Valuable Workshop on Lead Generation Coming from the FTC

If you are in the business of online lead generation, you know (or at least you should know) how important it is to remain in compliance with the many rules and regulation put forth by the FTC.  If you step outside of what they consider unfair or deceptive practices, you could be facing significant fines or other penalties that can quickly shut down your business.

Fortunately, the FTC isn’t just here to cause your business problems.  They are also willing to help you to learn how to avoid issues and even generate more leads.  This is what they will be doing at an upcoming workshop titled, “Follow the Lead: An FTC Workshop About Online Lead Generation.”   The workshop is scheduled to take place on October 30, 2015.

While the full lineup of topics to be covered has not yet been finalized, the FTC has released some valuable information about the types of things they will be discussing.  The topics include:

  • How Lead Generation Works – The FTC has confirmed they will talk about how online lead generation works throughout a variety of industries. They specifically mention consumer lending and education thus far, but other industries will likely be added.
  • Potential Lead Gen Legal Issues – They will cover what types of conduct could be in violation under the FTC Act’s regulations surrounding unfair and/or deceptive practices.
  • Best Practices – A list of industry best practices will be provided. This will likely include a variety of details on what has been proven effective, while still in line with the FTC regulations.
  • Consumer Protection – The FTC will cover a variety of ways that consumers can protect themselves in the online market place.

While the FTC has provided quite a bit of information so far, they are not yet done.  In fact, they have asked people from within the online lead generation industry to provide them with recommendations on different topics they should cover or research on this industry.  They are also looking for potential panelists to present during the workshop.  If you have any recommendations for the FTC, you can email them the information by August 25, 2015.  They can be reached at

The majority of online marketers use lead generation in one way or another.  Whether you seek leads from other marketers or you sell them to third parties, it is always important to get a good understanding of what you are doing and how you can stay in compliance with the FTC’s regulations.  If you are able to make it to this workshop it is sure to prove to be extremely valuable.

The workshop is free and open to the public so start looking into attending as soon as possible.

How to track list building campaigns with CPVLAB

Hey guys i hope you all are doing well, As you know these days i am focusing more on building lists instead of sending direct traffic to the advertisers instead i am now building lists so i can educate my prospects about the products i promote first and then send them to the advertisers as this helps to achieve high conversion rates and also generate more quality leads and sales as well.

I have been in touch in many list builders and affiliates who wanted to know how to setup CPVLAB so they can track their  opt-ins and list building campaigns they are running on paid traffic sources, So i decided to make this post  to help all of those people who want to get started with paid traffic +  list building .list building tracking

First things first i am going to use Following tools and services in this article .

Optimize Press If you are on budget you can check out Squeeze Matic

First of all lets have a look at how our demo campaign is structured .


Visitor lands on squeeze page  , Visitor signs up to opt-in form  and is taken to thank you page where he is pre educated about the product or service and once he is ready visitor clicks on offer link and is sent to affiliate offer . Here is the diagram of whole process
cpvlab campaign

Step1 : Campaign creation on CPVLAB

First of all we will select the campaign type on cpvlab which in this case is Lead Capture campaign type and then elect your traffic source (like i have chosen Lead Impact PPV network here) Give campaign a name and also choose thank you page tracking (if using thank you page like we are doing here )

cpvlab campaign setup

Click to Enlarge

Step2:Setting up landing pages

In step two you need to insert the URLs of the squeeze page you will use under the landing pages for the campaign: option .
Simply give a name to the campaign and also add the squeeze Page URL. If you want to split test between more then one squeeze pages you can do so by adding more squeeze pages as well.  Once done Add the thank you page details under After Opt-In option and add give a name to the thank you page as well as insert URL of the Thank You Page as well.. Again if you want to rotate between thank you pages you can do so by adding more thank you pages. The last thing you need to do for Step 2 is to add your affiliate offer link , again you will have to give it a name add your affiliate url add offer payout and you are done .. now the last step you need to do is to give a unique id to all pages including offer as well and press equal sign to set the percentage of the traffic each page will get (in case if you are split testing otherwise it will give 100% traffic to your squeeze and thank you pages as well as to the offer as well.

Cpvlab camapign set up split testing

Click to Enlarge

Step3: Setting up tracking codes

This step is mostly about copying tracking codes from the CPVLAB and pasting them on your squeeze page and placing links on Thank You Page . SO to start off first of all we will have to add the tracking code to the squeeze page, From CPVLAB you will find code under Step 2: Add Code to Level 1 Landing Pages and Step 2b (optional): Add Code to Level 1 LPs to track direct traffic Step to b is optional however it is better to do that as it will redirect your visitors to the thank you page and offer in case you get traffic from other sources as well ,

CPVLAB Tracking Code

Click To Enlarge

To add that code onto Optimize press we will go on squeeze page edit it with live editor,  Click on page settings  (on upper right side as shown in image below) and then Where it says Other scripts under that box  we will add both codes there as shown in images below .

CPVLAB Tracking setup

click to enlarge

CPVLAB Tracking setup

Click to ENlarge

Now once this is done now we need to set CPVLAB redirect link on Aweber which will automatically redirect prospects to thank you page once users have Opted In. For that you will have to pick link from step 3 and paste it on aweber Sign Up forms > Settings > and under Thank You Page: you can also add same URL under Already Subscribed Page: as well.

cpvlab links

click to enlarge

cpvlab aweber settings

click to enlarge

The last thing you need to do is to get the link from step 4 where it says Edit Links (when a thank you page is used) and add it on the call to action button which will take visitors to the offer on the thank you page .

CPV LAB Affiliate link That`s all you need to do now you can get the Campaign UR from CPVLAB and start sending traffic to it through any of the paid traffic source you want  you can also ask your advertises to place your conversion pixels on their pages to track conversions as well .. Let me know if you have any questions ir suggestions by making comment below . Also please do not forget to share this post with your friends . 🙂

How to build your subscribers without spending a penny

The more subscribers that you have on your blog, the better chance you will have to promote your products. Isn’t that true? Yes, that’s true. If you sell or promote any product on your blog, you will earn better income if you have lots of subscribers, because in this way, you can have lots of sales coming from your email promotion. But, what can you do to increase the number of your blog subscribers? Should you spend some money on PPC and social media advertising? The answer is not. You can still boost your subscribers without having to invest on such expensive advertising platforms. Here are 5 ways to boost your blog’s subscribers without spending a penny:

list building

Give more to your subscribers.

When you give more, you receive more. That’s true in real life, as well as in business. In business, especially in your blogging business, what you give to your readers will determine what you’ll get back from them. So, if you want to get more subscribers on your blog, the simplest way is to give more stuff to those who subscribe to your blog. In other words, you have to increase the quality of your mailing list. If you offer free stuff, don’t offer just one product. That’s too common. You have to go another mile by giving more free stuff to your subscribers. Give two or three premium products, and you’ll be sure that more and more people will be interested to join your list. And remember, keep improving the quality of your mailing list as well.

Install A Pop-Up Subscription Box.

Don’t let your blog readers get confused about where should they go in order to subscribe to your blog. Remember that simply by putting your subscription box on your blog sidebar won’t help you much in attracting more subscribers to your blog. You have to show your readers, especially your first-time readers, that you have something special for them who subscribe to your blog’s mailing list. So, when your readers are reading your blog for the first time, a pop-up subscription box will appear and give them irresistible offer that they can’t refuse. It will compel them to join your list and stay with your blog for a long time. I really recommend Pop up domination.

Create a dedicated squeeze page on your blog.

Many bloggers just put their subscription box on their sidebar, without creating a dedicated squeeze page where they pitch the pre-subscribers into subscribing to their blog. Did you know how important it is to have your own squeeze page? It is very important. You can drive traffic directly to your squeeze page from whatever source that you prefer. It will give you more chance to convert your traffic into subscribers. For instance, you can promote your blog on forums or by using YouTube videos, and you can direct the traffic that you get from those sources directly into your squeeze page, instead of your blog homepage. In this way, you get more people joining your list.

Promote your mailing list on each of your post.

Many people complain about how pathetic their mailing lists are. They don’t have too many subscribers on their list. They only get about 10 to 20 people on their list, without any sign of increasing. How about you? Do you have a pathetic mailing list as well? The reason behind this failure in attracing subscribers to your blog is the way you promote your mailing list. Most bloggers are passively promoting their mailing list to their readers. You shouldn’t follow their way. You have to promote your list actively, within each of the blog post that you write. At the end of each post, you should ask your readers either to subscribe to your list (by also giving a link to your dedicated squeeze page) or to follow you on social media. This will be a great way to increase your blog subscribers exponentially.

Write A guest post on some popular blogs.

“I have written many guest posts in the past, but none of them can bring me good additional traffic to my blog.” You might think that guest posting is a futile attempt to increase your blog traffic. But, is it true? People who fail to attract good amount of traffic from their guest post are writing their guest post for blogs that are not popular enough. It is important for you to write guest post only to popular blogs that already have lots of traffic in place and more then that are well known and provide quality content otherwise Google will hunt you down. Why? That’s because you need that traffic to be funneled into your squeeze page. If you write guest post to a struggling blog, then what are you doing? You will not be able to bring additional traffic to your blog, and that’s not useful. So, always write guest post only for popular blogs, and be sure to direct the traffic to your squeeze page, not to your blog homepage. This is a surefire way to add more subscribers to your blog in a matter of hours after your guest post got published.

Those are some ways that you can follow in order to increase your blog subscribers for free. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in order to attract more people to join your list. Those tips are enough to fill your mailing list with stream of new subscribers each and every day.

7 Lead Generation Principles you need to know

These days in my posts at  i am focusing more on list building and lead generation related topics on my blog because of the simple reason that many people think it is very difficult to build lists but its actually not , Let me ask  why do some internet marketing gurus can attract thousands of people to their list within 24 hours, while other online marketers can barely attract a hundred subscribers within a month? Why such a gap in their success? That’s mostly because those successful gurus are following certain principles in lead generation that guide them to achieve such kind of success, while on the other hand, lots of other marketers are in ignorance about such principles. If you want to ensure your success in your lead generation strategy, you have to follow the same principles that those gurus are following. Here are 7 solid principles of successful lead generation:


WHy your list building campgains fail

1. Be A Part Of The Solution, Not A Part Of The Problem

First of all, you have to understand that attracting leads to your business is not an easy thing to do. Unless people trust you and are willing to follow what you’re saying, they will not be willing to join your list. So, how can you convince people and make them to trust you? You can do it by becoming a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. Your audience has a problem that they need to solve, and you should be the one who will bring that solution to them with your mailing list.

2. Be Friendly, But Speak With Authority

It is very important for you to be friendly with your audience because you want them to be willing to follow you later. If you are not friendly toward them, then chances are they will hate you and find you annoying. That’s why it is important for you to write your promotional copy with a friendly tone. However, you also need to show your authority to your audience, or in other words, you also need to show your audience that you are an expert in your niche.

3. Give Your Audience An Irresistible Offer

What you are offering to your audience will determine how people will react toward your offer. If you want them to accept your offer graciously, without much resistance, then you should give your audience an irresistible offer, i.e. the offer that they cannot resist. If you are giving away free product, be sure that your product is not available elsewhere, and be sure that it can answer their biggest question to solve their problem. Also, you need to ensure that your audience can get the full benefit and value from your offer.

4. Give More To Receive More

If you want to attract more leads to your offer, you need to be aware of the law of giving and receiving. It is something like this: “The more you give, the more you receive.” You can only get positive result if you give more value to your audience. That’s why it is important for you to focus on giving the best thing that you can give to your audience before expecting them to give you something in return. It is not the other way around.

5. Do Not Waste Anything

Use anything that you have at your disposal. There are infinite ways to attract more leads to your business. For instance, if you have an old mailing list with several hundreds leads, you can promote your new mailing list in your old mailing list. This will give you some good leads in return. Then, if you have some old articles that you are no longer using, you can use them in your promotional materials in order to attract more leads to your mailing list. The key is not to waste anything that you have. If you can use them to attract more leads to your business, then use them.

6. Address Your Audience Personally

You need to build a personal connection with your audience because this is the best way to keep you emotionally connected with them. If you know your audience personally, they will consider you as part of their circle, which will benefit you further in persuading them to follow your recommendation. So, you should address your audience personally and make them feel that you know them personally. Instead of using “Dear readers” in your copy, you should be addressing the first name of your audience.

7. It’s All About Quality, Not Quantity

The success of your lead generation effort will be determined by the quality of your traffic. Good leads will come to your business if you can attract highly targeted traffic to your landing page. You can’t just attract any kind of traffic. You need highly targeted traffic in order for you to turn them into quality leads. So, quantity is not the problem, but quality is. The quality of your traffic matters.

Follow those principles and you will be guaranteed to succeed in your lead generation strategy. People who follow those principles will be able to significantly improve their landing page conversion and they will also be able to attract more leads in a short period of time.

Effect of gmail change new tabbed interface on email marketing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, You might have noticed that Google has changed its Gmail change tabbed interface  for the inbox , where emails are divided into three basic  parts.

Primary: person to person conversations.

Social : messages and updates from social networks Facebook, Twitter , Linkedin etc ..

Promotions: email news letters , Deals ,promotions etc

and also optional tabs including

Updates: personal, auto-generated updates including confirmations, bills, receipts, bills, and statements.

Forums : messages from forums etc


Some people described as death to email marketing and its been a hot topic for a while i wanted to conduct a few tests and see how much this actually effected email marketing , for this purpose i created a email campaign for one of my Non – IM niche where i regularly keep sending broadcasts to my subscribers here are the results

gmail tabs

I created a separate segment with only Gmail user`s and as you can see on top ( the open rate of broadcast i sent out after the gmail update ) and the bottom result ( the open rate of broadcast i sent out one month before the gmail update) . As we can see due to  the update open rate did decrease 3.3% however in my opinion its not that bad and i don’t agree with people who consider email marketing is dead however i do accept there is a little effect on email marketing due to recent gmail changes but its not that much …

Let me know about your thoughts by making comment below :).

I will keep testing and will update once i have more data ..





5 Reasons Why You Can’t Make Money Promoting Affiliate Offers

Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn money online, whether you want to do it in your spare time or full time. But, promoting affiliate offers is not as easy as you might think it is. Yes, the basic process of promotion is simple. You just need to pick a offer that you want to promote and promote it. But, in reality, you can’t make sales that easy. Do you want to know why? Here are 5 reasons why you can’t make money promoting affiliate products:

1. Bad Landing Page Presentation

When promoting an affiliate product, your landing page is everything. The way you present your landing page will affect people’s perception toward your product. If you have an ugly landing page, people will have bigger resistance to buy your affiliate product, no matter how good it is. So, a bad landing page presentation will affect your sales significantly. That’s why you have to focus on making your landing page’s presentation appealing. This includes visual presentation, look and feel, layout, content quality, and graphics. If you are confused about how to create landing pages do check out Optimize Press It is a WordPress theme which contains everything you need.Using optimize Press i have created many sucessful landing pages for my ppv, PPC and media buying  cpa campaigns.

2. Poor Deal Product

People always want to get the most from the money that they spend when they purchase a product. So, if your affiliate product offers very little value for your audience, then it will be considered a poor deal. No matter how good your landing page is, you won’t be able to make good sales if you promote a low value product. Moreover, if the price of the product is unreasonably high, then it will turn off your audience’s desire to buy the product.

3. Lack Of Passion

How passionate you are when you promote your affiliate offer ? Remember that your passion is contagious. People will likely follow your recommendation if you’re really passionate about what you recommend to them. Show your love for the product that you promote. In this way, you will affect people’s emotion toward the product. People will feel your passion and they will follow your recommendation because you’re making the product all the more interesting to them.

4. Lack Of Compelling Copy

Writing a good and compelling copy is essential for your affiliate marketing promotion. Why? That’s because it’s the way you communicate with your audience. Promoting a product is all about proper communication. Can you deliver your marketing message effectively? Can you make your presentation so appealing that people will be persuaded to take action immediately? If you have lack of compelling copy, then it is almost certain that you will not be able to generate any sales from your affiliate promotion.

5. Low Quality Traffic

The quality of your audience will determine the result that you will get. Do you think that you can get rich selling ice cream in the winter? Probably not. Why? That’s because you’re giving your audience something that they don’t want. In the winter, most people want a warm drink, not an ice cream. Thus, it is important for you to choose your audience carefully. The more targeted your audience, the better your result will be. Remember to promote your product to the right people. This is the essence of successful marketing. In other words, low quality and non-targeted traffic won’t bring you easy sales for your promotion.
Those are 5 reasons why you can’t make sales promoting affiliate products. To know how to increase your CTR on landing pages click here . Those are the reasons why you fail in your affiliate marketing promotion. If you understand about the reasons above and willing to improve the way you promote your affiliate offer, you’ll be able to change this failure into a success.

Box Of Ads Is Actually Box Of Money!

Yes, you read it right , Box of Ads is Box of money! So many times I have been asked kj what is the best competitive research tool for PPV advertisers which helps you to stay ahead of the competition. A PPV Spying tool, which will help you to determine what’s working on PPV and what landing pages are being used.

Where Box Of Ads can help ?

If you are starting a new campaign and looking for ideas where to start this is the best tool which will help you to determine.

  • What type of sites you should target
  • How your landing pages should look like
  • What PPV Network is being used
  • What offers are working well

Or if you are looking to spy on your competitors by using box of ads you will be able to know

  • What type of landing pages your competitors are using?
  • What keywords your competitors are using.
  • What offer you’re your competitor is promoting.
  • What else your competition promote.
  • Duration of ads since they are live
  • And on what date they started and ended campaigns.

Features of Box Of Ads

Ok so that was all what box of ads is about now let’s have a look at its features .

Here is how it looks like when you are logged in .


Click to show full image

As you can see it not only offers you to target Using targets (keywords ) , Trackers  but also by landing page (offer lp ) and also lets you select which ppv network you are looking to spy on Traffic Vance or Lead Impact . And also lets you choose start and end date so you can only get those campaigns which are currently being run.

 box of ads review

Click to show full image


In above screenshot as you can see I typed in warriorforum and it s showing the advertisers on PPV who are targeting warrior forum .

Here is how it looks like when I click on one of those campaigns

 box of ads ppv spy

Click to show full image

  1. As you can see here It shows targets (keywords/sites) advertiser is targeting.
  2. Other campaigns being run by the advertiser (owned)
  3. Date and Time when campaign data was captured
  4. Traffic source
  5. Age of campaign (also notice above it start and last seen  date )
  6. Target
  7. Landing page url
  8. Tracker link

In advertiser campaigns tab it shows all the campaigns like this

 box of ads spy tool

Click to show full image


And this is how target tab looks where you can see what targets advertiser is targeting.


ppv target spy tool box of ads

Click to show full image

So ready to roll ?  Click here now and signup with Box Of Ads Now and get 7days Free Trail. And $199/ Month after that but wait! You are on Kj Rocker` s Blog  rite ?  So here you go use coupon BOAKJR52 and get 52$ off from monthly subscription.



Enjoy !

Best Platforms For Your Membership Site

There are so many membership platforms out there that it is now a minefield you have to tiptoe through if you want to find something good to power your site, fortunately I have been there and done that and I think there are really only 4 choices:

Get Response – $15 a month

That’s right; you can run your whole membership site through an autoresponder. This works well for smaller membership sites with a small monthly fee. You get them to sign up after payment for the autoresponder series and then have the messages queued up so they get one straight after signup to give them the first set of content, then email them once a month with new videos and content.

You can give them information in the actual email and/or refer them to a page on your site which has the bulk of the content for that month. This is not as robust as having a membership system because for instance your billing will be manual, if someone cancels their account then you’ll not have to remove them from Get Response yourself so they don’t get content for free. Also people can’t login and browse through all the content, but it is a cheap and easy way to deliver content and I have been a member of a few sites run like this and enjoyed them.


Wishlist Member – $97

I am using this one personally for Rocker Lab and i am loving it , it is a plugin for WordPress so you get the easy content management of WordPress combined with a powerful membership site script.

You can install it on a new or existing blog and it locks up any content you don’t want people to see without paying. It integrates with Paypal and Clickbank etc and can handle multiple membership levels and prices.

It also comes as standard with sequential content delivery so you can release new content each month to each member. All in all it looks like a powerful and easy script to use, although it doesn’t seem to handle the affiliate program so it is not as powerful as the next one, but can handle that side of things. – $179.95

This is more expensive but you are getting serious now, this is a high-end script which is harder to use but packed full of features. It has a built in affiliate program, it can handle payments so it knows when people have cancelled and after their month expires they lose access (with Paypal at least). You can setup multiple levels of membership with different content and prices, you can even drip-feed content but you’ll need a $40 add-on for that.

Installation is done by their team for free when you purchase the script so you don’t need to worry about that, but you’ll need to get to grips with everything inside yourself. The member’s area is essentially just a locked website, so you can use whatever template you have and the script forwards people to the right page after they login.

It can also email all your members and even has protection to stop people sharing their login details, so it can lock people’s accounts if it detects too many IP addresses logging in to one account in a short amount of time. This is what I use now.

For your first site then you probably aren’t going to want an expensive script, but then upgrading once you have members is going to be a pain, you’d have to manually setup accounts for them and manually remove those members when they leave.

I’d probably recommend the $97 script to start you off as it gives you lots of functionality while still giving you the ease of use provided by WordPress.


How To Create Profitable Info Products Using PLR

PLR products can be a goldmine! Yes I know you are probably thinking now that all PLR is total junk that you wouldn’t even give away for free… but there are different levels of PLR material and also we’re not going to just dust it off and sell it, we’re going to use it as a base for something else, Just look around and you will see many so called Guru`s distributing PLR products and they do sell like hot cakes , For example consider courses with with tons of Bonuses  and you will see that these bonuses are actually PLR contents anyways lets come back to the topic.

So the first thing you need to do is grab yourself some quality PLR, often that means not touching the generic junk on the big PLR stores you find which sell thousands of products. They are more than likely going to be really cheap and nasty products that were created just to sell to other people with PLR, not to actually be read by a customer!

I’ve purchased them before as I wanted a bonus to give away when somebody purchased through my affiliate link for clickbank products i promote, I spent a few hours trying to reformat it to make it look better, correcting things as I went along and planning how to bring it up to scratch, but after a few hours I realized even though it looked nice now, the content was awful! So it was scrapped and I wrote my own much shorter but better quality bonus to give away.

The place to find high quality PLR products is through writers who sell their own PLR stuff, like Tiffany Dow through and you can also find them on the in the WSO section when people either sell some limited licenses to a product they have already been selling before (if they need some quick cash) or writers come on and sell a guide they have written.

This way the writer is putting their reputation on the line and they are therefore going to make sure the content is good! I have purchased some superb quality PLR from both places so I know you can get it, but also use Google to search for more places as I am sure you can find lots more. Once you have a product then you need to start to dissect it.

The PLR guide is going to serve as a framework for your product, first read through it, correct any mistakes and remove any parts you really don’t like, then you’ll know what position you are starting from.

Add in any chapters to the table of contents that you think it is lacking, that gives you a structure to follow, then work on each chapter in turn. So go to the first chapter, read through it again, read through any research you have on the niche if you are not familiar with it, then either add to it if you think you can, or delete it and start again if you have to. If you add to it then do it in another colour and don’t be afraid to jump about and leave the PLR paragraphs in places they belong.

Go through and add in bits, move stuff round, just focus on it and don’t think that much about it, later on your can polish it but now you are just trying to lay down a foundation.

Repeat that with each chapter, if you have a chapter you added in so it is blank, then read everything you have as research ready for that chapter, twice, then put it down and just start writing, don’t make major corrections as you go, correct small spelling mistakes and that is it.

If you can do that then not only will you get things done WAY faster, but you’ll probably have a much higher quality chapter in the end which flows much better. If you let yourself get distracted and start correcting things etc then you’ll lose the flow of the writing and it’ll show both in how long it takes to finish and how the final article reads.

Once you have finished the whole guide in this way, then and only then do you go back and start to correct and finish each chapter off.

Another great way to use PLR to create a quality product is to find good quality PLR, then turn it into videos! You can just repeat the information in the PLR guide on slides and talking in a video (use screen capture software of slides, you don’t have to be on it) which will give you a premium product, you can now sell it for more than you could as a guide!

Or turn it into a physical book, how cool would it be to have your own physical book? Well with places like then you can have your own physical book up and running easily and selling on too. All you need to do is put a link in the back of the book to your ‘web only’ bonuses where they sign up to your list for some goodies, and you can leverage offline products (physical products) to help you build your online business!

Tips for Effective Lead Generation with YouTube

You can use YouTube videos to attract leads to your offers. If you want to build strong mailing list for your product promotion, you can use YouTube videos to drive targeted audience that will become loyal subscribers for your mailing list. Here are a few proven tips i can give you from my experience which you can follow to effectively attract leads with YouTube videos:

Create a clearly focused video

There is nothing more annoyed than watching low quality video on YouTube. Most low quality videos are created with no clear focus. What they’re talking about is unclear. They don’t have a good structure of presentation. In other words, they seem like talking about random information without any real substance. These types of videos are not good for your promotion. If you want to lead people to sign up to your offer or mailing list, you must first come with a clearly focused video that people can enjoy watching. Have a clear structure in your presentation and present your information in a clear and detailed manner. This will help your video to attract more views as well as drive more targeted traffic to your offer page. Try creating interesting and engaging videos instead of low quality videos.

Learn what people like and dislike

You need to investigate what people like and dislike from other similar videos. For instance, if your niche is weight loss, you should take a look at some weight loss videos posted on YouTube and see the comment section of those videos. How people react to those videos? How many likes and dislikes do the videos get? You need to investigate these things in order to come up with a better video that will attract more likes than dislikes, as well as positive comments. If you can attract positive comments in your video, people will be more interested to follow your lead.

Promote your offer in your video

You need to include the call to action in your video. Don’t just write call to action in your video description. Yes, you need to write the call to action in the video description, but it is better for you to include it inside your video. Talk about it at the end of your video. Tell people to complete your offer , subscribe to your mailing list, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter, and so on. This clear call to action will persuade your viewers more.

Keep your video short

How long should your video be? You should create no longer than 5-minute video. Why? That’s because you don’t want to bore your viewers with long videos. And long videos are boring, really. That’s why you need to keep your video short so that it can attract the most attention from your audience. In fact, if you can create an interesting short video, people will become addicted to your videos. The more people watch your videos, the more traffic you’ll send to your offer page.

Brand your video

Branding is very important because it will increase your video reputation. Your video reputation is important because people will judge your video quality based on your video reputation. Branding will provide an impression that your video is reputable. So, put your website logo in the right down corner of your video. You can also place your website URL there. It will make your video more professional and appealing. Thus, it will attract more leads to your offers.

Those are a few tips for effective lead generation with YouTube. The key is to create an appealing as well as professional video that will attract lots of views as well as drive more traffic back to your website. For landing pages I highly recommend Thesis by DIY Themes.
To know about how to rank your videos i have wrote in my article here

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Attract Subscribers with Your Free Report

Now, you’ve created a free report in order to build a list of potential customers in your website. However, somehow your free report doesn’t attract any subscribers to your list. It’s been a month since you put your free report online and drive good traffic to your squeeze page, but the conversion rate that you’ll get is not that impressive. So, why doesn’t it create enough attraction toward your mailing list? Is there anything wrong with your report? Here are 5 reasons why you can’t attract subscribers with your free report:


1. Your Graphic Representation Is Bad


People’s first impression toward your free report will depend on how you present your free report to them. Before they become interested in reading your report, your readers will look at your graphic representation of it first. So, be sure to have excellent ebook cover image for your free report in order to attract your reader’s attention and interest toward it. If you have old-looking ebook cover that doesn’t have any appealing design at all, your readers will think twice before they give their email address to get that report.


2. It Doesn’t Have Any Appealing Aspect


Since your readers can’t read your report before actually downloading it, they will depend on your description about the report to judge the quality of it. So, whatever you put on your squeeze page will give either good or bad judgment toward your report. What you put into your squeeze page will have great effect in building your reader’s interest toward your report. If the description is not appealing enough, then they won’t have any interest in downloading it.


3. The Benefit Of Reading Your Report Is Not Interesting Enough


Your bullet points are important because they can raise your reader’s interest toward your free report. And if you can’t make it persuasive enough, your readers won’t be impressed at all. When they are not impressed, they will simply leave your squeeze page and all your effort will be wasted. Your conversion will plummet. That’s why you have to set your bullet points interesting enough so that your readers will actually want to read the full tips inside your report. It’s not about describing the content of your report. It’s about giving your readers the benefits of reading your report.


4. You Are Giving Too Much Description For Your Free Report


Squeeze page needs to be as simple as possible. Your readers shouldn’t need to scroll the page too much before they find your opt-in form. In other words, since what you’re giving is a free report, you don’t need to put detailed description about it. Give short and straightforward description about your report and avoid making your description too long. If you have a long description, your readers might not have any interest to scroll down the page and subscribe to your mailing list because before they do so, they’ll get bored with your copy.


5. Your Squeeze Page Headline Sucks


Your squeeze page headline is the attention-grabber of your report. If you can’t grab your reader’s attention with it, then you will have a bad luck with your squeeze page. If you have low conversion rate in your squeeze page, most of the time the problem is in the headline. Try tweaking your headline and see what happens. If you can improve your conversion, then your headline is the one at fault. You have to be sure that your headline can grab your reader’s attention right away and keep them reading.


Those are the reasons why your free report doesn’t attract subscribers to your list. Why is it important to understand the reasons above? That’s because when you understand the reasons above, you can do the necessary steps to fix the problem. So, if you cannot attract people’s interest with your free report, try presenting your free report differently.