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I just stumbled over this great link building software called Rank Builder and thought I would share and offer it to you guys. As I repeat in everything I promote, I don’t just promote anything for just commissions, But I offer my readers and list members QUALITY products, ideas and methods. This was created with careful trial and error, which makes it trustworthy


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I don’t want to go into to much more detail but it’s definitely something that boosted my new sites and I want you all to have the same success, have the same knowledge and miracle. So what are you waiting for?


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Hacker`s Hitting Hard on wordpress

You maybe are already aware of the new attached going on on WordPress websites over internet and hackers are hitting word press websites really hard  .  If you are not aware of the situation read here. I myself received a few hits on this blog and in the screenshot below as you can see MOFOs tried their best to break into my blog but thanks to Secure WordPress and Limit Login their all efforts were failed here you can see screenshot below

hackers hitting  WordPress

If you also run wordpress platform make sure to install Secure WordPress ,Limit Login and Hide My WP As suggested by Osman Safdar plugins and also male sure of you are using plugin like W3 Total Cache or another caching plugin make sure they are update…


Stay Safe..


Tricks to Make Your Content More Compelling and Highly Converting

Writing compelling content is the first step to achieve successful product promotion. It doesn’t matter whether you promote your own product or other people’s product. If you can’t write compelling content that will persuade your readers to take action, you’ll not be able to make money promoting that product. Here are 5 tricks to make your content more compelling and highly converting:

Smart problem solving

You are writing your content to help your readers to solve their problem. But, your readers have also read similar content somewhere else. What can you do to make your content appealing to them, although you’re giving them the same solution for the same problem? The answer is to give them smart problem solving tips. It means that you need to give your readers unique tips that is better structured and better organized to solve their problem effectively. In this way, you’ll be able to compel and persuade your readers to solve their problem right away.

Emotional feeling

Your readers will become more excited in reading your content if you can stir their emotion along the way. For instance, if you’re writing content to solve their weight problem, then you can write something like: “I really hate weight loss because it makes me feel bad. When I see myself in the mirror, I want to scream and crush that mirror because of the image it displays in front of me…” This is the way you stir your readers’ emotion. And it will be effective enough to persuade them to take action.


Appeal to your readers’ imagination if you want to connect with them mentally. If your content can help you to connect with them mentally, they will be easier to persuade. So, if you start your content with story or analogy, it will help you to appeal to their imagination. Awaken your readers’ imaginative power. This is the way you can make your content more interesting to read.

Practical tips

Giving tips to your readers is a surefire way to make your content more compelling. But, the tips that you give to them should be practical and easily understood. For instance, you can’t give your readers unreasonable tips. Your readers need practical, simple, and easy to understand tips in order for them to take action immediately. If you give them tips that are impractical or too complex, your content will only become a piece of writing without any usefulness for your readers.

Appealing graphics

Lastly, you should insert appealing and relevant graphics that can make your content more interesting to read. Blocks of texts will make your content look boring to read. So, if you write 1000 words content without any image, it will look boring to read, especially if you don’t put subheadings for your content. You need to split your paragraphs and give subheadings for your content in order for your readers to read it easily. Moreover, it is better to give appealing graphics to present your content better to your readers. It will boost their interest.

Those are 5 tricks to make your content more compelling and highly converting. If you put those characteristics in any content that you write, you will turn that content into a good and appealing content that can generate more sales for your product.

How to Generate Passive Income from Squidoo

Squidoo is the heaven for Amazon product reviews. In fact, it is so easy to write an Amazon product review and submit it to Squidoo because Squidoo has its own Amazon module that will let you to add product advertisements from Amazon easily. So, think about it this way. If you can create a lens that will promote products from Amazon and expect at least $20 income per month from this lens, how many lenses will you create? One lens per day is very doable, and if you do so, you will have a potential of making $600 per month passive income from Squidoo. So, how to do that? Here are 5 steps to generate passive income from Squidoo:

Create One Lens Per Day

Can you do it? Of course, you can create one lens per day because it will only take 3 hours at most to craft a good lens that will make steady income for you. This should be your aim. If possible, you can create your own calendar or schedule that will help you to keep things in progress. Don’t skip a day without creating a lens. Ideally, you need at least 100 lenses in your Squidoo account to create decent monthly income from your Amazon sales.

Focus On Creating Product List Lens

Most people will suggest you to create a product review lens, but I can say to you that it won’t be as effective as creating product list lens. Why? When you create a product review lens, you only promote one Amazon product in your lens. But, when you create a product list lens, you can promote multiple products at the same time in one lens. Of course, the odd for you to make sales from your lens will be bigger if you promote more products in one lens. So, you can create lens such as Top Christmas Gifts, Top Valentine Gift Ideas, and so on.

Target Low Competition Keywords For Your Lens

For your Squidoo lens to rank high in the search engine result, you have to target low competition keywords for your lens. So, if you want to give your readers some Valentine gift ideas, you can put Valentine gift ideas as a seed keyword and proceed to dig low competition keywords from there. The simple rule of thumb is this: your keyword must have decent amount of searches per day, and when you put that keyword into the search engine, you need to make sure that the websites occupying the first page result are not too competitive. For instance, if you find a page from in the search result for your keyword, then it is good for you to go for that keyword.

Create Good Content For Your Lens

Your lens shouldn’t be too short. In fact, it should be long enough so that your readers will find your lens as a valuable information resource. Since you’ll put many images in your lens, don’t worry about making your lens to become boring or dull. Even though you put long content into your lens (ideally about 1500 words), there will be attractive images inside your lens that will make it a good-looking lens. So, readers will keep reading your lens without getting bored. Don’t forget to use different text module for each sub heading within your content.

Add Attractive Product Images Or Screenshots Into Your Lens

Without attractive product images, screenshots, or videos, your lens will become dull and boring. Fortunately, since you’re listing Amazon products, you can get some product images and screenshots for your lens easily. What you need to do is just to be creative in placing those images in your lens. Make sure to keep your lens tidy and easy to read. Do not clutter your lens with unnecessary images.

Those are some tips you can follow to get $600 per month passive income from Squidoo. Don’t worry, though. It is doable. If you follow your own plan, Squidoo can be your first experience in earning decent online income that you can depend on. Good luck!

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free coupons


Hey guys i have received   $3000 worth of Adcentre Coupons and i have decided to give away all these coupons to my readers so here is the deal !

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Free Microsoft Adadcenter Coupons worth £150

Ok so here we go today i have received £30 value advertising coupons from Microsoft Adcenter.. Thought it will help you guys to test some of your campaigns so here it goes



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Google sweeps link networks

Another news which is very hot topic of all seo  discussions is Googles De-indexing of  all private blog network services . To me this is not a surprise and this was gonna happen day thats why i always do for myself and advise others too to stick to use only best practices while doing seo for your websites.  BMR (Build my rank )  is gone out of business because of this new Google sweep and many other networks are also getting DE-indexed.

Google has also announced that they  are updating their algorithm here is what they say in their official statement

We often use characteristics of links to help us figure out the topic of a linked page. We have changed the way in which we evaluate links; in particular, we are turning off a method of link analysis that we used for several years. We often re-architect or turn off parts of our scoring in order to keep our system maintainable, clean and understandable.

in their next algorithm update Google is going to punish those websites hard which are getting UN-natural backlinks and are over optimized page for example webpages with keyword at many places etc .

It seems like whole world of SEO is changing again and for some people sky is falling 😛

Google Penalized itself like a boss

Very rarely happens that a company violates its own guidelines. Google hired some bad ass marketing company to some of its videos on how google chrome can help local businesses and that company hired bloggers to post reviews about Google chrome and those used dofollow links to the Chrome homepage, which in theory if a violation of Google’s guidelines. you can read in more details over here Google’s Jaw-Dropping Sponsored Post Campaign For Chrome

How do i rank my websites

I have been doing SEO to rank my websites since a couple of years  and all i can say is that ranking websites on google is nt really as much tough as it seems. Really it is very simple to get ranked all you need to do is to

  • Take action

Stop thinking its gonna be very tough!!  Stop being lazy and start working

  • Choose Niche
  • Do keyword research
  • Try to register exact match domain
  • Buy good website hosting
  • Choose a good SEO friendly WordPress theme.
  • Create Unique content & do proper on page optimization
  • Social Bookmarking i prefer socialadr
  • Article Marketing

Choosing a niche:

This is a very important part. And what i highly recommend you and do it myself is that chose niche which attracts you too in which you are intrested niche about which you can write yourself no matter you are hiring some article writer but still choose niche about which you have knowledge . Because  if you ask what sells online answer is everything from an underwear to multi million products everything sells. But the key is to get get high conversions and you get high conversions only once you provide valuable information . You will not only sell an product but help some one looking for that product to make a purchase or provide your visitors what they are looking for . Solve their problem and in return they will buy your product . So choose  a niche which you like yourself. and about which you yourself are interested. it is as simple as that .

Do keyword research:

do some proper research and you can use google adwords,google insight tool , and tools like market samurai and find out keywords with good volume of traffic and less possible competition .

Registering a domain:

Always register a domain according to your keyword research results, i prefer .com , .org and .net domains and most important part is if your keyword is  "freeautoinsurancequote" try to find or if it is not available try adding prefix or post fix

Web hosting:

Cheaper website hosting is not always a good option. Most of times your cheap hosts load their servers with lots of websites and as a result your website load time is badly affected which is terrible if you are thinking to rank on google.I always highly recommend HOSTGATOR  and been using them since long time and they also have a special 25% discount coupon for CPA Affiliates if you are interested enter " CPAAFFILIATE "  (without qoutes ) To use this coupon,after you've selected your hosting plan there will be a box where you can enter the code CPAAFFILIATE . After you click "Calculate Totals" you will be presented with a page where you will see the savings.

Choose a good SEO friendly WordPress theme.

I would not go into details but choosing a right theme for your website can help you a lot .

Create Unique content & On page optimization

It is 2011 and Google only give good ranking to those websites which have unique and informative content. Googles main focus is to provide most relevant content to its visitors take Google as a friend help Google to provide more relative information to its visitors and Google will love you!!

About content best bet is to write your self or if you are lazy marketer like me simply outsource this article marketing task .

On  Page Optimization

Make sure your On Page optimization is done perfectly .

Your Website Titles,Description,Keywords and Post /page  headings , Titles,Description,Keywords are optimized

Off Page Optimization

Love me or hate me but i do use only two methods for offline Optimization

  1. Social book marking
  2. Article marketing

Social Bookmarking

For Social bookmarking i always use socialadr and they never disappointed me. you can read my post about them here how they did helped me to rank my websites on Google.

Article marketing

For Article marketing i take articles from my own  websites and spin them and order a gig on fiver to submit them in diffrent article directories and thats all my secret how my websites put 50 —- $150 in my pockets

Another success

Today i was very happy to see one of my websites ranked on number 2 on Google for its keyword, i literally worked really hard to this website on first page of Google search engine.

Only this website alone earned me $150 through a 100% new amazon associate account .In its first week when it was ranking on 9th place of Google for its main keyword and it worked really well since than i started working really hard on this website . this website experienced Google dance after its first week and as a result i did n`t earned a single cent for one month and today it is back on Google with more powerful ranking position 2 . I hope now i will get more traffic than i was getting at first week and i will bank more through this website .What i really did to get this profitable website ranked was simple on-page SEO 1 Quality 1000+ words keyword optimized article per day for in beginning and for off page i created one video about website and published it on you tube with link to site in description  and with that to gather more back links i did article submission and social book marking. I have been using socialadr bookmarking service since 2 months now. And i really had great experience using this service. I started using this service first time when i was  working to rank  this highly competitive niche website . I started using back links from only two sources first one was the article submission to article directories and other one was social book marking through socialadr , I started with paying $17 to socialader for its smallest plan and  with that i ordered a gig to spin and submit my articles to 5500 different article directories . But most important part was that i kept on feeding fresh and unique high quality content to my website . I hope this website will be a good source of income for me at this time i am still working on website to increase ctr , as my ctr is quite low i hope i will figure it out very soon and make more money .

If you are looking to use socialadr social bookmarking website  i would really appreciate you to signup through using my affiliate link as it will give me some more extra credits to keep my social bookmarking campaign running
Click here to signup on socialadr

Creating mini niche websites to promote CPA offers

Thinking to promote CPA offers by creating mini niche websites ? let me tell you something , If you are thinking to make some quick bucks i would definitely not recommend you to go for creating mini niche websites , Because all they require is patience and a lot of patience. Yes not days it takes months. So if you are patient , Welcome to this amazing method which is the most effective most reliable way to promote CPA offers , all it requires from you is a little more time in starting and after website is established it can fill your pockets with real $$$$ .

 promote CPA offersS.E.O is mother of all traffic over internet . Even if you buy traffic from some where at that website at that platform traffic is driven using S.E.O .

So what are the steps to create a mini niche CPA Offers promotion website  ?

Niche Selection:

If you are new to this word you can find definition of word niche on Wikipedia anyways , I prefer high paying CPA Offers and most important Ever Green offers that means offers which are available for you to promote for long time so once you are ranked on Google you bank good $$$ .

Keyword research :

Keyword research is most important factor as this is the keyword on which your entire plan is based , If you choose wrong keyword you are not gonna get success . and let me tell you here that by success i mean making place on Googles first page nothing less than that . So what should be in your keyword

Your keyword should have

  • low competition
  • Good number of traffic

Domain selection:

Your main keyword should be your domain and it should be in .com if not available you can go for .org and than for .net or even if its still not available you can add one word as suffix or prefix in domain .

On Page Optimization:

by On Page optimization i mean your website title should contain your main keyword , Than same in description specially try to adjust keyword in start and the end of meta description .

Content :

Content is king , Unique content is what Google loves and that is what makes you money , Try to review offer you are promoting in your articles. In my experience review style offers convert very well as compared to creating websites and converting them by displaying banners etc.. Keep posting unique content and Google will love you .

Back links

The more back links more love from Google also do not rely only on article directories , Build back links using these families(at least two families  )

Forum profiles – one family
· Blog comments – one family
· Social bookmarks – one family
· Social media and video sites – one family
· Whois, statistics and directories – one family
· Social networks and micro blog sites – one family
· Blogs and contextual links – one family
· Lens, hubs and wikis – one family
· Article directories – one family
· Press release and news/media – one family


Do Not get scared of Google, Take Google as your friend and Google will love you all you need is to be Googles good boy and keep posting unique content .

Find more ways to promote cpa offers