Clickky Adds CPI to Twitter Mobile App Promotion Campaigns

Reaching the goals of a mobile app marketing campaign depends highly on the advertising partner and whether it is able to bring enough traffic. Clickky already has an impressive ad inventory. An extensive network of affiliates, partnerships with leading SSPs and ad networks, and the status of Facebook ad provider are the company’s main weapons. The addition of mobile app promotion on Twitter makes Clickky toolkit even more powerful.

Clickky Advertising platform

At the end of June, Twitter announced that its mobile app promotion campaigns went out of the beta phase. According to the official blog post, advertisers were impressed with the results which Twitter was able to reach. Clickky started a negotiation process with Twitter and now it has access to the network’s mobile app promotion campaigns.

Twitter campaigns have lots of benefits compared to other app promotion tools and solutions. Among them is the giant user base of 255 million monthly active users, detailed targeting and native ads.

The main benefit of working with Clickky, rather than Twitter itself, is the campaign model Clickky offers. The mobile app marketing platform offers to acquire users on CPI basis, while Twitter calculates the campaign cost based on CPC. It means that with Clickky the developer pays only for new active users, no matter the partner’s pricing options.

Additionally, the company’s services include creating stunning visuals for its advertisers and setting precise targeting. Prior to the campaign, Clickky will create a Twitter account and app cards for the developer. During the campaign, Clickky will be testing different options and optimize them for the best-performing one. Clickky’s expertise in mobile advertising allows creating engaging ads with high conversion rates and absolutely for free. Thus advertisers will be able to meet their goals without overspending their budget, because they will pay only per install (CPI).

Another benefit is the possibility to use Clickky’s impressive ad inventory in addition to the campaign on Twitter. Mobile app promotion with Clickky means that advertisers can add Facebook advertising, Clickky affiliate network, other social media and app discovery channels to the mix. This will give a bigger boost to the app user base, rather than a campaign on Twitter only. Moreover, Clickky will help analyze which sources bring users of the highest quality. This will help app developers spend their marketing budget in the most effective way possible.

Clickky CEO Vadim Rogovskiy says: “Working with Twitter is important for our clients. We have gained access to lots of non-incentivized inventory. It means that now we’re able to acquire more users with high LTV. Lots of high-quality installs during a short-term period will boost apps’ ranks in top grossing charts. Besides, using our standard CPI model for ad campaigns means that our advertisers will be able to compare cross-channel ad performance. This way they’ll understand easily what’s the best way to acquire new users for their apps.”


About Clickky

Registered in London, United Kingdom. Also, Clickky has offices in Russia and Ukraine and representatives in Asia and in USA. Partnering with dozens of direct mobile advertisers and with thousands of publishers. Clickky delivers exceptional results for its clients.

Clickganic advertising platform raises $300K from Clickky and a business-angel

Backed by WannaBiz business-incubator, Clickganic advertising platform has raised $300K from a business-angel Eugene Medvednikov, and an advertising company – Clickky, for a minority stake in the project.

Clickky Advertising platform

Clickganic is an advertising platform, that helps increase publishers’ revenues, serving 1.5M ad impressions per day. Clickganic was founded by Sviatoslav Kliuchev and Eugene Kukharchuk in February 2014. In April 2014, the Clickganic team have already raised $20K of pre-seed investment from WannaBiz and completed its incubation program. Clickganic reached its break-even point right after the WannaBiz incubation program.

Sviatoslav Kliuchev, CEO Clickganic:

“The synergy of the partnership with Eugene Medvednikov and Clickky, will speed up our growth significantly. This investment will be used to automate our platform, expand staff, complete our own microtargeting system, develop the online marketplace and as a result; launch a release version of Clickganic. Using the large advertisers’ database of Clickky, we can significantly boost our publishers’ revenues, which will result in a big surge towards our growth.”

Vadim Rogovskiy, CEO Clickky:

“I’ve liked the Clickganic team since we accepted them for the WannaBiz program, where I’m also a board member and co-founder. They are very ambitious and with our help they’ll definitely achieve their long term goals. The value of this deal for Clickky is aiding the development of Clickganic’s ad server, which would then be used in scaling our media buying. We’ll also help them increase the number of publishers and advertisers, while building a cutting-edge platform.”

Clickky is the largest mobile app marketing platform in Eastern Europe, focused on user acquisition and traffic monetization. The company’s been operating on the global Internet advertising market since 2010. As a platform, Clickky includes it’s own affiliate network, offerwall advertising network, DSP, and up-to-date media buying technologies.

Clickky invents a new model of mobile ad campaign pricing

Clickky Advertising platform

Clickky brings performance marketing into the mobile ad space, with its brand new CPE campaigns. CPE or cost ­per­ engagement model means that advertisers define metrics to differentiate the engaged users. It could be anything from completing an in ­game tutorial to sending an email. The campaign cost is determined based on the quantity of engaged users rather than clicks or installs. This model helps advertisers acquire new active users rather than increase app install base.

Clickky’s CPE campaigns roll out of in­ house testing phase, as it announces the model’s availability for all advertisers, effective today. Clickky is proud to be the first company to offer non­ incentivized app installs priced on CPE basis.

CPE stands for cost­ per ­engagement and it means that the campaign cost is determined based on the quantity of users who genuinely like an app. An advertiser himself chooses any engagement metric, so the model works for any type of app and game. Examples of engagement metrics include:

● making an in­app purchase.
● completing an in­game tutorial.
● reaching a certain level.
● sending a message or an email.
● making a photo or video with an app.
● filling in the profile info.
● reserving a hotel room or tickets.

The cost per engagement is determined individually for every advertiser with the help of test campaigns. It means that a developer runs a classic CPI campaign to find out the conversion from installs to engaged users and the price of acquiring engaged users. Clickky then acquires new users based on this price.

Thus, advertisers who use the CPE model do not pay for the users who have viewed and clicked a banner or for the users who have installed an app and deleted it right away. They only pay to acquire users who are actually interested in the app. In other words, advertisers do not pay for app installs, they pay for the new active users.

“Our clients are thrilled with the new model”, says Clickky CEO and founder Vadim Rogovskiy. “The opportunity to control what kind of users to acquire, helps the advertisers predict the campaign ROI accurately. CPI and other models do not have this benefit. We are proud that we are the first company to offer CPE campaigns to our advertisers. We’ve got our high quality of our traffic to thank for this, we’re confident in our publishers, and know that we’re absolutely capable of delivering the results our advertisers are looking for.”

The average return of investment in mobile app ad campaigns is increased significantly with the new model introduced by Clickky. CPE campaigns help advertisers acquire users with the highest lifetime value possible. The advertisers’ risk is reduced compared to CPI, CPC and CPM models, thus the CPE model introduced by Clickky will become the next standard of mobile app advertising.


About Clickky

Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, Clickky has offices in Russia and Ukraine, as well as representatives in Asia and the USA. Partnering with dozens of direct advertisers and thousands of publishers, Clickky delivers exceptional results for its clients.

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Clickky expands in Asia

Clickky Advertising platform

Clickky, one of the world’s largest and rapidly growing mobile app marketing platforms with a focus on mobile user acquisition and traffic monetization solutions, has announced its strategic alliance agreement with Ad Japon, leading performance marketing agency in Japan to increase its market coverage in that country and other Asian regions.

Since year 2013, Asia has shown an exceptional growth rate in the mobile app market for both iOS and Android platform and has become the most potentially lucrative market for mobile applications.

By building a strong, long-term relationship with the largest player in Japanese app marketing field, Clickky strives to enlarge its market share in that region and acquire new customers among app developers, brands, digital agencies and mobile networks.

“It’s another significant hallmark for our company”, says Vadim Rogovskiy, founder and CEO of Clickky. “We plan to hire a strong professional team and just appointed out the new business development director in Asia, and we’ll continue to engage even more people in this key region. We are looking forward to making the Asian market one of the strongest ones in our portfolio and we think that our alliance with Ad Japon will assist us in achieving those goals”.

The partnership between Clickky and Ad Japon tends to be mutually beneficial for both parties. From one side, Ad Japon has a great expertise working with Asian mobile app developers and global brands which will help Clicky domesticate this very promising but complex marketing for European-based companies.

On the other hand, Clickky opens the window to Europe, North America and Russia; which are traditionally the strongest markets for the company and will enable them reach global customers across the social, web and mobile channels that Clickky provides.

About Clickky.

Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, Clickky has offices in US, Russia, Ukraine. With another office soon to open in Asia . Partnering with dozens of direct advertisers and thousands of publishers, Clickky delivers exceptional results on Cost-Per-Install (CPI) basis for its clients.

About Ad Japon

Ad Japon is a subisidiary of F@N Communications, which holds the largest affiliate network, “A8” and mobile ad network, “nend” in Japan. Ad Japon provides an

unified service including marketing, advertising, monetizing and localization with focus on the advertisers’ needs inside and outside of Japan.