Split testing offers between networks- My experience

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Some times during our campaign runs we do forget one most important factor which is to split test offers between networks before declaring a campaign successful . We do have different reasons for that and most common reason is that we do think that network we are using is trustworthy and we can trust on that network which is totally wrong !

We should not stick with a network for personal reasons, Simply business we are here for business not to enhance our relations with someone . I read am member of many online affiliate related forums and communities and one of the most commonly asked question is which network is the best ? . To be honest no one ! Here is the reason, Just like we all of here to make money , similarly networks are here to make money , So for me only that network is the best where i have higher EPC ,

Here is an example of my recent campaign i was running .

I was running a campaign on Lead Impact a few days ago and which was making me 200 + day but suddenly  all my conversions droped , i thought lets wait for some days and lets see , but when after few days i was still unable to make campaign profitable , i decided to test same offer from another network and here is the result.

CPA Network I was using before  EPC : $0.15

CPA Network I am using now        EPC : $ $1.00


A huge difference in EPC also the network i am using now pays more then the previous one .

Let me know what you think by posting comment below.

P.S Please don`t ask about networks lol

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  1. Cesar Rodriguez says:

    I work with a network right now, Peerfly. Usually in 20 to 15 visits I had a conversion is not much traffic, but if organic traffic from people who are looking for these offers.

    Now my traffic has increased to 100 and 150 visitors daily, and there are whole days where I have $ 0. I want to ask according to your experience, you think about this, because I’m considering to try another network to do a test.

    Thank you friend.

  2. I hope you are talking about visitors to your website not affiliate link in that case its normal how ever if you you are getting 100 /day clicks on your affiliate links and as you said you are driving organic traffic i`d say definitely do split test but in my experience peerfly has good conversion rates what i don’t like in their network is their payment terms.