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Hey everyone hope you all are having a great time . Today i have decided to share a penny auction landing page i created with you guys hope you will find it useful and will help to get you more ideas . So without wasting your time here is the demo of landing page link .
Click here to file ZIP file .

P.S : I have also included PSD file if you do have Adobe Photoshop you can customize landing page as per your need.

P.P.S : don`t forget to say thanks in comments 😛

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  1. Hey its great. its good for idea.
    thanks bro

  2. Thanks for the LP.

  3. Thanks for the landing page.

  4. Awesome KJ! Thanks a bunch 🙂

  5. Thanks for the landing page! This one really gets your attention! What type of CTR would you get on this? Also, do you use sounds on your landers as well?

  6. Glad you liked it and its CTR really depends on what targets you choose but with my testing i was around 15%-20% about sounds i do test both and go with one having most ctr also try out different sounds not just one 🙂

  7. Thanks!

  8. Thanks KJ.
    Very well.

  9. Glad you liked it 🙂

  10. hi kj can u tell me the name of composer software or mention a link in comment!
    thanks you!

  11. Hey buddy its made from Adobe Photoshop 🙂