Is EWA/BlamAds Really Dead ?

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Before we continue i would like to make it clear that purpose of today’s post is not at all hurt EWA Network`s reputation any other person associated with the network. But instead share with readers  what is going on at EWA Network as there are many people complaining about not getting paid on almost every forum related to affiliate marketing.

EWA was once a great network to work with,i personally did review post EWA Private Network Review.  But rite now EWA is of of the most popular network being blamed for non payments on many public forums . Almost every private/public affiliate  forum has affiliates complaining about non payments ,  I have also gone through a thread on a forum where Ryan is talking about including outside investor (screen shot below) .EWA Facebook Group which was once best place to hang out and talk with affiliates is also gone dead and many of  affiliates complain about being blocked from the group because they posted in the group about payments. During this time a few staff members left company including Andre Ramsey who was working as Vice President, Incentive Operations  at Eagle Web Assets Inc, And now Goutham Vipparthi another AM at Blamads announced he is no more working with Eagle Web Assets.


ewa network

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It is very hard to say anything about EWA rite now as Ryan Eagle himself  is COO of Gevirtz Receivables which focuses on the collection of charged off internet advertising debts. And his own affiliates are complaining about his own network not paying to them.

We would love to know if you have anything to share about your experience in working with EWA . Please let us know your experience working with EWA and what you think about current situation of EWA network and affiliates complaining about non-payments.


Conclusion: Yes after getting some insights from reliable sources and people who have been in this industry for long time and those who worked with EWA for a long time i agree that EWA/BlamAds is Dead. I have also updated my EWA NETWORK REVIEW page .

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  1. I think they tried to bite off more then they could chew. Too big to handle and you know how hard it is to collect from offer owners,therefore always having to lay it out will cache up to anyone.
    I find my company in the same situation.


  2. I have the same problem with EWA , and it’s ruin my business as a begineer , hope they can reslove their problems ASAP .

  3. I actually applied to Blam a while ago, probably been a good month or so. It still says “pending”. I even added one of the reps on Skype and he wouldn’t respond. Im part of some other CPA networks already but im looking for one that allows incentive traffic. Any incentive CPA networks you would suggest? Thanks.

  4. Go for CPA LEADS They are a solid network also try Adscend Media.

  5. EWA is Dead, Ewa is not paying my money……