Prosper 202 directlinking Video tutorial

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I have received many requests from my blog fans after posting article How to setup Prosper 202 direct linking that they wanted a video tutorial so to all my friends here it goes …

Still have problems ? let me know

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  1. can u explain to me .. about step #8 Get Postback/Pixel .. what should I fill in amount (under secure link) .. ??

  2. Hey dhean , In simple words amount is payout you are going to get for one conversion from your offer.

    Hope that helps
    you can reach me anytime through my email given at contact page i am always happy to help out peeps 🙂

  3. Hi KJ .. One more question… in step 3 #campaign … affiliate URL in the box, whether we should push the button subid, c1, c2, c3, c4? What if I leave it alone? I think .. just insert affiliate URL is enough ..

  4. yea its up to you if you want to add you can or leave them alone:)

  5. Hi Kj:

    I’m trying to learn to use prosper202 and feel like I need a real live person to answer questions for me when they come up to help me through the learning curve. Any suggestions on how to find such a person?

    San Diego, CA

  6. No one is coming to you and help you personally , But you can hire some one to help you out for some fee …

  7. Abdulkerım says:

    Can you help me setup this mobile CPA campaign?
    Tracking system: prosper202
    Ad Network: Millennial media
    Affiliate network: Peerfly
    Can you give me experience running this type of offers?

    I can get that link from prosper but,
    Do I paste that link in Millennial media? If yes, where?
    Then at Millennial media the tracking setup gets confusing. Any ideas on how to do it?


  8. Hey buddy you will have to use link you get from prosper202 on Millennial Media as destination link 🙂