Leadimpact Increase`s its desposit limit

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PPV TrafficWe have learned that Lead impact PPV Network owned by blinkx (LSE: BLNX), which has acquired: Lead Impact and Adon PPV Network , Burst etc has increased its first time deposit limit from $200 to $1000 which is a good sign as now only those people would be able to join and advertise on the network who know what they  are doing and who are serious in advertising on PPV Networks , Also for he advertisers it is a positive measure as they will have to face less competition.

However on other side it is not a good news for newbies specially those with limited budget as it will require them to have at least $1000 as advertising budget ..

We have also learned that leadimpact is upgrading its system and due to that users are also getting effected for example people reported problem with their system for example account showing zero balance , Many people have also reported sudden increase in  click discrepancy and a few other problems which even cost advertisers some serious money .. However the good news is that in my experience the traffic quality and volume on lead impact is improving which is a good news.


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  1. I actually believe their traffic quality decreased tremendously. I get much more clicks from targets that didn’t get that much traffic in the past. Also, many targets that were working well for me stopped converting altogether.

    Overall, I don’t know what is happening to Lead Impact. From the looks of it, I might be moving onto another traffic source really soon.

  2. This happens to me as well but for a few hours sometimes..

  3. Looks like they start to take business more seriously
    Their UI looks like 1990s..

    $1000 deposit makes it harder for newbie to enter.

    The quality of traffic never improve..I select 1 pop per 14days but i see the same IP 3x a day and some are even from Japan..

  4. Mohammad Haris says:

    it’s the bad news
    Really, it’s the bad news for newbie who want deposit to leadimpact like me 🙁

  5. Hello Traffic Vance lol)

  6. I think their quality decreased, i had campaigns running, getting conversions all of the sudden traffic stopped coming or with some keywords just started coming like crazy with no conversions, so if someone has the $1000 for the deposit i would recommend going with TV instead of LI

  7. Hi,
    On the contrary I feel their quality of traffic has decreased from 3rd week of october. Hopefully it is just a minor glitch and they are working towards rectifying it.