Performance Marketing in the UK Grows to 1.1 Billion Euro Industry

Affiliate Marketing card with colorful background

Affiliate marketing has been a rapidly growing business for years.  It is a proven option for people looking for a great way to earn money from home whether they want a little extra spending cash or they are looking to make it big.  Of course, it does take time and effort to become a success, […]

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Four Key Factors that will Impact Success as an Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing - Arrows Hit in Red Target.

Thousands of people every year get online with the dream of making a living as an affiliate marketer.  Sadly, most of them fail miserably and either make very little money or nothing at all.  Even those that stick with it for a year or longer are often stuck making less than they could earn flipping […]

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Your Facebook Pages are Becoming Irrelevant

Social media facebook dis-like

For years marketers have been using Facebook pages to help build a targeted audience that they could directly promote their products and services too.  These pages were also great for building brand recognition and even developing a ‘relationship’ with the customers.  Unfortunately, Facebook has just announced that they will be rolling out three new updates […]

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What You Need to Know about the Google Mobile Algorithm Update

multitasking in hands

If you’re involved with performance marketing of any type, you’ve almost certainly heard about the upcoming search algorithm update from Google.  The update is focused on encouraging websites to become more mobile friendly.  If rumors are true, however, it is going to be a major ‘slap’ to anyone who hasn’t yet optimized their site properly […]

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Facebook Continues to Fight Against Fake Likes


When it comes to social media marketing, few things are as valuable as the Facebook ‘Like.’  In years past, people would buy tens of thousands of likes for their pages and posts to help get them seen be more and more people.  While Facebook had always discouraged this practice, it didn’t do much to stop […]

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Stop Using Fake Reviews Now!

time for review concept

For many marketers, creating made up reviews of the products you are promoting is a very effective way to get the attention of potential customers.  There have been many studies done over the years that show that people are much more likely to buy a product after they read a positive review from what they […]

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Just 31% of Websites get Passing Score for Content

website content

It is common knowledge that in order to have a good website that attracts traffic, you need to have good quality content. In fact, this is likely one of the very few things that almost nobody in the digital marketing industry will disagree about. Despite this general consensus, however, only 31% of websites are getting […]

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ZeroPark Webinar Replay

zero park

Zero Park recently uploaded a  webinar replay and I thought it would be helpful many of our readers as well, who want to learn more about Zero Park. Zero Park is a self-serve platform to resell domain traffic however they now offer PPV Traffic and also they will start providing search traffic too. They are one […]

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What Runs Where Exclusive Review and Discount !

what runs where review and discount

As this year is now in full swing I thought it’s time to shoot out some big guns and throw a review and a new discount out for you to keep you rolling this year! What runs where! WhatRunsWhere is a competitive intelligence service for online and mobile media buyers. A fancy way of saying, […]

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Detailed Topic Data from Facebook Coming to Select Marketers

Facebook Data

For the savvy marketer there are few things that can be as valuable as detailed information about their target audience. This is why targeting digital advertising has quickly become such a huge business, and helped marketers to make billions in both online and offline sales. Most marketers are constantly working to gather information from a […]

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What are Demand Side Platform (DSP) Mobile Networks?

DSP Mobile ad network

Over the past several years two of the hottest trends in all of digital marketing have been mobile ads and demand side platforms (DSPs). With that in mind, it is easy to see why mobile demand side platforms have become so successful, and gotten so much attention recently. If you aren’t already using this powerful […]

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