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As title suggests today i am going to post about my favorite CDN or Content delivery Network . As i only review those products or services with which i have my own personal experience of working with them and using them . Fir example as i am in UK at the time of writing this article so i fetch my site content from London Data Center of my CDN service. In case i am not using CDN i will have to fetch my image files etc from USA Data center as my Hosting is based in USA so in this way my site load speed will be slow hoe ever if i use CDN and fetch my files from London data center that will load my site more quickly and also my hosting server wont have that much load .

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I am also using CDN for my affiliate landing pages as it improves load times for images and videos i have placed on my landing pages . Here are a few Benefits you for which should use CDN,

  • Increase in load time speed .Best CDN Service

Here are the results i am getting after using MaxCDN service .  My website is faster than 90%of all tested websites on which is really great. Where my site takes only 942 ms to load at same time takes  1.26s to load ,I know it is just ridiculous to compare this tiny blog in terms of design etc with a giant like a Amazon but i  want to show you what difference it makes after using CDN service.For landing pages it makes loading time more faster which is really amazing.

  • Increase conversions , Yes when your landing pages will load faster you will see the difference in conversion rate you get .
  • Reduce Bandwidth usage , If you are using a service where you are given a limited bandwidth this service is for you . This is simply  lifesaver or bandwidth saver i should say .
  • If you are having a blog like me or own a website SEO is the thing you must be focusing on and if you are not aware let me tell you Google takes site load time very seriously now days and having a faster site load time is a must to gain and maintain high ranking in google as now google gives importance to user experience and if your website users have to wait for hours to open your page surely google wont like you.
  • Using MaxCDN service integration is very easy and you can also integrate Static HTML Landing pages (we affiliates use for PPV/PPC  or social media traffic ) for WordPress and other CMS platforms.

Why I recommend MaxCDN as CDN service provider  ?

I have a very big reason for that,Their Customer service ,  In fact todays article was about their amazing customer service but i thought it would be a good idea to introduce my readers with how CDN networks work and how they can get benefit by using them. I loved the way they treat their customers and how dedicated team they have got and that lead me to write this article and more then that write a appreciation letter to Fred Madarshahian, Customer Service Manager at NetDNA  (click here to view letter ). Before i continue let me tell you Usually i am a very annoying customer for support teams of services i use in case anything goes wrong. I like to immediate response no matter its my ISP,Cellular Provider, Hosting Provider,Domain Registrar or anyone else. Even when dealing with companies best known for their customer services they sometimes take too long to respond and in case you have some problem which is reffed to tech engineers of companies it always takes ages to resolve problems . So a few days ago i started to experience a really weird issue with my blog which i was nt able to resolve and had to contact MAX CDN  support team and they referred me to their tech engineers and after i had emailed them problem i was facing in detail after a few minutes i received from one of their CSR Howard Guevarra (A special thank you Howard )  and that man started working immediately on my issue i reported my issue  in after noon UK time and was awake till late night and still Howard Guevarra was in touch with me and continuously working on the issue my site was facing in fact i went sleep but he kept working and was patient enough to wait for my replied next day when i woke up and again as i sent reply i got immediate response till issue was nt resolved completely .

That really made my day ,I have worked with many companies who re well known for their customers but Max CDN Support Team Beats them all . I would highly recommend to my readers if you are looking for a CDN service go with Max CDN i have also used other services too but in case you get some technical problem they are too lazy to respond .(Yes i was premium member of a service and they responded to my email after one day and that was my last day with their service ) .


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