How i profited from apple iphone5 launch

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This was one of the most profitable weeks for me , and for those people in my mailing list who after receiving my email newsletter took action . I am don’t like to keep my savings and money sitting in accounts and doing nothing , instead i prefer to invest it somewhere to make more profits , Back on 4th of September i sent out this email to my subscribers  about upcoming Apple iphone5 launch ,i advised them to to avail opportunity and buy apple shares . Luckily results were positive and all of those people who took timely action ended up thanking me for this advise. Tough i am not at forex and stocks trading but i keep an close eye on markets. I personally bought shares when shares prices were at $610.76 on i guess 31st of july  , And after noticing that apple prices are boosting up i couldn’t stop myself from shooting an email to my subscribers about it and luckily we ended up making huge profits just for a note when i was writing that email prices were at $674.80 on 29th of august  and when this newsletter reached out to inboxes  of people  shares prices were at $674.96 and for today here is a screenshot of apple share prices   . A huge profitable day for me . The analysts on Wall Street are predicting the new smartphone will be a major success.  so i hope share prices wilol even increase more and i will make money from it . Mean while now my eyes are on upcoming Microsoft launches . Their Shares are expected to go up after release of Windows8 devices specially the tabs. And now my next target is to invest into Microsoft shares and make profits out of them ..

It is expected that apple share prices will go more high still you have time to make some good profits if you want to. 

You can invest into shares using online broker etoro  with the minimum amount of $50. Feel free to use my referral link  (i will get $50 into my trader account if you opted to use my referral link) .

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  1. That is awesome. Wish I would have gotten that email. I have been a trader for a while now. I have just been so busy lately with CPA offers and launches that I did not think about the i5 launch.

    I would have spent every dime I had in savings for it for sure.

    Congrats on your win there. How many shares did you actually purchase?

  2. Hey there i had around 50 shares 🙂

  3. hello, congrat kj,

    it’s a first time i hear about etoro, how much have you made with iphone5?

    is it more profitable then cpa + ppv for you?

  4. Hey buddy , Well i did 5 figures profit and about Profitability well you really cant compares these two 🙂

  5. x,xxxx profits???

    $674.96 – $610.76 = $64.2

    to get x,xxxx profit, you need to invest (10000/64.2) x $610 = $95015

    it’s a big investment.

  6. To make big you need to play big 😉

  7. Cool share KJ Rocker its an interesting read. I saw the commet above and it was $64.2 profit per sharer right? and you had 51? is that $64.2×51 = $3274 in pure profit?

    if so thats really cool. How have the microsoft thing been since they launched W8. Let us stay updated 🙂 have a good day!


  8. hey buddy MS launch was good and profitable tough not like iphone5 but still i made good profits and that’s what matters 🙂