First 3days in forex trading made $2508.94 by copying forex guru`s

If you are subscribed to my mailing list you must be aware that i was working on Forex trading since last few days and i am excited to present you with results i have achieved by copying guru Forex traders and made $2508.94 in pure profit.

So what did i do i simply copied successful traders using social trading feature of etoro Forex website and made a good amount of money here is the screenshot !!


etoro review


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Best CPA Coaching Forum|| Im Grind Review

I receive many emails and messages on warrior forum and facebook from many people about good resources from where they can learn about CPA marketing. Always before making any recommendation or suggesting product/course I always make sure that anything I am recommending to my blog readers is worth investment and that is something which is useful and I will buy without any doubt or without any second thought.

So today I am answering one of the major questions asked to me, KJ what coaching/Tanning forum you will suggest me?

So to answer this question I started researching some good paid resources which really help you to make money. So I came across IM Grind Forum.  Owned by Ruck and Ryan .

So who are Ruck and Ryan?

Ruck is the former CEO of the Convert2Media Affiliate network and Ryan is Not only a super affiliate but also advertiser too. And these guys are making money online since years now and without a doubt these are the best suitable people if you want to learn something about marketing.  They have years of experience and their forum is full of valuable information not only about internet marketing and specially CPA Marketing.  ImGrind .  Ryan and Ruck have Coached Thousand of successful Internet Marketers and its now your opportunity to be a part of a active and fast growing community of successful CPA affiliates where you will find information you cannot find anywhere else.

Click here to join Im Grind community

IMGrind Community

Lesson Learned Offline Marketing

I have been doing offline marketing with CPA marketing also as I don`t keep all my eggs in one basket. So few days ago I bought a new WSO which was about Groupon Marketing System and it Includes Website, Postcard, Sales letter, Email, as it included each and everything so I decided to set this model up for my offline marketing. My website was up and running and everything, I made few bucks out of it and everything was going good, I hired some people to email businesses who are offering deals on Groupon website.

Everything was going perfect and I was able to see some new subscribers in my mailbox and had all emails setup and scheduled , For mailing I was relying on email templates provided in WSO .
This campaign started on 1st of January and yesterday I received a never ending email with tens of documents attached from Groupon which stated that they are preparing lawsuit against me. And they also asked me to remove all content from my website which was using their Trade Mark.
Actually my website was not Using their Trade Mark at all, But what the problem there was email content As they state in email

You may or may not be aware that to publish statements of a party which would tend to lower the reputation of that party in the estimation of right-thinking members of society amounts to defamation. A trading corporation or company may bring an action for defamation in respect of a publication reflecting adversely on its trading or business reputation.
In the course of the email referred to above, you state:

These statements imply that engaging in business relations with our client is unlikely to be commercially successful. They tend to depreciate the reputation of our client in the mind of the recipient, in this case, our client’s partners and are therefore defamatory.

With that they asked me to delete all the content and pay for legal costs incurred in connection with my infringement of your copyright XXX Amount.

I simply deleted all the content immediately and contacted them back and asked them to reconsider their claim etc and they withdraw the claim for costs.

Lesson To All

Whatever you post on the internet or when emailing someone regarding marketing, Make sure you are not committing infringement of  copyright. Especially offliners relying on Groupon be extra careful. I learned to not fuck with Groupon because they will fuck you back.

How to create money maker websites without any experience.

How to create money maker websites without any experience.

So are you looking to make money from websites? You want to sell your own products, or want to sell products for an Amazon associate program or click bank affiliate or other affiliate programs?

The most commonly asked question from my visitors is that they dont know how to create a website. And outsourcing sometimes costs too much. This is especially for people on a low budget. Commonly, people just want websites to be done as quickly as possible, so they can start promoting and monetizing them.

To all those lazy people, I always suggest one website: ezcashincomesystem . This is an online tool where you can easily create websites or to make it simpler, all you need to do is to pick readymade themes from the system and start adding content. In a matter of minutes your website will be ready without any hassle! Ezcashincomesystem is highly recommended for people who have no experience in creating websites. Not only newbie’s but ezcashincomesystem can also be very helpful for people looking for landing pages.

For Stores owners

Ezcashincomesystem is a great and helpful tool to create a legitimate professional web store that sells real physical products. You may also offer services online or offline, depending on your needs. Web
Stores are real money makers over internet. The biggest advantage of Ez cash income system is that you spend very little time on the creation of your online store, and by less hassle in design of your store. You can concentrate on the promotion of your web store, drive traffic to your store using different methods; including free search engine traffic (make sure you spend some time on the "onpage optimization" of your web store) . PPC (pay per click) is where you pay an x amount of money for each click). Or if you have a good presence on social media you can drives tons of traffic from facebook and twitter.

If you dont have your own product

if you don`t have your own product to sell, no need to worry, you can sell products for other companies. How about selling products being listed on Amazon or other affiliate networks? So here is how it works;

Signup for free Ezcashincomesystem Trail. Now all you need to do is choose a domain name for your Web store (your store address like . Choose how your website will look (no need to worry all you need to do is to just type the text you want to appear on your web store and design o your web store. Once you are done, go to Amazon associates  and signup for an account it’s also very easy. Once you get in, all you need to do is choose which products you want to sell on your store. Now once visitors go on your website, and click on products shown on your web store, they will be re-directed on Amazon. If that person buys something from Amazon website, you will get a certain amount of commission, (Mainly 8% of the product price) . Now what if 100 people visit your website and 40 of them liked a product on your website and clicked it, then purchased it from Amazon. Let’s suppose the product price was $100 on 8% commission you will make 40*8=$320. After setting up your store all you will need is to drive more and more traffic to your website.


OK so here is a quick example we all know these days local shopping bargain groups on face book are very famous. What if we create a website about a local Town with domain like www.{townname} and create website using Ezcashincomesystem in a few hours our website will be ready with all Amazon products listed and all you need to do is to create a group on a fan page with [TOWNNAME]bargains and start adding your friends and ask them to add more and more people only posting one link to your website daily will bring you dozens of hungry buyers on your store and you will make thousands of dollars in terms of commissions! Good luck! 🙂