How to setup Prosper 202 directlinking

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So there are many people who have trouble in setting up campaigns on prosper 202   so  maybe this post can help you out in setting up a prosper202 campaign correctly

Step 1

Adding Traffic sources

here you need to setup  traffic resources you will drive traffic from . For example facebook, Lead Impact, Traffic Vance, 7search,bing ,etc …

Simply type in name of your traffic source and click add.

Once you have added name of traffic source In second Section of traffic sources you will find option Add Traffic Source Accounts and Pixels

Now here you will add accocunts you are using on that specific traffic source and tracking pixels ,

Traffic Source: here you will select traffic source you added already

Account Username: Here you will use username  for  trafficc source

Pixel Type: Select  Pixel type (depend on your traffic source for example Traffic Vance provides you java script code for tracking pixel.

Pixel Code: Here you will paste tricking pixel which is provided to you by your traffic source.

Once you have added all information click add And now we need to generate tracking link for direct linking to an offer.

Step 2

Adding CPA Network

After we have successfully added traffic source and also added traffic source accounts next step is to CPA network to which we will drive traffic click on  #2 Categories  and simply Add Name Of the CPA Network you are Driving Traffic to in Campaign Category and click add button .

Step 3

Adding Offer

Once you have done Step one and two correctly next step is to add offer into prosper 202 setup for this you need to click on #3 Campaigns

Affiliate Network:select affiliate network you already added in step two and in

Campaign Name: simply add name of the offer

if you want to rotate offers simply check Rotate Urls to  yes and add your unique tracking link give to you by your CPA Network.

Payout $ : Add payout for offer by your CPA network

Cloaking: if you want to clock your urls to hide your keywords you may do so by selecting yes in Cloaking option.Now click Add and you are done.

As we are discussing in this article about direct linking so we will now generate our tracking link which will lead us to offer page and we will be able to track traffic in our prosper 202.

Step 4

Getting tracking links

Once you have completed all 3 previous steps last step is to generate your tracking link to directly link to your offer page .For this we will jump to #7 Get Links.

As we are direct linking so we will use  Direct Link Setup, or Simple Landing Page Setup Option

Affiliate Network :Select your Affiliate network

Campaign : select offer you are going to use

Method of Promotion: as we are directly linking so direct linking for sure

Cloaking : if you want to cloak your urls select yes

PPC Network :select traffic source you are going to use

PPC Account : account on your traffic source

Max CPC : what is max cpc you are paying to the traffic source

If you want to add tracking ids or sub ids add them (optional )

Now press generate link and that’s all now you are ready to use that link for tracking purposes

I will be adding more articles on CPA MArketing blog about how to setup prosper 202 for landing pages.

PS : If you are having any kind of problem in above steps or want more information related to setting up prosper 202 feel free to let me know  in comment  i will be glad to help you out

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  3. Hi, Thanks for your great information!
    I need this tutorial because I learn tracking202 now..
    Keep share dude, you are awsome! =)

  4. Glad you liked it i also have added video tutorial too Prosper 202 direct linking Video tutorial I`ll be adding more helpful content soon so stay tuned 🙂

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  6. Where do you get the tracking pixel code for 7search?


  7. Hi KJrocker

    I came accross your blog and find a very dedicated internet marketer who is always willing to help…

    I made some $7 with PeerFly in my second day only with PPV, and this ecouraged me to invest in prosper202.
    Anyway, now I have an issue with this P202.

    My main issue with prosper 202 is that I don’t know why in my prosper202 my urls links are not showing in the “ANALYZE” tab and instead it is showing “%Keyword% and [no keyword]

    Here is a brief of what I did when setting up my prosper202 for my CPA campaign (I am stating these things becasue I suspect that they are the reasons behind my issue with propser 202):

    1. Firstly, I have placed “the simple global tracking pixel” from prosper 202, in my CPA network (Peerfly) at the “Place Tracking Pixel/Script” section.
    And my “simple global tracking pixel” look like this:

    Did I do it rightly or wrongly?

    2. When I set up my Prosper 202, I have to fill in the “add traffic source accounts and pixels” section as a second a step. Anyway, I am still doubtful about what I did here for LeadImpact case. What I did was:
    1- I selected for Pixel Type : Java script
    2- I put for Pixel Code: the following code that I got from LeadImpact

    Is what I did right or wrong?

    3. I have also done something which I am doubtful about.
    When adding my campaign in prosper202, I added my affiliate link in the following way:…subid3=&email=[[subid]]
    is my way of using [[subid]] right or wrong?

    4. In my LeadImpact account I did not check the “keyword pass-through” as instead I only added %Keyword% at the end of the tracking link which was generated by prosper 202. So this link now look like this:…02kw=%keyword%
    Is this right or wrong?

    5. Later, I have tried checking the “keyword pass-through” and delete %keyword% at the end of the tracking link which was generated by prosper 202. anyway after doing this, I get this message: [no keyword] instead of %keyword% in my prosper202 at the Analyze tab
    Is a correct step?

    6-Finally, I did iframed my CPA offer.
    But I did something which I am not sure if it is right or wrong. Here is what I did :
    After uploading my iframe html code to my server and pointing it toward my domain, I used my domain to be the landing page url in LeadImpact.
    This means that, I took “” and place it in LeadImpact as my landing page url instead of my CPA network (peerfly) long/short link.
    Is this right or wrong?
    (Please note that in my html coding, I included my link that was generated by prosper202 and not Peerfly short/long url)

    Please help me…. becasue I search in the internet and could not find an answer to my issue. So you are my last resort….

    Thanks alot

  8. got your email too bro mail sent 🙂

  9. First of all, I really appreciate all the info you put out there. You’re very generous to help others the way you do. 🙂

    I would really appreciate knowing your answers to Hasan’s list of questions as well. These are the areas that I am getting tripped up in. I’ve been struggling with Prosper 202 for months and still cannot get it to show my conversions, keywords, etc. It is SO frustrating.

    It seems that Hasan is having the same problems as I am. Please help – I’ve searched the net and still can’t find info to spell it all out for me.

    Thanks VERY much!

  10. This is the 1st time i use Prosper202 , i google for “How to add subid to hasoffers for Prosper202 ?” but i didn’t get a Clear answer . i read lukepeerfly’s blog , then i made it myself , but i didn’t know it’s right or wrong , please help me . i use 7search .
    TO tracking the keywords ,affiliate id ,affiliate web .
    IN Prosper202 Setup —> #3 Campaigns —> Affiliate URL—->

    for hasoffers :
    right or wrong ?

    and the Simple Global Post Back URL: how to do ?


    Quote:{aff_sub}can you help me ?

  11. I have sent you an email check it out 🙂

  12. Hello,

    Thanks for the info…

    When i use prosper202 and the network like clickbooth says the offer only allows for a post back url, how can i fire the third party pixels of the ad network so i can see which placements converted properly?

    For example, I have adblade’s tracking pixel in the traffic source as an image. When i use the smart pixel it fires that pixel when traffic comes from it, but when i use the postback url it only updates prosper and not the ad network.

  13. Hey there , You can place adblade pixels in prosper 202 .

  14. Hello KJRocker,

    Thanks for the step-by-step instructions for direct linking. I’ve also seen the video tutorial you’ve created and it’s of great help.

    I’m just starting out in PPV with Leadimpact, P202 and Maxbounty. And have understood how to set up a campaign. My confusion is in the two areas – about the Javascript tracking pixel provided by LeadImpact and Maxbounty Callback code.

    In P202>>Traffic source>> Pixel code>> we need to paste the https://……. i.e. – the tracking pixel provided by Leadimpact. And follow the rest of the steps you’ve shared, after which we get a tracking link. Instead of Direct linking, I’ll be using Simple Landing pages, as I’m testing 3 Lps for this campaign.

    * Do I need to add this final tracking link we get with STEP 4, to each landing page HTML?
    * There are two fields on Maxbounty Affiliate Profile page – Default CallBack Type and Default Callback Code. What code should be placed there? Leadimpact provides javascript code beginning with https://

    Can you kindly guide?


  15. Kj I think I’ve seen you around online. Can you please help me too.

    For some reason I’ve had a problem with prosper tracking stuff online when I use an iframe.

    I used the added the script

    Also I tried:

    Then use a landing page link in step 7…but its still not working.

    I’d be very happy if you could help me!

    Take care-

  16. Hey there now maxbounty also supports iframe pixels and you may add as mush pixels as you please 🙂

  17. hey there better hit me up on my email and we can see whats real problem , as details you provided here are not enough to know your problem 🙂

  18. Thanks KJ!!!
    I sent the email to the email on your contact page.

  19. Thanks KJRocker, for your reply.

    I had mixed up a lot of things when asking these queries, but all are sorted out now with the first PPV campaign I started on Leadimpact. Thanks again for providing valuable support your are providing via this blog.

  20. Glad it helped 🙂

  21. Even, I am facing a similar problem. I am not able to track impressions.
    KJ, Please help me on that.

  22. Hey man do check out video tutorial step number 8 hope this will help you

  23. work from home now says:

    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for
    prosper 202

  24. Hi,

    Same exact question – can you help me via email?

  25. Hey yes shoot me an email and i will see what i can do for you 🙂

  26. Abdulkerım says:

    Can you help me setup this mobile CPA campaign?
    Tracking system: prosper202
    Ad Network: Millennial media
    Affiliate network: Peerfly
    Can you give me experience running this type of offers?

    I can get that link from prosper but,
    Do I paste that link in Millennial media? If yes, where?
    Then at Millennial media the tracking setup gets confusing. Any ideas on how to do it?


  27. Hey buddy you will have to use link you get from prosper202 on Millennial Media as destination link 🙂

  28. Abdulkerım says:

    Then at Millennial media the tracking setup gets confusing. Any ideas on how to do it?

  29. Hi,

    Great article, but still have a few questions. I’m just setting up prosper202 and will not have a fixed amount that I pay out per conversion, but a percentage of the profit (which can vary). How do I go about this?

    Furthermore I just want to double check. If I have different accounts (third parties) within one traffic source (travel agencies) using one affiliate url (my homepage) ending with the standard [[subid]] will the system track the different accounts separately?

    Thanks for your help!

  30. Hi you can pass the commission amounts with the Sub Id and also you wont have nay problem tracking multiple accounts 🙂