Why i hate Empower Network And MLM programs

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MLM-Scam-Pyramid-Scam-Work-From-Home-Scam-I first time came to know Empower Network a few years ago when i started working as a freelancer. And a client (Who was a member)  wanted some help with his blog. From his blog i first heard about it and tried to understand how it works  etc, I watched a few videos and all the time all i could understand was them “Selling Dreams”.

After that i came to know many MLM schemes where even a few close friends of mine who were doing CPA as well involved as well and they also asked my multiple times to join them but i always refused simply because of the fact that they really dont have any product to sell. I have never used Empower Network but i have done enough researcher about it and i dont understand. Why would one pay $25 for a word press blog ? Maybe a few people would say because of its alexa rankings 341 Global rank and 171 US rank of Alexa and that means this is an authority site , Well wait , WordPress which offers you 100% free usage  has 19th Global as well as US Alexa rank as well ...  The base of EN are its products lets have a look one by one and see how this network works .

Basic membership

Paying $25 for something which is not under your full control ? Id prefer buying $3 /month from host gator and run a blog which is 100% under my control instead of a blog which i write for years and as soon as i stop paying $25 /month my all the hard work and content i created for years go into drain.

Lets come to Product #2: Inner Circle Audios

I dont understand why one should one pay $100 monthly recurring fee for a bunch of audios which do nothing but sell you the dreams ?  Reminds me of time when me and Miss Rocker met a guy who was trying to sell us some MLM  in a meetup and when we refused he replied "Oh so you dont want to make 1million a month from home?” And my reply was are you making 1 million ? if so why do i feel you havent even made one thousand from the crap you are trying to sell ? and that made his face go red however he refused to admit what he was doing is Utter B.S and is nothing you can rely on for a long time .

Product #3: Costa Rica Intensive

Why would  some one pay $500 to learn how to become a master at convincing, selling and achieving success in life by changing your mindset about business and money. Id prefer spend $13 abd buy this book 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive (watch out i have my amazon aff link attached). and this one for $20 How to Change Things When Change Is Hard instead of watching nothing but who tom and bob made tons of money and how i can make too if i buy blah blah blah

Product #4: 15k Per Month Formula

Ok so pay me  $997 one-time fee and i will get you a bunch of completely outdated videos and guides sharing information which can be found anywhere on the internet for free . I always appose buying WSOs but trust me head over to Warrior forum and you will find much more better and updated WSOs covering everything in this so called 15k Per Month Formula and at a very less price .. Or start reading blogs related to internet marketing and you will find much more better information than this over priced bunch of b.s .

So again lets revise products for a bit , You pay $25 for a blog which you can get for free or even self hosted under 100% your own control at $3 /Month .  You have to pay $100 for so called Inner Circle which is nothing but people telling you “Empower Network changes your life and how i made XXXX amount , pushing you to buy upgrade “..  Better headover to TED and learn something new from successful people. Next product is Costa Rica Intensive a bunch of videos id prefer watching this video again and again rather than listening to all B.S

And finally is 15k Per Month Formula really worth paying  $997 ? I dont think so .... Products name makes it look more shady ...

So that was the detail about the products they sell to their members , Now mind it if you are a basic member  paying $25 and you refer somebody to them and he decides to buy anything above $25 basic blogging package , you wont get anything you will just earn $25 till that person is member and thats it .. Now that means to get most out of your referrals you will have to buy all those crappy products and than you will be able to avail all the commissions. So that means you have no other option but buy all that useless stuff and not only you but your referrals will also have to buy this rubbish.  And thats how this system works , Find a troop of idiots and targets those people who just have no idea how a real business work.  Its all about buying crap and selling it to other people nothing more than that …  And i would never ever recommend my readers to join any of MLM or Empower Network and waste their money . To understand how ponzi schemes work do read a post series by finchsells about banner brokers.

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  1. Julie Dujardin says:

    great Post!

  2. There’s one additional cost….. $19.95/month for eWallet… without this you can’t withdraw your commissions from empower network! 😀

    I agree with every thing u wrote! MLM programs suck big time! It’s like “For the newbies, by the newbies”…lol.

    Same for empower network and “pure leverage” and all that stuff. The funniest part is how they try to trap the innocent people by showing those crappy “pyramid” drawings…

    Great article there kj, hopefully this will help many guys out there to stay away from such scams.

    P.S. Have you seen Salman Khan’s new movie “Jai Ho”? It will remind you of these pyramid schemes too hahaha 😀

  3. Thank you 🙂

  4. Ohh didn’t knew that thanks for updating 🙂 and not so far i will try to watch it asap than 😀 ha ha

  5. Great post!
    I had hear of empower for some time but can’t see any real product that can benefit physically!

  6. A while back, someone contacted me over Facebook about joining the Empower network. One thing that I’ve learned is that training IS valuable, but knowing how a system works is far more valuable. When I see something like this, I see that the real money comes from selling the system, in this case it’s membership to EN’s training. I’d much rather be the guy selling the system than the guy paying to be a part of it.

  7. avoid en-empower network
    i got lies, misrepresentation of promised products and ripped off too, no joke, i paid for the inner circle and got get all in or be a wussie upsells. deceit joins lies join blind folowers who eventially got all leaving gurus promoting to guru wolves who are actually able to sleep quite well at nite-of course deceit ya know? i am considering sueing en for misrepresentation, my biggest complaint with en is the misrepresentation and then no solid hard core inner circle lessons as promised. they said (dave w and dave s) that it would cost over 100k to get a blog like en”s, ha, it is free man, freaken free online to blog man! the ftc needs to close them down, for him that has shown no mercy, no mercy will be shown.