How to create PPV Landing page

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Its been a long time i haven`t created any video tutorial for CPA Marketing Blog . So today i am here with one of the most requested tutorial after i Gave away a free PPV Landing page   on my blog . Many readers from blog and from my Facebook CPA Affiliates  Group messages me and emailed me that they want to me to shoot a video tutorial on how to create a PPV landing page . So here we are with Tutorial please note LeadImpact PPV Landing page size is 775 X400, TrafficVance PPV landing page size 775 X 435  Adon ppv landing page size is 775 X400 .

P.S I prefer image landing page over html landing page as over image landing page there are no keywords which can trigger any other pop up above yours on other hand if your landing page is in html and your landing page contains keywords which some other advertiser  on ppv network is targeting it may trigger another popup above yours .
P.P.S Do check out my post about Difference between prosper202 ,Bevo and CPVLab here




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  1. I learned a lot in your video KJ especially the animation thing, thanks a lot man.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial KJ!
    What are the default html script to enter in the index.html?
    Can I copy your give away LP script to another simple landing page index.html and it will also work?

  3. hi can you please elaborate what script are you talking about ? for tracking or what ? I`d appreciate of you at least host files on your own server though 🙂 As long as you do that i have no problem 🙂

  4. Christian says:

    thanks for the tutorial.

    One question: Where do I get the pictures from when promoting products like an Iphone for example. (Copyright issue)


  5. Stock images sites for example dollar photo club is a good one 🙂