How to overcome quitting

Hey guys! First and for most I want to apologize for not posting lately, but the move to Dubai has been very busy and we are venturing out to offline as a sideline, but I have not forgot about my online’ers! So here’s a post about something I come across on an almost daily basis… QUITTERS!

Yes, that’s right, we have all met those or been in the shoes of a quitter, when the going gets tough or the money runs out, or the stress levels are high… we all just want to quit and bury our heads in sand. That is not the answer my friend, there is always a way out.

First of all, I would like to let you know that I will be relating this post to affiliates who want to or go to quitting. Now here is 5 simple steps on how to overcome quitting.

First you need to identify the issue, why are you quitting and where will it take you?

This means you need to cool your mind, empty of all thoughts and tell yourself why you are quitting, is it really a good enough reason? For example most people quit because they think they can’t do it, but have you even tried enough? Have you taken the require steps or taken the right advice to get the results you want? If not, take that step, ask for more help, even the big shot marketers ask for help, the millionaires ask for help, they are still learning things and skills.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Look at yourself and do a self-evaluation, identify your strengths and weaknesses. Find and use the things you are best at, you do well, and improve and seek knowledge on things you may not be so good at. A good way to identify your strengths and weaknesses is to ask friends and fellow colleagues, ask them what they think you are good at. For example if you are good at writing, maybe you should consider starting a fresh in the content creating sector, if you are good at giving advice, then maybe consulting is your area or if you are good at promoting, the selling and direct affiliate marketing. There are many areas and sectors, maybe you were just in the wrong one.
Use your strengths and weaknesses to your advantage
Act upon these strengths, use them where they are due and you weaknesses? Seek knowledge and improve on them, don’t ignore them like dirt on the bottom of your shoe, there is always room for improvement. They are weaknesses not can’t do’s.

Motivate yourself to try again

Whether it is self-motivation or you use an activity or book or person to push you out there, build up motivation to try again. Tell yourself you can do it, you WILL do it, you have highlighted what you can do and what you need to improve, it’s a start right? So what will you achieve next? Teach yourself to build your confidence through motivation.

Organize your time

One of the most common reasons people quit is time, they don’t have enough time do things or finish things or don’t PUT IN enough time. Don’t follow the get rich schemes and think you can make millions by working 1hour per day. Yes, Affiliate marketing does not require a 9-5 attention to work, but that doesn’t mean next not nothing. Devote time to certain things, get yourself a diary or calendar and set times for work, learning, and testing.
So next time you want to give up, before you even consider it, think why and how before you do. Quitting is never the answer, because nothing is impossible, not if you really want it.


Don’t be a quitter, Get out there and prove yourself successful!!

Introduction post –

Hey evey one my business is growing and things are getting pretty bigger recently I have decided to re locate in Dubai UAE (official announcement coming soon). And things are going pretty good here at land when is started this business I never thought I will have that much of success, Anyways my todays post is about my very important team member and my business partner Miss Rocker ( you might have already seen her articles and posts here on If not you may check them here ).

Any ways we have decided that as we are growing more and more bigger miss rocker will manage offline business consultancy department and business development where as i will focus on affiliate marketing / Lead generation and advertising specially PPV and PPC  sections , That does nt mean this decision will affect this blog instead we have another addition and that is MISS Rocker Blog Where Miss Rocker will share her experiences about internet marketing and also about offline business consulting business , You can expect new things coming up at her blog as we are working hard to create more case studies and create working business models specially focusing on offline business consultancy where we will help offline businesses to increase their sales . You might have a look at  .  She is already working on some great interviews and you can expect some real info on her blog soon . If you are looking forward to expand and diversify your income do keep an eye on as big things are coming out very soon .

Where i have been …..

As you may have noticed i havent posted anything lately nor i was able to reply to all emails i received during all these days when i wasnt available and also i was offline from my skype and other communication mediums too , the reason for this un availability is that i had to attend  my elder brothers wedding and due to shopping etc and other things i was super busy with my family, I also visited my village after a very long time and once you are there you are far away from world of internet.I really enjoyed my time and to avoid any distractions i switched off my cell phones too and made most out of my time there anyways here are a few pictures to share with you ..


visit to village

Visited my village after almost a year

A photo With my younger sister

A photo With my younger sister

During Shopping found this t shirt similar to shoemoney t and also found Avatar , so took 2 in one pic

During Shopping found this t shirt similar to shoemoney t and also found Avatar , so took 2 in one pic


Ready to come back in online world

Ready to come back in online world



Mind Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Ability to Focus in Your Online Business

What Should I Do - Thinking Person Asks in Thought BubbleWe know the importance of the power of focus, especially in online business. Without this power, your mind will become dull, which will affect your natural abilities to do things effectively. If you gradually lose your ability to focus on a single thing, you will gradually lose the ability to memorize. Also, you can develop a bad procrastination habit, which will be detrimental for you. But, you can always strengthen your ability to focus by doing simple mind exercises at home. Here are 5 mind exercises that will strengthen your ability to focus in your online business:

Create A List Of Ideas

There are many ideas that you can write today. How about ideas for a holiday? How about ideas for a weekend? How about what you’ll do when you have $1,000 extra income per month? No matter what it is, writing a list of ideas will help to boost the performance of your mind. Spend at least 15 minutes per day to create a list of ideas you can think of. This will in turn help you to increase your ability to concentrate.I always write down my plans on a paper, You can easily find my business plans roaming around in my room planning my different online ventures , There are many of them some completed with proper business plans , finical details and flowcharts etc when ever i am free i love making plans.

Immerse Yourself With The Objects Of Art

Why? When you immerse yourself with the objects of art, you’ll appreciate the beauty of those around you. In fact, those objects of art will help to improve your intellectual property. Your mind will become more aware of the beauty of your surrounding environment. Then, what will you get from this exercise? You’ll help your mind to relax more, and it will lead you to better focus and concentration.

Try To Memorize A Song Lyric

If you want to increase your concentration, try to improve your memory. Your brain can concentrate more easily if it has better memorization ability. You can try to memorize anything, but the best way to do this exercise is to memorize a song lyric. It is fun to do. You’ll regard this exercise as a mere playing. So, if you have the time, try to memorize a song lyric today. Do this regularly.

Play Various Brain Games

Brain games such as crossword puzzle and Sudoku will help to increase the efficiency of your bran. Play various brain games 30 minutes per day, and you’ll be able to boost your concentration ability significantly. Aim to solve one puzzle per day in order to boost your brain performance.I play Cyber Nations and this game has taught me how to be patient and that’s the  biggest requirement when you start your business.

Read A Chapter Of A Book In One Sitting

Most people who don’t have the ability to concentrate will have the difficulty to read a book chapter in one sitting. They tend to read a few paragraphs and then pause, and read again after checking their Facebook account 20 minutes later. If you want to improve your concentration, then you can train your mind to read a chapter of a book in one sitting. Of course, you should start with the book that you like most. This will help you to finish this exercise easily.

Do you feel disappointed with your current state of online business? Perhaps, it’s because of your lack of focus. Do these exercises regularly to strengthen your ability to concentrate. You just need to spend 30 minutes per day for these exercises. If you do it regularly, you’ll see a significant result within 30 days of less. When you have more focus to do the things that you have to do in your online business, your productivity will soar and it will in turn affect your profit in a positive way.

Memorable visit to London

Hey every one i just got back from a fantastic trip to London and really loved visiting this city , London and Edinburgh are so far the only cities in united kingdom  which really impressed me and i really felt something special , Anyways coming back to trip i took bus from Derby to London where i had already booked Grange Rochester Hotel located in Vincent Square which is not far from Victoria station. Also Buckingham Palace,House of Parliament and London eye were on walking distance.If you are not internet addict like me i would recommend you this hotel as they are nice but if you are internet addict Dont STAY with Grange Rochester Hotel they do charge for  Internet (that's what i hated about them).

I reached London at 1:10 PM and checked in hotel at 2PM and had some sleep till 5 PM as i was awake for more then 24 hours (had to sort pout stuff related to bizz). After that it was time to meet lovely people i always talk and connect with on internet it was great to see those people in reality and they were really nice Londoners. I really loved connecting with my friends and students from London with whom i always talk on skype and was glad to discuss bizz face to face. After 11 PM all these meetings finished and it was time for me to goto hotel room and sleep... Yes i love sleeping when i have nothing to do ...

Next morning on 25th of feb i woke up at 9 and till i do breakfast and have shower it was almost 11AM (keep in mind not only you are lazy, all marketers are lazy ).. Then i went out to say hello  to queen at Buckingham Palace  where till 12:45 PM i witnessed Change of Queens Guards ceremony..After i started getting bored of usual army stuff ( I went to schools being run by PAK ARMY) i said good bye to Queen. I was desperate to reach London Eye now so i started to walk toward nearest tube station so i can reach london eye , On Asking a nice Policeman (liked their Hats) he pointed me to st.jamess underground tube station,So i started marching toward it ,On my way i passed shopby parliament house  and House of Parliament shop attracted all my attention instead of   House of Parliament United Kingdom itself so i decided to give it a try and buy some stuff .how ever i was very disappointed as it shop was totally being misleadingly  advertised as i found no member of parliament ,Current Prime Minister David Cameron or any of his cabinet member on sales till, So that instantly turned a happy customer into very unhappy customer so i decided to leave the shop . IMG_0937 When i reached st.jamess underground tube station i decided to skip idea of using tube and decided to walk on Westminster Bridge , On the bridge there was a rally by to save marine life which was organized by MCS UK  and also there were also Fund Raisers for Sea Shepherd So i showed my solidarity with these guys too as marine animals need to be protected and governments should act and take steps to save marine life , i donated money on behalf of  Rocker Interactive and decided to move on and get to London Eye ,Where the first thing which attracted me was Sea life London aquarium . There i kept wondering around sharks and crocodiles and fishes for about an hour and took many pictures including this one crocodile attackpicture with Crocodile behind me and i posted this picture on my Facebook wall with caption "Last moments of my life , still happy." As soon as i posted this photo on facebook my Iphone blasted with notifications about Texts , Skype messages, Calls,Whats App messages and what not ... People could nt get this joke and though MR KJ is really gonna die … After taken tons of pictures of sharks,sea turtles,fishes,penguins and crocodiles i decided to explore more and so i came out and at that time decided to see London from a cruise ship so i bought a ticket to London bridge. It was a amazing journey with a great sailor who was much more then a travel guide , Thanks to City Cruises i really enjoyed taking pictures and exploring London . After reaching London bridge i did explored London tower bridge and then got back to Cruise as it was almost time for me to catch coach back to derby so i came back to London eye through Cruise Ship and from Westminster tube station got ticked for Victoria station from where i  had to getinto coach back to Deby …

It was a really amazing visit and i wish i had more time to explore London ……

I hope you guys enjoyed my London Story let me know about your thoughts by making comments below 🙂 in new skin

If you are a regular visitor you may have noticed a change in blog design yes i did changed blog design once again i have Changed Blog Skin. This time i have also optimized this blog for mobile phones and tablet devices also as since last few months i have been traveling alot and to be honest during these times i learned how important it is to have a mobile optimized website/blog . I am planning some big changes on my blog in design and also in content also (You can expect big things coming up ) . I am still working on arranging all elements properly and enhance user experience and make blog as much user friendly as possible.

As Framework i have decided to go with Genesis Framework  by Studio press as it in my opinion is a great good choice over all other WordPress  Frameworks or it is easy for me to customize it as i am familiar with its code more then any other Word press framework available. Also it is more cheaper in price $59.95 and you can easily get its Child themes from anywhere including theme forest and Studio Press has also got some very nice child themes for Genesis Framework.

I also have worked to make my blog mobile and tablet friendly , Though i am using a  responsive theme which means it can adapt website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other viewing environment.  However to make reader experience even more better i am using WP touch Pro  WordPress plugin and i am really impressed from its performance . What i really like about it is its Web-App mode which delivers a native application-like experience on iOS devices. When visitors bookmark your site it is available in standalone mode without Safari wrapped around it, and visitors can get access to your blog with click of a button .Another great  feature is its advertising options . Yes i am blogger and i do make money by displaying ads on my blog and without proper mobile advertising  solution i was losing money but now WP Touch pro allows me to target my mobile users with Mobile ads and those using tablets with ads for tablets . I am going to use same plugin in mobile CPA offer promotions also now and will surely share my experience later with you guys about it .

So here is screenshot with how my blog looks on mobile and also you can see a small popup asking users to install web app on their iPhone i love this feature and WP touch Pro really made things easy for me .

wp touch pro



I would love to hear from my readers what they have to say about design and what i can do to make you happy , If you  you have any idea or suggestion about this blog , do let me know by making comment below  and i will try to implement your idea and make it happen. Contest |Win $100 For Free

Hey everyone its been a long time since i posted any contest on my blog , My last blog contest was $3000 worth of Adcentre Coupons Give away where i gave away 1 Ad center coupon of  value $100 for 10 days . I have made good money from CPA Marketing and affiliate marketing by promoting cpa offers and its time to pay back to my blog readers and this amazing community so i am  announcing kjrocker contest for 2013, In this giveaway i have decided to give away $300 to 3 lucky winners that means$100  per person, This contest will end on 21st of  FEB 2013 and winners will be announced on the same day !

How to participate

In order to enter you must  complete this one simple step

share this contest on Facebook or Twitter and provide proof that you shared this post by replying  using comments section below to this post with link to your status update on twitter/facebook  !

  • The status must NOT be deleted after any amount of time.
    and provide us proof by replying with link to your  (fb/twitter) status in comments below

I will choose one winners by random lucky draw !!!


Contest End Date : 1st-March-2013

Let it rain !!money


Congrats to the winners , All payments have been made to the winners !

Thank You For Participating in the contest 🙂

Free URL Scrapper for PPV

Hey guys ,First of all i would like to apologize for not updating my blog frequently as i just reached UK and  i am taking my time to settle and for sure it takes a bit time . So i am a bit busy in sorting out my own personal life stuff , Coming back to today’s post , Today’s post is about a Google results scrapper crated y a friend of mine mateen from Smart PPV and it is 100% free to use for you , I get many emails where people do ask where to get targets etc so this one tool can surely help you out to find winning targets easily. I have tested many scrappers but this is one which i found most fastest in its operations, Here is the video if youw ant to watch ,


*** Sorry for distortion and other disturbance in voice

 Click Here to visit Smart PPV Now !

DO let me know your thoughts by leaving comments below .

David Siegel`s email and Online Monies

recently i was reading a news about David Siegel founder and CEO of Westgate Resorts, a huge national timeshare company and one of the largest resort developers in the world.  . Here is part of his email which he sent to his employees  i want you to read ,

I started this company over 42 years ago. At that time, I lived in a very modest home. I converted my garage into an office so I could put forth 100% effort into building a company, which by the way, would eventually employ you. We didn’t eat in fancy restaurants or take expensive vacations because every dollar I made went back into this company. I drove an old used car, and often times, I stayed home on weekends, while my friends went out drinking and partying. In fact, I was married to my business — hard work, discipline, and sacrifice. Meanwhile, many of my friends got regular jobs. They worked 40 hours a week and made a nice income, and they spent every dime they earned. They drove flashy cars and lived in expensive homes and wore fancy designer clothes. My friends refinanced their mortgages and lived a life of luxury. I, however, did not. I put my time, my money, and my life into this business —-with a vision that eventually, some day, I too, will be able to afford to buy whatever I wanted. Even to this day, every dime I earn goes back into this company. Over the past four years I have had to stop building my dream house, cut back on all of my expenses, and take my kids out of private schools simply to keep this company strong and to keep you employed.

Just think about this – most of you arrive at work in the morning and leave that afternoon and the rest of your time is yours to do as you please. But not me- there is no “off” button for me. When you leave the office, you are done and you have a weekend all to yourself. I unfortunately do not have that freedom. I eat, live, and breathe this company every minute of the day, every day of the week. There is no rest. There is no weekend. There is no happy hour. I know many of you work hard and do a great job, but I’m the one who has to sign every check, pay every expense, and make sure that this company continues to succeed. Unfortunately, what most people see is the nice house and the lavish lifestyle. What the press certainly does not want you to see, is the true story of the hard work and sacrifices I’ve made.


Ok that was a snippet from his email which he sent out to his employees . Now what this email has to do with Affiliate or CPA marketing, Basically we need to understand all affiliates in this industry are here to make money , to make wealth and unfortunately some people think like making money with CPA or making money online is just about clicking a few buttons and BOOM money will fall from sky , Which is always wrong and specially newbies who are need a few bucks urgently think affiliate marketing is the only way using which they can make a few quick bucks or in more simple words its most easiest job , You wont have to go anywhere you can do it from home and so on . Yes that is true but just like a real business you will have to work really hard , Personally i myself person you know as KJ ,It took me literally two years to reach this point , Where i can make as much as i want , When i started out i was literally broke i had not enough money to pay my next months internet bills, I was a call center agent and to be honest i left that job because i even didn't had enough money to pay for bus.  It was a do and die situation for me and i spent countless days and nights in front of my monitor looking for freelance jobs and driving free traffic to my offers , till today i work 24/7 and when my friends are partying i am working on campaigns ,tweaking them and working on new promoting angel ideas and new promotion methods , Here purpose of mentioning is not to show how hardworking i am or to brag or compare myself to David Siegel lol .The purpose is to understand the  secret to success , If you ask me there is no difference between doing a offline real life   or doing online business , In both cases you will have to use all your energy and use all your efforts , I always say there is no shortcut to success Like it or not , If you are looking to run a long term business then you will have to forget everything and focus only on what you do , on your job. You will have to love what you call a hassle , Yes you may point out my grammatical mistakes on my blog  but you cant disagree with that .People do love to ask bloggers and Successful affiliates how you are making money but they never bother to ask how much time you spend on your business and how much effort you make , How much time you dedicate to your work .

I sometime receive emails where people do ask me to suggest them a campaign and a traffic source which is most easiest and profitable from day one and for that i receive incentives like i will pay you 50% of my earnings etc etc . My reply is always same get a job bro ! Seriously if you cant afford budget for testing your campaigns, Investing on must have tools Simply forget everything and build up your budget first and then start off testing offers .

Making money in CPA or i would like to say  any field of life  does require patience , Hard work ,time and more importantly tons of testing , Even black hatters who use short term strategies to make money do have to work really hard ,   If you cant love what you do i feel sorry for you bro .

Why your PPV traffic doesn`t convert

Hey guys i have came up with a few important questions you should ask from yourself if your are not seeing any success in PPV traffic . Basically making a campaign is all about  learning from your mistakes and correcting them .

Here are the few questions you should ask yourself when finding out whats wrong with your campaign.

  • Do you think you have chosen targets which are related to your offer?
  • Are you using proper tracking solution  to track your traffic ? ( see here for more details )
  • Are you getting enough CTR on your PPV landers ?
  • Are your Choose targets capable enough to send you almost 100 views a day each ?
  • Have you done maths , Do you know how much you should spend on testing your landing pages and targets ?
  • Based on Network E.P.C After how many clicks your offer should convert ?
  • Is your network reliable ? Tried rotating your offers?
  • Are you split testing your landing pages and also direct linking to offer?
  • Is there any reason should a visitor fill up your offer? lets say you are a visitor will you fill up offer?
  • Are you monitoring all data you have collected on your tracker (best time,best day ,best targets etc.. ) ?

I hope this small post will help you to make big bugs out there on PPV traffic.


Let me know your thoughts by posting comments below 🙂





High five to success!!

Hey guys!! I am back.. Once again with a mountain of information for you to climb through and reach success!!

Lately I have been reading quite a lot of books about self improvment and how your very own brain can help you succeed in life. Ok, ok, you probably think “Yeah, well duh!” , but I don’t quite mean it in the way you think!

One of my recent books i read used two fictional characters as examples, they were both born with extraordinary mind power, but the book shows how ONE of them succeeds more than the other because of how he USED that brain power. Now, before I start, I am not a hypnotist or mind controller, but I want you to tell yourself one thing… YOU ARE A GENIOUS! Never forget that.

Our mind works in many different ways and sometimes it can be held responsible for how we turn out, therefore we need to take control and  use it for the better. Set yourself some life goals, where you want to be, where you want to go, and remind yourself of these, challenge yourself to BE your goals until you REACH your goals. Oh and remeber YOU ARE A GENIOUS.

A technique I used was to plaster my mirror (not literally, just the top end) with sticky note pads that had my goals or things I wanted to do that day, that year or even just that week or hour, and being a girl, I look at my mirror each morning when i wake up. You don’t have to use your mirror, what about a notice board you check every morning? stick a few on your fridge? I am not advising you to go crazy and plaster your house… But just ONE place that you look at everyday, a few sticky pads. Oh and remember YOU ARE A GENIOUS.

Okay, so thats the method but what if you are not sure WHAT your goals are? Some people like to take every day as it comes.. NO PROBLEM… set hourly or daily goals? Or just create a MENTAL picture of where you would like to be in the future, see what you have to do to get there…. Oh and remember.. YOU ARE A GENIOUS.

So here is a tip, go down to your local book shop or library and check out the books that write about achieving success, self improvement books and along with my tiny bit of input… SAY HIGH FIVE TO SUCCESS!


Thanks for reading guys! Do not hessitate to comment if you have any comments or want more information! I would be more than happy to help out if you want to know more!


Miss Rocker… High Five!