How to get accepted in cpa network?

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One Of the most commonly asked question when it comes to CPA Networks is how to get accepted into CPA Networks .

In my experience there are some important factors which you should keep in mind when you are applying for a cpa network.

  • Knowledge of CPA Marketing

I dont mean you should be guru in this field or what ever but at least you should have idea about cpa networks .

  • Traffic Promotion Methods

important factor , You should at least have a proper plan how you will promote offers . Give a proper plan in cpa acceptance application so approval manager at least get some idea about your traffic quality . Before applying for CPA network create a plan .

  • Phone Call

This is  most important factor as soon as you have submitted application, Start calling Network manager you can get contact information about all networks from Case you are not able to call network guys or you feel shy at least get them on Skype or AIM. Or try emailing Network Managers and there is no reason they will deny your application .And even if you are denied you can still contact them and ask them to review your application because it happens some networks do not accept publishers from   Some Countries like India and Pakistan . But I am Telling you they do Same happened with me when i was a newbie in cpa marketing And yes i got denied again and again

What type of people are denied  but i never gave up and kept on buzzing them finally i got approved in all top networks .

In case you are not fraudulent affiliate there is no reason you will get disapproved.

Here Are some Of the Newbie friendly networks you should definitely check out


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