From going Homeless to building a Brand!

Its been over 2 months I haven’t posted anything on my blog. The last two months were quiet eventful. First of all, I was left homeless for a week or two due to a fire in my building and for the very first time, I realized how long it takes to recover from such unfortunate events. However, complaining aside, I am thankful I escaped the fire safe without any kind of physical harm to myself.

Due to this, I wasn’t able to give my business proper time for almost a month. Luckily, thanks to my awesome team, everything was taken care of whilst I handled my situation, except the fact that I couldn’t write anything for you guys for a while. After recovering from the fire accident I began working towards one of my old projects, which I started 3 years ago in partnership with miss rocker. The project is what we are going to discuss today.

I have a habit of continuously buying good domains that interest me or spark me with potential. Normally I buy at least 2,3 domains a month and the majority of them I never use and they are just left sitting with my domain registrar or expire after a year or so. During similar adventures I bought a domain

One of the reasons I bought this domain is myself and Miss Rocker are very passionate about Dubai and wanted to share our experience of relocating business here. The original idea was to help investors establish their companies in Dubai and assist them with the visa, and company registration procedure. To summarize, we bought the, generated a few leads, made a few sales and then eventually we lost interest and this seemed to be the reason it failed! During this time, we bought another domain where we could share our experience about Dubai and basically document things and create guides related to Dubai, etc. This was a very interesting topic for me and Miss Rocker as well as our passion for Dubai, we started to generate a passion to make this blog something big, we knew where it was headed.

In September 2014 we attended Adsimillis Meetup and learned about a travel blogger Clelia Mattana and looked through her blog Keep Calm And Travel. From there we picked up some awesome tips and decided to keep our blog’s topic mainly travel and to keep the purpose of the blog as a place where people can learn about Dubai. This included; What hotels to stay, what places to visit and what activities to participate. In fact, we wanted to create a blog where we can tell people what they can do in Dubai to make their holiday memorable and also to provide information to UAE residents about how they can spend their holidays locally.

We also stick by the rule that we will only provide first hand information to our readers, which means write and discuss places, services or hotels which we have personally visited and stayed in to give our readers a better prospective, rather than multiple random reviews.

We have been working on this project slowly, as for us this project is more of a hobby than a way to make money. I must admit we have been going with a really slowly pace. So far we have reviewed a couple of hotels in the UAE and the United Kingdom and also other services /activities, (Mostly free of cost and we were invited by hotels and the tourism services providers to review their services). We also participated in two travel industry exhibitions so far World Travel Market and Arabian Travel Market. Recently I visited Arabian Travel Market .

360° Image by IMG World's At Arabian Travel Market 2016

360° Image by IMG World’s At Arabian Travel Market 2016

World Travel Market was our first event we participated in so we couldn’t do much except learning more about the industry. However, Arabian Travel Market was a huge success.

After getting such an awesome response from these conferences, and learning so much, I have decided to work on Dubai Blog and build its brand. So now me and my partner miss rocker are going to make it a successful brand, I thought it would be a great idea to also document and build a case study for you guys.

Firstly, the gains from the latest travel exhibition, we were not only able to get some good business from different travel companies, but also we talked with different tourism boards from different countries about collaborations. I hope we will be able to secure something with at least 2 of the countries. Also we have secured some lead generation deals with some luxury tourism related companies and my company would be their only authorized lead generation partners. With not much competition in the region, and niches, I hope this will prove to be a great success for us and we would be able to make some good revenue from lead generation campaigns and we will get an opportunity to learn more about the travel niche!

This was just a little intro about the project Dubai Blog, I will try to keep updating you with its progress at least once a month and also post about other topics as well! Do not fear! KJ is back!

Tools and Resources That Will Add Expertise to Your Writing

Content that is well-written is appreciated in any business interaction. The opposite is also true, i.e. content that has spelling errors, which is not easily understood or seems misleading in any way, could mean doom for your business profitability, image, and trust-worthiness. This is why your writing skills need to be at an expert level to make the best first impression.

Now writing can be tough for those who don’t do it for a living or write regularly. But there are two ways to get better at writing – to the point of being an expert. One, with some amount of discipline and the will to learn, almost anyone can be a good writer. And second, using tools and resources that will add expertise to your writing, could make writing less intimidating for those who wish to up their writing ante – in a shorter period of time.

Let’s focus on the first way, first; there are a few basics of writing, giving importance to which can easily make your content look professional and almost flawless.

To be an expert writer – the first way forward

  • Write to communicate, not to reach the assigned word count: It’s quite grimacing to read all those fluffed-up pieces; feels like I’ve wasted my time on such a web page when I should’ve just gone over to the more trusted ones. They know what they want to communicate, and write to the point. Their passion for communication leaks through the content and that’s what your writing should be about too. If you find yourself feeling gloomy about a particular piece, set it aside and do some more research instead; but don’t just write because you have to.


  • Help another writer: If research isn’t your thing or you simply don’t feel like having it on your plate right now, go ahead a help a fellow writer and editing their work instead. Believe it or not, I’ve always learned more about my own writing when I’m sitting there, editing their work.


  • Write something for yourself, every day: Call it a therapy or call it what you will, writing every day and only for yourself will help you let out a lot of steam. When you find it challenging to focus on other work, doing this can help you realign yourself, regroup and then come back full force to work on what you need to!


  • You don’t need a pen or a keyboard to write: There will be times when instead of writing, you’d want to do the dishes, or tidy up your desk. Well, it wouldn’t be a complete waste of time; apart from the joy of having clean dishes and a clean desk to work on, you can actually spend that time phrasing out your work in your head while you do the chores.


  • Join a group: Being in the company of other writers, sharing your work, getting feedback, giving feedback is, all in all, a learning experience – especially if you are just starting out. There are ample opportunities to correct your work before you get reprimanded by your editor, client, teacher or mother.

To be an expert writer – use tools and resources to improve your style

Whether you write for a living or not, writing is an integral part of any business; take email, for instance, the content for it also needs to be error-free and make complete sense to the reader. Good writing goes beyond just good spelling and grammar, though.

As is the case with everything else, we now have apps and technology to help you write easily and efficiently. When you start using these tools and resources, you no longer need to spend half your day carefully drafting that email or days working on that blog post.


  • SkyWord: If you were considering outsourcing your writing jobs, then Skyword could be a very useful resource. They have over 2000 writers associated with their community and the editors at Skyword carefully handpick the writers that are best suited for your projects or assignments. Skyword already has a plethora of big-time clients such as Lowe’s, Transunion, among others so you know that this is a trusted company to be associated with. If you are a writer, then this platform is one of the best paying in the industry. You could join them for free, create a profile and wait for them to send you ‘programs’ to work with. The industry experience working with high-flying clients could help you improve your writing style and enrich your existing portfolio.


  • Atomic Writer: This app has five-star reviews and over 1500 users so far. It is a very useful tool that corrects your content before you hit publish and ensures that the content resonates correctly with the target audience. It gives you instant feedback on how easy or hard the readability of your content is, the language of course and the level of engagement your content currently has. It also has a free chrome extension that prompts you about these corrections instantly.


  • Cliché Finder: Clichés can be a good thing to communicate to a broader audience, but when used too much, makes your content seem less original. As writers, we could use clichéd phrases over and over, without even being aware that we’re doing it. Well, readers can easily spot the not’s – that is if you haven’t proofread your content thoroughly before publishing it. Cliché Finder is a very useful tool to spot those overly used phrases, even if they are just a few in your work, or too many.


  • Dragon Dictate: This tool makes you write much faster than you would usually, how? Well, it’s a dictation app where you can recite what it’s in your head, and it uses its voice-recognition skill to type what you have to say. You may have to go back and make some edits, of course, but overall it can save you a lot of time.

Tools for RESEARCH:

  • InboundWriter: If you were unsure if your content can really hit the mark or not, you can use this tool that helps you identify whether your content is capable of generating enough traffic, and ultimately find you some converts. You don’t just need long content in the hopes of creating traffic; you can generate much the same and even more, with less content – using this tool. Well, this tool helps you identify the right content before you create it. This application will scan your website and select the content that stands out. Then it can give you insights on what kind of content would work for your website!


  • Paper Writing Service: Even the most diligent and the smartest students have been guilty of sing an essay writing service at some point during college. It’s the fact that these students simply have a lot of essays to write. These services have professional writers who can comply with any kind of assignments, on a myriad of subjects.


  • Scribe: This is a very useful tool that helps you write content that can be really successful, even before you write it. Once you’ve written the content, according to their recommendations, Scribe also suggests a wide array of topics and keyword phrases that can be really successful. Apart from the research help, Scribe will also analyze your current site and suggest changes that will only move your content forward. They also off link building services and helps you identify guest writers, strategically crosslinking to your advantage.

Tools for COLLABORATING with Writing and Editing Professionals

Remember one thing that even though you’d find great writers even at the lowest of fees, it’s important that you ultimately work on the purchased content before making it yours.  The final piece will still need your style and voice to it before it’s published.

  • Reedsy: This is a publication related website that has curated other professionals like editors, publishers, and designers to help you get the same quality with that of a traditional publication house. Self-publishing is just made easy by this startup.


  • Zerys: This tool is another content writing marketplace where you can get associated with professional writers and authors directly. You can manage your funds, writers, and projects all in one place.


  • Poetica: This is a cute and free web-based application that instantly points out errors in your writing, much like the Google Doc or word, but cuter. The red lines can get very messy if there is a lot recommended to edit – which is a good thing if you ask me because that way you’ll have a much better output of your content that is professional and effective at the same time.


Who doesn’t appreciate good content that has visuals! The point you are trying to make goes across faster, and the reader is happy that the message delivery coming from visuals takes much less of their time.There are many apps now out there who can help you create an infographic in no time! But then, good infographics require a lot of time and effort to make the point.

  • ly: This is again a web-based tool that is helping content creative from everywhere make infographics in a much faster and easier fashion. All you need to do is pick the theme, put in the text and you have your infographic at a click of the submit button!


  • Storehouse: This is another great tool that will help you tell your story through visual, pictures to be more precise. You can make a collage, add text and the design that comes through in the end, is polished, sharp and of very high quality. This app is for only iPhones though. It’s a social tool but can very well be used for both personal and business purposes.


  • Quozio: Here is another great social media tool that can instantly give your text meaningful and appropriate images to make an effective graphic content for your blog, or other communications. The images offered in this tool are quite commendable compared to the ones found in the free apps.


Nicole Stansley is a digital marketing strategist for Write My Essay service and a freelance writer. Nicole is an expert in content and mobile marketing, as well as business writing. Her area of interests includes though is not limited to educational, writing, self-development, motivation topics, marketing and apps. Reach her out on Twitter.

Business Lessons You can Learn from the Shark Tank

For many business owners and entrepreneurs, the hit ABC television show “Shark Tank” is not only entertaining, but also extremely inspirational. Since it debuted in 2009, the show has helped to grow, save and start many incredible businesses. In addition to the businesses it has directly helped on the show, it has also helped countless others through the lessons that business owners can learn just from watching the show.

Business Lessons You can Learn from the Shark Tank

The following are five of the most significant business lessens you can learn from watching the Shark Tank. When properly understood, they can help improve almost every aspect of your business.

Know Your Numbers

One of the biggest mistakes people on the Shark Tank make is not having a firm understanding of the financial number of their business. As a business owner, you need to know about sales numbers, projections, historical data and much more. Even if you have an employee who is directly responsible for these things, you should still know them inside and out, especially if you are talking to potential customers or investors.

Learn About Your Audience

You’ve likely noticed how all the people who go into the Shark Tank tailor their presentation slightly for each shark. When talking to Mark Cuban, for example, they often bring up sports or the Mavericks. For ‘Mr. Wonderful’ they may talk about money, wine or olive oils. Whether you’re trying to make a sale or attract an investor, knowing as much as you can about your audience will help you get the best possible results.

It’s who you know

There have been countless people on the Shark Tank who are looking to partner with the Sharks, and the money component is only secondary. Both the individuals in the ‘tank’ and the Sharks recognize that their experience and established networks of contents are extremely valuable. Even if you never associate with one of the Sharks, it is essential to build up your network of contacts whenever possible. This can be done at trade shows, business meetings or just by chance at a coffee shop. The important thing is to always be prepared to exchange information and grow your network.

You need to be a People Person

Not everyone has a bold, confident, extroverted personality that loves to talk with others. In fact, many business owners are much more private and introverted. The reality is, however, that you need to be able to play the part of a ‘people person’ when it is necessary. You’ve likely seen a number of very awkward business owners trying to pitch their company to the Sharks, and the thing they almost always have in common is that they don’t get a deal.

Always Accept Advice

One of the biggest mistakes people in the Tank make is dismissing great advice, just because of how it is given. While it can be difficult to hear when someone thinks you are doing something wrong, or offers tips on how to improve, it is essential for the success of your company.

Overall, Shark Tank is likely the best television show for business owners and entrepreneurs today. Make sure you always watch it, and focus on what you can learn from both the sharks, and those who are in the ‘tank.’

Update : Miss rocker was quick to respond with her favorite show on her blog and now the war is on!!!

Why socializing with other entrepreneurs is important for your business

Personally i am not a very social person, however in my 4 years experience of running a successful business, What I have learned is that it is that socializing with like minded people is one of the biggest KEYS to success. No matter what industry they are working in, meeting new people always leaves you with new ideas that you can implement to succeed. Most of affiliates who are working from home sometimes limit themselves  and never participate in any kind of social gatherings… but that needs to change!

socializing entrepreneurs

Meeting new people (regardless of what industry they are in) always teaches you something new, Being an affiliate doesn’t mean you can only join affiliate marketing related events, You can attend many other events, meetups, workshops for example Leadership Development workshops, Advertising events and workshops or entrepreneur workshops etc. The basic idea is to meet other people attend events and learn something new from them. Sometimes affiliates only consider only those events which are only related to affiliate marketing but the truth is being an affiliate you will have to master many other skills as well.

The reason is as an affiliate you are doing all the roles which are required to run a business. For example when you are starting out you will be doing the role of campaign manager, Creative designer and developer, Accountant  and so on…  And for all these roles you will have to learn these skills, To run a successful affiliate marketing or Performance Marketing business you don’t only need to create marketing strategy but also you will need to organize yourself and learn all these skills in order to run a sustainable business. So there’s two basic reason socializing can help, learning skills and getting fresh ideas. Below are the Top 5 reasons socializing can help YOU succeed in ways you may not have thought of.

Mind stimulation

Socializing allows your mind to be active and constantly on the ball, many scientists believe socializing is a mental activity that works with our gray matter, which is important as we age!  When one is engaging in conversation, presentation or even part of a group discussion in the form of a lets say game or group activity, your brain actively processes everything around and is stimulated. Without going into science, psychology and all that, Socializing is mind stimulating in many different ways and situations and this is important for us because a lot of us work from home, alone or with a “virtual team”, so we need to keep our minds stimulated.

It allows you to carry a more positive attitude

Socialization allows us to carry a more positive attitude in the sense of gaining new ideas, positive socialization with like minded people and friends allows us to have a happy character. Again linking slightly to psychology, many theorists have stated that we are born with an egocentric mind and as we grow socializing aids us to broaden this to understand others. Socializing allows us to find feelings, discover others. Many studies and life situations show people are more positive when in a group of people or with at least one other person than when alone.

Familiarizing with different methods

When you socialize with other people you get different kinds of methods people use in their business, You get to know new techniques and technologies people use to increase their profits. Sometimes when you are working from home, Because of no social activities your mind is limited to only what you think and there is lack of ideas , but when you are out there socializing with other people it is a great way to learn how they conduct their business and adopt and implement their bets techniques and methods in your own business. For example being an affiliate socialization can really help one to find new exclusive traffic sources and learn about experience of people about that traffic source who actually used it .

Constructive criticism

I love this bit, When I meet someone or talk to them about my business I ask for their feed back and ask them for any suggestions where  I need improvements. When ever i meet someone who is experienced with online marketing I always try to make most out of my time and get as much information and tips from them as possible, And discuss what I am doing and ask them what they would do if they were in my shoes. This technique always works and I end up with many ideas and ways i never thought of.

A little bit selfish… but free publicity and branding.

Personal branding is something every entrepreneur needs Because that is the best way to keep yourself ahead of the competition, And  ithelps you to expand your network.  It is one of the best ways to meet new people, tell them about yourself and what you do. . This is the reason you will find many people in conferences and vents , Because they need publicity of themselves and their brands.

So, I wish you all the bet in your socializing ventures, next time you come across an event or opportunity to socialize in a new environment, grasp it with two hands. It could be the fresh start or kick you need, or maybe the little bit ore energy to move onto to something new!


How to Start Affiliate Marketing with a Team

Hey guys It’s been a while since I posted on my blog , The reason is I have been busy with a few projects I am working on and I will post about them in coming days. So let’s come to today’s topic. Most of successful affiliates I have met so far who are making big number and making living by working as affiliates have one thing in common and that is they have their own team. You can make a few thousands of dollars working alone but i must admit that affiliate marketing space is getting so much competitive that to survive and keep your campaigns up and running it is a must to have your own team.

Now there could be different types for example more than one affiliates working together as partners or having your own team of employees / Freelancers working under you. The biggest benefit you get by having your own team is that you get people with different mindsets and expertise and when you plan a campaign you can get different opinions and suggestions which can really help you to improve your overall campaign building process. Be it creating landing pages, Marketing angles or targeting.  And it gives you more freedom and time allows to spend more free time.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing with a Team

Building an Effective Team

Now this is the toughest part. Because you will have to surround yourself with people you can trust and can easily work with. The biggest problem in affiliate marketing is that most of affiliates fear sharing their ideas with other people and sometimes even this happens. For example when you hire someone and teach them everything or after they have learn how to do affiliate marketing from you they will run away and start affiliate marketing themselves. Or if you are working with another fellow affiliate and once you start building successful campaigns he will end the partnership and start doing everything by his own. No one can stop such things however if you are in affiliate marketing you should know how to deal with such situations and consider them as a part of the game and keep trying as finally you will find someone who you can trust and won’t turn you down when you are successful. Personally this happened many times with me when I hired people for myself and once I trained them and they learned the ropes they simply disappeared, however I always considered it as their own loss and moved on and for sure you will learn something new which you can use again to be successful. So here are a few tips I would like to share from my own experience, what I have learned so far…

Working as partners.

This type of team is best for those who are on a limited budget and can’t afford to hire their own team. In that case the best bet is to find other likeminded people and work with them. The first step in this type of partnership is to analyze your own abilities and skills and make a list of things which you have and also of those skills and abilities you lack in (For example you might be able to create amazing landing pages but can`t think of marketing angles and you are not good at knowing who to target etc.).  Once you have written down all your weaknesses and strengths the next step is to look for the people who can help you with your weaknesses. The best bet is to look out of forums which are specifically for affiliates for example  Stack That Money , Aff Playbook , Dojo and social media pages and groups. I mentioned paid forums because that is where I would be able to find the affiliates who are serious about affiliate marketing and are interested in making affiliate marketing work for them and that is why they are paying monthly membership fees.  One more thing when looking for your partners is that never ignore people because of their experience instead look at what abilities and skills they have and how they can actually help you and if they fill your needs or not. You might find many people who do have good skills but they are not successful because of the limited budget they have in their hands. One more thing you should keep in mind is that when you are doing partnership with someone make sure your goal is to build a long term partnership and be honest and transparent about everything. To start building trust you can start with small budget campaigns and slowly keep on increasing the budget this way you will be able to know that your partner is trust worthy or not.

TIP: Try finding like minded people who are in same region as you and you can meet them physically.

Hiring your own team

This type is more suitable for those who have enough budget to afford hiring their own team. You could simply hire freelancer on part time basis however i prefer to hire people on full time basis.  Now this type again depends on how much help you need and also depends on your affordability for example if you want anyone to only handle your landing page design jobs, or to do research, Manage your advertising campaigns on advertising networks or you want to hire entire team to manage everything for you. when you start hiring people for yourself this task can get very hectic as you will have to train your employees and explain to them how you want them to work and what you are doing. I like to make my employees sign employee non disclosure agreement. So that even if they leave you they are bound by law not to release your data info or use it. Another important thing is to share only those things which your employees are supposed to know over sharing info with your employees and freelancers will always cause problems. Once of the biggest question about hiring is payment terms. Personally paying fix salary to your employees always gives them more confidence as they have the assurance that they will be paid at the end of the month and also adding performance bonus motivates your employees to perform even better. Another great tip is to appreciate your employees when they show good performance is to send them some physical presents as it boosts their morale and keep them happy.  The best bet would be to hire people within your own region and however you can also hire some good and dedicated employees  from countries like Philippines and it won’t cost you thousands of dollars either to hire them on full time basis.
TIP: If you hire employees on remote positions make sure you use team monitoring software to make sure your employees are not wasting time on your expense.

You can use O Desk , , , to hire your own team.


The concept of one man’s army is slowly fading away with affiliate marketing industry evolving day by day and affiliates tuning into small companies / small startups and competition increasing everyday it is must to have your own team so that you can you can use your time effectively on what you are best at and using other peoples skills where they are the best. By making a team and partnering with other people who have skills which you don’t have, Can make affiliate marketing very easy for you and it can boost your learning process and you can achieve success more easily as instead of just one man trying to survive you will have a team of people who know what they are doing..

Recommendation: If you are a STM member do check out Video recording of STM Meet Up Speech Step by step guide to outsourcing . Or you can join STM by clicking here

Developing Buyer Personas To Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

Understanding your audience is one of the first rules of marketing. It’s easy to think of your audience as one big collective, all with the same desires, fears, and needs — too easy.

The reality is that your audience is made up individuals with a wide spectrum of motivations. It would be impossible to outline them all, but breaking down your audience into even just a few buyer personas will have an exponentially positive effect on your marketing efforts. Of course, this assuming you then know how to connect with them once you’ve defined them.

Connecting with your audience is your job as a marketer. You need to understand their motivations and fears intimately in order to do your job as a marketer well, and creating a handful of buyer personas is quick and effective way to familiarize yourself with your customers.


Defining Your Buyer Personas

Before we get into the research required to understand your audience, we need to know what to look for. Below are some key characteristics that should be included in most, if not all, the buyer personas you outline. However, don’t limit yourself to just these. There’s really nothing off limits, and the more specific you can get, the better.

  • Age – One’s age can tell you a lot about them, like their position in life, financial circumstances, and priorities.
  • Gender – Most offers will appeal to both men and women. Unless it’s a product that either men or women obviously won’t have an interest in, I always make a point to create at least one persona for each gender.
  • (Disposable)Income – The buyer’s income, and more importantly, disposable income, will give you an idea of how much they’re willing to pay for your product, and how hard you’ll have to sell it.
  • Job – What do your buyers do for a living? If you’re marketing B2B products or services, are your buyers authorized decision makers for their organization?
  • Motivations – What needs and fears does your buyer have in relation to your product? What about your product will attract your buyer? What about your product may prevent them from buying?
  • Backstory – Give each of your personas a backstory the explains and corresponds with their previously defined motivations.
  • Stage in the customer buying cycle – Problem/need recognition, research, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision and post-purchase behavior should all be addressed separately with individual personas. I’ll be covering these various stages of the buying process on my own blog in coming weeks.If you can create a persona for each stage, then you’ll already be way ahead of other marketers. You don’t have to do it right away, but if you eventually map out each persona as they travel through various stages, you’ll know exactly what you need to guide nearly every potential customer to your product.

The above attributes are just the tip of the iceberg, or at least they should be. Think about what’s unique about your audience and characteristics that are specific to them. Are there other attributes that you always include in your buyer personas? Share your experience in the comments.

TIP: Give each persona a name. This makes them more real in a way, and easy to refer to in a team environment. Collect some random stock headshot photos to give them faces too.

Collecting Data for Your Buyer Personas

If you have the time and resources to interview existing and potential customers, than you are in a very good position. You can’t do any better than getting it from the horse’s mouth.

For those that aren’t so fortunate, you’re going to have to rely on independent research and educated guesses to fill out your buyer personas. Sites like Quantcast and Quora are goods places to gather demographic data, and get a pulse on buyer needs and concerns, respectively.

Don’t worry if your buyer personas aren’t perfect after the first go-around; nobody’s are. As you grow more familiar with your market, you’ll have the opportunity to refine your personas to be more accurate and valuable.

Refining Your Buyer Personas

If you’re regularly using your buyer personas, as you should be, to develop your marketing strategies, you’re going to notice some discrepancies between your personas and your real flesh and bone customers.

Even making just a few changes to your buyer personas every 3-6 months will have a huge impact over the long run. If you want to further perfect your buyer personas, post-acquisition interviews and small PPC tests can provide you with the data you need.

Putting Your Buyer Personas To Good Use

If you’ve followed this guide to developing buyer personas, then congrats! You’ve probably already learned a lot more about your customers, effectively making your job as a marketer much easier. But that’s not all.

The ultimate goal of creating buyer personas is so that you can integrate them into your unique customer buying cycle. Remember back when you identified what stage of the buying each of your personas was in. Now it’s time to map out their progression through the buying cycle, so you can serve up the content they need when they want it.

The best part is, the longer you use these tools, the more effective they become!

Questions or criticisms about my method of developing buyer personas? Let’s hear ‘em in the comments.

This is a guest post by Paul Gannon, lead copywriter at LPcopywriter, content strategist, and former affiliate marketer. You can keep up to date with his latest writings by following him on Twitter or visiting his blog.

7 Important Skills you need for effective Lead Generation

Like any other business, lead generation needs certain skills to master in order for you to succeed with it. For instance, if you are going to build a successful restaurant business, you need to have the necessary cooking skill to succeed. If you are going to build a successful beauty salon, then you need to have the necessary skills related to skin and hair treatment. So, it’s the same with lead generation. If you want to make it effective, you need to master certain skills. Here are 7 important skills of effective lead generation:

Skills that pay the bills

Skills that pay the bills

1. Communication Skill

In order to attract people’s attention toward your mailing list, you have to be able to communicate your message effectively toward your audience. Think about it. If your audience can’t comprehend the message that you are giving them, then what will happen? They will simply avoid you. So, a good communication skill is important, since it will allow you to communicate your message more effectively, therefore you will be able to attract their interest more quickly.

2. Persuasion Skill

Generating leads is about persuading your audience to accept your offer. Whatever you offer to your audience in exchange for their name and email address needs to be able to persuade them to join your list immediately. Therefore, it is important for you to write your promotional copy in a persuasive manner. Remember that you cannot force your audience to join your list. You can only persuade them, and in order to do that, you need to master the persuasive skill.

3. Copywriting Skill

Copywriting skill is the skill of writing persuasive copy for your promotional materials, which will compel your audience to join your list. In other words, it is the application of persuasion skill in written words. Without mastering copywriting skill, you will not be able to write ads, articles, and other promotional content that are compelling enough to attract your audience to follow your recommendation. Remember that almost all online lead generation strategies need a strong copywriting skill to succeed.

4. Emotional Intelligence Skill

Emotional intelligence is the ability to control your emotion, as well as to relate with other people’s emotion. You need this skill in order to create an emotional connection with your audience. Remember that people will not take your offer unless they are emotionally compelled to do so. So, emotional intelligence skill is very important for you to create this kind of enviroment for your audience to start taking action on your offer.

5. Problem Solving Skill

All successful online businesses are based mostly on solving other people’s problem. You basically create a product that can help others to solve their problem and make their life better. That’s how you make money online. And it’s the same with lead generation. Unless you can give the best solution for your audience’s problem, you are not going to attract much attention toward your mailing list. Thus, a problem solving skill is needed for you to formulate the best solution for your audience’s problem and offer this solution to entice people to join your list.

6. Interpersonal Skill

Interpersonal skill is a skill to build good relationship with others. It involves good communication and persuasion, but it is basically a skill to build great impression and rapport so that people will be willing to follow you. You need this skill if you want to attract more followers in social media, and of course, you also need this skill if you want people to subscribe to your list. Remember that interpersonal skill is also needed in any business and personal relationship, so be sure that you master this skill if you want to be successful in attracting more leads to your business.

7. Time Management Skill

Remember that attracting leads to your business can take a lot of time to complete. That’s why you need to manage your time carefully. Losing time means losing money. Remember the saying “time is money”? That’s it! Time is a very valuable commodity in any business. If you don’t want to lose your money, you have to manage your time properly. So, a time management skill is important to ensure that your effort will bring effective result in your lead generation strategy.

Those are the essential skills that you need to master in order to attract more leads to your business.

Why i hate Empower Network And MLM programs

MLM-Scam-Pyramid-Scam-Work-From-Home-Scam-I first time came to know Empower Network a few years ago when i started working as a freelancer. And a client (Who was a member)  wanted some help with his blog. From his blog i first heard about it and tried to understand how it works  etc, I watched a few videos and all the time all i could understand was them “Selling Dreams”.

After that i came to know many MLM schemes where even a few close friends of mine who were doing CPA as well involved as well and they also asked my multiple times to join them but i always refused simply because of the fact that they really dont have any product to sell. I have never used Empower Network but i have done enough researcher about it and i dont understand. Why would one pay $25 for a word press blog ? Maybe a few people would say because of its alexa rankings 341 Global rank and 171 US rank of Alexa and that means this is an authority site , Well wait , WordPress which offers you 100% free usage  has 19th Global as well as US Alexa rank as well ...  The base of EN are its products lets have a look one by one and see how this network works .

Basic membership

Paying $25 for something which is not under your full control ? Id prefer buying $3 /month from host gator and run a blog which is 100% under my control instead of a blog which i write for years and as soon as i stop paying $25 /month my all the hard work and content i created for years go into drain.

Lets come to Product #2: Inner Circle Audios

I dont understand why one should one pay $100 monthly recurring fee for a bunch of audios which do nothing but sell you the dreams ?  Reminds me of time when me and Miss Rocker met a guy who was trying to sell us some MLM  in a meetup and when we refused he replied "Oh so you dont want to make 1million a month from home?” And my reply was are you making 1 million ? if so why do i feel you havent even made one thousand from the crap you are trying to sell ? and that made his face go red however he refused to admit what he was doing is Utter B.S and is nothing you can rely on for a long time .

Product #3: Costa Rica Intensive

Why would  some one pay $500 to learn how to become a master at convincing, selling and achieving success in life by changing your mindset about business and money. Id prefer spend $13 abd buy this book 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive (watch out i have my amazon aff link attached). and this one for $20 How to Change Things When Change Is Hard instead of watching nothing but who tom and bob made tons of money and how i can make too if i buy blah blah blah

Product #4: 15k Per Month Formula

Ok so pay me  $997 one-time fee and i will get you a bunch of completely outdated videos and guides sharing information which can be found anywhere on the internet for free . I always appose buying WSOs but trust me head over to Warrior forum and you will find much more better and updated WSOs covering everything in this so called 15k Per Month Formula and at a very less price .. Or start reading blogs related to internet marketing and you will find much more better information than this over priced bunch of b.s .

So again lets revise products for a bit , You pay $25 for a blog which you can get for free or even self hosted under 100% your own control at $3 /Month .  You have to pay $100 for so called Inner Circle which is nothing but people telling you “Empower Network changes your life and how i made XXXX amount , pushing you to buy upgrade “..  Better headover to TED and learn something new from successful people. Next product is Costa Rica Intensive a bunch of videos id prefer watching this video again and again rather than listening to all B.S

And finally is 15k Per Month Formula really worth paying  $997 ? I dont think so .... Products name makes it look more shady ...

So that was the detail about the products they sell to their members , Now mind it if you are a basic member  paying $25 and you refer somebody to them and he decides to buy anything above $25 basic blogging package , you wont get anything you will just earn $25 till that person is member and thats it .. Now that means to get most out of your referrals you will have to buy all those crappy products and than you will be able to avail all the commissions. So that means you have no other option but buy all that useless stuff and not only you but your referrals will also have to buy this rubbish.  And thats how this system works , Find a troop of idiots and targets those people who just have no idea how a real business work.  Its all about buying crap and selling it to other people nothing more than that …  And i would never ever recommend my readers to join any of MLM or Empower Network and waste their money . To understand how ponzi schemes work do read a post series by finchsells about banner brokers.

Are you a Network marketer ? Want to share your thoughts or your side of story ? Prove me wrong ? mail me a contact [@]

have anything to say ? make comments below ..

Another move by Google to compete with facebook

Once again internet giant Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) is out there to compete with Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) . Recently Google has announced that it is letting brands turn Google+ content into +Post ads for its display network of over 2 million sites .. This is exactly what Facebook is doing through its sponsored posts . This is a great move by Google which will let the Brands to increase their fan base on Google’s social network Google Plus. According to Google its Partners Toyota USA, Mondelez brands RITZ crackers and Cadbury UK are already running +Post ads .

This is another great news for all the online advertisers as when it will be introduced to public ,   This feature can provide another great way for advertisers to make most out of Google Ads and also being an affiliate i think that this would be a huge opportunity for us to get cheap traffic as compared to Google Adwords and will open another way to approach our prospects to generate affiliate sales and leads.

Here is the video Google recently posted about how its partner Toyota benefited from this new feature.



How Amazon Marketed itself through one simple video

I hope you have watched the Amazon Prime Air about Amazons plans to introduce drones to deliver stuff at your door steps. This video was widely discussed on  almost every news website and video went viral all over the world , Facebook , twitter everyone was talking about it , And it also made place on all top news websites and ended up getting 12,501,294 over all views views and 10,878 comments alone on YouTube.

When others are thinking about how amazing the technology is, imagining drones  delivering stuff at their door steps. I am thinking about the genius marketing team at Amazon . Who introduced this video at a perfect timing when its just beginning of  shopping season and people have their credit cards in their hands to start shopping and buy stuff for Christmas.

This is a perfect example of out of the box ideas , You dont need to spend millions on promoting and advertising your product instead just one simple video can get you millions of traffic and can get you featured on news channels all over the world.  No matter Amazon is able to implement this concept as there are going to be many legal problems , But Amazon has achieved its target by releasing this amazing video  .

At the end i`d let you watch it once again.

Food for thought.

Hey guys!

Miss Rocker here, So I am back in the usual routine of posting at you guys when I feel that I have something you will benefit from, some of you big shots may think oh what a bore, but give it a chance, learning isn’t just for newbies, it is an ongoing experience that one should never drop. Whether that’s revising over things that you haven’t in a VERY LONG TIME or something that you just picked up.

So today’s brainwave was management, what really is it and where do we get it and why do we do it?

Management can be defined as “The process of controlling things or people.” To be simple and clear, but there are many different definitions and viewpoints,  but if I go through them all…. We are going to be here a long time, and I want my self-improvement and help posts to be quick and short for your convenience.  I also  want to link you to something that will help you in your CPA field.

So Management is about controlling and organisation but a manager cannot be an owner, this reference was taken from a guy called Max Webster who had this whole theory on management and Bureaucracy. So an owner is someone who reaps and loses everything right? Self employed with your own Online company or blog or site promoting these offers. are you really the owner? Aren’t the people you take the offers from? The networks and relations the owners? In effect they are your bosses? Makes sense right? Now don’t jump to anything and go create your own network for the sake of being your own boss (No issues with people who own networks), because maybe Webster is wrong? He said that a manager is a career professional, not the top boss, but who is this the top boss in this industry? You “Manage” your business, therefore 60% of IMers label themselves managers, but aren’t you owners? You run your work right? You OWN a blog or site right? Confused?

OK, let’s just re-cap and look back to the purpose of this post. The above information was just a little food for thought the real purpose  s to give you a few tips on how to be a good “Manager”, not owner, because let’s face it, you technically don’t own anything. Your sites are using hosting, without hosting you can’t have that site? So that’s not even yours? Your offers and products are provided by networks? You don’t own them, but this does not mean that you are not the boss.

Sorry, I did again food for thought 😛

So here we go, the first topic I want to throw at you is time management. 

Again all you big shots and successors may think “Oh I know all this, this is an old trick in the book, move on.” But just hear me out?  Time management  is something that people always say they will do but never have the time to do it (Which is quite ironic). But they underestimate the power of free will and letting things flow, because lets face it calenders, diaries, notes and fridge magnets don’t work. For 90% of the population these methods tend to fail, but I don’t want to discriminate, because there is some people it works for. So If you are one of the people who just can’t grab the hang of this formal time management then try the “Miss Rocker Mind Method”. 

So what is this all about? The way that I manage my time is creating a mental plan, by mentally telling myself what I am going to do in the day or week I have a rough idea and vaguely map out how in my mind, because the human mind is the best tool one posses. So why don’t we use it (Please refer to my Miss Rocker blog for a series of posts that I am starting about how you can use psychology to succeed and improve), when you have something in your mind it is either on your mind all the time or transferred to “the back of your mind” for later reference. The best way to adapt this is to keep a constant mental reminder of what needs doing when. Sometime it’s good to annoy yourself so much you need to do something that for self satisfaction you will just do it, even if it is not due or needed for a few days or while. It never harms to be ahead of time right? Try it and I hope to hear how it goes.

Referring back to the management and not being an owner, time

Peace out guys.


Miss Rocker