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That`s rite the best hosting service for traffic trackers  Beyond Hosting is offering 50% off to Kj Rocker readers for 6 months on VPS Beyond Hosting Starter / Hybrid package,The hybrid (Starter Package ) is the best option for affiliates and it  can handle up to 50K visitors in a day.

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About Kj Rocker

Hi there my name is KJ and I am the owner of KJ Rocker Blog And C.E.O KJ Rocker F.Z.E . I am an affiliate marketer, and online marketing consultant living Dubai Life. My biggest achievement is not only turning my affiliate life dream into reality, but also i have helped many others through my coaching program to achieve success.
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  1. lazyMoe-Cpa says:

    Yes,tracking is very important. But I have learned when starting out not so.
    Let’s face it if your campaign is an loser. You don’t need tracking for that or maybe some people do. What is important is too have a winning campaign. Then add tracking to help your (ROI). So,the key would be getting that winning campaign then tracking. Lets face it if you where tracking and had no earnings what would that tell you?

  2. This is a great opportunity for me. 50% off for 6 months and beyond hosting plan? Let me check out the hosting server specifications, uptime and support capability and i will definitely use this service for my niche site i plan to build soon if i find them satisfactory.

  3. I am trying to use your code but no success
    can you help

  4. hey rob can you plz email me ?

    thanks 🙂

  5. Hi KJ,

    I can’t use the code. it was expired I think


  6. Hey Kj,
    is there any new coupon code for 50% discount for 6 months?

  7. They work fine buddy , if you have any problems send me an email

  8. Hi there!

    I tried to use kjrocker2013 and even kjrocker2015 it didn’t work!

    Do you have another coupon?


  9. Hi Hich can you please email me at ? It should be working but if there is any problem please do mail me and i will take care of it