How to track list building campaigns with CPVLAB

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Hey guys i hope you all are doing well, As you know these days i am focusing more on building lists instead of sending direct traffic to the advertisers instead i am now building lists so i can educate my prospects about the products i promote first and then send them to the advertisers as this helps to achieve high conversion rates and also generate more quality leads and sales as well.

I have been in touch in many list builders and affiliates who wanted to know how to setup CPVLAB so they can track their  opt-ins and list building campaigns they are running on paid traffic sources, So i decided to make this post  to help all of those people who want to get started with paid traffic +  list building .list building tracking

First things first i am going to use Following tools and services in this article .

Optimize Press If you are on budget you can check out Squeeze Matic

First of all lets have a look at how our demo campaign is structured .


Visitor lands on squeeze page  , Visitor signs up to opt-in form  and is taken to thank you page where he is pre educated about the product or service and once he is ready visitor clicks on offer link and is sent to affiliate offer . Here is the diagram of whole process
cpvlab campaign

Step1 : Campaign creation on CPVLAB

First of all we will select the campaign type on cpvlab which in this case is Lead Capture campaign type and then elect your traffic source (like i have chosen Lead Impact PPV network here) Give campaign a name and also choose thank you page tracking (if using thank you page like we are doing here )

cpvlab campaign setup

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Step2:Setting up landing pages

In step two you need to insert the URLs of the squeeze page you will use under the landing pages for the campaign: option .
Simply give a name to the campaign and also add the squeeze Page URL. If you want to split test between more then one squeeze pages you can do so by adding more squeeze pages as well.  Once done Add the thank you page details under After Opt-In option and add give a name to the thank you page as well as insert URL of the Thank You Page as well.. Again if you want to rotate between thank you pages you can do so by adding more thank you pages. The last thing you need to do for Step 2 is to add your affiliate offer link , again you will have to give it a name add your affiliate url add offer payout and you are done .. now the last step you need to do is to give a unique id to all pages including offer as well and press equal sign to set the percentage of the traffic each page will get (in case if you are split testing otherwise it will give 100% traffic to your squeeze and thank you pages as well as to the offer as well.

Cpvlab camapign set up split testing

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Step3: Setting up tracking codes

This step is mostly about copying tracking codes from the CPVLAB and pasting them on your squeeze page and placing links on Thank You Page . SO to start off first of all we will have to add the tracking code to the squeeze page, From CPVLAB you will find code under Step 2: Add Code to Level 1 Landing Pages and Step 2b (optional): Add Code to Level 1 LPs to track direct traffic Step to b is optional however it is better to do that as it will redirect your visitors to the thank you page and offer in case you get traffic from other sources as well ,

CPVLAB Tracking Code

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To add that code onto Optimize press we will go on squeeze page edit it with live editor,  Click on page settings  (on upper right side as shown in image below) and then Where it says Other scripts under that box  we will add both codes there as shown in images below .

CPVLAB Tracking setup

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CPVLAB Tracking setup

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Now once this is done now we need to set CPVLAB redirect link on Aweber which will automatically redirect prospects to thank you page once users have Opted In. For that you will have to pick link from step 3 and paste it on aweber Sign Up forms > Settings > and under Thank You Page: you can also add same URL under Already Subscribed Page: as well.

cpvlab links

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cpvlab aweber settings

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The last thing you need to do is to get the link from step 4 where it says Edit Links (when a thank you page is used) and add it on the call to action button which will take visitors to the offer on the thank you page .

CPV LAB Affiliate link That`s all you need to do now you can get the Campaign UR from CPVLAB and start sending traffic to it through any of the paid traffic source you want  you can also ask your advertises to place your conversion pixels on their pages to track conversions as well .. Let me know if you have any questions ir suggestions by making comment below . Also please do not forget to share this post with your friends . 🙂

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  1. Hello kj, i really appreciate and respect you. Your blog is the best I have read and of all IM guru’s, I would trust any product you sell. I actually started out on your blog in 2011 and now make enough to pay the bills (won’t go into more).

    Anyway, enough sucking your cock. Please answer my questions:
    1) Is it hard to make email lists? I’ve never tried it but managing many lists seems very hard, I would just send people the the offer and optimize LP’s, very simple… Lists are better, worth the time and effort? Do they convert better?
    2) If you live in Dubai or anywhere in the East, are there many jobs there that are computer related? IS it easier to live there than in America?

    Thanks, much gratitude and best wishes on your campaigns.

  2. Hey thanks for your kind words and for being a long time follower, Coming to your questions ..

    1) Is it hard to make email lists? I’ve never tried it but managing many lists seems very hard, I would just send people the the offer and optimize LP’s, very simple… Lists are better, worth the time and effort? Do they convert better?

    Hey well lists are more better always , where you are making $5 by sending traffic to the advertiser you can make $50 by capturing leads yourself first , Also list building is not really hard at all , Look at advertisers of one page submit or email submit offers what do they do ? they are building lists as well and then pre- selling their stuff ..

    2) If you live in Dubai or anywhere in the East, are there many jobs there that are computer related? IS it easier to live there than in America?
    Yes and yes Dubai is full of opportunities and businesses are ready to spend and jobs here are much more easier to get as compared to Western countries.

  3. Hi KJ,

    I am a new subscriber of yours and I’m really enjoying the solid content.

    Just want to congratulate you on your ethical and honest approach. Its evident in everything you.

    Here’s my question: Are you currently using PPV for list building? If do you think it’s suitable for most niches/markets in general or only specific ones like tech support, IM, etc?

    Many thanks and all the best!

  4. Hey buddy Thanks for your kind words , PPV traffic isn’t bad at all and if we compare PPV list building with solo ads PPV is more better and converts more ..

  5. Hello KJ,

    Can you guide me how to track when I send out email to my list in Aweber?

    I would like to know which lead buy and which doesn’t.


  6. Hey buddy I will be publishing the mail tracking tuts soon , stay tuned 🙂