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Hey guys i have received   $3000 worth of Adcentre Coupons and i have decided to give away all these coupons to my readers so here is the deal !

I will give away one coupon a day ($300 value) to my readers   for next  10 days .


How to Enter:

In order to enter you must  complete this one simple step

share this contest on Facebook or Twitter and provide proof that you shared this post by replying  using comments section below to this post with link to your status update on twitter/facebook  !

  • The status must NOT be deleted after any amount of time.
    and provide us proof by replying with link to your  (fb/twitter) status in comments below

I will choose one winner by random  luck draw !!

First Winner will be announced Tomorrow at 9am  PST


** Coupons are Valid for  USA  (you may use coupons using VCC )


Winner Day 1 : Dennis  ($300 Coupon)

Winner Day 2 : Melvin  ($300 Coupon)

Winner Day 3 : Kevin Puls ($300 Coupon)

Winner Day 4 :    Josh              ($300 Coupon)

Winner Day 5 :    Yui         ($300 Coupon)

Winner Day 6 :    bananaads.com ($300 Coupon)

Winner Day 7 :    phil     ($300 Coupon)

Winner Day 8 :   taimoor ($300 Coupon)

Winner Day 9 :   Harry ($300 Coupon)

Winner Day 10 : Guy Dufour ($300 Coupon)

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Hi there my name is KJ and I am the owner of KJ Rocker Blog And C.E.O KJ Rocker F.Z.E . I am an affiliate marketer, and online marketing consultant living Dubai Life. My biggest achievement is not only turning my affiliate life dream into reality, but also i have helped many others through my coaching program to achieve success.
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  5. Congrats !! You are day 1 winner !!

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  7. Congrats you are winner of day 3 !!

  8. Congrats day 2 winner !!

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    Just shared really need this to get back in the game. https://www.facebook.com/raymond0021

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    Congrats to all 🙂