How to protect your landing pages from being stolen

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Disable access from specific IP addressees.

One of the major problem with people who are doing well on PPV/PPC is Copycats who are always looking to steal your landing pages and campaigns , One of my good friends experienced same when one of his top performing campaigns landing pages ended up being listed on a Spying website and in matter of days his conversions decreased drastically and he had to build up his campaigns again.  This experience with my friend made me write about how we can protect ourselves from being spied. For sure we cant protect ourselves 100% from these scrappers but we can surely reduce chances of being spied . So here are a few ip addressees of PPV scrapper bots you can block their access to your servers so they cant spy on you . –

****Please do let me know by making comment below if you know more ip addresses of spy bots by making comment below and i will add them to list .

Disable access to a root directory on a web server

To prevent access in all folders on your web server, open the .htaccess file in your root directory and insert the following code.

Options -Indexes


Creating .htaccess file

Open note pad and paste following lines

Options -Indexes

order allow,deny
deny from 69.67.30.*
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
allow from all
ErrorDocument 403


Once you have pasted this code simply save this file with name .htaccess  and upload this file to your server .


Hope this will help you to reduce chances of your landing pages being stolen from people that can’t get anything to work so they steal your successful campaigns.

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  1. Great info KJ! Please update the list of if you come across any new bot ips.
    Thanks & good luck with your campaigns!

  2. Thanks for stopping by surely i will keep on updating it 🙂

  3. Where did you get the ip list? Also, you can always encrypt your code and then they can’t steal it unless they want to use your referral link. Also you would see the URL in your tracking stats if they did use it. I do this with no issues.

  4. Hey jonathan i am building this list from my own stats and by the help of industry friends , encryption is a good option but as you know in ppv you have to create landers etc on daily basis so that is a bit time taking process ..but a good suggestion tough 🙂