Deep Linking Now Available from Facebook Ads

Many marketers have been using Facebook ads to promote app installs.  This is a great option for many because of the fact that most people on Facebook today are already using mobile apps, and often engaging with Facebook itself from within the mobile app.  Up until this point, however, Facebook only allowed app install ads that link directly to the app install itself, or to open the app if it was already installed.

Installing app

Deep-linking is a strategy that allows ads to open the app to a specific page internally.  In the past, this was only allowed for re-engagement ads, which are also quite popular.  While this can be a confusing concept, Facebook developers have explained it like this:

“When a person taps on a mobile app install ad on Facebook, the developer can choose to send them to a specific place in their app after it’s been downloaded, such as a product page rather than the homepage.  This will make mobile app ads more effective for achieving a developers goals beyond the install, and provide people with better experiences by taking them to the content that attracted their attention in the ad.”

They went on to give an illustration saying, “For example, if a travel app is running mobile app install ads featuring a vacation to San Francisco, people who install the app and open it will be taken directly to information about the San Francisco offer.  This makes it more likely the person will find information about the San Francisco trip that interested them, rather than having to search for it manually.  Removing extra steps between clicking the ad and getting to the travel offer provides a more seamless customer experience.”

This has long been possible when running ads that simply ‘re-open’ already installed apps, but this is a new and important feature for apps that are being installed for the first time.  Any marketer who is promoting app installs or any services related to apps will want to be sure to look into this option as it has the potential to dramatically improve conversion rates, which is essential for affiliate marketers of all types.

The new option is available now on all Facebook ads accounts so don’t delay in getting yours set up and running right away.  Of course, remember to gather data to see how effective this new option is for you.

Your Facebook Pages are Becoming Irrelevant

For years marketers have been using Facebook pages to help build a targeted audience that they could directly promote their products and services too.  These pages were also great for building brand recognition and even developing a ‘relationship’ with the customers.  Unfortunately, Facebook has just announced that they will be rolling out three new updates to their News Feed algorithm, which will reduce the likelihood that these pages will be seen by potential customers.

Social media facebook dis-like

The updates are designed to give users an improved overall experience by displaying more content from their “friends” and less from the pages they follow.  This move is, according to Facebook, done because of surveys they have performed on their users.  The users apparently have said that they prefer seeing a greater number of posts from ‘real people’ who they are friends with than posts from Pages, even if they are actively following the pages.

It is not completely clear at this point just how much of an impact the algorithm changes will have on the traffic going to these pages, but most experts seem to think it will be quite significant.  Facebook, of course, is attempting to downplay the impact this could have, but it is clear that this is a big change for Page owners.

In a blog post published on the Facebook page you can read, “The impact of these changes on your page’s distribution will vary considerably depending on the composition of your audience and your posting activity.  In some cases, post reach and referral traffic could potentially decline.  Overall, pages should continue to post things that people find meaningful and consider these best practices for driving referral traffic.”

It is important to note that this update is not targeted against the ‘link bait’ type of pages, which Facebook has been battling for some time.  This update will likely impact all the most active pages on Facebook, even those who already follow the specified best practices laid out by Facebook.

While Facebook has an obligation to cater to their actual users, there is really no question that this update is going to harm the marketing efforts made by page owners.  All marketers who use Facebook pages will want to make sure they are well aware of this update, and take steps to try to find alternatives for driving the traffic that they need.

Of course, this update will not affect paid advertisements.  If you need a quick way to regain traffic to your page, paying for the Facebook ads may be an effective option to consider.  This, after all, is likely what Facebook really wants from this update.

Eggs in One Basket

This is yet one more example of why it is so important to diversify all your marketing efforts.  If you have all your marketing efforts focused on Facebook pages, for example, you will likely be struggling to regain the losses you will experience due to this update.  Marketers who are diversified, however, shouldn’t have nearly as dramatic an impact on their overall marketing efforts.

Facebook Continues to Fight Against Fake Likes

When it comes to social media marketing, few things are as valuable as the Facebook ‘Like.’  In years past, people would buy tens of thousands of likes for their pages and posts to help get them seen be more and more people.  While Facebook had always discouraged this practice, it didn’t do much to stop it until just the past year or two.


When they began implementing measures to identify fake likes and remove them as well as block spammy accounts it made it much more difficult for marketers to get these inflated numbers.  For marketers who did things more organically, however, it helped them to get the recognition for their quality work that they had been pushing for all along.

While Facebook has already done quite a bit to stop the ‘Like Spam,’ it is still an issue that needs more attention, and representatives from Facebook have confirmed that they are still taking the issue very seriously.

In October of 2014 Facebook published information about several of their spam fighting practices, which helped to confirm what most people had already known.  According to a post that was just published this week, Facebook is implementing even more advanced algorithms to help identify fake likes and remove them.

In the post, Facebook’s Integrity Engineer, H. Kerem Cevahir, says, “Fraudulent activity has always been a tiny fraction of overall activity on Facebook – we’ve worked hard so that most people on Facebook don’t encounter this sort of thing at all.  Even so, we continue to adapt and improve the methods we use to prevent fake likes because scammers are constantly evolving and testing new methods to try to get around our spam prevention systems.”

He goes on in the post to talk about several key elements of anti-spam system that have gotten updates or improvements.  Two of the biggest changes include:

  • Pattern Recognition – The new advances that were implemented help to stop some of the major exchanges that buy and sell Facebook activity. These ‘click farms’ operate with thousands of accounts, and this new pattern recognition will help to identify and shut them down.
  • Faster Removal – The improved system has also helps to confirm suspected fraudulent activity faster so that the accounts can be disabled and likes removed much more quickly.

In addition, Facebook is taking a more positive step in that they will begin working directly with page admins that are getting these fake likes.  They will notify the admins that they are aware of the fake likes that occurred on their page, and let them know that they have been removed.  They will also provide advice on how the admins can generate authentic likes and encourage real interaction with their followers.

Overall, this seems like a very positive move for marketers who are taking a traditional ‘White Hat’ approach to their social media marketing efforts.  Those who are buying likes or other activity, however, will likely run into additional problems going forward.

Detailed Topic Data from Facebook Coming to Select Marketers

For the savvy marketer there are few things that can be as valuable as detailed information about their target audience. This is why targeting digital advertising has quickly become such a huge business, and helped marketers to make billions in both online and offline sales. Most marketers are constantly working to gather information from a wide range of different sources including public posts on Twitter, analytics programs like Google Analytics and even third party data aggregators.

Facebook Data

The one company that has in depth information about over 1.3 Billion users, however, has always kept the data somewhat hidden due to privacy concerns. Of course, that company is Facebook. They have information about what everyone ‘likes’ and what types of things they are looking at both on their own network and on any site that they click to from their network. For marketers this information would be invaluable.

In a recent announcement, Facebook is going to be providing a lot more of this information to a select group of marketers than has ever been available before. A new feature will allow these select marketers to see what users are talking about and how they are interacting with various posts and topics related to their businesses. This data can then be used to create more effective campaigns.

In a blog post about this move, Facebook said, “Topic data shows marketers what audiences are saying on Facebook about events, brands, subjects and activities, all in a way that keeps personal information private. Marketers use the information from topic data to make better decisions about how they market on Facebook and other channels, and build product roadmaps.”

Privacy is Key

One of the key points to focus on there is that the data is anonymous. Facebook has been criticized in the past for failing to keep users data as private as they should, which is likely why they have taken such care with this new feature to ensure that no user information will be personally identifiable. All the data is first anonymized and aggregated to help keep the actual user information private, while still providing the marketers with useful data that can be used effectively.

Access for Limited Marketers

Currently this feature is only to US and UK businesses that are partnered with DataSift, which currently has exclusive access. They have created an API that will allow their partners to view the information quickly and easily, and organize it effectively. DataSift is currently accepting requests (click HERE for more information) to become partners and gain access to this type of information. There is no indication yet as to how many total marketing companies will have access, or when they will expand the program to include a broader audience.

For those who qualify, however, this access to the Facebook Topic Data service could prove invaluable. These lucky marketers will have access to the most in depth and detailed source of information that has ever been created. This could potentially be a game changer for digital marketing, and is something all marketers (whether they have access or not) will want to keep a close eye on.

Steps To Always Win Your Audience’s Attention On Twitter

Winning your audience’s attention on Twitter is quite difficult to do. Your audience’s Twitter timeline is always updated with new tweets every minute. Your tweet will appear for a brief moment before it is replaced by other tweets. So, how can you catch your audience’s attention during such a brief moment? The answer is that you need to write a tweet that will catch your audience’s attention immediately. Here are 5 steps to always win your audience’s attention on Twitter:


Turn Your Tweet Into An Irresistible Headline

On Twitter, there are several types of tweets that get ignored automatically. The first type is the selfie type. It’s like tweeting “Just got home!” or “Hmm… delicious” or something similar. The second type is the spam type. This is the type of tweet which is only a blatant advertisement of a shady product or service. The third type is the tweet with unclear message. It usually consists of several words without any useful meaning at all. All those types of tweets are selfish tweets that people will naturally ignore. The only type of tweet that gets attention is the tweet that contains an irresistible headline. Moreover, the tweet should be aimed for your followers, not for yourself. For example: “The 13 Deadly Reasons Why Your Twitter Account Will Get Closed Down Tomorrow.” People will pay more attention to this type of tweet and they will usually click on the link on that tweet in order to get the complete information.

Quote Some Inspiring Words From Your Blog Post

Another way to correctly beg for attention on Twitter is to give inspiration for your audience. In other words, you are writing tweet to inspire your followers. Twitter platform allows only a maximum of 140 characters to be written per tweet, and what are the best words that you can write on a single tweet? Inspiration! Yes, either the inspiration from yourself or from others, you can write a great tweet simply by aiming to inspire others. But, a better way to do this would be to quote an inspiring part of your blog post and tweet it. Then, of course, add the link to the blog post so that your followers can read the full post immediately. It’s a perfect give and take that you can do on Twitter.

Add Meaningful Image To Your Tweet

You can only write two or three sentences on a single tweet, but did you know that you can also insert an image on your tweet? I guess you already know about it, but unfortunately, many people are not using this feature much. Did you know that you can get more positive response if you add a meaningful image to your tweet? By adding a meaningful image or an inspiring image to your tweet, you will be able to make your tweet more meaningful, and in so doing, you will be able to engage more with your Twitter followers. But remember, it’s not your selfie photo. You should add an image that can give valuable benefit for your followers, not a boost on your ego.

Be Honest With Yourself

What will be the benefit that you get when you are honest with yourself? The benefit that you get is that you will become unique, and your uniqueness will shine on Twitter. Too many people are trying to mislead and lie to their followers. They lie that they have a good time, while actually they have a worse time. They try to mislead their followers by promoting shady products that are actually look pretty scammy. But you, if you try to be honest, will tweet without any exaggeration or hype, which will make you look more genuine and reputable. On Twitter, reputation and your unique selling point are important if you want to grow your followers. By being honest with yourself, you will be able to get those important elements for your Twitter marketing.

Tweet About The Same Content Several Times

You can’t catch the attention of most of your Twitter followers just by a single tweet. That’s why you need to tweet about the same content several times in order to increase their awareness about your content. Of course, you must not do it by spamming your Twitter timeline. You are not going to retweet the same tweet over and over again. In fact, you are going to change the combination of your tweet each time you publish a new tweet. In other words, though you are promoting the same content, you will use different headline as well as different image for your tweet. Beside helping you to increase your followers’ awareness about your tweet, you can also track and analyze which combination will work best to attract their attention. Thus, you can use the working combination for your subsequent tweets.


Those are the steps that you need to take in order to win your audience’s attention on Twitter. Whether you have a small blog or a big blog, it is better for you to keep your audience feel interested with you on Twitter. Those steps will guide you all the way into a successful Twitter promotion that will help you to attract more leads and customers back to your business.
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Facebook Ad Spy Tool SpyAdz review

EDIT 06/July/2015 : I take back my endorsement for this product , Please read comments below for the details ..

You might have seen my articles about PPV spy tool Box of Ads but i never posted a lot about Facebook Ad spy tools as majority of them i have seen are overpriced and never provide precise data as well as targeting. I have been promoting Facebook Ads for a while now and the only success i have got with fb ads is by using Custom audiences. A few weeks back i was approached by (Name removed on request) over Facebook and he invited me test his new Facebook ad spy tool SpyAdz. I have used this tool multiple times and would like to share my experience of using this tool with my readers here.


SO far its design is really simple and smooth, Easy to navigate and faster in loading, Usually spy sites are slow but this one runs smoothly and provides results fast , Here is a screenshot of how dashboard looks like.


Click to enlarge


It has some really amazing and unique features which make it much more better tool than other tools in the market. Here are a few of them .

  • Allows to spy on right column ads.
  • Allows to spy on news feeds.
  • Allows to spy ads being displayed in specific geographic locations. Allows to spy ads based on gender.
  • Allows to search for ads with your keyword in title.
  • Allows to search for ads with your keyword in ad body text.
  • Allows to search for ads with your keyword in ad url.
  • Allows interest based targeting.
  • Allows Age targeting.
  • Allows you to copy and download creatives with ad image and adcopy.
  • Allows you to mark ads as your favorite so you can find them easily when needed.

Below is the screen shot of the ad spy screen.

facebook ads spy

click to enlarge

In results this tool shows you not only the ad creative and ad copy but also what kind of people this ad was targeting for example , it will give you data about age, gender, location (country) ,Marital Status ,when thsi ad was first seen and when it was seen last etc . The screenshot below shows how the results are displayed and once you click on an ad what kind of data you get .



There are a few things where SpyAdz team is still working while i am writing this review. Full landing page url is not displayed in ad results for example i my ad is pointing to page tool will only show in landing url section also ads pointing to Facebook fan pages etc don`t show fan page url .


Overall SpyAdz team has created a amazing tool which i love to use when i am launching my new ads on Facebook and he and his team has created a very useful tool for Facebook advertisers and this tool provides great targeting information which can be used to launch successful Facebook ads campaigns.

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Social Implications on SEO in 2014

facebook-like-iconRecently Google’s Matt Cutts definitively stated that social signals such as Facebook likes and Twitter followers are not being used by their ranking algorithms. From Google’s point of view the reason for that is simple: It is unstable considering Facebook, Twitter and other social websites could ‘cut off’ their ability to view those metrics.

The question many have been asking is: Considering the finality of Matt Cutts statement, does that mean that social networks and media have no implications on SEO for the foreseeable future?

Still Indirectly Beneficial

Although social signals may not be directly beneficial to SEO rankings, it is no coincidence that for some time now marketers and SEO experts have noticed a correlation between the two.

Essentially, the indirect benefits of a strong social presence extends to SEO in a variety of ways:

•    Website content will gain more exposure and is more likely to gain backlinks
•    Fans of the brand are more likely to become repeat visitors to the website and bounce rates will be reduced
•    Better PR results in happier customers which translates to increased positive reviews in Yelp, Google Local and so on

Add to that the fact that a strong social presence is directly beneficial to a website in terms of the traffic that it can generate, and it is safe to say that social’s impact is still substantial despite Google’s algorithm not utilizing its signals.

The fact of the matter is that the web is getting more and more social by the day. While social’s implications in 2014 do not seem likely to be any different from what they were in 2013, its indirect benefits to SEO still make it worth serious consideration.

Also: While social signals may not currently be in use, even Matt Cutts has admitted that it is likely to

Steps To Initiate Successful Viral Marketing On Facebook

After my last post where i gave a few tips which can be used to sell Tee Spring t shirts i got many questions from people through email and most common question people asked was “KJ How we can make our pages go viral” . Going viral is not as easy as it sounds, especially on Facebook. There’s already a lot of things going on in people’s life, and they want to share them with the world already. So, what makes you think that “Facebook people” will be willing to share your stuff instead of their own stuff? The answer is that you can do it if you know about how to properly spread viral content on Facebook. Here are 5 steps to initiate successful viral marketing on Facebook:

1.Understand What Makes People Tick


  You have the target audience. Those people are longing for something, waiting for something to make their life better, to solve their problem. If you can understand what they want, then it will be easier for you to initiate successful viral marketing campaign on Facebook. Know what your audience needs, and be sure that your viral content is geared toward fulfilling those needs. In this way, you will hit the jackpot. So, know what’s going on in people’s mind and craft your viral content based on that knowledge. In this way, your content will stand more chance to become viral.

2.Create Content That Triggers Emotional Response

 Most people don’t care about what you have. They don’t care about your business, your product, your content, or whatever it is that you are trying to show them. But, they do care with something that can trigger their emotional response, something that can make them feel emotional upon getting it. If you can create content that is emotionally appealing for your audience, most of the time your viral campaign will be a success.

3. Start The Viral Campaign From The Hot Spot

 You have to start your viral campaign from the hot spot, meaning the very spot where you can find the most active audience on Facebook. And do you know where that spot is? You can’t just spread your content to your current Facebook friends because they will not be interested in it (at least, not all of them will be interested). But, if you can spread your content right from your target audience, your viral campaign will be a blast. It will make your content to spread like a virus, into more and more of your target audience. So, how can you target your audience directly on Facebook? There’s only one place: Facebook Ads. Yes, you should use Facebook Ads to spread your viral content for the first time, because this is the only hot spot that will be a perfect start for your viral campaign.

4. Make Sharing Your Content Easy

 Do not complicate the sharing process. Do not require people to sign up here and subscribe there before they can share your content with others. Make sure that sharing your viral content is as easy as clicking one simple button. People do not like to do complicated things, especially because they don’t have too much time to do it. So, create a big sharing button that will make everything easy for your audience to spread your content like crazy, anywhere they want.

5. Create a Special Facebook Page Just For This Purpose

 Don’t use your existing business Facebook page for this viral campaign. If you want to really make a difference, you have to create a special Facebook page just for the purpose of spreading this particular idea. Even better, buy a domain name and redirect it to this special Facebook page. You can attract people to like your page, and then connect this special page to your main business Facebook page. This is the best way for you to do your viral marketing campaign on Facebook. You don’t want people to confuse your viral content with other updates in your Facebook page.

When you follow the simple steps above, you will be guaranteed to have a successful viral marketing campaign on Facebook. Remember that Facebook is the best social media platform on the internet today, and it is very important for you to use this platform for your viral marketing strategy. It will give you the biggest impact for your viral campaign. Let me know your thoughts by making comment below.