One time one on one coaching free offer for One newbie

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Hey guys i am looking forward to do one case study , And for that i need one newbie in cpa marketing .


  • Should bee non US , ( no offense but that method doesn’t work for people in USA due to government policies
  • Should have at least $50  to invest + expenses required to buy one domain + hosting (if you already have hosting account that’s more good ) (please note i am not taking any kind of fee that all investment will be needed in your campaign.
  • Account with any reputable CPA Network
  • Should be Honest
  • Must be available on skype at least when we are working

How to apply

Please apply only using comment section

  • Tell me why i should consider you for coaching.
  • Name of cpa network you working with.
  • Tell about your previous experience since how long you sare in CPA Marketing and any achievements (you may also discuss your general internet marketing ventures)
  • Do you meet above requirements

Please no emails use only comments to apply for free coaching . I will conteact the person whom i want to coach based on your answers .


Keep rocking

Kj Rocker

About Kj Rocker

Hi there my name is KJ and I am the owner of KJ Rocker Blog And C.E.O KJ Rocker F.Z.E . I am an affiliate marketer, and online marketing consultant living Dubai Life. My biggest achievement is not only turning my affiliate life dream into reality, but also i have helped many others through my coaching program to achieve success.
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  1. i am interested in this coaching. i’ve been working as a virtual assistant for a while now but never made much money except a few bucks in adsense and amazon.

  2. Hey:)I’m new to CPA just joined this week and I’m really looking for some advice. I’m from UK and I’m interested in working with you. I have some experience with YouTube marketing and torrents. Also i have some knowledge to start a website. I’m making research every day on how to start a successful niche and different monetizing methods. I also have a web host available to work with. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Ryan Gregory says:

    Hey, i would love to get on board with the coaching offer, i meet all the requirement, im from the UK i have accounts with peerfly and a uk company called monetise, iv got loads on time on my hands and would love to dedicate it to this case study and see what i can learn from you. please consider my application. Ryan

  4. I want to Learn CPA Marketing, itni kam Age mein ap is field mei kamiyab ho, so mjy b ap ki tarha kamiyab hona hai is network mei so Plz Give me Training


    Omer Taufeeq

  5. Hello KJ,

    Don’t leave me behind, will ya? I am willing to devote 1 full months for learning how to set my first three figures on CPA zip and email submit, will you coach me?

    Right now I am with Peerfly, Wolfstorm media and CPA Way, but making $$ after one whole year of trial and error!

    Hear from you soon. Thanks!

    Best Rgds,

  6. Hi KJ.

    My name is Adam, I’m 24 and from the not so sunny Wales in the UK.

    Firstly do i meet the requirements? Of course 🙂
    I have more than $50 to invest, have a hosting plan and can easily throw up a website in a matter of minutes.

    Why me? Well I’v been interested in computers and the Internet for years but only recently did the idea that I could make money online hit me – HARD! Since then I have tried various methods, some successful others not so much. I’v got experience running a few PPC campaigns on 7Search and also POF. I am awesome at tracking using subID’s and can split test different ads. So you may be wondering why I actutally need coaching – well the fact is, I’ve not actually make any money via CPA. I am on the edge of success, but must be missing that little piece.

    Networks? I am only a member of 1 and that is Peerfly. I am also quite an avid member of the WarriorForum also 🙂

    Hopefully you will consider me for your coaching and I am not to late – you won’t regret it and would be making a business partnership for life.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  7. Hi KJ 🙂

    – NON US (Morocco) / 25 years old
    – +$50 to invest. Hosting: hostgator
    – CPA network: Peerfly
    – Honest
    – Available on skype 24/7 (tonywhite007)

    why should you consider me for coaching ?

    I believe in this: “Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a day in your life ” Confucius.

    I started internet marketing (part time) 1 year ago when i made my 1st sale in clickbank, very strange feeling 🙂
    I just quit my job (account manager in a big company) to leave my dream and buy my freedom 🙂
    I joined Peerfly 2 weeks ago and made my first $$.
    I am sure there is a lot of money that can be made in the CPA world but you need someone experienced to guide you in order to save time and time is $$$ today.
    For the moment I use 7search for traffic and try to find my best keywords for each campaign. I read a lot from other internet marketers in various forums and try to test what seems creative.

    Now I am working on: tracking traffic and optimizing every winning campaign but i still have a lot to learn, it’s ok, i love it 🙂

    I hope my motivation as a newbie will help you achieve good and transparent results for your case study.

    Happy to see people like you willing to help others for free.

    I hope to hear from you soon 😉

    Best regards,


  8. I am working with internet marketing and CPA offers since last 2 years and I made only $20 against spending of $500-$700.
    I tried so many gurus and WSOs on warrior forum but no success till now. Even tried the same way as Gurus told me but no conversions… Now I am loosing hope of making money in CPA offers. Today I got your message and I decided to try it once again. I an counting upon you and my luck that I’ll be selected by you and will be given some training on getting success in my IM career… You might not be assuming I spends 70% of my job income on internet marketing I want success at any cost… I hope you offer me a chance to prove my determination.
    My skype: pyadav05


  9. I am Praveen Kumar from India
    I know 100s way of NOT MAKING MONEY ONLINE.
    But don’t know even a SINGLE WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE.
    IF you teach me how to make money online in REAL
    I’ll Teach YOU how to Waste MOeny Online 🙂

    I’ll Give you so many ways to save YOur MONEY – REALLY… SO I am waiting for your response.

    Gud LUCK

  10. KJ Hi again, I love your way of working offering you a rookie to help people because I’m going to answer me I can not offer, and I do not speak English and would be very difficult for you to understand me perfectly, all ways luck to you and the friend of your choice.

  11. thanks for your kind words 🙂 i will definitely keep on adding more helpful content .

  12. Hi, I live in Canada. I hope it’s not too late…

    I have been trying to make money online for a while now, but haven’t had any real success. I have spent hundreds on a bunch of different courses, and can’t seem to make any real sales.

    I’m a member of Max Bounty and made like $20 there in a few months. I’m also part of Peerfly. I’m basically a newbie to CPA Marketing, but it’s something that I would love to learn. I’m a construction worker, but have had an injury that needed surgery and I’m trying to make enough money online so that I never have to go back, but need to support my family of 7 before I can do that. So I’m highly motivated to do so. Thank you. Have a good day

  13. Offer is closed now , Thanks to those who applied and also to those who did n`t 😉

  14. – NON US (india) / 26 years old
    – +$50 to invest.
    Already Have Hosting: hostgator
    – CPA network: blamads,limelightcpa,prestigerevenue,adscendmedia
    – Honest & Active
    – Available on skype 24/7 (anil.sam088)

    i saw this excellent post today & apply asp

    Please consider me ..i am struggle to be successful CPA marketer from last 1 year.
    i am very active & ready to learn always
    i respect my gurus & knows all basic of traffic & cpa

    any money i earn with cpa is with content lockers .but not a single $ with other ways.

    i am really struggling . i really need ur help.Please consider my application.
    i will be really appreciate with u for my lifetime.

  15. Sorry no more people accepted

  16. Hi KJ,

    Can you consider to teach me 1 on 1 free coaching on PPV?

    I currently working with W4 network.

    I just started my CPA journey and mI’m totally new in this.

    Hope to have your help to guide me along this CPA journey.

    Currently all my campaign is using Lead Impact using PPV.

    Hope you can consider my request to guide me.

    Here my skype: extr3me1987

    Thank you.

  17. Hey buddy shoot me an email 🙂