CPA Promotion on Facebook isn`t dead!!

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A few days ago I was one of those people who thought promoting CPA offers on Facebook is a very tough task; I have been hearing from different people that out of their 100 ads only one or two ads were getting approved. I have not too much experience with Facebook , As whenever I have setup my CPA  offer on Facebook al I got was an email from Facebook team telling me that my ad was disapproved . So I never did really bother to try Facebook.

A few days back I was contacted by a very good friend of mine Mahmud Suleman telling me about his new Course about Facebook ads [2 Live case studies] Learn how to make money advertising CPA on Facebook. Luckily I got a review copy and that was literally something I never knew about facebook.  What this course got in it is

A step by step video walkthrough, to setup your campaigns on Facebook.

It includes

How to get your ads approved on Facebook

How to setup your campaign so you get maximum profit of of your ads

How to target your demographics

How to track and optimize your ads

Tips and tricks about getting maximum CTR.

2 Live case studies about promoting CPA offers on Facebook


After going through this course I setup my Facebook ads account and Created my first campaign according to instructions give in video and I was amazed to see that my ad got approved within an hour . Facebook guys were quick in approving my ad just like pof ad department and that was really a great starting for me. Within next 5 minutes I started receiving clicks and also my offers started converting which was a really good sign for a person like me who was always annoyed of Facebook ads team. I really had a great experience with this video course and those 6 videos by Mahmud Suleiman `s video course made me think about pushing my CPA offers on Facebook ads also!!

You may check out his video course details on warrior forum by clicking here

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  1. hello KJ, i m sorry for asking this. i found your blog today. i was digging through all of your posts. almost completed all. the thing is, by the time i am on this page, the warrior offer of your friend has closed. i am in real need of this course. can you plz help me with it. i desperately need it KJ.
    thank you for the value you are already providing through all of your posts and PDF you gave for free was really awesome, I am also trying to rank youtube videos. thanks a ton.

  2. Hey buddy its being long time this wso was closed by my friend aminur and i don`t think so i have its copy with me sorry 🙁