Increase conversion rate of your email and zip submit CPA offers

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I receive many emails on daily basis from many people in which they mainly have same problem email submits are not converting. As many affiliates who promote start off with direct linking  CPA Offers and this is something which works but not every time .

I mean yes you get leads but lets have a look a how a very little twist can change whole game of conversions !. Lets Suppose you are a internet surfer and you came across a advertisement on some website , Where it says “click here and get free i phone 4” .  If its me i will literally ignore that advertisement and won`t even bother to click that ad. here is the thing add some twist . Instead of using techniques which  are too old and and overused try something different distract visitor by something different other than attracting your visitor by using a scam looking ad copy. look for something which engages your visitors .

Use poll pages , Yes it still does work for example if you are using 7search traffic or Facebook or any other traffic source  instead of direct linking when you will use a poll landing page when a visitor will click on your add he will land on your poll page where he will be asked some easy question when they do participate in poll now on results page you can add something like ” Claim your free gift” etc (be creative with it ) and once a visitor clicks on claim free prize link he will be directed to your cpa offer landing page . In this way as your users are already engaged they will  more likely submit  their email on offer page .

About poll best bet is to use issues or people who are popular these days or topics which are being discussed checkout latest trends and cash them $$$ .


To create poll pages best and easy method is to use a wordpress plugin called Wp-pollmaster simple reason is that its very easy to use and you can create as much landing pages as you want it will cost you a bit money but if you use it in creative way you can make good money using this you can buy it from official  WP-PollMaster website.i would highly appreciate if you are willing to buy it using my affiliate link here

This works best with Pin submit,Zip submit and email submit offers.

Please note before choosing an offer for poll LP make sure that offer allows poll site landing pages.


And at last my tip 😛 this method also gives you opportunity to gain cheap clicks  on your keywords if you are using PPC. for example your poll is about a famous tv show  how many people will be bidding on tv shows using PPC ? in my experience its ZERO competition so cheap clicks 😉

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  1. Thanks kj! I thought this method is outdated and doesn’t work any more. Do google or bing accept poll sites?

  2. IT does …. Recently i am doing it with Euro CUP and its working great …

  3. Yalaguresh says:

    If I use the poll method. Like vote your favourite movie or actor to get free gift there any chance to get this incent.peerfly allows or not.

  4. Hey there is a difference between “Vote your fav actor and win a free gift card” VS “Vote your fav actor and get a chance to win a free gift card” Don’t think so there will be any problem if you don’t Promise anything .. also check offer rules as well ..

  5. I’m running email/zip campaign now and got my first ever conversion. The offer is like asking you in a form of a survey in exchange of qualifying you to get a gift card.

    Nice tip here, I’ll try to use this with my landing page.