Should you be using LinkedIn in Your Marketing

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Just about all marketers know that social media is an essential piece of their marketing playbook.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others can help to drive a significant amount of traffic very quickly.  This traffic is also often very targeted and can convert at surprisingly high rates.  Whether using it for organic traffic or paying for […]

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Coming Soon: New Ad Options from Pinterest

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Of all the major social networks around today, Pinterest seems to be the one lagging behind when it comes to generating advertising revenue.  They just launched ‘promoted pins’ not too long ago, and that is well after all the other networks had already offered a number of different options to entice marketers.  Despite this lack […]

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Industry Wide Digital Advertising Blacklist Being Created

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One of the biggest problems marketers today face is that when they buy online ads, they know that a huge percentage of their budget will be wasted on non-human traffic.  When criminals set up sites to display ads and generate views and clicks, the marketers end up paying for this activity without enjoying any type […]

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AffiliateFix is giving away $500 EVERY month! (Enter Now)


Get writing for your chance to win $500! You can win an incredible $500 thanks to AffiliateFix and Mobicow! The superb new competition simply requires you to post a success story, case study or guide – or even just a follow along for your chance to win! Launched in partnership with Mobicow, this is a […]

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Deep Linking Now Available from Facebook Ads

Installing app

Many marketers have been using Facebook ads to promote app installs.  This is a great option for many because of the fact that most people on Facebook today are already using mobile apps, and often engaging with Facebook itself from within the mobile app.  Up until this point, however, Facebook only allowed app install ads […]

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Importance of Keeping Your Site Secure

Online Security Technology

One of the most important assets you have as a digital marketer of any type is your website.  This is where many marketers direct their traffic to enter their sales funnel, to learn more about the products or even to make the final purchase.  Of course, this is also where people sign up for email […]

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Cart Abandonment a Huge Problem for Mobile

Education. Back to School Supplies Sale

MarketLive has recently released a new report about digital marketing and it had some pretty grim news for those of us who use mobile in their marketing (which should be everyone).  The report found that approximately 90% of all ‘shopping carts’ are abandoned when people are using smart phones to shop online.  This means that […]

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New Report Shows Lead Generation a $186 Billion Industry

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When it comes to affiliate marketing, the most important thing you can do is generate high quality leads for the products you are promoting.  While sometimes it can seem like you are constantly working to get new leads and making little progress, know that this is a very effective business model.  In fact, according to […]

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Performance Marketing in the UK Grows to 1.1 Billion Euro Industry

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Affiliate marketing has been a rapidly growing business for years.  It is a proven option for people looking for a great way to earn money from home whether they want a little extra spending cash or they are looking to make it big.  Of course, it does take time and effort to become a success, […]

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Four Key Factors that will Impact Success as an Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing - Arrows Hit in Red Target.

Thousands of people every year get online with the dream of making a living as an affiliate marketer.  Sadly, most of them fail miserably and either make very little money or nothing at all.  Even those that stick with it for a year or longer are often stuck making less than they could earn flipping […]

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Your Facebook Pages are Becoming Irrelevant

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For years marketers have been using Facebook pages to help build a targeted audience that they could directly promote their products and services too.  These pages were also great for building brand recognition and even developing a ‘relationship’ with the customers.  Unfortunately, Facebook has just announced that they will be rolling out three new updates […]

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