate Managers  its owner Jason  is a well known and one of the most reputed guys in this industry. His  team do knows what they are talking about ( Believe me there are some networks where you will find affiliate managers who even don’t know how to place pixel code ). They are now using Cake Tracking platform after DIrect Track went down in feb this year .

Their payouts are also great and they are direct with many most of advertisers . I personally split tested many offers from other networks and ads4dough EPC was always highest. My AM there Arthur Lee is a great guy and also respond to my quires on time . I have seen many Affiliate networks which take too much time to respond and fortunately   Ads4dough is not one of those networks ,




They do offerCheck / Wire / ACH as payments methods and never miss any payment also their weekly payments and minimum thrush hold is $50 which is a plus


Overall they are a great network and i Highly recommend you to join  Ads4dough


Thought of the day !

Big mistake IMers make at start of their career is that they think that you don’t have to work in Internet marketing. But the fact is if you don’t want to work, you have to work to earn enough money so that you won’t have to work.

Congratulations Oliver Kenyon and Maxbounty

I want to personally congratulate k from CPA Fix  and also max bounty on conducting a successful Giveaway contest in which affiliates are rewarded cash prizes. I highly appreciate Oliver Kenyon he has done something which no one else has done before, I mean contests are a common thing among all the networks but  sadly they are only good for big dogs  and for new people who are just starting out ,No one even thinks about them . As my blog mainly focuses on Newbies who are just starting out with CPA Marketing i would like to thank you guys for such a great contest , No Matter who wins cash its your spirit to help out new people which counts , Thank you very much Oliver Kenyon and MaxBounty you have done something which no one else has done yet !

And finally i would like to congratulate paulwjenkins  for winning third place ! Second and first prize are yet to be announced .

Interview with Samrath Gupta (CWinter Media)

I am Glad to introduce you with Samrath Gupta

Samrath Gupta Samrath Gupta is one of the Top and Reputed Internet Marketer of the Industry as well as Affiliate Manager at Cwinter Media. Samrath is a inspiration for many Young Entrepreneurs out there who are seeking to make money online or looking to setup their business empire. A regular poster on many forums, On Facebook Groups, etc…You can see the indepth knowledge Samrath has for this fast changing industry. Despite his age, He has already beaten many to the fact that he is making money online and enjoying freedom at the same time.

Hi, tell us about yourself, A little bit about your life and how you got into IM?

Hey KJ, Thanks for the Interview. Myself  Samrath Gupta (SAM) and I’m an Affiliate Manager At CWinter Media Ltd.

When my age was of playing games like Cricket, Football, etc.. I played with my laptop and Google. I had a deep desire to get everything in my life and my desire showed me the way of Internet Marketing/Affiliate Marketing and as a Result I’m HERE !

How long you have been in affiliate marketing? And how did you did get involved in affiliate marketing?

It’s been over 4+ years I’m in this Field and really loving it. As I stated above, I had a very deep desire to achieve everything in my life and fulfill all the needs of my family and my desire took me to a way which was unfamiliar as well as unknown for many people at that time. I used to hear that, People make money from their computers but never knew how the heck they do it. I learnt everything myself. I had nobody to TEACH ME or tell me what’s right and what’s wrong.

I did everything myself and built my own empire with my hard work.

What has been the biggest success in your life?


This is my Target of anything I do….

As far If we talk about my biggest success… It was when I made my First $ online. I was so much proud of myself, and so was my dad! It was my biggest success because Finally, I knew that I’ve cracked the Vault.

Have you ever felt like giving up affiliate marketing?

Honestly. Yes, When I was new to this World I made lots of mistakes and some of the mistakes were so dumb that you will Laugh like crazy on them…. When I was new, I joined many PTC’s(Paid To Click Sites) Who promised to pay $100/Click  and I used to click their ads everyday for 2-3 months but unfortunately I didn’t got a CENT L At That Time I thought all this is not for me. But you can’t learn bicycle without falling from it…. The same way I again stood up and this time things went well for me because I learnt from my failures.

How you see the future of affiliate marketing industry?

Well, All I would like to say that our Industry is growing and getting developed just the way any country develops.

Any Place you would like to recommend from where newbie’s can learn about affiliate marketing?

Well, For a newbie I’ll say his curiosity to learn Affiliate Marketing and Uncle Google is enough. We all know Google has every answers its all about how you ask him.

One of the finest example is KJrocker.com itself..

But if you want some more places then consider visiting/joining places like

  • WarriorForum
  • MoneyMakerDiscussion (Must Join)
  • CPAFix
  • Samrathgupta.com (My Blog)
  • Zacjohnson.com
  • Mrgreen.am
  • Lukepeerfly.com
  • StackthatMoney


What verticals is your Favorite and what is your favorite traffic source?

My fav verticals are Email/Zip submits and Dating. For dating offers PPC has worked wonders and for email/zip submits PPV has did a great job. The reason behind using PPC for Dating and PPV for Email/Zip submits is quite clear. We know PPV is a type of unwanted Ad and mostly people close it without even watching at it. If you promote an Email/Zip submit via PPV then if someone watches your ad he see’s that He just has to fill a one field to get an Ipad or whatever which attracts him as well as PPV is CHEAP!

Since for dating related offers they are quite long forms and PPC is suitable because this way people know on what they are clicking and possibly they will register 😉

What are your goals for 2012?                                           

My goal is to make CWinter Media the #1 choice of CPA marketers and we are working on it Non-Stop! CWinter Media isn’t just another ordinary CPA network! We’re totally different from others in all terms and you will notice it yourself by the time.

 Tell us about your network C Winter Media and what you do over there?

CwinterMedia. We are a full service online advertising agency and network with a strong focus on lead generation and affiliate marketing. Cwinter Media has been in the space since 2009.  We work direct with nearly 100 advertisers to generate a lead or sale on a performance basis.

We have many top converting offers, and we are adding new offers daily!  Downloads, mobile contents, Incentives, Email submits and lots more.. You name it we probably have it! We are always looking to bring on new, high quality publishers.

We look to setup a long lasting relationship with our affiliates and to obtain this relationship we are willing to go to any edge!

I recruit, manage and help affiliates to perform better, clear their issues, Support them when they need, Spot the Fraudsters(They Think They Are Only Smart) I stay in touch with my Affiliates and give the BEST support then anyone else !

What type of traffic sources prove best for you and what type of offers are working well on your network?

Well, I’ve seen that PPC and PPV traffic is making a killing for our affiliates and they are making $$$$ from it! Email/Zip Submits, Dating and Downloads are some top converting verticals in our network!

Do you have any exclusive offers which other networks do not have?

We’ve lots of exclusives as well as we have over 600+ offers in our basket. We have many top converting offers, and we are adding new offers daily!  Downloads, mobile contents, Incentives, Email submits and lots more.. You name it we probably have it!

What affiliate platforms you are using?

At the moment we are using Hasoffers because of its Ease for our Affiliates as well as impressive and decent design and looks. We have plans to setup our own In House platform soon.

What is your payment Frequency? Anything you want to add about publisher payments?

We payout every month on a NET 30 basis with possibilities of quicker payouts/wires etc with good performance.

Tell us about your affiliates support? What they can expect from you?

Well… All I would like to say.. We offer the BEST Affiliate support in the industry. We’re available via Skype, Email, Phone, AIM, etc…. As well as I’ve given my PERSONAL MOBILE NUMBER to my affs(Viewable in Aff’s account). My affs can call me anytime weather its Day or Night. Even If I’m sleeping just call me and I’ll definitely help you at the Moment. I’m also available on the weekends just to help my affiliates and help them make more and more money.

Do you have any message for affiliates who want to apply in your network? Do you accept newbie’s? What are your special requirements which a marketer should fulfill to get in your network?

Feel free to join us. We welcome every affiliate with open arms. We seek for loyal affiliates as well as believe in maintaining a relationship with our affiliates.  However we are very picky in accepting newbie’s but if you are a newbie but have a solid marketing strategy then we would like to listen from you and probably would like to work with you. We don’t have any specific requirement Just we want you to be HONEST and LOYAL with us that’s it

I would like to thank Samrath for taking time out of his busy schedule and  sharing his thoughts KJ


EWA Private Network Review


Today i have decided to review Bird mans CPA Network.Before We go on network i would like to introduce you with Bird Man, Ryan Eagle is one of the top ten teens who made their First Million Online. He found Eagle Web Assets, Inc. at the age of 16. In 2004. And started off doing full time SEO, diversified into CPA advertising in 2005 and in 2007 he was a full time CPA affiliate . But this real gangster  did nt stopped here he launched EWA Private Network.

EWA Private Network Review

EWA is made up of very few hand selected marketers ,Media buyers best example Gabriel Zota from Rock Star Media and  SEM Pros . Without a doubt no other network can beat their Affiliate support. The team of 7 affiliate managers is always available online 7 days a week. And thats what differs EWA Private Network  from all others,simply because EWA Network does nt sleep .Dont believe on my words because i am not native and my grammar is crap checkout EWA Facebook Grouop yourself .


EWA supports you with weekly payouts regardless of volume. If you are doing really good with some offers shoot an email to Ryan and i bet he will happily bump your payout .

in payments what i like is they do offer competitive payouts on the best converting offers. and they do pay on time ,


What kind of support you expect from EWA ? you need  custom creatives  for  your offers? I bet shoot an email to your Am and in reply you will get a bunch of custom creatives created by EWA internal department.  They do provide you training guides also. So you have no need to buy uncle gurus training guides simply because they dont work . You need any kind of advise your affiliate managers are always happy to help you out .

I do love to read Weekly News letter from Ewa Network which gives you insights about what offer is working well and where does it converts most.

Basically its a network which doesnt only recommends you to push offers , Their internal media buying department  keeps pushing offers and based on results they do recommend you offers which are performing best . Literally their  training guides are priceless .

Oh i forgot one more thing being a member of EWA Group i was able to interact with many hiding Affiliate Marketing BIg Dogs and learn a lot from them and not only this many of members like product owners and other offer different types of discount coupons and also advertising coupons. Thats a great help for a guy like me who thinks ten times  before spending even two or three bucks. I do  remember there was a guy offering $1000 advertising coupon for facebook ads or google adwords i dont remember that just because i missed that opportunity ;( ( If any of any of EWA FB group member is reading this post please do reply in comments it was facebook coupon or was google adwords) .

[EDIT : I got it from EWA Dash Board and that was $2000 AdWords
Coupon ]

To be very honest the secret behind success of EWA Network is that they are dedicated and do work really hard as if you visit Ryan Eagles facebook profile he says  :

My business, this is my life. This is what I do better than anything, so why wouldn’t I do it all the time? That is the difference between you and I.

Bird Man Always inspired me and what ever he is today there is a lot of work behind that . His dedication and hard work is what makes EWA Different from all other Networks.