Network owners why your pictures with fancy cars and stacks of money never attract me.

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I always hate it when a network owner tries to attract affiliates to his network by showing off his wealth , Call me hater , but i have nothing to do with your wealth yes you can show off by posting pictures of you with fancy cars, stacks of money, hot girls on your social profiles because that’s your hard earned money, However i hate it when people use their pictures as a method to promote themselves and to attract affiliates,  Specially those people who have started their network within a week and try to represent themselves like they own this whole industry, This according to me is simply immature and you sir! Act like a  noob who made his first conversion online ! you make good money good for you ! post on your own social profiles but never try to promote yourself with all that crap !

Being an affiliate , i will try to write down what i being a CPA affiliate think about your childish posts and pictures when i see them floating around internet,

i really dont bother how much you make because its all about how much i will be able to make myself. Instead that gives me impression that you sir ! are shaving your affiliates more then anyone else because all money you are showing off is earned by your affiliates and you being a middle man shaved their ass off.  As one of the people i respect most in this industry Jason Akatiff from A4D says "affiliate networks are nothing different then Banks " Yes lets face the truth not a single network in this industry does get its % over each and every lead we affiliates generate how ever there are few more greedy people who do shave over top of that, How many of us know your exclusives are nothing but another way for you to make most out of your offers.

Newbies always love such stuff and always get trapped when they see pictures of fancy cars floating around and join these networks and get shaved and scrubbed hard , To be honest there it all takes one case from FTC and all these people with short term business streatgey  vanish with their cars .. i will advise all my readers to never fall for shiny marketing tactics instead go with those who are legit ,professional and their C.E.O s are professionals and who do know this industry well, Who you know will survive all this crisis our industry is going through, Go with those networks who dont cause trouble for whole industry and those who don`t give it bad name,We are not scammers , we are not spammers …Money never grows on tress in world of internet and we do make money by working our ass off , Respect all the laws and regulations and try to be with networks which do have a long term business plan instead of going with those with short term business plans and no business ethics ..

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