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Hey guys ,First of all i would like to apologize for not updating my blog frequently as i just reached UK and  i am taking my time to settle and for sure it takes a bit time . So i am a bit busy in sorting out my own personal life stuff , Coming back to today’s post , Today’s post is about a Google results scrapper crated y a friend of mine mateen from Smart PPV and it is 100% free to use for you , I get many emails where people do ask where to get targets etc so this one tool can surely help you out to find winning targets easily. I have tested many scrappers but this is one which i found most fastest in its operations, Here is the video if youw ant to watch ,


*** Sorry for distortion and other disturbance in voice

 Click Here to visit Smart PPV Now !

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  1. Thanks Kj 🙂

    These guys did an excellent job compiling/creating all these PPV tools. Most communities charge for such info.

  2. francisco luna says:

    Hello KJ, thanks as always for your information and this especially, I see that you are in Spain, I hope you’re okay is where you are and if you need anything let me know to see where I can help.
    a greeting
    fran luna

  3. Thanks for your kind offer , i am in uk 🙂 will surely contact you if i happened to visit Spain , once again thanks a lot.

  4. Yea specially when they offer their tools for free ..

  5. Hey KJ,

    I had a question. I saw that you did a video on Bevo and a video on the free url scrapper. I am considering switching to Bevo but I was wondering if they have an easy way to take a few thousand urls in Lead Impact and track them all without having to create a few thousand individual tracking urls.

    Is this possible?

  6. I really don’t get it what exactly you want to ask , can you please explain a bit more ? thanks

  7. Hi,

    I actually got a hold of them and their system can handle it.