Redirect users based on their states using maxmind API

Sometimes when promoting CPA campaigns on PPV i create separate landing pages targeting different states in the US for example when i was promoting Obama CPA Offer back in days of US presidential election i create separate landing pages for all major and states  and targeted them with those landing pages .

I am going to share with you guys code using which you can make it possible to redirect users based on their states ,


The above script will redirect visitors from New York state to KJ Rocker Blog and Visitors from Texas to  Rocker Interactive  And all other traffic will be redirected to you can easily add more states by copying and pasting else if part and add as many states as you want (don`t forget to replace state codes with your targeted states , you can find all state/region codes in US here .   Tracking such campaigns with prosper  is a headache so i would recommend you to use CPVLAB for tracking such campaigns (find $50 off on cpvlab coupon here ,

Add visitors geolocation into the landing page

Adding geo location into a landing page is a very powerful method to increase ctr PPV landing page and also it increases your conversion rates also as using geo location you can easily win visitors trust. Ofcourse when on a landing page when you will tell your visitors you have an exclusive offer for people of their town they will  more easily convert , This not only works on ppv but also on other regular landing pages,

For demonstration click here   To see what code i used for this click here

When you place code into your landing pages make sure first line of script is above all the lines, Here is the code you will use


Tricks to Make Your Content More Compelling and Highly Converting

Writing compelling content is the first step to achieve successful product promotion. It doesn’t matter whether you promote your own product or other people’s product. If you can’t write compelling content that will persuade your readers to take action, you’ll not be able to make money promoting that product. Here are 5 tricks to make your content more compelling and highly converting:

Smart problem solving

You are writing your content to help your readers to solve their problem. But, your readers have also read similar content somewhere else. What can you do to make your content appealing to them, although you’re giving them the same solution for the same problem? The answer is to give them smart problem solving tips. It means that you need to give your readers unique tips that is better structured and better organized to solve their problem effectively. In this way, you’ll be able to compel and persuade your readers to solve their problem right away.

Emotional feeling

Your readers will become more excited in reading your content if you can stir their emotion along the way. For instance, if you’re writing content to solve their weight problem, then you can write something like: “I really hate weight loss because it makes me feel bad. When I see myself in the mirror, I want to scream and crush that mirror because of the image it displays in front of me…” This is the way you stir your readers’ emotion. And it will be effective enough to persuade them to take action.


Appeal to your readers’ imagination if you want to connect with them mentally. If your content can help you to connect with them mentally, they will be easier to persuade. So, if you start your content with story or analogy, it will help you to appeal to their imagination. Awaken your readers’ imaginative power. This is the way you can make your content more interesting to read.

Practical tips

Giving tips to your readers is a surefire way to make your content more compelling. But, the tips that you give to them should be practical and easily understood. For instance, you can’t give your readers unreasonable tips. Your readers need practical, simple, and easy to understand tips in order for them to take action immediately. If you give them tips that are impractical or too complex, your content will only become a piece of writing without any usefulness for your readers.

Appealing graphics

Lastly, you should insert appealing and relevant graphics that can make your content more interesting to read. Blocks of texts will make your content look boring to read. So, if you write 1000 words content without any image, it will look boring to read, especially if you don’t put subheadings for your content. You need to split your paragraphs and give subheadings for your content in order for your readers to read it easily. Moreover, it is better to give appealing graphics to present your content better to your readers. It will boost their interest.

Those are 5 tricks to make your content more compelling and highly converting. If you put those characteristics in any content that you write, you will turn that content into a good and appealing content that can generate more sales for your product.

Simple Tweaks that Can Transform Any Bad Landing Page into Sales Machine

Do you have a landing page which converts at 0.1% or less? That’s what I call a lousy landing page. Or, it can be said that it is a useless landing page. A good landing page should be able to convert at 3% or more depending on the product that you promote. Fortunately, it is only a matter of simple tweaking if you want to change your lousy landing page into a high converting landing page. Here are 5 simple tweaks that can transform any bad landing page into sales machine:

Change your landing page design and graphics

First of all, take a look at your landing page design and graphics. Do you like it? If you don’t even like your own landing page design and graphics, then how can your audience like it? If you don’t like your landing page design and graphics, then change them. You can hire a web designer to make your landing page more appealing and look more professional. You can use nice graphics to represent your landing page copy. You need to be creative in implementing graphics to your landing page because it will affect your conversion rate. A lively landing page (and a highly converting one) has good design and graphics.

Insert a story to dramatize your offer

You need to make your landing page more dramatic. You need a story, a story that moves your audience to keep reading your landing page from start to finish. This story needs to be told in the most interesting way so that your audience feels excited to keep reading. If you haven’t done so, start writing an interesting story related to your product and put it in the introduction paragraph in your landing page. But, if you already write a story for your landing page, then you just need to examine it and make necessary changes to make it more appealing to read.

Know what your audience is thinking

For instance, you have to know what makes your audience to consider not purchasing the product. Think about it. Is it about the price? Is it about the doubtful quality of the product? Are the benefits not valuable enough? In your landing page, you have to address each possible resistance within your audience’s mind. This is important for you to crush their resistance before they reach the buy now button. It will make their resistance seems useless and insignificant.

Make it clean and easy to read

Examine your landing page carefully. Examine the font and the heading. Judge for yourself! Is your landing page clean and easy to read? Scroll it down and read paragraph by paragraph and pretend that you’re the potential customer. Do you think that your landing page is comfortable to read? Do you see any glitches or bad factors that might turn your attention off your landing page? You have to address this issue as soon as possible. If there is any problem, you need to fix your landing page immediately.

Eliminate the trash

Your landing page doesn’t need to be long in order to convert well. It doesn’t need to be full of fluff that makes it too difficult to understand. You don’t need to use complex language. In fact, you need to keep your landing page simple and straightforward. You can’t clutter it with ads that are irrelevant with your promotion. You need to eliminate the trash within your landing page. Read your landing page again and see whether you use excessive words to tell a simple fact. You need to simplify your landing page.

Those are 5 simple tweaks that can transform any bad landing page into sales machine. Don’t send any more traffic to your lousy landing page. You need to fix your landing page first before sending your traffic back to it. Do it now!

5 Headline Mistakes that Will Kill Your Landing Page Conversion

Most people make mistakes when they write headline for their landing page. And these mistakes will cost them their time and investment. Why? That’s because by simply creating a bad headline, you won’t be able to convert your traffic into sales effectively. In this way, you’re wasting your effort in generating traffic to this landing page. Moreover, if you are using paid traffic, then it means that you are wasting your investment. Here are 5 headline mistakes that will kill your landing page conversion:

1. Using Old Swipe File.

While it is helpful to use old swipe file to boost your inspiration in writing headline, it is not helpful for you to just change few words from your swipe file and make it your own headline. Remember, no matter how successful the headline in the swipe file, it is only successful because the copywriter knew his or her target market at the time. You can’t use the same old technique because your target market will be different. For instance, the old headline “Do you make these mistakes in English” is probably only effective for specific target market, such as those who are seeking to learn English. If you use the same headline structure as this for your weight loss niche, it won’t give you any impressive result.

2. Not Focusing On The Problem Of Your Target Market.

The target market that you’re focusing on have problem that they want to solve immediately. Your landing page headline should be able to address your audience’s problem. Don’t just focus on the solution. You have to address the problem of your target market because this is the way you’ll attract their attention. Before you tell them the solution, you have to tell them their problem. It’s not the other way around.

3. Vague Headline.

Your headline has to be clear and properly directed to your target market. Who are the people who read your headline? What are they frustrated about? What do they want from you? What do they need right now? Headline that is vague will only deliver vague result for you. It means that you can’t really assess what you’ll get from your headline. Moreover, you might attract the wrong type of audience, other than what you intend to attract. So, be clear in your headline and make it speak to your audience.

4. Not Using Pre-Headline And Sub-Headline.

Pre-headline means little sentence or headline before the main headline. Usually, it is written in smaller font. This is an example of pre-headline: “Attention! If you’re suffering from insomnia, this is perhaps the best letter you’ll ever read…” And then you will go to the main headline. After the main headline, you will add more descriptive headline called sub-headline below your main headline. Pre-headline and sub-headline are important and they can add more power to your headline. So, instead of just writing your main headline, you have to add pre-headline and sub-headline as well.

5. Using Hype Just To Get Attention

Most people think that hype will help them to increase their conversion rate. But, this is wrong. Hype is perhaps equivalent with a lie, so it will just attract attention initially. Once your readers know that it is just hype, they will turn to distrust you. For instance, if you claim that your software can generate $1000 instantly in just 3 clicks, then you are definitely throwing hype to your audience. Your audience might initially believe this hype, but they soon will realize that your offer is impractical and impossible for them. So, it is not a wise step to use hype just to get attention from your audience. Just be honest about what you offer to your audience.

Those are some headline mistakes that you keep making in your landing page. Note that if you neglect the mistakes above, you’ll not be able to get good conversion rate from your landing page. You have to fix the problem and eliminate your mistakes before expecting any change in your conversion rate.

How to create PPV Landing page

Its been a long time i haven`t created any video tutorial for CPA Marketing Blog . So today i am here with one of the most requested tutorial after i Gave away a free PPV Landing page   on my blog . Many readers from blog and from my Facebook CPA Affiliates  Group messages me and emailed me that they want to me to shoot a video tutorial on how to create a PPV landing page . So here we are with Tutorial please note LeadImpact PPV Landing page size is 775 X400, TrafficVance PPV landing page size 775 X 435  Adon ppv landing page size is 775 X400 .

P.S I prefer image landing page over html landing page as over image landing page there are no keywords which can trigger any other pop up above yours on other hand if your landing page is in html and your landing page contains keywords which some other advertiser  on ppv network is targeting it may trigger another popup above yours .
P.P.S Do check out my post about Difference between prosper202 ,Bevo and CPVLab here


PPV Landing Page Giveaway

Hey everyone hope you all are having a great time . Today i have decided to share a penny auction landing page i created with you guys hope you will find it useful and will help to get you more ideas . So without wasting your time here is the demo of landing page link .
Click here to file ZIP file .

P.S : I have also included PSD file if you do have Adobe Photoshop you can customize landing page as per your need.

P.P.S : don`t forget to say thanks in comments 😛

How to protect your landing pages from being stolen

Disable access from specific IP addressees.

One of the major problem with people who are doing well on PPV/PPC is Copycats who are always looking to steal your landing pages and campaigns , One of my good friends experienced same when one of his top performing campaigns landing pages ended up being listed on a Spying website and in matter of days his conversions decreased drastically and he had to build up his campaigns again.  This experience with my friend made me write about how we can protect ourselves from being spied. For sure we cant protect ourselves 100% from these scrappers but we can surely reduce chances of being spied . So here are a few ip addressees of PPV scrapper bots you can block their access to your servers so they cant spy on you . –

****Please do let me know by making comment below if you know more ip addresses of spy bots by making comment below and i will add them to list .

Disable access to a root directory on a web server

To prevent access in all folders on your web server, open the .htaccess file in your root directory and insert the following code.

Options -Indexes


Creating .htaccess file

Open note pad and paste following lines

Options -Indexes

order allow,deny
deny from 69.67.30.*
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
allow from all
ErrorDocument 403


Once you have pasted this code simply save this file with name .htaccess  and upload this file to your server .


Hope this will help you to reduce chances of your landing pages being stolen from people that can’t get anything to work so they steal your successful campaigns.

How to remove YouTube logo and YouTube control bar from videos

Do you use Videos on landing page ? Ever tried using you tube videos on your landing pages ? Imagine you can get by free traffic from you tube as a bonus by using video on your landing pages .

How ?

Lets say you use you tube video on your ppv landing page , and that video will surely get thousands of views too and this will help your video to rank higher in YouTube results . But there is a problem , It is possible that you will lose a good number of users just because when some one will click on your video control bar and youtube logo it is quiet possible that they will end up landing on YouTube website . To stop this i have a solution for you , First of all lets have a look how an ordinary video looks like with default code .

<iframe width=”260″ height=”146″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


<iframe width="460" height="259" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

What i did here is that i have added” modestbranding=1&amp;controls=0;showinfo=0" in front of video url , Here modestbranding=1&amp;controls=0  hide youtube video information and controls and showinfo=0 hides information about video.

Also if you want to auto play video on page load just add &autoplay=1

Now there is still one thing YouTube logo on right bottom which bothers me let me know if you have a solution to hide that logo by making comment below .

PPV Advertising fails

A few days ago i was checking out advertisers on ppv traffic and here are a few mistakes i found in landers which i thought are must share with you. Hope this will help you to optimize and create your landing pages in more better way and it will help you to understand how ppv marketing works .

ppv advertising fail


Its amazing sometimes people dont even bother to check their targets once , all they do is to scrape targets from automated scrapers and dump all of the targets in their ad account. That is the reason most of newbies do loose money because they don't filter all their targets, As they say one dirty fish can make a whole pond dirty in same way one dirty target may make your whole campaign dirty.  For example lets say you have a high traffic target but its not related to your offer , Then it will eat up whole of your budget and other targets in your campaign wont even get a chance to receive traffic because your high traffic target is eating up whole budget.So it is always advise to keep an eye on your targets specially on ppv and even if you do use automated scrappers do make sure that you review all of them manually before submitting them to your ppc account .


ppv advertising fail


At first look i was pretty impressed by this landing page but guess what ? When i tried to click on landing page literally i found it really very hard to reach next page  . Owner of this landing page must be loosing tons of traffic just because he has only made a small piece of text click here click able  . And that is

very hard to be found on this page , Thats the reason i when use such pages , i always make whole image click able...


ppv advertising fail

This is why i always recommend to use preview popper to preview how your landing page will look like when it will be served on ppv networks, Here the most important thing to note is that there is no call to action button on homepage  and also signup form is not visible too , While promoting such offer on ppv it is must to use a proper landing page instead of direct linking , At initial stage you should review your offer landing page and then decide weather it will work by direct linking or you will have to use landing page . The justification most of people who always direct link give that user will maximize landing page himself . Let me tell you one thing  before user do maximize window you will have to give him a reason to do do . literally every person using internet is lazy  and they wont maximize your window if your call of action/signup form isn't properly  visible .


ppv advertising fail


Here this is another example where directing is nt a good approach at all . Here on this page  when window pops up their is another pop up in same window with images  which doesn’t feel good at all . its just like a loop of  popups which does make a visitor feel good at all best bet os to promote such offers using  a landing page …



I hope your have enjoyed today’s post and i`d personally like to request you to vote for on  Maxbounty  Affiliate Rewards’ King of the Bloggers Survey.

also do check out my WSO  about ppv marketing PPV ROCKER

Why your PPV traffic doesn`t convert

Hey guys i have came up with a few important questions you should ask from yourself if your are not seeing any success in PPV traffic . Basically making a campaign is all about  learning from your mistakes and correcting them .

Here are the few questions you should ask yourself when finding out whats wrong with your campaign.

  • Do you think you have chosen targets which are related to your offer?
  • Are you using proper tracking solution  to track your traffic ? ( see here for more details )
  • Are you getting enough CTR on your PPV landers ?
  • Are your Choose targets capable enough to send you almost 100 views a day each ?
  • Have you done maths , Do you know how much you should spend on testing your landing pages and targets ?
  • Based on Network E.P.C After how many clicks your offer should convert ?
  • Is your network reliable ? Tried rotating your offers?
  • Are you split testing your landing pages and also direct linking to offer?
  • Is there any reason should a visitor fill up your offer? lets say you are a visitor will you fill up offer?
  • Are you monitoring all data you have collected on your tracker (best time,best day ,best targets etc.. ) ?

I hope this small post will help you to make big bugs out there on PPV traffic.


Let me know your thoughts by posting comments below 🙂