Drop Shipping is a Learning Curve.

Hi everyone!

As you may have read over at my MissRocker blog I am starting a series about drop shipping to help you guys get in that extra bit of income and a side business by offering you a Drop Shipping Course.

So Today I want to tell you why you need a course and I have had a few people contact me saying “But isn’t this how amazon works? won’t people prefer that?”

Ok, so why do you need a course? Why can’t you just use your own intuition and find all the connections?
This course is something that will give you all the information and teach you the ways, you have the marketing skills and knowledge about how to get customers, but do you really know the ins and outs of drop shipping? What to look for in a shipper? How your communication will work? This course cuts out all the BS and allows you to save money on the mistakes and errors and jump in the deep end. Because we all know that it is better be taught than try and teach yourself and fail, we all started from somewhere, a school, a parent or a course. Everyone has foundations and they are educations, LEARNING. Learning is important to progress and even if you are doing well, don’t you want to do BETTER? This course is newbie friendly, as well as current drop shippers or sellers.

Now onto amazon, I have had a few people message me about how Amazon or Amazon Affiliates is a competitor and how they don’t want to lose against amazon, but why not be YOUR OWN AMAZON? Who need amazon? In the IM world we have the skill and techniques, the methods and knowledge of how to get these customers, so why do what they’re doing and not work for them, but for yourself? This course can help you skip all that nonsense and see you can do BETTER than Amazon. An overall, we are not trying to compete but merely take profits right?

So why not give it a shot?
After signing up you can get access to lots of videos, tutorials, member areas and much more on all different platforms, from mobile to desktop to iPads and tablets!




Make More Money with DropShipping

Hey everyone! Miss rocker here 🙂

I just wanted to introduce you to something this site has never discussed, To share an exciting opportunity for you all… DROP SHIPPING.

drop shipping

Affiliate Marketers have so many skills that they even don’t realize, and the baskets they place their eggs seem to lessen as the market increases, as more people get into it. People go down the route of networks, fiver and consultancy. CPA, PPV, Social media marketing, etc. are skills that can be used to widen your horizon. Your experience and knowledge in different niches allows you to have the advantage of knowing the different markets and their future, because the future is the internet. Everyone is online these days and the future holds more. The internet is a source of networking, socializing, and a source of income for all affiliates. So what am I going on about? Let me tell you…

Drop shipping can be a side business that you have been searching for, or it could be a way to practice the skills you have learnt. A separate stream of income that uses your skills in your main stream work.

All these stores and shops you visit daily to buy shoes, clothes, beauty products, electronics and such things, they all have a supplier. Putting it into practice, let’s say Rocker Interactive sells guitars, they go through the processes of manufacturing, testing and packaging, but they don’t have the time to go around making music shops or hiring sales staff to sell these guitars, so what do they do? They provide to Music Shop Café on Bridge Street (theoretical). So Music Shop Café buys these guitars in dozens (batches of 12) for $500, and price them for $55-60 per guitar (I am sure they can go for more these days but for theoretically let’s roll with these numbers). So that gives Rocker interactive a $160-220 profit per guitar right?

Now, as I mentioned above, everything is online these days, Affiliates have skills they don’t even know they possess, how about if I told you that you can do all the above, without renting a shop, or having to pay rent for a shop, bills, you could do it at the comfort of our house.


Drop shipping is the link between a wholesaler and a customer. It is the direct delivery of a product from the manufacturer to the customer. YOU my friend have the skills to be able to advertise these products to customers, by acting as a link you can use your marketing skills to get the customers. You get one price from the manufacturer and set a price you see viable for your customers. You will then send the order customer puts, his/her name and information (address and such) to the same manufacturer by e-mail and they will do the rest.
Treat it like any offer you promote with a network, you take your cut and decide what price you want to sell the item and decide if you think it can sell for that much.

Drop shipping is a great way to create another stable and long lasting income stream and i have seen many of my friends making god money with it, I would suggest you to check out Dropship Lifestyle By Anthon a good friend doing really well with drop shipping and known as a well respected and a leader in drop shipping .