Social Kickstart- To iron out all your Facebook “Neck Pain”

Facebook is one of the biggest ways to connect to people these days and as professional digital marketers our job is to connect to people! Today I want to talk about how Facebook helps us, the processes we go through to get connected to people and how Social Kickstart can help you save so much time!

So first up, why Facebook? If not the millions and millions of users that use it every day, then the vast amount of tools and marketing activity one can get from Facebook! There’s the obvious Facebook Ads that EVERYBODY runs these days, then we have Facebook pages, groups, Events, Posts, Shared media from Other media sites… Facebook is a one in all package for all your marketing needs right? But wait… What is the most important thing to a marketer these days?


Our time is so precious these days that we are always looking for ways to save time but not cut the corners right? Before I go into any detail about how you can save time let me go through a few of the tools that Facebook offers and why they are beneficial to YOUR campaigns, how they can help you monetise.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook has become very commercial over the years and their privacy policy is shooting out the roof these days, but for us marketers, thats excellent news! Facebook will record users data and interests, track what they like and don’t like and follow up on what each user does in and out of Facebook using their mad crazy softwares and god knows what else… but the point I am trying to make is that Facebook is like any other traffic platform, you just need to input your data, tell Facebook who you want to see your ad and they will hunt those people down for you.

Facebook Fan Pages 

These little beauties will keep your sales floor open 24/7, re-targeting at its peak. If you can create successful fan pages n your niche and get people liking,sharing, posting and interacting…. you are well on your way to monetising your campaigns.. but is ONE really enough? (To be discussed later). Fan pages allow you to offer customer service and not just spam mail or spam post or spam in general, you can offer insightful information and updates about the product/service you are trig to sell, you can create a group of people who are genuinely interested in your product/service and what it has to offer. It is also great for brand awareness, but be sure to keep the page updated to get your brand to the skies!

Viral content marketing

Facebook Events 

Now the thing about events is that it excites people, we ran a survey amongst Facebook users about these “Event pages” and we learnt that Events excite people! You could be hosting an event, co-hosting, it could be a product launch, an event you will be speaking at? Let’s say it’s a product launch, You have ran some ads, got some traffic “Attending” Your virtual product launch, whats next? You need to throw some content their way sister!! (or mister). You want to keep them engaged, get them pumped and ready! Let’s say you are launching a service launch for a new dating offer? Why not create a “I’m getting lucky” Event, get people talking, throw some love potions about, talk about how this amazing dating site has a “special offer” , make them feel as if it is a REAL event, not just virtual?


So you have all these pages, groups, Ads, But how do you manage them all? Isn’t a “Pain in the neck” to post on each one, share on each one, make ads for each one… everything gets ab it too much and before you know it you’re getting confused which pages is which… Learn to my friends, Social Kick start has come to the rescue to create that “Kickstart” Your pages need!

Social Kickstart is a software that allows you to scale out and manage your Facebook pages AND groups all in one place. You can schedule your posts for your pages and groups all in one place, all under one column. You can favourite content, drag and drop your Facebook ads, Link up your Tee Spring research… and much more…  This will allow you to focus on multiple campaigns or go ALL OUT for one campaign… and the best part is? YOU SAVE TIME, because we all know… TIME=MONEY!

Stay tuned and grab your Social Kickstart now, because We have secured a exclusive interview with Mark Thompson to discuss Social Kickstart, JUST FOR YOU GUYS!!



PPV Rocker V3 Road to your success

Hey guys!

Firstly, if you have never heard of PPV ROCKER then click here , because this is where it all began. There is now a V2 and V3, but this post is aimed to let you know what its all about and how it can help you!

So where did it all start?

PPV Rocker began as a course about the basics of PPV traffic, giving you a guide on how it can help you achieve the goals you want, it won’t act as a “quick buck” or “overnight millionaire formula”, because that’s not what KJ ROCKER believes in. He is a man of morals, goals and long term business, so if you are just looking to make a few bucks or find a “guru” who will suck your money and leave you knowledge-less then please close this tab now…

Ok? So let’s get back to it.. PPV Rocker helps you to learn about what PPV is, how it is implemented and how it can make YOUR campaigns successful. It will guide you through the best offers, how to build a landing page, how to test and track your LPs, how to set up this tracking, how to optimize and much more… and that was just the first edition! Satisfied?

Let’s move onto WHY PPV?

PPV is not very costly, it is effective and it allows you to get the best results in terms of targeted traffic, PPV networks offer a wide range of targeted options to reach the people you want to reach, rather than any tom, dick and harry. It also allows you to have control and choose the direction you go, you can build a successful business in the Affiliate Marketing industry. But it requires dedication, hard work and commitment. Anybody who tells you that you can earn 10000s or millions overnight or in a jiffy is a liar who wants your money, because honesty is the best policy. You will earn more and establish yourself better through learning things step by step, with help and guidance and not losing it all to a WSO or course that costs hundreds or even thousands, because then you will have nothign to invest in your OWN business. So do you think you have what it takes? Do you think you have dedication, commitment?

The PPV Rocker courses are great for any newbie, expert or someone who is already in CPA Marketing but needs a little helping hand! So for the latest version you can click here … but it doesn’t stop there! Kj has always offered full support and back up for all his PPV ROCKERS, and this time he has brought something new… offering google hang-outs for any questions or help once a week…

PPV Rocker is a step by step guide full of videos, tutorials, guides made by the heart and sole of Mr Kj , from what he has learnt and practiced, to HELP you become successful, because the motto of V3 is: YOUR success is MY success and these are words of a true role model.

here is the statistical representations of our feedback since we launched our updated PPV ROCKER V3 and asked our members and buyers to tell us how they feel about the product and what they want !

PPV rockr

46% of our buyers and members  said they are satisfied and 54% opted for it is good but it needs more improvement , Now here we provided this option to our buyers so that they can also tell us what they want us to add and they did gave us great suggestions what they would like to see and know about , We would like to thank all of those buyers who took time to fill up this survey and we are working to provide you the things and tutorials you requested you should be seeing them in members area soon . Our focus is to create best possible lessons and tutorials for our users and that’s why have given our buyers to provide us their feed bak using Customer Feed Back Form.

Our next step is to know what YOU want to learn, because we could share all the knowledge we have but maybe it is not what YOU need or want? Over the next few days there will be lots of exciting ways to get involved and let us know what you expect from PPV ROCKER…


Miss Rocker.

Food for thought.

Hey guys!

Miss Rocker here, So I am back in the usual routine of posting at you guys when I feel that I have something you will benefit from, some of you big shots may think oh what a bore, but give it a chance, learning isn’t just for newbies, it is an ongoing experience that one should never drop. Whether that’s revising over things that you haven’t in a VERY LONG TIME or something that you just picked up.

So today’s brainwave was management, what really is it and where do we get it and why do we do it?

Management can be defined as “The process of controlling things or people.” To be simple and clear, but there are many different definitions and viewpoints,  but if I go through them all…. We are going to be here a long time, and I want my self-improvement and help posts to be quick and short for your convenience.  I also  want to link you to something that will help you in your CPA field.

So Management is about controlling and organisation but a manager cannot be an owner, this reference was taken from a guy called Max Webster who had this whole theory on management and Bureaucracy. So an owner is someone who reaps and loses everything right? Self employed with your own Online company or blog or site promoting these offers. are you really the owner? Aren’t the people you take the offers from? The networks and relations the owners? In effect they are your bosses? Makes sense right? Now don’t jump to anything and go create your own network for the sake of being your own boss (No issues with people who own networks), because maybe Webster is wrong? He said that a manager is a career professional, not the top boss, but who is this the top boss in this industry? You “Manage” your business, therefore 60% of IMers label themselves managers, but aren’t you owners? You run your work right? You OWN a blog or site right? Confused?

OK, let’s just re-cap and look back to the purpose of this post. The above information was just a little food for thought the real purpose  s to give you a few tips on how to be a good “Manager”, not owner, because let’s face it, you technically don’t own anything. Your sites are using hosting, without hosting you can’t have that site? So that’s not even yours? Your offers and products are provided by networks? You don’t own them, but this does not mean that you are not the boss.

Sorry, I did again food for thought 😛

So here we go, the first topic I want to throw at you is time management. 

Again all you big shots and successors may think “Oh I know all this, this is an old trick in the book, move on.” But just hear me out?  Time management  is something that people always say they will do but never have the time to do it (Which is quite ironic). But they underestimate the power of free will and letting things flow, because lets face it calenders, diaries, notes and fridge magnets don’t work. For 90% of the population these methods tend to fail, but I don’t want to discriminate, because there is some people it works for. So If you are one of the people who just can’t grab the hang of this formal time management then try the “Miss Rocker Mind Method”. 

So what is this all about? The way that I manage my time is creating a mental plan, by mentally telling myself what I am going to do in the day or week I have a rough idea and vaguely map out how in my mind, because the human mind is the best tool one posses. So why don’t we use it (Please refer to my Miss Rocker blog for a series of posts that I am starting about how you can use psychology to succeed and improve), when you have something in your mind it is either on your mind all the time or transferred to “the back of your mind” for later reference. The best way to adapt this is to keep a constant mental reminder of what needs doing when. Sometime it’s good to annoy yourself so much you need to do something that for self satisfaction you will just do it, even if it is not due or needed for a few days or while. It never harms to be ahead of time right? Try it and I hope to hear how it goes.

Referring back to the management and not being an owner, time

Peace out guys.


Miss Rocker

Psychology in Internet Marketting

Hey everybody 🙂 Miss Rocker here!

I have recently started to look into Psychology a little deeper, it has always been an interest but I have taken it up as more of a passion these days. So now you are wondering how does this relate to CPA Marketing?

Well psychology can be used to analyze and capture your consumers brains so you can know them before they know your product.


So Here are 5 Tips on how to use a persons brain for the your benefit, because if you know what they are thinking or how their mind works before you even target that mind, chances are you will hit the right targets and get the better outcomes. Which ultimately can be translated to knowing your sellers minds and preferences before you sell.


1. Steer don’t sell

This is a mistake many marketers make and I myself have made many times, it takes time to master but once you have got it you are in control. Do not SELL to your consumers, STEER them in the right direction. This means don’t offer them your product or tell them “How it will change their life” but show them a direction as to what you are selling. For example do not use language such as “If you buy this your life will change” or telling them prices (Never give away price at first hand), have the attitude that your product has already been bought. Using phrases like “When you buy this product yourl ife will change” and “You can see…” This makes the consumer feel comfortable and like you are offering something they own but hey just need to claim. Don’t make them feel they are missing out, because most people like to be unique or buy products and services that they do or have but they just need claiming.

2. Curious George

Most products that sell well have a “secret” and that is a their “secret” doesn’t make sense? Let me make it simple, if a product has something mysterious or secretive about it, a consumer is more likely to buy it JUST TO FIND OUT WHAT THE SECRET IS. So add in a twist or “secret” because curiosity is a psychological weakness in people, it’s the breakdown between walking away and the checkout.

3. Special Attention

This may seem like rocket science but the purpose of this post is to explain how these things work and not just state they work. The human brain is prone to special attention and even the most independent people want to feel special and hear about themselves sometimes. So personalize your products where possible and give options and offer personalization to individuals. This is where a mailing list may come in handy, at least the offer is being offered on a personal basis.

4. T.E.E. to Obtain the Product

It is said that a consumer identifies his/her wants and then buys it depending on the time, effort and energy to obtain it. The ratio of risk and investment will be balanced out in their mind as they walk more towards the want, However the ultimatum will depend on what they have to get this. For example, Social Media is a common and fast growing tool in promotion and marketing, Using Facebook in specific; consumers are already on Facebook, they are likely to buy when they see things on something they use regularly. A constant reminder will ultimately leave them to give in, and Facebook ads can also be targeted to specific people depending on pages they like, gender ages and countries.

5. Cute Cues

The final tip is related to people who don’t think as much as the above, they don’t think carefully about T.E.E (Time Effort and Energy). This means you need to try more to grab their attention and influence them using cues. These include music, bright colors, emotional stories or attractive speakers. This type of mentality ignores the facts,logic and information and leads to instant sales due to “Cute Cues” as stated above. This is why testing and tracking is important, see the LIST OF AFFILIATE MARKETING RESOURCES for more advice on tracking and testing.


Introduction post –

Hey evey one my business is growing and things are getting pretty bigger recently I have decided to re locate in Dubai UAE (official announcement coming soon). And things are going pretty good here at land when is started this business I never thought I will have that much of success, Anyways my todays post is about my very important team member and my business partner Miss Rocker ( you might have already seen her articles and posts here on If not you may check them here ).

Any ways we have decided that as we are growing more and more bigger miss rocker will manage offline business consultancy department and business development where as i will focus on affiliate marketing / Lead generation and advertising specially PPV and PPC  sections , That does nt mean this decision will affect this blog instead we have another addition and that is MISS Rocker Blog Where Miss Rocker will share her experiences about internet marketing and also about offline business consulting business , You can expect new things coming up at her blog as we are working hard to create more case studies and create working business models specially focusing on offline business consultancy where we will help offline businesses to increase their sales . You might have a look at  .  She is already working on some great interviews and you can expect some real info on her blog soon . If you are looking forward to expand and diversify your income do keep an eye on as big things are coming out very soon .

High five to success!!

Hey guys!! I am back.. Once again with a mountain of information for you to climb through and reach success!!

Lately I have been reading quite a lot of books about self improvment and how your very own brain can help you succeed in life. Ok, ok, you probably think “Yeah, well duh!” , but I don’t quite mean it in the way you think!

One of my recent books i read used two fictional characters as examples, they were both born with extraordinary mind power, but the book shows how ONE of them succeeds more than the other because of how he USED that brain power. Now, before I start, I am not a hypnotist or mind controller, but I want you to tell yourself one thing… YOU ARE A GENIOUS! Never forget that.

Our mind works in many different ways and sometimes it can be held responsible for how we turn out, therefore we need to take control and  use it for the better. Set yourself some life goals, where you want to be, where you want to go, and remind yourself of these, challenge yourself to BE your goals until you REACH your goals. Oh and remeber YOU ARE A GENIOUS.

A technique I used was to plaster my mirror (not literally, just the top end) with sticky note pads that had my goals or things I wanted to do that day, that year or even just that week or hour, and being a girl, I look at my mirror each morning when i wake up. You don’t have to use your mirror, what about a notice board you check every morning? stick a few on your fridge? I am not advising you to go crazy and plaster your house… But just ONE place that you look at everyday, a few sticky pads. Oh and remember YOU ARE A GENIOUS.

Okay, so thats the method but what if you are not sure WHAT your goals are? Some people like to take every day as it comes.. NO PROBLEM… set hourly or daily goals? Or just create a MENTAL picture of where you would like to be in the future, see what you have to do to get there…. Oh and remember.. YOU ARE A GENIOUS.

So here is a tip, go down to your local book shop or library and check out the books that write about achieving success, self improvement books and along with my tiny bit of input… SAY HIGH FIVE TO SUCCESS!


Thanks for reading guys! Do not hessitate to comment if you have any comments or want more information! I would be more than happy to help out if you want to know more!


Miss Rocker… High Five!

What i do with my savings

Its been over a a week i didn’t shared anything on my blog . First of all id like to tell you guys that i celebrated my 22nd birthday on 5th of may and it was an amazing day and  i enjoyed it a lot .

Coming back to title of my blog this week i was busy with making most out of my savings and for this i really worked hard but it was all worth it . As i dont like money just sitting in my accounts it just irritates me . As i  invest my savings  in Forex trading  , This time i decided to give some time to Stock  trading and make good figures out of it .

Trading = buying /selling

Stock trading is all about buying shares at lower rate and sell at high rate  . It can be very profitable business if you do it in rite way . I usually use etoro Forex Trading website  and use their guru copying feature ,using this feature you can exactly copy gurus on etoro Forex trading website  who are making killing .  All you have to do is to goto  etoro website and visit their social community . (all gurus are also paid for copiers so this mean if you copy a guru and you made profit guru will also be paid from etoro( you are charged $20 of you want to use copy feature )

But here is what i have learned so far after following many people and making nice cash on  etoro , Never ever copy a single guru because they can make mistakes too and if they did some mistake and suffered loss in trade than you will have to also suffer loss so what i do s that lets say i have $ 1000 to invest instead of only copying just one guru i will copy at least ten of them and invest $100 on each .Also while choosing market be careful i feel comfortable to work with Oil Market but it is considered as one of the most risky markets and sometimes to sell your stocks at a  good profit you will have to wait for market price to go high (may take time ) …


If you are thinking to invest in stocks i would advise you to first of all do monitor prices (about market your are going to enter
)for some days before getting your feet wet and also i would appreciate if you signup through my affiliate link here (if you do so i will be credited with $50 in my account which will help me to buy ,more oil stocks :P)

I would also advise you to start with low budget and never ever ever invest all your savings at once until you are not experienced enough .. The lowest budget required by et0ro is $50 and you can easily get started from it ..


I will share more tips in my coming articles


Comments and suggestions are always welcomed 🙂

Warrior Forums Special Offer (WSO!)

Hey guys!

Miss rocker here… Ok, Ok, You are probably thinking whaaat? Where is the London olympics stuff?

I PROMISE THEY ARE COMING… But this caught my eye.. Hit my heart and i just HAD to share it with you guys! + Encourage you to take up this offer.. Take it as a good deed, a helping hand or an act of kindness… whatever floats your boat.. But PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS BLOG!!

I have never seen such an inspirational WSO.. Something that has a inspirational purpose, some AMAZING offers and WSO sellers COMING TOGETHER in for such a cause….. 

Libby A little girl… An angel.. who’s name is libby.. a 6 year old princess who has been hit with cancer, at such a young age..

On march. She was diagnosed with Wilm’s cancer, which manifests in the kidneys. Five days later, Libby had her kidney removed. But in the process, her doctors discovered the tumors had spread to her heart. So last Friday, Libby had open heart surgery to remove that tumor as well.

Reading THAT alone made me melt.. Cancer is a dangerous illness, it’s like a serpent, it may spread, or it could stay and be removed… But we shouldn’t even come to think and wait aroudn for things to happen.. Like Bill on warrior forum hasn’t.. As he did, I will ask you all… What if it was your daughter? niece? grandaughter? cousin?

Warrior Forum is full of talented and awsome people who have LOADS to offer in this buisness? But why can’t we use it for GOOD? A little aside to do some good? Come together  and promote the skills, aswell as helping little libby!

So this WSO is all of the below for just $27, and that $27 will all go to libby and children JUST LIKE HER in a hospital in dallas.

CPA Marketing
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Content Marketing
Caleb Spilchen – Newsum – content generation software (retail $9.90)
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Affiliate Marketing
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Product Creation
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Laura Catella – Elite Level Copywriting Report (retail $27)

Mark Thompson & Daniel Lew – SEO Tutor video training (retail $197)
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Jesse Guthrie – WP ClientHub (retail $14.95)
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Miscellaneous Awesomeness
Bryan Zimmerman – Mindset Blueprint (retail $27)
Brad Spencer – Internet Marketing Idea Machine (retail $8.35)
Alex Jeffreys & Anthony Tilley – The Ultimate Alex Jeffreys Interview (retail $17)
Ed Akehurst, Martha Mayo, and Ed – Mining Cloud Gold (retail $12)
Simon Greenhalgh (link whizz) – Work on the Sofa (retail $37/monthly)
J. Scott Talbert – Legal Whitepapers (retail $19)
Marcus Passey – Outsource Blitzkrieg 2.0 (retail $9.95)


The link to the WSO is also below, don’t ignore this amazing opportunity guys! LETS PROVE WF HAS REAL SPIRIT AND IS A HELPING HAND COMMUNITY!!



Buy This WSO here


Well hi there again!

Hi guys!

I am back!

Firstly i would like to apologise for not blogging to you LOVELY people lately… I have been extremely busy in personal affairs, but I have lots of inspiration and tips to share!

I would like to start with a quote I heard in a meeting I attended not long ago, well a confrence.

“Patience is nto a virtue, it is a tool, a tool that is used by those who can bear it.”

My automatic thought to this was you guys in the Internet Marketting buisness, and a piece of advise KJ gave me (no doubt all of us), when i first started in the buisness.

“You can’t get rich in one day or night, it takes time and patience.” So to all of the “newbies” out there, hold on to this quote and have patience, use it, bare it and good luck in all your success!

Okay, Okay, now lets get down to it!

So as you all probably don’t know (but do now!), I am from London, and what is CURRENT and HAPPENING in London this year? THE OLYMPICS! I am very proud that not only my country, but the capital city, MY city is hosting the olympics!

So you are probablty thinking now, what and how will this help you? Well my dear freidns, the olympics will need a LOT of organisation, teamwork, spirit, training, an audience! Still confused?

Let me lay it all down, basically… ALL the above will apply to you guys too, you will need to be organised (*cough* KJ *cough*), may need to work with a team, you will definetly need a good and lively spirit! and need an audience. So I am going to research each of these area’s, linking it BACK to the olympics, but the main structure of my blogs will be on how you can improve on each of the above and many more!

So here is the deal… As I like to keep you guys informed on what’s happening, I will consult with KJ on my future blog plans, and hopefully in a few weeks, I will click on some of my tips and OLYMPIC STYLE blogs.

My main aim for involving the olympics is to inform you guys about what is going on where I AM, but also help you out a little, because I (amongst MANY others i am sure) am SO exited about London hosting the olympics 😀


Peace out guys!!


Changed Blog Skin

Hey guys So today to make my blog more user friendly (specially to make it navigation easy ) i have changed skin of my blog and gave it a completely new look. please let me know about your feed back  I hope you guys will like it and please do let me know if you want me to add in my blog or you want me to make some changes ,

I am working on a new video today again and hopefully will launch it tomorrow for free which will include more EPIC tips which will help you to make some money on internet  🙂 .

To Your Success



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