85% CTR on PPV traffic

This week is one of my busiest week and really have so many things to do .During these days i for the first time found it hard to even write up for my blog as i have so much work going on here at Rocker interactive . Anyways  these days i was able to achieve my highest CTR of my affiliate carrier on PPV traffic . As title suggests i was able to attain 85% CTR on one  of my campaign and happily it is very stable and its ROI is also mind blowing .I never thought i would be able to get that high ROI and CTR on a very highly competitive payday loans niche …


I know many of you guys must be thinking how is it possible , To be honest it all depends on your research and your approach , how well you know your prospects is the key and also traffic  tracking  plays a major role in making your ppv campaigns successful click here to read my thoughts on all famous tracking solutions in industry  .   I did used almost 8 landing pages on my campaign and spent about $400  on just testing this campaign some people may think it is huge testing budget but to be honest i feel lucky that i made my campaign successful without spending too much money on testing and $400  was not that much big amount for this niche  .

Here are a few steps i would like to advise you when setting up a campaign

switch off your computer once you have selected an offer think about who needs your offer , why they need it and where you can find them (write all this stuff on your pen)

also write down how you are going to target them what approach you will use on your landing pages (hint : find out what problems your prospects face and then provide solution )


now once you know what to do and whom to target get on your machine and make a list of websites you should target using PPV  .


Load your campaign on tracker and on your ppv network .


Start testing , Make sure you monitor all your data very closely and find out what fix your landing pages need and how to fix them once you find that youa re good to go … its all about finding out problems in LPs and then fixing them 🙂

Finally here are screen shots of stats i am talking about





How to increase your CPA Conversions

Are you one of those guys who receive clicks to your offers but you are not getting any conversions ?  Here is a simple tip for you guys , When you are promoting email submit and other gift offers most of people forget the fact that people are used to see these types of offers everywhere on internet so after they do click your link and reach offer landing page , They will take no time in clicking close button at the top right of their internet browser ,even if they are interested in your offer so best bet is to present a cpa offer to your visitors in a new way and thats a key to get max conversions and for this what you will have to do is to increase visitors interest and raise visitors trust you will have to engage them in some type of activity before sending them to offer page and thats very important and a solid reason you should use landing pages no matter what traffic source you are using . I have already covered this topic in one of my previous article Increase conversion rate of your email and zip submit CPA offers   where i have talked about some  ideas  using which you can increase your conversion rates ..

The most important thing is to be creative in way how you present a cpa offer to your visitors and that’s what matters a lot …

Want to be successful in cpa marketing ?

be creative !!


Let me know what you think

Direct linking Vs Landing pages for CPA offers

One of the most common mistake newbies make is that they  link CPA offer`s  landing pages directly without using their own custom landing pages .  To make it very simple to understand i would just use this example , Lets say you are selling a info product and to generate traffic you are driving traffic through google adwords and once some one click on your ad he is directed to order page of your product now my question is how a customer  will buy your product when you are directing that customer to your order page where there is no information provided about your product, Its benefits ??

How can two lines of text or a simple banner convince some one to buy/or provide his email address with no information provided ?

What is your experience direct linking is better or landing pages? let me know your thoughts by posting comments  …

Use Geo redirect for driving traffic to cpa offers

Here goes another video for kjrocker.com readers , My back is hurting a lot and when ever i try to move it starts paining , Was nt able to deliver video in high quality sound and i do apologize for that. anyways website i used in video was http://www.cpaclickz.com/  i have already published one article about it so if you have any problem refer to my article    Are you losing money because of redirection problems ?  and still if your problem is nt solved than leave a comment here and i will get back to you 🙂