Tips for Effective Lead Generation with YouTube

You can use YouTube videos to attract leads to your offers. If you want to build strong mailing list for your product promotion, you can use YouTube videos to drive targeted audience that will become loyal subscribers for your mailing list. Here are a few proven tips i can give you from my experience which you can follow to effectively attract leads with YouTube videos:

Create a clearly focused video

There is nothing more annoyed than watching low quality video on YouTube. Most low quality videos are created with no clear focus. What they’re talking about is unclear. They don’t have a good structure of presentation. In other words, they seem like talking about random information without any real substance. These types of videos are not good for your promotion. If you want to lead people to sign up to your offer or mailing list, you must first come with a clearly focused video that people can enjoy watching. Have a clear structure in your presentation and present your information in a clear and detailed manner. This will help your video to attract more views as well as drive more targeted traffic to your offer page. Try creating interesting and engaging videos instead of low quality videos.

Learn what people like and dislike

You need to investigate what people like and dislike from other similar videos. For instance, if your niche is weight loss, you should take a look at some weight loss videos posted on YouTube and see the comment section of those videos. How people react to those videos? How many likes and dislikes do the videos get? You need to investigate these things in order to come up with a better video that will attract more likes than dislikes, as well as positive comments. If you can attract positive comments in your video, people will be more interested to follow your lead.

Promote your offer in your video

You need to include the call to action in your video. Don’t just write call to action in your video description. Yes, you need to write the call to action in the video description, but it is better for you to include it inside your video. Talk about it at the end of your video. Tell people to complete your offer , subscribe to your mailing list, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter, and so on. This clear call to action will persuade your viewers more.

Keep your video short

How long should your video be? You should create no longer than 5-minute video. Why? That’s because you don’t want to bore your viewers with long videos. And long videos are boring, really. That’s why you need to keep your video short so that it can attract the most attention from your audience. In fact, if you can create an interesting short video, people will become addicted to your videos. The more people watch your videos, the more traffic you’ll send to your offer page.

Brand your video

Branding is very important because it will increase your video reputation. Your video reputation is important because people will judge your video quality based on your video reputation. Branding will provide an impression that your video is reputable. So, put your website logo in the right down corner of your video. You can also place your website URL there. It will make your video more professional and appealing. Thus, it will attract more leads to your offers.

Those are a few tips for effective lead generation with YouTube. The key is to create an appealing as well as professional video that will attract lots of views as well as drive more traffic back to your website. For landing pages I highly recommend Thesis by DIY Themes.
To know about how to rank your videos i have wrote in my article here

Fail Saturday-LibreOffice

Today’s post is about Libre Office office from Never Blue Network which i ran on PPV Network .

Offer : Libre Office is a  free, open source, office suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more! Offer converts when user downloads software. paying  $ 1.40 per lead .

Landing page preview : favdownloads . com/download/Utilities/Utility/LibreOffice

So why i picked  LibreOffice ? All of us do love to save money, Now matter by what means and how much,We just do is our natures, in our daily life we are always looking for discount coupons when ever we are buying something  our first priority is to find a discount coupon or something no matter it saves us a few bucks or hundreds of bucks , Basically its out nature that we want to spend less and get more , Let me give you an example , When you are buying a hosting account ,don’t you look for coupon codes ? In fact coupons and discount offers are the best way to generate more sales. Personally i use Name Cheap to buy domains and try me i end up buying at least 2 domains every month , I  just can’t resist no matter i use domain or not i always  avail their discount offers and buy their products .

Now coming back to Libre Office and applying same savings idea to this offer,  whats the biggest advantage this offer provides to users ? Its free of cost , Now how about targeting a person buying Microsoft Office for $149.99 and offer them Libre Office  for free ? That’s what i did i targeted only Microsoft Office buyers using PPV and direct linking as landing page of this offer is pretty solid with a good call to action , But unfortunately it did n’t turned out well and more then that i was’nt able to get high volume traffic for this offer which lead me to dump this campaign here are the stats for those of you who are interested ,



total spend : $36.18

Total earned:13.30

Profit :-22.88

ppv campgain keywords

Keyword performance

Leadimpact campaign

Total spent on leadimpact


Never Blue earnings



Redirect users based on their states using maxmind API

Sometimes when promoting CPA campaigns on PPV i create separate landing pages targeting different states in the US for example when i was promoting Obama CPA Offer back in days of US presidential election i create separate landing pages for all major and states  and targeted them with those landing pages .

I am going to share with you guys code using which you can make it possible to redirect users based on their states ,


The above script will redirect visitors from New York state to KJ Rocker Blog and Visitors from Texas to  Rocker Interactive  And all other traffic will be redirected to you can easily add more states by copying and pasting else if part and add as many states as you want (don`t forget to replace state codes with your targeted states , you can find all state/region codes in US here .   Tracking such campaigns with prosper  is a headache so i would recommend you to use CPVLAB for tracking such campaigns (find $50 off on cpvlab coupon here ,

Add visitors geolocation into the landing page

Adding geo location into a landing page is a very powerful method to increase ctr PPV landing page and also it increases your conversion rates also as using geo location you can easily win visitors trust. Ofcourse when on a landing page when you will tell your visitors you have an exclusive offer for people of their town they will  more easily convert , This not only works on ppv but also on other regular landing pages,

For demonstration click here   To see what code i used for this click here

When you place code into your landing pages make sure first line of script is above all the lines, Here is the code you will use


Fail Saturday First post

Dont know about you but i hate weekends as i am a workaholic and i get bored on weekends , So i dislike them so i decided to set Saturday for sharing all my failed campaigns with you guys , Every Saturday , One post , how does it feel?

Todays campaign :Bearshare – Free Download

cpa campgain case study

I am a premium spotify user and when ever i have to pay £9.99 per month it sucks , Seriously when ever i have to pay for its recurring payment i do wish spotify was free , I even tried to look for any free solution sound cloud etc but nothing was as good as spotify, In fact while searching for service as good as spotify i signed up to almost every site and then it hit me , Every single spotify user feels same like me rite ? They hate paying monthly recurring fee , At least if provided they will be surely interested in free solution from where they can get free music , on their computers,Tablets and phones .

SO i ended up searching all affiliate networks and found this offer on maxbounty , What i liked most in this offer ?  Offer landing pages as you can see on right side of this post , the first landing page is a very simple landing page with a very clear call to action button the cpa campaign case study other Landing page is another example of a very clean and simple landing page with a very clear call to action and it tends to engage more people due to having search button over it , that is something which can really help to gain more conversions and CTR ! I used direct linking with these landing pages a they fit perfectly in pop up Window (to preview i use CPVDen preview poper  .

Targets :

For targets i used websites similar to Spotify which i found using AFFPLAYBOOK Tools as i always use and also recommend you to use them to find targets.


This campaign actually was nt a fail and only i am sharing it on Fail Saturday is because it was taken off from maxbounty while i was testing it , It is still available on many other networks ( which i dont work with ) and i already have enough in my plate and i  was working on more better campaigns then this one so it was a fail in a way that i had collected all data enough to make it profitable but offer was taken off from network .

Now comes Spicy stuff (i know you guys love stats)

CPA Network :MaxBounty
Traffic Network :Lead Impact
Reason of failure :Offer Taken Down
Total Spent :$75.15
lead impact case study

lead impact Stats

Total Earned :$50.40
cpa offer case study

Earnings stats


Conclusion :

I know its possible to turn this campaign into successful one only one minor change (asking my AM for pay bump could have turned this campaign into profitable one but it was pulled off from network as i already stated also by testing i was able to filter some really  good converting targets  ,You guys can still give it a go and easily turn it into a profitable one .

Let me know about your thoughts …


P.S Do check out Fail Campaign Friday posts on Mike Chiasson blog he got some really good stuff there .


5 Reasons Why You Can’t Attract Subscribers with Your Free Report

Now, you’ve created a free report in order to build a list of potential customers in your website. However, somehow your free report doesn’t attract any subscribers to your list. It’s been a month since you put your free report online and drive good traffic to your squeeze page, but the conversion rate that you’ll get is not that impressive. So, why doesn’t it create enough attraction toward your mailing list? Is there anything wrong with your report? Here are 5 reasons why you can’t attract subscribers with your free report:


1. Your Graphic Representation Is Bad


People’s first impression toward your free report will depend on how you present your free report to them. Before they become interested in reading your report, your readers will look at your graphic representation of it first. So, be sure to have excellent ebook cover image for your free report in order to attract your reader’s attention and interest toward it. If you have old-looking ebook cover that doesn’t have any appealing design at all, your readers will think twice before they give their email address to get that report.


2. It Doesn’t Have Any Appealing Aspect


Since your readers can’t read your report before actually downloading it, they will depend on your description about the report to judge the quality of it. So, whatever you put on your squeeze page will give either good or bad judgment toward your report. What you put into your squeeze page will have great effect in building your reader’s interest toward your report. If the description is not appealing enough, then they won’t have any interest in downloading it.


3. The Benefit Of Reading Your Report Is Not Interesting Enough


Your bullet points are important because they can raise your reader’s interest toward your free report. And if you can’t make it persuasive enough, your readers won’t be impressed at all. When they are not impressed, they will simply leave your squeeze page and all your effort will be wasted. Your conversion will plummet. That’s why you have to set your bullet points interesting enough so that your readers will actually want to read the full tips inside your report. It’s not about describing the content of your report. It’s about giving your readers the benefits of reading your report.


4. You Are Giving Too Much Description For Your Free Report


Squeeze page needs to be as simple as possible. Your readers shouldn’t need to scroll the page too much before they find your opt-in form. In other words, since what you’re giving is a free report, you don’t need to put detailed description about it. Give short and straightforward description about your report and avoid making your description too long. If you have a long description, your readers might not have any interest to scroll down the page and subscribe to your mailing list because before they do so, they’ll get bored with your copy.


5. Your Squeeze Page Headline Sucks


Your squeeze page headline is the attention-grabber of your report. If you can’t grab your reader’s attention with it, then you will have a bad luck with your squeeze page. If you have low conversion rate in your squeeze page, most of the time the problem is in the headline. Try tweaking your headline and see what happens. If you can improve your conversion, then your headline is the one at fault. You have to be sure that your headline can grab your reader’s attention right away and keep them reading.


Those are the reasons why your free report doesn’t attract subscribers to your list. Why is it important to understand the reasons above? That’s because when you understand the reasons above, you can do the necessary steps to fix the problem. So, if you cannot attract people’s interest with your free report, try presenting your free report differently.

Interview with David from Affplaybook

Affplaybook is the only private forum i am member of and from the day i have joined it i never looked back , It is a great community of professional CPA affiliates led by David , I have already done a video review for affplaybook , AFF PLAYBOOK REVIEW Coupon included on my blog , Since i joined this forum i learned a lot from David , from his webminars , his threads and by talking with him . From a long time i wanted to do a interview with him for you guys , Finally today is the day and here , with out making you wait further i present you interview with David,

Hi David, for those readers of ours who don`t know about you would you please tell us about how you started into online marketing and what’s your background?
Sure! About 12 years ago I had a job doing computer network support for a large retail chain. It was a good job but what I always wanted to do was work for myself. I figured since I was good with computers, there might be a way I could make money online.
Back then, there weren’t a ton of resources so I tried a few things that didn’t work and finally built some content sites that started making money. Within about a year I was making enough to be able to quit my job, but I kept doing both for another year just because I didn’t know if this online business would last. I finally quit my job and never looked back.

How long did it take for you to be successful in internet marketing?
I think it was a few months before I made my first commission. I considered that a success because I had that ‘it really works!’ moment. My goal when I started out was to make $200 extra per month. I really thought I would have it made if I could achieve that .

What traffic sources would you like to recommend to people who are just starting out?
The more affiliate friendly traffic sources like PPV, POF, etc. are good for newer affiliates because they don’t have as many restrictions. They’ll also work with you if stuff doesn’t get approved.
As you are master in PPV traffic most frequently asked question by the people who are just starting out with is what is the budget required to launch a successful CPA campaign? What budget do you recommend?
The minimum deposit for a PPV network (I would recommend) is $200. I don’t think that’s enough to give PPV a fair test though. It’s impossible to answer how much budget you would need to launch a successful campaign. I’ve seen people do it with a few hundred and others take a few thousand. It just depends on so many factors. I would say $500 is a good minimum for starting with paid traffic. There are no guarantees you will be successful by then of course.

What do you think are the essentials to run a long term affiliate marketing business?
Being diversified, having multiple streams of income, and retaining the user as much as possible. You want to focus on one niche/traffic source until you’re good at it, but then diversify into something else. Don’t just build CPA campaigns – build datafeed sites, content sites, etc. Promote different niches, products, and brands. Don’t always chase after the hot thing. There’s nothing wrong with doing that, just don’t make it the only thing you focus on because, as we all know, nothing lasts long in this business.
Anything you can do to retain the ability to market to the user again is great. Why send someone off to convert on an affiliate offer when you could somehow market to them over and over. A couple examples would be building a list or doing retargeting. There are a ton of ways to do this though.
Is PPV good for long term business? Many people doubt quality of PPV traffic what you would say about that?
It is as part of an overall strategy, yes. Like I said above, once someone masters PPV I would suggest branching out and building assets in other areas. That way, you have money coming in from your PPV campaigns, but also other projects.
The quality of traffic with PPV isn’t as much of an issue as the way people promote offers on PPV traffic. If you’re promising features or benefits on your landing page that the customer doesn’t actually get when they sign up to the offer, it will lead to bad quality. A good example of this is the dating niche where people like to say “free chat” or “chat now” on their landing page. When the customer clicks through looking to chat but has to pull out a credit card to do so, or finds it isn’t even a feature of that site, they won’t turn into paying customers for the advertiser.

What is your opinion about future of CPA marketing and what are your thoughts on major CPA networks shutting down? Where do you see the cpa marketing in next coming years?
CPA marketing will always go in cycles. Before the rebill craze, lead gen offers were really popular. Now that most affiliates aren’t pushing rebills anymore, lead generation offers are getting popular again.
People in this industry have very short memories. Just a few years ago, when money was flowing freely, networks just overextended themselves because of poor planning or the false belief that rebills would last forever. It’s important to stay connected to other affiliates through forums, conferences, etc. If you do this, and keep up with the industry, most of the network closing issues won’t catch you by surprise.
I think in the next year with CPA marketing lead generation is going to be popular. I also see many affiliates taking the skills they learn promoting CPA offers into branching out into other businesses.

Tell us about your private forum AFFPLAYBOOK ? When you started this forum , What is so special in your forum and what are you upcoming plans for this forum and what can we expect from this forum ?
I started Aff Playbook (then PPV Playbook) at the end of 2009. I didn’t have any plans for starting a forum, I just wrote an ebook that did well and led to people asking for a forum. I had no idea it would grow into what it’s become today.
There are a few things that make Aff Playbook different. Our lessons are organized and systematic. If you want to learn PPV, PPC, or whatever, we have specific step by step lessons to follow. We also show case studies of real, successful campaigns. I think the most important thing though, is we focus on building a long term business from affiliate marketing. Instead of just teaching how to run traffic to offers, we teach how you can earn more money from each visitor, and build a real asset.
In the future, we will be expanding these areas even more. You can expect more case studies, lessons, webinars, contests, and other surprises!
At the end any suggestions you want to give to people who are just starting out with CPA marketing or anything you want to share with us?
There is really no secret, or something the ‘successful’ affiliates are doing that you’re not. It really just comes down to focusing on one thing at a time and sticking with it until you get profitable.

Thank you very much David it was pleasure interviewing with you!
No problem, thanks for the interview!

I would like to thank David for taking time out of his busy schedule and sharing his time with us , those of you who are interested to join Affplaybook click here or check out whats inside affplaybook here  ~ KJ

$897 a week on 7search

Its been a while since i posted any thing about 7Search the reason is that i almost stopped advertising on 7search as i needed more volume and i was busy with media buying and PPV campaigns. I always disagreed with people who dont consider 7search as a quality traffic source and i still will. I never believe on what other people say about a traffic source until i test it myself and that's the reason i still believe 7search traffic does have a potential to convert for CPA Offers and thats why i recommend it to newbies whi are just starting out with low budget , I do have a traffic course on 7search which is considered one of the best course about 7search traffic and many of you may say " kj is just vouching for 7search just because he wants to sell his own course." But the truth is that i never recommended 7search to anyone just to make a sale for my course or any other product,course or any service i review on my blog,recommend on any forum i always try to suggest best service possible .

If you know my background i started off paid traffic with 7search and what ever i am today i am because of 7search , This traffic source helped me to build my budget so i can buy traffic from top advertising networks. Many people ask about niches that work well on 7search i have mentioned many times including in my previous posts about my best converting offers and do 7search traffic convert that i have successfully ran offers ranging from email submits to credit card submits and they did worked. Mainly i promoted payday loan offers, Email submits, Downloads . In Credit card submit offers a few of them were Omaha Steaks and 1ink offer . Try promoting well known and reputable brands ( Neverblue has plenty of well known brands advertising with them) as they tend to work well on 7search.

Here area bit of stats what 7search can get you

7search for cpa offers

And here is what i paid for this campaign


This is a campaign i ran for almost two years started in May 2010 and stopped in november 2012 when offer was taken off and now i have decided to create my own product in similar niche and will resume sending same traffic that's the reason i am not giving away details about campaign and offer because i am once again going to monetize using 7search .  For some people 7search may not seem to work the reason in my opinion is that they never take 7search as a serious source of traffic and never work on demographics and who they are targeting to. Most of advertisers on  7search are newbies and they advertise without any research and at the end result is not what they are expecting and they start complaining ,. So my advise for you is if 7search is nt working for you do find out where do you lack ,where you are making mistakes and correct your mistakes in order to make it work .

Let me know your thoughts by making comments below .

5 Headline Mistakes that Will Kill Your Landing Page Conversion

Most people make mistakes when they write headline for their landing page. And these mistakes will cost them their time and investment. Why? That’s because by simply creating a bad headline, you won’t be able to convert your traffic into sales effectively. In this way, you’re wasting your effort in generating traffic to this landing page. Moreover, if you are using paid traffic, then it means that you are wasting your investment. Here are 5 headline mistakes that will kill your landing page conversion:

1. Using Old Swipe File.

While it is helpful to use old swipe file to boost your inspiration in writing headline, it is not helpful for you to just change few words from your swipe file and make it your own headline. Remember, no matter how successful the headline in the swipe file, it is only successful because the copywriter knew his or her target market at the time. You can’t use the same old technique because your target market will be different. For instance, the old headline “Do you make these mistakes in English” is probably only effective for specific target market, such as those who are seeking to learn English. If you use the same headline structure as this for your weight loss niche, it won’t give you any impressive result.

2. Not Focusing On The Problem Of Your Target Market.

The target market that you’re focusing on have problem that they want to solve immediately. Your landing page headline should be able to address your audience’s problem. Don’t just focus on the solution. You have to address the problem of your target market because this is the way you’ll attract their attention. Before you tell them the solution, you have to tell them their problem. It’s not the other way around.

3. Vague Headline.

Your headline has to be clear and properly directed to your target market. Who are the people who read your headline? What are they frustrated about? What do they want from you? What do they need right now? Headline that is vague will only deliver vague result for you. It means that you can’t really assess what you’ll get from your headline. Moreover, you might attract the wrong type of audience, other than what you intend to attract. So, be clear in your headline and make it speak to your audience.

4. Not Using Pre-Headline And Sub-Headline.

Pre-headline means little sentence or headline before the main headline. Usually, it is written in smaller font. This is an example of pre-headline: “Attention! If you’re suffering from insomnia, this is perhaps the best letter you’ll ever read…” And then you will go to the main headline. After the main headline, you will add more descriptive headline called sub-headline below your main headline. Pre-headline and sub-headline are important and they can add more power to your headline. So, instead of just writing your main headline, you have to add pre-headline and sub-headline as well.

5. Using Hype Just To Get Attention

Most people think that hype will help them to increase their conversion rate. But, this is wrong. Hype is perhaps equivalent with a lie, so it will just attract attention initially. Once your readers know that it is just hype, they will turn to distrust you. For instance, if you claim that your software can generate $1000 instantly in just 3 clicks, then you are definitely throwing hype to your audience. Your audience might initially believe this hype, but they soon will realize that your offer is impractical and impossible for them. So, it is not a wise step to use hype just to get attention from your audience. Just be honest about what you offer to your audience.

Those are some headline mistakes that you keep making in your landing page. Note that if you neglect the mistakes above, you’ll not be able to get good conversion rate from your landing page. You have to fix the problem and eliminate your mistakes before expecting any change in your conversion rate.

How to create PPV Landing page

Its been a long time i haven`t created any video tutorial for CPA Marketing Blog . So today i am here with one of the most requested tutorial after i Gave away a free PPV Landing page   on my blog . Many readers from blog and from my Facebook CPA Affiliates  Group messages me and emailed me that they want to me to shoot a video tutorial on how to create a PPV landing page . So here we are with Tutorial please note LeadImpact PPV Landing page size is 775 X400, TrafficVance PPV landing page size 775 X 435  Adon ppv landing page size is 775 X400 .

P.S I prefer image landing page over html landing page as over image landing page there are no keywords which can trigger any other pop up above yours on other hand if your landing page is in html and your landing page contains keywords which some other advertiser  on ppv network is targeting it may trigger another popup above yours .
P.P.S Do check out my post about Difference between prosper202 ,Bevo and CPVLab here


PPV Landing Page Giveaway

Hey everyone hope you all are having a great time . Today i have decided to share a penny auction landing page i created with you guys hope you will find it useful and will help to get you more ideas . So without wasting your time here is the demo of landing page link .
Click here to file ZIP file .

P.S : I have also included PSD file if you do have Adobe Photoshop you can customize landing page as per your need.

P.P.S : don`t forget to say thanks in comments 😛