Making money using Host and Post offers

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As 75% if my traffic comes through PPV advertising i am always looking to have more control over my landing pages and my visitor and i am always concerned to build list first and then monetize it. One of best ROI i got with my campaigns is   through my own small funnels promoting host and post offers.

It is a type of lead generation where you have to host advertisers forms and then post  data to the advertiser . The main benefit of using host and post is that it gives you more control over your creatives and landing pages and makes it easier for you to collect information about your visitors and use it for later use .

Here is an example for you guys check out this website

If you look at this guy he is collecting data about his visitors on first page (building list ) with information loan amount ,name , email ,state and zip code ( can be useful to promote payday offers in future).

On next three page he is actually using form provided to him by his Host and Post offer network , and all that data is sent to advertiser .

This way you get freedom from all creative restriction etc and makes a lot of things easier for you. If you look at payday offers being promoted on CPA Networks advertisers are doing it in same way .. Most of host and post networks pay on rev share basis how ever a few of them also agree on pay per lead specially if you have huge traffic volume with you .

I personally use and T3 leads to get host and post offers .


hope this article will open new way of making money for you , If you have any questions do let me know by commenting below .


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