$2,251 in one month using PPV

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Hey guys here are stats from one of my most simplest campaign i ran on PPV , With only 9,10 targets involved  this campaign was most easiest one for me . First lets have a look at numbers ,

make $2252 in one month


Tough i do suck at Maths(when i posted it on my fb these stats i did wrong calculations)  but still lets do some maths , Hold on  before that i would like to show you my conversion rate and my EPC on my network .


ROI on cpa offers

CR on cpa offers



 Total Views :  19115

Estimated average CPV ($): 0.020

Conversion rate (%): 5.8

CPA  ($): 2.05

Monthly cost = $382.3

Number of conversions = 1108.67

Projected profit= $1890.47

ROI = 494.5%


What i have learned from this campaign

To be honest this campaign specially its Conversion Rate was surprising or me as i was doing nothing but directly linking to offer. It was my first time i had such awesome results with direct linking  and that’s why i wanted to share this one. I have other campaigns too which do more volume and profits then this one but this offer stands out because of its simplicity and its amazing conversion rates. 1-3% conversion  rate is normal but 5.8 % with direct linking no landing page involved is something really amazing and i was very please so see these results .

Just like i always say and this campaign is an example ,All these results are because of my perfect targeting , Knowing your demographics , How and where to target is very important and thats what i did and you can witness results yourself .

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  1. thesilvershield says:

    Is it $22,51(as stated in the title) or $2,251 (as stated in the screenshot)? If it is the second one, this is really amazing! You had this reasult even with no landing page. Congrats! It would be great to read a post about working on targets and demographics.

  2. Sorry for the confusion it is indeed $2,251 ..

  3. Hi KJ,

    Can I ask who you are using for PPV traffic? Thanks!

  4. Really don’t understand the purpose of this blogpost: PPV – unknown, offer type – unknown, etc. Just some numbers and photoshoped printscreens. Frankly speaking, don’t see any reason to vote for your blog…

  5. Hey there i use lead impact 🙂

  6. First of all i would like to tell you one thing i am not BEGGING YOU to vote for me , Secondly image shown is not Photoshopped , If i want to post Photoshopped images believe me i am very good at Photoshop so wont be a problem for me,About purpose well first off its my personal blog i will write what i want. If you dont like what i write please dont read ! I always try to share all information with 100% honesty no matter what! Also i would like to tell you this is not something to show off or i use fake screenshots etc, if i want to do so i have much bigger real things which will make your girlfriend faint ;) One more thing i dont like to teach people how to be a copy cat , how to rip off others campaigns etc. So if you are looking for someone to show you exact campaign his exact lander ,targets etc i`d say keep dreaming.

  7. KJ,

    Thanks a ton for sharing this with us….emphasising the need to research the targets well, as it can make a huge difference.

    I am looking to get into PPV in about a week’s time and this will surely come in very handy! 🙂

  8. Glad you liked it.And yes your targets should be well researched, More ever. Never hesitate from testing.

  9. Hey KJ,

    Thanks for the sharing. Any tips on researching targets which may be out of the ordinary Alexa, Quantcast?

  10. KJ,

    How much money would you suggest a beginner have to start with PPV? What is the minimum amount needed? Thanks.

    Also, do you have any quick tips when setting up ads on Lead Impact?

  11. Hey buddy the best thing you can do is to do a bit of research first who you think are your prospects and then write them down on your note pate those websites and find related websites,That`s the time when you should use Alexa , ad planner ,Mixrank ,semrush etc

  12. I`d suggest at least $500 in your leadimpact account, A bit of patience and proper tracking setup (most important ) do check out my article about tracking here http://www.kjrocker.com/cpa-marketing/tracking-your-traffic/

    About tips just never feel down if you find too many competitors on your keywords competition come and go everyday all you need to do is to be consistent and keep monitoring performance of your keywords using trackers .

  13. Thanks. I always read your emails and blog. You share great info.

  14. thank you 🙂

  15. Are you sure it was leadimpact? I thought they are pretty much dead as I was Failed miserably promoting email submits on their network. Would you mind helping me out?

  16. well it all depends on how you promote offers 🙂

  17. Hey..can u coach me on ppv traffic?

  18. Hit me up using contact form on blog !

  19. Hey KJ can you please tell me what niche you use ?

  20. Hey there i usually am in payday loans and downloads niche 🙂

  21. Hello, is Lead Impact a Cpa Network also?

  22. No its ad network

  23. Are you getting 2000$per month using CPA networks? That is unbelievable, happy to see someone who lives the internet life style. I tried cpa using adsense and bing but didn’t work i lost 100$ and put a stop to cpa.
    Could you please tell me what offers you ran through lead impact so that i can try it. What is the minimum on lead impact?

    Thank you for sharing

  24. Hi yes it is possible to make big money on CPA Networks 🙂 ABout Lead Impact they require $1000 initial deposit ..