Survey Shows Facebook will be the Dominant Social Network for the Super Bowl

With the super bowl just days away most people are as excited about the commercials and marketing opportunities as they are about the actual football game. In recent years, one of the biggest points of interest for many in the digital marketing industry has been on how people will be talking about the game online. For years the two main options have been Twitter and Facebook, and that certainly won’t be changing for Super Bowl XSLIX.

Super Bowl

According to a recent online survey run by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, 66% of viewers plan on posting about the game on Facebook. Twitter, on the other hand, will be getting just 56% of the total conversation. Obviously this shows that there will be many people who are using both social media options throughout the game.

In third place will be Instagram, at 31% and fourth place is Snapchat at just 11%.

These numbers were then broken down by age and other factors as well. Some interesting statistics include the following:

  • 78% of females will be using Facebook vs. 45% using Twitter
  • For males, 55% use Facebook and 68% use Twitter
  • Viewers who are 18-24 years old will be the biggest users of Snapchat, at 43%
  • The older age groups, those aged 35-44 will stick with Facebook, at 76%

The survey wasn’t just about what platforms people will be using to discuss the game, however. It also looked at how they would be accessing these social networks. Of all the Super Bowl viewers, the survey found that 61% of them will have their smartphone in their hand throughout the game to post on social media. 24% will be using a tablet, and just 20% will have their laptop. Again, many people will be using two or more devices during the game.

Of course, millions of people will be sharing their thoughts and emotions about the game, but millions more will be talking about and sharing their favorite commercials of the day. Given the millions of dollars many companies are spending to get their ads run during the game, this will be most welcomed by all the marketers.

It is expected by many that whichever commercials turn out to be ‘fan favorites’ this year will actually be seen far more on YouTube and other online sites than they will during the actual game. In fact, some of the companies have already published their commercials themselves online, or started hyping up their Super Bowl ads.

If you are a marketer of any type, make sure you take advantage of this huge event. Even if you can’t afford the multi-million dollar price tag to advertise on the actual game, you can get a lot of attention by posting from your brand’s social media accounts. Make sure you use the proper hashtags and share other popular posts frequently to get the most out of this game for your company.

Whether you are watching for the Football game, the advertisements or a little of both, the chances are that you’ll be talking about it with people from throughout the country on your favorite social media platform. In fact, brands and marketers are banking on it.

Tweet Your Coupons with new Feature on Twitter

Twitter has been really working on improving their ability to generate revenue over the past year, and they have just announced a major new feature that will likely help in that area. In addition, it will give advertisers an extremely easy option for targeting their customers with useful and actionable Tweets that will directly drive sales.


The feature is called, “Twitter Offers,” and it gives advertisers the ability to send out digital coupons within their tweets. Twitter users will be able to link any major credit or debit card directly to their account, which they can then use to claim the offer.

When the Tweet’s go out, anyone who doesn’t already have a credit or debit card attached to their account will be given the option to set it up immediately. This will be very important during the initial phases of this program because without a large percentage of users having the ability to make the purchase, it can’t be effective.

The coupons can either be for digital products, online purchases or even purchased completed in a retail store. This gives the users plenty of options on how they will claim their money saving coupon, and allows advertisers to target their audience in a very effective way.

Twitter’s Product Manager, Tarun Jain, wrote the following in a post about this new feature:

With Twitter Offers, advertisers will be able to attribute redemptions directly to their campaigns on Twitter, so that they can effectively measure the ROI from their promotions, even when redemption happens offline. Additionally, we make it easy for merchants to get up and running because they can use their existing payment network, there’s no change to the customer purchase process, no employee training and no new hardware or software to install. By leveraging Twitter’s robust targeting capabilities, advertisers can tailor their promotions and campaigns to the right audience, while optimizing for performance.

This new feature may have actually been inspired by a campaign that American Express came up with some time ago. The credit card company allowed users to enjoy discounts on certain things when they tweeted a specific hastag. This new feature from Twitter, of course, really pushes this to the next level and gives advertisers a lot more control over the entire process.

If this feature sounds like something you will be interested in using for your company or clients, you will still have to wait a little while before you can use it. Twitter is currently only rolling it out in the United States, and only to a number of pre-selected brands who will be doing some final beta testing. Once any bugs are worked out and Twitter decides it is ready for increased adoption, they will open it up to all US companies, and then likely companies around the world.

Don’t fret, however, this type of testing doesn’t typically take too long to complete, and this is something that Twitter will likely want to get rolled out quickly before other social media platforms are able to develop a competing version of the same idea.

Organic Advertising on Facebook to take a blow in January

In a recent blog post from Facebook, which you can read HERE, they announced that effective sometime in January, they will be updating the way their News Feed displays content. The biggest change is that they will be throttling promotional content. What this means to the average advertiser is that it will be more difficult to use their Facebook pages to promote their business to existing followers.

Organic social media traffic from facebook pages

The post specifically said that posts that have any of the following points will be throttled (taken directly from the post):

  1. Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app
  2. Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context
  3. Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads

The blog post states that they are making this change after surveying Facebook users. Specifically, they said, “…We often look to people on Facebook to tell us how we can improve. As part of an ongoing survey, we asked hundreds of thousands of people how they feel about the content in their News Feeds. People told us they wanted to see more stories from friends and Pages they care about, and less promotional content.”

While it is likely true that Facebook users responded to the survey saying that they wanted to see less promotional content, it is not as clear that they were talking about posts from pages that they were following. In all likelihood, Facebook is likely making this change for much more selfish reasons.

If Facebook can limit the ability for marketers to use their Facebook Pages to interact with their followers, they will be more likely to decide to purchase Facebook ads so that they can get the desired visibility. Proof of this can be seen in the fact that despite the claim by Facebook that their readers don’t want to see as much promotional material, they are not cutting back on the frequency that people will be seeing ads.

Of course, actual advertisements on the social network are likely what most people are talking about when they complained about promotional content in their News Feeds. When Facebook users ‘like’ a company page, they know that they will be getting updates from that page, and that the updates will be primarily about the company and the products they are selling.

People like business pages precisely because they want to see the promotional content, which often contains special deals or other information that is useful to the person following the page. Ads, on the other hand are normally unsolicited and for pages that the user has not voluntarily ‘liked.’   Of course, Facebook does do a good job at targeting their ads, but that is entirely beyond the point.

At this point there is not enough data about this change to be able to determine exactly what effect it will have on advertisers who rely on organic Facebook traffic, it is very likely going to be quite a significant problem.

Adsimilis Meetup 2014 – Dubai

It was my great pleasure to attend the annual meet up of Adsimilis Network which was held in Dubai this year. It was the first time that I participated in an international affiliate marketing event and also the first time in my life I delivered a speech. When I look back at my journey it makes me think that this was a big moment in my life. I never imagined I would be invited as a speaker anywhere, and for that I would like to thank Sean Mulkeen Co-Founder of the Adsimilis Network, Elena Mari and specially Eleah Portillo and all of the Adsimilis team for providing me this opportunity. With it being my first time I wasn’t able to deliver my speech properly and in fact due to all the nervousness I couldn’t even deliver 50 % of what I had in my presentation, however the amazing response from the audience was something which made me realize it wasn’t a fail at all. It was a very emotional moment for me, I would like to explain it by below image.




On the left side was me till the age of 11  (due to efforts of my late father and grandfather), I was admitted into good schools. However, I never thought about the right side. I was introduced to computers at the age of 12 in my school, after that I used to demand a computer from my father, however it was always a challenge for him to be able to afford one. In short, he was selected for a United Nations Mission in Liberia (offering him a better wage packet), and the first thing he did when he returned was to get a Desktop computer for the family house. That’s how I started using it to practice what I learned from a HTML book I had. Another long story short, on Friday 26th September 2014 a remarkable event occurred in my life, my very first speech… A big thanks once again to Adsimilis for making it happen. Now let’s cut my emotions and coming back to the event! I thought I would share this short story because after the meetup it was how I took it.

adsimilis meetup dubai

Officially, the event started on the 25th of September 2014 at Barasti Beach . Where I and my business partner met the amazing team from Adsimilis and also Ian Fernando , Martin Osborn , Robert Gryn from Voluum, justin Barr, Alex loh, jim Stark and other affiliates who came to attend the event. We all introduced ourselves to each other and had drinks, after which we headed out towards a VIP Dinner at Ocacti restaurant -Dubai Marina. Where we all had dinner with a fantasizing view of Dubai Marina and laughing at the jokes Predrag Arbutina and Robert Gryn kept us entertained with. It was a great opening night to the meet-up because we all got acquainted and the world I had behind a computer, the work I did, came to life, it was great to interact with such like-minded people who shared my passion and drive!

Ian Fernando

With Ian Fernando

On the 26th of September we reached the Sofitel Hotel Jumeirah Beach around 1 PM to where the actual event was hosted. It was nice to see some familiar faces and network once again and discuss how they were enjoying the place I like to call my second home; DUBAI! Then around 2:45 everyone was in the conference room rearing to go! The event officially started, and Adsimilis welcomed all the participants.

Jim Stark Adsimilis meetup dubai

The first speaker to indulge us with his knowledge was Jim Stark, a guy of much wonder and wise knowledge. His speech taught us about innovation, economization when you do get those top bucks, networking and the importance of a mentor, and that’s just to be brief! He spoke about his experiences and life in the industry, where he began and where he came, where he and his colleagues and family are today. It was very inspirational to say at the least!

kj rocker speech adsimilis meetup dubai

After Jim was my speech! I was much nervous and couldn’t deliver my speech properly. I mainly talked about how list building can help affiliates to maximize their revenues. I also talked about making marketing angles and what to offer to our lists and how to attract our prospects and earn their trust.

Robert Gryn speech adsimilis meetup dubai

The next speaker was Robert Grynn, the owner of voluum. Roberts’s speech spoke about business in general and about Aff Marketing, he shared his knowledge on what made a successful affiliate and successful business personnel. I particular learnt that delegation is important in success, to share roles and work with genuine and trustworthy people. His extensive knowledge was surely a great speech!

Alex loh speech adsimilis meetup dubai

The fourth speaker was Alex Loh, telling a story of a lion and offering us chop sticks! Alex’s open personality kept myself and I am sure many other positive throughout the conference, and his presentation reflected this well! He also shared experiences and knowledge, gave a few tips and tricks to encourage everyone to work strong TOGETHER. Overall I really loved his speech.

 justin Barr speech adsimilis meetup dubai

The fifth Speaker was Justin Barr, Talked about what it takes to become a successful affiliate. And why it is important to have a proper portfolio website in order to get into premium advertising networks, He also shared a few tips to pick up good offers and when asking affiliate managers for information what exactly affiliates should be asking for and how to get your hands on new traffic sources.

 Ian Fernando , Martin Osborn concluding session

At the end Ian Fernando and Martin Osborn concluded the session by sharing their knowledge and experience about affiliate marketing and answered the questions about affiliate marketing and advertising.

At the end we were also given some goodies as well.

Adsimilis goodies

After that we went to Mango Tree Restaurant, Souk Al Bahar near Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa where dinner was hosted with spectacular views of the famous The Dubai Fountain.

Due to super tight schedule we couldn`t join on the last day to desert safari however the pictures we seen later showed it was also a great adventure as well.

Overall, I can’t summarize the meet up in words because it was phenomenal, meeting people that have influenced my routine and drive in work, people who have made me laugh and be positive, People from all parts of the world, coming together to share their knowledge. I will never forget this weekend, I will cherish it as being my first affiliate event and hope for many more in the future!

More pictures

Leadimpact now allows traffic from all the countries

Hey guys i have a great news for you all !!


Lead impact which is owned by Blinkx Plc LON:BLNX headquartered in San Francisco, CA and London, England (They also own Adon Network as well ). Allows its advertisers to target all the countries. Before advertisers had to request countries by sending an email to the support team however now advertisers can select any country by from their campaign dashboard.

lead impact geo

Enjoy !!

Clickganic advertising platform raises $300K from Clickky and a business-angel

Backed by WannaBiz business-incubator, Clickganic advertising platform has raised $300K from a business-angel Eugene Medvednikov, and an advertising company – Clickky, for a minority stake in the project.

Clickky Advertising platform

Clickganic is an advertising platform, that helps increase publishers’ revenues, serving 1.5M ad impressions per day. Clickganic was founded by Sviatoslav Kliuchev and Eugene Kukharchuk in February 2014. In April 2014, the Clickganic team have already raised $20K of pre-seed investment from WannaBiz and completed its incubation program. Clickganic reached its break-even point right after the WannaBiz incubation program.

Sviatoslav Kliuchev, CEO Clickganic:

“The synergy of the partnership with Eugene Medvednikov and Clickky, will speed up our growth significantly. This investment will be used to automate our platform, expand staff, complete our own microtargeting system, develop the online marketplace and as a result; launch a release version of Clickganic. Using the large advertisers’ database of Clickky, we can significantly boost our publishers’ revenues, which will result in a big surge towards our growth.”

Vadim Rogovskiy, CEO Clickky:

“I’ve liked the Clickganic team since we accepted them for the WannaBiz program, where I’m also a board member and co-founder. They are very ambitious and with our help they’ll definitely achieve their long term goals. The value of this deal for Clickky is aiding the development of Clickganic’s ad server, which would then be used in scaling our media buying. We’ll also help them increase the number of publishers and advertisers, while building a cutting-edge platform.”

Clickky is the largest mobile app marketing platform in Eastern Europe, focused on user acquisition and traffic monetization. The company’s been operating on the global Internet advertising market since 2010. As a platform, Clickky includes it’s own affiliate network, offerwall advertising network, DSP, and up-to-date media buying technologies.

Clickky invents a new model of mobile ad campaign pricing

Clickky Advertising platform

Clickky brings performance marketing into the mobile ad space, with its brand new CPE campaigns. CPE or cost ­per­ engagement model means that advertisers define metrics to differentiate the engaged users. It could be anything from completing an in ­game tutorial to sending an email. The campaign cost is determined based on the quantity of engaged users rather than clicks or installs. This model helps advertisers acquire new active users rather than increase app install base.

Clickky’s CPE campaigns roll out of in­ house testing phase, as it announces the model’s availability for all advertisers, effective today. Clickky is proud to be the first company to offer non­ incentivized app installs priced on CPE basis.

CPE stands for cost­ per ­engagement and it means that the campaign cost is determined based on the quantity of users who genuinely like an app. An advertiser himself chooses any engagement metric, so the model works for any type of app and game. Examples of engagement metrics include:

● making an in­app purchase.
● completing an in­game tutorial.
● reaching a certain level.
● sending a message or an email.
● making a photo or video with an app.
● filling in the profile info.
● reserving a hotel room or tickets.

The cost per engagement is determined individually for every advertiser with the help of test campaigns. It means that a developer runs a classic CPI campaign to find out the conversion from installs to engaged users and the price of acquiring engaged users. Clickky then acquires new users based on this price.

Thus, advertisers who use the CPE model do not pay for the users who have viewed and clicked a banner or for the users who have installed an app and deleted it right away. They only pay to acquire users who are actually interested in the app. In other words, advertisers do not pay for app installs, they pay for the new active users.

“Our clients are thrilled with the new model”, says Clickky CEO and founder Vadim Rogovskiy. “The opportunity to control what kind of users to acquire, helps the advertisers predict the campaign ROI accurately. CPI and other models do not have this benefit. We are proud that we are the first company to offer CPE campaigns to our advertisers. We’ve got our high quality of our traffic to thank for this, we’re confident in our publishers, and know that we’re absolutely capable of delivering the results our advertisers are looking for.”

The average return of investment in mobile app ad campaigns is increased significantly with the new model introduced by Clickky. CPE campaigns help advertisers acquire users with the highest lifetime value possible. The advertisers’ risk is reduced compared to CPI, CPC and CPM models, thus the CPE model introduced by Clickky will become the next standard of mobile app advertising.


About Clickky

Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, Clickky has offices in Russia and Ukraine, as well as representatives in Asia and the USA. Partnering with dozens of direct advertisers and thousands of publishers, Clickky delivers exceptional results for its clients.

For any additional details contact Clickky marketing team at

Mobile Apps now Represent Over Half of Media Time

If you or your company is using digital advertising as part of your overall marketing campaign, it is time to make sure you are including in-app ads. According to a recent study from Comscore, people are now spending over half of the total time they are using digital media within mobile apps. This means that people will be more likely to see an ad that is displayed within an app than they would one that is shown anywhere else online.

Share of u.s digital media time spent by platform

Share of u.s digital media time spent by platform Source :

According to the study, apps constitute about 83% of the time people are spending on their mobile devices, which may not be to surprising to many, since just about everything is done within some type of app. With over 60% of total time spent on mobile devices compared to traditional desktops, it is easy to see how this would add up to people being in apps such a high percentage of their time.

Fortunately, many of the in-app ads are starting to become more interactive and effective when it comes to getting people to read and click on them. In addition, since you can specific what types of apps you want your ads displayed in, it is easy to set up an extremely targeted and effective marketing campaign that operates entirely within mobile applications.

Breakdown by Category

The report from Comscore gets even more interesting, and useful, when you take the time to look at the numbers broken down by category. The following time spent on each of these categories is broken down into mobile on the left, and desktop on the right:

  • Photos – 96% / 4%
  • Instant Messengers – 90% / 10%
  • Games – 86% / 14%
  • Social Networking – 71% / 29%
  • Informational Resources – 65% / 35%

As you can see, mobile is clearly dominating in every category that was measured in this study. In addition, mobile apps are used in every category, which shows exactly how important it is to be included in your marketing strategy.

Cross-Platform Ads

One thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot of cross platform opportunities available as well. For example, you can run ads on Facebook and have them displayed both on desktops and within mobile apps on phones or tablets. Finding the best opportunities like this will make it easier for many marketers to maximize their investment, without requiring too much extra work on your part.

It is important, however, to make sure the advertisements that are being displayed will look good and result in high conversion rates on both platforms. If necessary, making tweaks or other changes based on the platform can help ensure all your marketing dollars are as effective as possible.

However you choose to handle your digital marketing, it is important to make sure you are keeping mobile apps in mind. This is clearly the way people are consuming digital content, and this trend is only expected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future. If you don’t market where your target customers are, they will never even see your advertisements.

Maxbounty Announces BitCoin Payments

13 minutes ago i received an email from the Maxbounty CTO  Steve Sauve announcing new payment method, Bitcoins  making the Maxbounty the first affiliate Network to introduce Bitcoin payouts . Here is the  email I received from Steve


Hi Khawar,

MaxBounty is currently beta testing support for affiliate payments via Bitcoin. This is a limited beta test and can only be opened for affiliates who currently have a Bitcoin wallet and who wish to be paid via Bitcoin for the next few payment cycles or longer.

If you are interested and meet the requirements, please respond to this e-mail.

Thank you.


Steve Sauve |  CTO  |  MaxBounty Inc
PO Box 17039 |  Ottawa, Ontario  |  K4A 4W8
Phone: (613) 834-3955 x222  |  Fax: (613) 834-8011
Email:  | IM: maxbountysteve

I hope this will be a good news for affiliates having trouble receiving payments via other online methods and we will see many other Affiliate Networks paying their affiliates through Bitcoins.

Bidtellect Introduces New Native Advertising Platform & Exchange

Native advertising is one of the most effective marketing tools being used today.  For those who have not been using this powerful option, it is a form of online advertising where the advertiser is marketing to the viewer within the context of their current experience.  A prime example of this would be the Facebook newsfeed ads, which appear to be normal posts from their Facebook friends.

Bidtellect Native Intelligence

While this has proven to be an extremely effective marketing tool, it is also fairly time consuming and difficult to properly implement properly.  This week, however, the Florida based company Bidtellect has introduced a new platform which has been designed to help advertisers better harness the power of native ads.

Specifically, the new program, which is called the Native Marketing Platform,  works by allowing agencies and individual publishers to access and buy native advertisements using an advanced system of algorithms.   These proprietary algorithms identify the optimal ad choices based on dozens of factors including user behavior, the context of the page, the day of the week, the time of the day, the device being used to access the page and others.

The system has access to an extensive database of both first and third party targeting elements, which is constantly growing and improving, to help provide the best return on investment possible.

Lon Otremba, the CEO of Bidtellect, said of this new platform, “Bidtellect was founded with the mission to facilitate efficiency in native ad buying, selling and delivery across the web.  We understand that native is the most efficient, effective, affordable and scalable digital advertising medium since search, but it’s also one of the most challenging to buy, sell and fully comprehend.  Our DSP tools, real-time bidding platform, and expert team work together to demystify the medium and allow brands to activate profitable campaigns at scale.”

They have been remarkably successful at pushing the use of native advertising up to this point, and this platform will certainly help to take the company, and native advertising in general, to the next level.   The platform is already receiving over one hundred million bids on native inventory per day, and that number is expected to go up to one billion per day by the end of 2014.

As the company continues to scale up their services, they are signing up new sources for both the supply sources (places where native ads can be displayed) and demand sources (marketers looking to buy native ads).  As of their most recent press release, they are reporting that they have access to tens of thousands of native supply spots available.  They have also signed on 54 demand-side aggregators, with 102 unique feeds.

The company also announced the appointment of Shalanna Clark as their Native Creative Director.  She will be in charge of content development and execution for the company’s advertising clients.  Shalanna brings years of experience in tech and advertising.  Her previous roles include digital director at Zimmerman Advertising where she worked with premier brands such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Party City, Oreck, Papa John’s and a host of others.

This is an exciting time for Bidtellect, and the marketing & advertising industry in general.  The launch of this new platform will bring real time native advertising to marketers at all levels.

New Report Shows Digital Ad Spend Continues to Climb

ad spend climbThe latest update to the Advertising Intelligence Index has officially been released from Turn , covering January 1st – April 30th.   In this report they focus largely on the continued growth across virtually all types of digital advertising.  Some specific markets seem to be starting to stabilize in terms of their digital ad spend, but many new markets are really starting to push forward with their move into the online realm.

One concern some marketers have is that, as more and more major brands begin to invest heavily into digital advertising, it will start to drive up the overall prices for online advertising.  Over the past year, there has been a huge jump in the amount of ads being purchased, but the inventory has also skyrocketed due to updates and innovations from major ad networks including Facebook and Twitter.  At some point in the near future, the competition for ad spots will likely begin to heat up.

For now, however, the research published by Turn seems to show that the amount companies are willing to spend on digital advertising continues to rise across most platforms.  The following are some interesting highlights from the recently released report:

  • Mobile ad spend is up 109% year over year.
  • Brands are spending 65% more during the first four quarters of 2014 than they did during the same time in 2013
  • Display ad spend went up 20% – This is significant, since display ads have been around for quite some time, yet are still showing healthy growth.
  • Social advertising has climbed by 20%.  This is strong growth, but some experts expected bigger numbers given the popularity of social networks.  This lower than expected number could be due, in part, to the fact that buying ad space on these sites is still relatively inexpensive.

Not only are brands spending more on advertising across platforms, they are also seeing their effective CPM rates go up in all areas, except video, which dropped by 1% overall.  The above numbers are from the United States statistics.  Interestingly enough, the European markets are not seeing the same numbers.  Some points that were made about the data from the European market include:

  • Display ads are less competitive in 2014 than they were in 2013
  • Social advertising saw big increases in competition, reflecting the maturing of this category.
  • Video ads in the European market continue to be volatile.
  • Display ads are beginning to become more volatile, especially when compared to years past

Pierre Naggar, the managing director EMEA at Turn said of the report, “Spend and competition are increasing in mature markets, leading to smarter data-drive budget allocation this year.  Brands and agencies are using sophisticated audience-first strategies to drive planning for programmatic advertising, turning insights into an advantage against the competition.”

What may be interesting through the remainder of this year is how these data-driven strategies will play out over the long term.  There have been a number of different acquisitions and new companies coming out that offer real time data services for ad purchases, which means a growing number of marketers will have access to these effective strategies.  This will likely increase competition for the top ad spots on the net.

The report from Turn was based on an analysis of the traffic on their platform.  According to Turn, this platform makes over 100 billion data-driven advertising decisions.  They also analyze over 1.5 billion anonymous customer attributes, and provide instant access to billions of digital ad impressions, making them a leader gathering and analyzing digital ad information.  You can see the full report HERE.