Maxbounty Announces BitCoin Payments

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13 minutes ago i received an email from the Maxbounty CTO  Steve Sauve announcing new payment method, Bitcoins  making the Maxbounty the first affiliate Network to introduce Bitcoin payouts . Here is the  email I received from Steve


Hi Khawar,

MaxBounty is currently beta testing support for affiliate payments via Bitcoin. This is a limited beta test and can only be opened for affiliates who currently have a Bitcoin wallet and who wish to be paid via Bitcoin for the next few payment cycles or longer.

If you are interested and meet the requirements, please respond to this e-mail.

Thank you.


Steve Sauve |  CTO  |  MaxBounty Inc
PO Box 17039 |  Ottawa, Ontario  |  K4A 4W8
Phone: (613) 834-3955 x222  |  Fax: (613) 834-8011
Email:  | IM: maxbountysteve

I hope this will be a good news for affiliates having trouble receiving payments via other online methods and we will see many other Affiliate Networks paying their affiliates through Bitcoins.

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  1. This is absolutely massive for BTC. In the past you’d see mostly negative press but over the last few months the media has been dominated more and more by positive stories of uptake etc. As a Bitcoin fan I hope this trend continues!

  2. Which wallet is best for Maxbounty payment ? can you please reply me its urgent for me !