Let me help you to get started with PPV

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For the first time i am making this public, If you are in mailing list you may already know that i do offer Private PPV Coaching for those who want to learn from my experience.   Coaching other affiliates is always a great thing to do as it not only helps other affiliates but also helps me to learn new things too, the new things i discuss with students , Listening to their ideas , helping them to implement their ideas , helping them to test different things its a win win situation for both me as a mentor and also my students. I always keep limited spots as i always want to deliver best to my students and the best way to do it is to always keep number of students limited.

Back to coaching so here is what i am offering with my coaching , First off  See what others have to say about my coaching.

Now lets talk about things you will learn

I will take you by hand and help you with each and turn you into a PPV Traffic expert !  Here are a few things you will learn during coaching .

Note : I also do coach people about generating leads and sales for Empower network, Click Bank , List building and other affiliate programs.

— > See my New : CPA Marketing Coaching Offer here

  • What are CPA Offers and how do they work
  •  How to get accepted into a CPA Network
  • How to setup tracking
  • How to choose a CPA offer
  • How to conduct demographics research (in my eyes demographics research is much more then what mr guru tell you about digging sites like alexa and quantcast.)
  • How to do Create landing pages .
  • How to properly setup PPV campaign
  • How to find targets
  • How to test targets
  • How to split test landing pages
  • How to split test offers
  • How to optimize your CPA campaigns

More then that how to make your campaigns winners and then Scale them

In addition to this, I can also offer a advanced course for experienced marketers , but just need a little extra help and guidance as to where to go ,Also i do offer advance course for list builders on list building uing ppv traffic .

KjRockers Coaching is a PPV training course that will give you everything that you need to get started in the right direction. Please mind it we are not talking about some report here , We are talking about a one one one coaching program where you will have me personally on other side of skype to teach and guide you about PPV & CPA Secrets and also answers all your questions and address all your confusions.

"Not aware of Basis ?"

Don't know what CPA is? Can't get accepted by good CPA networks? Dont worry we will tell you what CPA is and help you to get accepted into CPA Networks.

My entire program is 100% newbie friendly and you can use it regardless of your current knowledge or experience.

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How to get enrolled in coaching ?

Its simple , Hit me up at contact @ kjrocker.com and do let me know about your experience and what you have done so far and why you want to get in my Coaching session and you will receive our reply containing details  within 48 hours .

How To Create Profitable Info Products Using PLR

PLR products can be a goldmine! Yes I know you are probably thinking now that all PLR is total junk that you wouldn’t even give away for free… but there are different levels of PLR material and also we’re not going to just dust it off and sell it, we’re going to use it as a base for something else, Just look around and you will see many so called Guru`s distributing PLR products and they do sell like hot cakes , For example consider courses with with tons of Bonuses  and you will see that these bonuses are actually PLR contents anyways lets come back to the topic.

So the first thing you need to do is grab yourself some quality PLR, often that means not touching the generic junk on the big PLR stores you find which sell thousands of products. They are more than likely going to be really cheap and nasty products that were created just to sell to other people with PLR, not to actually be read by a customer!

I’ve purchased them before as I wanted a bonus to give away when somebody purchased through my affiliate link for clickbank products i promote, I spent a few hours trying to reformat it to make it look better, correcting things as I went along and planning how to bring it up to scratch, but after a few hours I realized even though it looked nice now, the content was awful! So it was scrapped and I wrote my own much shorter but better quality bonus to give away.

The place to find high quality PLR products is through writers who sell their own PLR stuff, like Tiffany Dow through PLRMiniMart.com and you can also find them on the WarriorForum.com in the WSO section when people either sell some limited licenses to a product they have already been selling before (if they need some quick cash) or writers come on and sell a guide they have written.

This way the writer is putting their reputation on the line and they are therefore going to make sure the content is good! I have purchased some superb quality PLR from both places so I know you can get it, but also use Google to search for more places as I am sure you can find lots more. Once you have a product then you need to start to dissect it.

The PLR guide is going to serve as a framework for your product, first read through it, correct any mistakes and remove any parts you really don’t like, then you’ll know what position you are starting from.

Add in any chapters to the table of contents that you think it is lacking, that gives you a structure to follow, then work on each chapter in turn. So go to the first chapter, read through it again, read through any research you have on the niche if you are not familiar with it, then either add to it if you think you can, or delete it and start again if you have to. If you add to it then do it in another colour and don’t be afraid to jump about and leave the PLR paragraphs in places they belong.

Go through and add in bits, move stuff round, just focus on it and don’t think that much about it, later on your can polish it but now you are just trying to lay down a foundation.

Repeat that with each chapter, if you have a chapter you added in so it is blank, then read everything you have as research ready for that chapter, twice, then put it down and just start writing, don’t make major corrections as you go, correct small spelling mistakes and that is it.

If you can do that then not only will you get things done WAY faster, but you’ll probably have a much higher quality chapter in the end which flows much better. If you let yourself get distracted and start correcting things etc then you’ll lose the flow of the writing and it’ll show both in how long it takes to finish and how the final article reads.

Once you have finished the whole guide in this way, then and only then do you go back and start to correct and finish each chapter off.

Another great way to use PLR to create a quality product is to find good quality PLR, then turn it into videos! You can just repeat the information in the PLR guide on slides and talking in a video (use screen capture software of slides, you don’t have to be on it) which will give you a premium product, you can now sell it for more than you could as a guide!

Or turn it into a physical book, how cool would it be to have your own physical book? Well with places like Lulu.com then you can have your own physical book up and running easily and selling on Amazon.com too. All you need to do is put a link in the back of the book to your ‘web only’ bonuses where they sign up to your list for some goodies, and you can leverage offline products (physical products) to help you build your online business!

Thank you MaxBounty

I have just received a new years gift from  MaxBounty  ( seems i need to update my address with them,As it takes months to make a delivery on my old address) .  They were the first non-incent network i made money with and always great people to work with, and especially their payment terms are unbeatable and they never missed even a single payment so far .  Anyways here are the pics of me holding the awesome calender sent to me by MaxBounty Network.

Maxbounty Present Maxbounty Present Maxbounty Present Maxbounty Present


Want to send me something ? email me at contact @ kjrocker.com

Secrets of Successful Facebook Marketing for New Affiliates

Facebook is a well known traffic source for all CPA affiliates. I used facebook to drive traffic to my offers when I was nt able to afford paid traffic  and it is a great source to make money if done right, here are a few tips for those of you struggling with facebook traffic.

1. Create a Facebook Page

You don’t need to create a website in order to promote your cpa offers, but you need a sort of landing page to do the job. Facebook Pages are a great tool for promoting affiliate offers, and it can be an effective landing page as well. So, the first step is to create a Facebook Page for your affiliate offers. But don’t create a page about your offer. Create a page about relevant topic. For instance, if you’re promoting a dating offer , you can create a Facebook Page about dating tips and so on. Don’t forget to pretty up your Facebook page to make it more interesting and unique.

2. Go to relevant Facebook groups

Once your page is ready, you can go to relevant Facebook groups and ask people there to like your page. Of course, you need to do it in proper way. Don’t write spam comments on those groups. You just need to participate in the discussion and then promote your Facebook page later. The more involved you are with those groups, the more effective your promotion will be. Be active in participating in relevant Facebook groups. You’ll find lots of people start following you later. I would say again dont spam instead provide useful information and people will start following you .

3. Build strong fan base

Your job is to get as much likes as possible. You want people to come to your Facebook page reading your tips. That’s why you need to get as much likes as possible for your page. Do what is necessary to get more fans for your page. You can even run Facebook ads and promote your page. You can also use other PPC platforms just to promote your page. The good thing about promoting a fan page is that you only need small investment to do the job. Go for the lowest cost per click and people will still like your page, provided that your page has quality.

4. Choose the right offer

Promoting the wrong offer can get you into trouble. That’s why you need to choose the right offer  for your promotion. You might not get a good response from your audience if you promote an unrelated offer. But, you might get good response from your audience if you promote related offer. Remember that people are using Facebook to strengthen their social circle and possibly get a date. So, promoting a good dating product might interest them.

5. Provide free content update

Don’t forget to update your page regularly. You don’t want to leave it barren and dead. You want your page to be full of life by updating tips and information every day. This is what makes your page more interesting to follow. People like reading good free information on their Facebook timeline, so keep giving them useful tips and information. However, don’t spam and avoid blatant advertisement. You want to refer your affiliate product in a friendly way.

Those are a few secrets of successful Facebook marketing for new affiliates. By using the tips above, you’ll be able to unleash the power of social traffic and turn it into real profit. If you are looking for best facebook course do check out this review.

Shoe In the money Review

jeremy schoemakerHey there guys! Some of you may have received a mail recently about  Shoe In the money System …I have been receiving very positive response, So I thought I would elaborate and share a bit about him on my blog too . As you all may know, I don’t review any tom, dick and harry… but only well known, real and people I personally know and have dealt with over a long period of time (Well long enough to get to know their ins and outs). Jeremy is one of those I admire and have learnt a lot from I am one of his loyal fans.

So let’s start with some down to earth facts about his background and projects. Shoemaker kicked off his career from Sears (As a sales man), this lead to a job that was only $1 more, but it was the start of something bright….. He worked for a Internet Service Provider (ISP).  As time went on he built his empire and blog.

Moving on, let’s take a look at a few of his achievements so far,


He is famous for his Google cheque
Shoe Money


  • Featured on many publications;
  • New York post , Forbes.com, Chicago tribune, Bloomberg business week.
  • A blog with with over 30,000 visitors a day
  • Named the most influential person on the internet by Chuck Salter
  • Taking the stage at high ticket seminars and public conferences
  • 11th on power 150s ranking up marketting blogs
  • Schoemaker self-published his autobiography, Nothing’s Changed But My Change: The ShoeMoney Story, in January 2013
  • Been the Top Grossing Affiliate for 5 different networks (Commission Junction, NeverBlue, AzoogleAds, Ads4dough, CPA Empire).
  • Built his own digital advertising network that grew to over 25,000 active publishers and grossing over 2 million a month in revenue by its 3rd month. The company sold after 4 months after launch.
  • Nominated for a Presidential Award for Technology by eBay in 2008.
  • Operated his own Affiliate Network (ShoeMoneyoffers.com) which has done over 10 million in gross revenue to date.
  • Created, produced, launched, marketed, and sold over 15 million dollars of products over the internet.

Now talking about Shoe in the money system, How about if i tell you Jeremy a person to whom Google themselves call and ask to join google ad sense and he kills it in very first month (above cheque screenshot) , About an affiliate marketer who has made millions of dollars in CPA  (not talking about those guys who only make millions of dollars only on sales pages) i am talking about real hardcore cash and he shows proper 100% legit proofs .

And how if he is willing to train you ?  teach you affiliate marketing ?

Seems good ?

Join Shoe In The Money System


5 Mistakes You Can Make When Launching New Clickbank Product

clickbankI always love to write about my personal  experiences no matter they are related to CPA , General marketing , affiliate marketing ,Product creation or Product  Launch Management ,  I have been helping people with their clickbank for a year now and i have seen even big guys making very small mistakes which do effect their sales.

It’s ridiculous. It’s frustrating. You’ve spent months after months creating a product that you thought would be a bestseller on Clickbank. You asked many people to become your joint venture partners during your launch time. But, then it cracks to you that your product is a dud. Sales come very slowly. It’s not according to your expectation. What’s the problem? Here are 5 mistakes you can make when launching new Clickbank product:

1. Bad launch strategy

One of the most common mistakes when you launch a new Clickbank product is a bad launch strategy. Certain types of products will sell better with particular launch strategy. If you are using the wrong strategy, then your audience might not be as responsive as they should be. For instance, you are launching a new weight loss product and decide to build a mailing list to attract first time customers. But, you do it wrong. You begin to build your list 2 weeks before launch date. This is definitely a wrong strategy, because 2 weeks is a very short time to build interest and expectation for your product launch. Ideally, you should start building your list 2 months before launch date.

2. Wrong target market

For instance, you have a product about “how to lose weight before wedding day”, but you market your product to people who couldn’t care less about their weight. This is another mistake in your product launch strategy. Targeting the wrong market can get you into trouble. You will waste your traffic and investment. Therefore, you have to make sure to target the right target market with your promotion. Make your promotion highly targeted to ensure maximum conversion for your product.

3. Too late in getting JV partners

Joint venture partners or affiliates should come to you several months before launch. This is important because if you’re planning to use JV partners in your product launch promotion, you need to give your JV partners enough time to make preparation for your product launch. Most inexperienced vendors will get their JV partners a week before the launch date. It makes the promotion of your product launch a bit of a hassle because your JV partners need to rush in preparing their promotion strategy. As a result, their promotion strategy is often ineffective.

4. Gearing your expectation too high

When people launch a new product on Clickbank, they’re dreaming that they will get tens of thousands of dollars overnight. They expect too high while only having very little effort in promotion. You can expect high result if you do your product launch promotion in a big way. In other words, if you’re a big company with unlimited advertising budget, you can expect your launch to bring you massive profit overnight. But, if you’re just an ordinary folk trying to make some money by becoming a Clickbank vendor, you have to lower your expectation. Let the result speaks for itself.

5. A “same old” product

Usually, a new product launch will be ruined by one simple mistake. You are offering a same old product. If you can’t give your audience a new method or new formula to solve their problem, don’t bother to create another product and put in on Clickbank. Usually, people won’t buy it. Unless you can come with something new, you should refrain from even launching your product. A same old product is getting dumped nowadays. You need a new product to offer.

Those are 5 mistakes you can make when launching new Clickbank product. If you want to become a successful Clickbank vendor, you can have successful product launch if you follow the tips above.

Tricks to Make Your Content More Compelling and Highly Converting

Writing compelling content is the first step to achieve successful product promotion. It doesn’t matter whether you promote your own product or other people’s product. If you can’t write compelling content that will persuade your readers to take action, you’ll not be able to make money promoting that product. Here are 5 tricks to make your content more compelling and highly converting:

Smart problem solving

You are writing your content to help your readers to solve their problem. But, your readers have also read similar content somewhere else. What can you do to make your content appealing to them, although you’re giving them the same solution for the same problem? The answer is to give them smart problem solving tips. It means that you need to give your readers unique tips that is better structured and better organized to solve their problem effectively. In this way, you’ll be able to compel and persuade your readers to solve their problem right away.

Emotional feeling

Your readers will become more excited in reading your content if you can stir their emotion along the way. For instance, if you’re writing content to solve their weight problem, then you can write something like: “I really hate weight loss because it makes me feel bad. When I see myself in the mirror, I want to scream and crush that mirror because of the image it displays in front of me…” This is the way you stir your readers’ emotion. And it will be effective enough to persuade them to take action.


Appeal to your readers’ imagination if you want to connect with them mentally. If your content can help you to connect with them mentally, they will be easier to persuade. So, if you start your content with story or analogy, it will help you to appeal to their imagination. Awaken your readers’ imaginative power. This is the way you can make your content more interesting to read.

Practical tips

Giving tips to your readers is a surefire way to make your content more compelling. But, the tips that you give to them should be practical and easily understood. For instance, you can’t give your readers unreasonable tips. Your readers need practical, simple, and easy to understand tips in order for them to take action immediately. If you give them tips that are impractical or too complex, your content will only become a piece of writing without any usefulness for your readers.

Appealing graphics

Lastly, you should insert appealing and relevant graphics that can make your content more interesting to read. Blocks of texts will make your content look boring to read. So, if you write 1000 words content without any image, it will look boring to read, especially if you don’t put subheadings for your content. You need to split your paragraphs and give subheadings for your content in order for your readers to read it easily. Moreover, it is better to give appealing graphics to present your content better to your readers. It will boost their interest.

Those are 5 tricks to make your content more compelling and highly converting. If you put those characteristics in any content that you write, you will turn that content into a good and appealing content that can generate more sales for your product.

How to Generate Passive Income from Squidoo

Squidoo is the heaven for Amazon product reviews. In fact, it is so easy to write an Amazon product review and submit it to Squidoo because Squidoo has its own Amazon module that will let you to add product advertisements from Amazon easily. So, think about it this way. If you can create a lens that will promote products from Amazon and expect at least $20 income per month from this lens, how many lenses will you create? One lens per day is very doable, and if you do so, you will have a potential of making $600 per month passive income from Squidoo. So, how to do that? Here are 5 steps to generate passive income from Squidoo:

Create One Lens Per Day

Can you do it? Of course, you can create one lens per day because it will only take 3 hours at most to craft a good lens that will make steady income for you. This should be your aim. If possible, you can create your own calendar or schedule that will help you to keep things in progress. Don’t skip a day without creating a lens. Ideally, you need at least 100 lenses in your Squidoo account to create decent monthly income from your Amazon sales.

Focus On Creating Product List Lens

Most people will suggest you to create a product review lens, but I can say to you that it won’t be as effective as creating product list lens. Why? When you create a product review lens, you only promote one Amazon product in your lens. But, when you create a product list lens, you can promote multiple products at the same time in one lens. Of course, the odd for you to make sales from your lens will be bigger if you promote more products in one lens. So, you can create lens such as Top Christmas Gifts, Top Valentine Gift Ideas, and so on.

Target Low Competition Keywords For Your Lens

For your Squidoo lens to rank high in the search engine result, you have to target low competition keywords for your lens. So, if you want to give your readers some Valentine gift ideas, you can put Valentine gift ideas as a seed keyword and proceed to dig low competition keywords from there. The simple rule of thumb is this: your keyword must have decent amount of searches per day, and when you put that keyword into the search engine, you need to make sure that the websites occupying the first page result are not too competitive. For instance, if you find a page from EzineArticles.com in the search result for your keyword, then it is good for you to go for that keyword.

Create Good Content For Your Lens

Your lens shouldn’t be too short. In fact, it should be long enough so that your readers will find your lens as a valuable information resource. Since you’ll put many images in your lens, don’t worry about making your lens to become boring or dull. Even though you put long content into your lens (ideally about 1500 words), there will be attractive images inside your lens that will make it a good-looking lens. So, readers will keep reading your lens without getting bored. Don’t forget to use different text module for each sub heading within your content.

Add Attractive Product Images Or Screenshots Into Your Lens

Without attractive product images, screenshots, or videos, your lens will become dull and boring. Fortunately, since you’re listing Amazon products, you can get some product images and screenshots for your lens easily. What you need to do is just to be creative in placing those images in your lens. Make sure to keep your lens tidy and easy to read. Do not clutter your lens with unnecessary images.

Those are some tips you can follow to get $600 per month passive income from Squidoo. Don’t worry, though. It is doable. If you follow your own plan, Squidoo can be your first experience in earning decent online income that you can depend on. Good luck!

Interview with David from Affplaybook

Affplaybook is the only private forum i am member of and from the day i have joined it i never looked back , It is a great community of professional CPA affiliates led by David , I have already done a video review for affplaybook , AFF PLAYBOOK REVIEW Coupon included on my blog , Since i joined this forum i learned a lot from David , from his webminars , his threads and by talking with him . From a long time i wanted to do a interview with him for you guys , Finally today is the day and here , with out making you wait further i present you interview with David,

Hi David, for those readers of ours who don`t know about you would you please tell us about how you started into online marketing and what’s your background?
Sure! About 12 years ago I had a job doing computer network support for a large retail chain. It was a good job but what I always wanted to do was work for myself. I figured since I was good with computers, there might be a way I could make money online.
Back then, there weren’t a ton of resources so I tried a few things that didn’t work and finally built some content sites that started making money. Within about a year I was making enough to be able to quit my job, but I kept doing both for another year just because I didn’t know if this online business would last. I finally quit my job and never looked back.

How long did it take for you to be successful in internet marketing?
I think it was a few months before I made my first commission. I considered that a success because I had that ‘it really works!’ moment. My goal when I started out was to make $200 extra per month. I really thought I would have it made if I could achieve that .

What traffic sources would you like to recommend to people who are just starting out?
The more affiliate friendly traffic sources like PPV, POF, etc. are good for newer affiliates because they don’t have as many restrictions. They’ll also work with you if stuff doesn’t get approved.
As you are master in PPV traffic most frequently asked question by the people who are just starting out with is what is the budget required to launch a successful CPA campaign? What budget do you recommend?
The minimum deposit for a PPV network (I would recommend) is $200. I don’t think that’s enough to give PPV a fair test though. It’s impossible to answer how much budget you would need to launch a successful campaign. I’ve seen people do it with a few hundred and others take a few thousand. It just depends on so many factors. I would say $500 is a good minimum for starting with paid traffic. There are no guarantees you will be successful by then of course.

What do you think are the essentials to run a long term affiliate marketing business?
Being diversified, having multiple streams of income, and retaining the user as much as possible. You want to focus on one niche/traffic source until you’re good at it, but then diversify into something else. Don’t just build CPA campaigns – build datafeed sites, content sites, etc. Promote different niches, products, and brands. Don’t always chase after the hot thing. There’s nothing wrong with doing that, just don’t make it the only thing you focus on because, as we all know, nothing lasts long in this business.
Anything you can do to retain the ability to market to the user again is great. Why send someone off to convert on an affiliate offer when you could somehow market to them over and over. A couple examples would be building a list or doing retargeting. There are a ton of ways to do this though.
Is PPV good for long term business? Many people doubt quality of PPV traffic what you would say about that?
It is as part of an overall strategy, yes. Like I said above, once someone masters PPV I would suggest branching out and building assets in other areas. That way, you have money coming in from your PPV campaigns, but also other projects.
The quality of traffic with PPV isn’t as much of an issue as the way people promote offers on PPV traffic. If you’re promising features or benefits on your landing page that the customer doesn’t actually get when they sign up to the offer, it will lead to bad quality. A good example of this is the dating niche where people like to say “free chat” or “chat now” on their landing page. When the customer clicks through looking to chat but has to pull out a credit card to do so, or finds it isn’t even a feature of that site, they won’t turn into paying customers for the advertiser.

What is your opinion about future of CPA marketing and what are your thoughts on major CPA networks shutting down? Where do you see the cpa marketing in next coming years?
CPA marketing will always go in cycles. Before the rebill craze, lead gen offers were really popular. Now that most affiliates aren’t pushing rebills anymore, lead generation offers are getting popular again.
People in this industry have very short memories. Just a few years ago, when money was flowing freely, networks just overextended themselves because of poor planning or the false belief that rebills would last forever. It’s important to stay connected to other affiliates through forums, conferences, etc. If you do this, and keep up with the industry, most of the network closing issues won’t catch you by surprise.
I think in the next year with CPA marketing lead generation is going to be popular. I also see many affiliates taking the skills they learn promoting CPA offers into branching out into other businesses.

Tell us about your private forum AFFPLAYBOOK ? When you started this forum , What is so special in your forum and what are you upcoming plans for this forum and what can we expect from this forum ?
I started Aff Playbook (then PPV Playbook) at the end of 2009. I didn’t have any plans for starting a forum, I just wrote an ebook that did well and led to people asking for a forum. I had no idea it would grow into what it’s become today.
There are a few things that make Aff Playbook different. Our lessons are organized and systematic. If you want to learn PPV, PPC, or whatever, we have specific step by step lessons to follow. We also show case studies of real, successful campaigns. I think the most important thing though, is we focus on building a long term business from affiliate marketing. Instead of just teaching how to run traffic to offers, we teach how you can earn more money from each visitor, and build a real asset.
In the future, we will be expanding these areas even more. You can expect more case studies, lessons, webinars, contests, and other surprises!
At the end any suggestions you want to give to people who are just starting out with CPA marketing or anything you want to share with us?
There is really no secret, or something the ‘successful’ affiliates are doing that you’re not. It really just comes down to focusing on one thing at a time and sticking with it until you get profitable.

Thank you very much David it was pleasure interviewing with you!
No problem, thanks for the interview!

I would like to thank David for taking time out of his busy schedule and sharing his time with us , those of you who are interested to join Affplaybook click here or check out whats inside affplaybook here  ~ KJ

A knife juggle message for jeremy schoemaker

In world of blogging jeremy schoemaker (i made sure i spell his name correct 😀 ) is one the people i really do have respect for . He is one of the lead bloggers in this industry and a person from him you always learn something new i don`t really too much spend time on reading blogs but when ever i want to , Shoe Money is one of the blogs i visit, its always great experience reading his articles you always learn something new … SO instead of writing a long article about jeremy blog i just got this video for him check it out !

Shoe Money I love your blog from kjrocker on Vimeo.

kjrocker.com in new skin

If you are a regular visitor you may have noticed a change in blog design yes i did changed blog design once again i have Changed Blog Skin. This time i have also optimized this blog for mobile phones and tablet devices also as since last few months i have been traveling alot and to be honest during these times i learned how important it is to have a mobile optimized website/blog . I am planning some big changes on my blog in design and also in content also (You can expect big things coming up ) . I am still working on arranging all elements properly and enhance user experience and make blog as much user friendly as possible.

As Framework i have decided to go with Genesis Framework  by Studio press as it in my opinion is a great good choice over all other WordPress  Frameworks or it is easy for me to customize it as i am familiar with its code more then any other Word press framework available. Also it is more cheaper in price $59.95 and you can easily get its Child themes from anywhere including theme forest and Studio Press has also got some very nice child themes for Genesis Framework.

I also have worked to make my blog mobile and tablet friendly , Though i am using a  responsive theme which means it can adapt website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other viewing environment.  However to make reader experience even more better i am using WP touch Pro  WordPress plugin and i am really impressed from its performance . What i really like about it is its Web-App mode which delivers a native application-like experience on iOS devices. When visitors bookmark your site it is available in standalone mode without Safari wrapped around it, and visitors can get access to your blog with click of a button .Another great  feature is its advertising options . Yes i am blogger and i do make money by displaying ads on my blog and without proper mobile advertising  solution i was losing money but now WP Touch pro allows me to target my mobile users with Mobile ads and those using tablets with ads for tablets . I am going to use same plugin in mobile CPA offer promotions also now and will surely share my experience later with you guys about it .

So here is screenshot with how my blog looks on mobile and also you can see a small popup asking users to install web app on their iPhone i love this feature and WP touch Pro really made things easy for me .

wp touch pro



I would love to hear from my readers what they have to say about design and what i can do to make you happy , If you  you have any idea or suggestion about this blog , do let me know by making comment below  and i will try to implement your idea and make it happen.